Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 267D Tafsir Qaaf 16-19

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "ships" in the mind and their meaning in relation to the physical world. They explain that "by the way" refers to actions of the gods, while "by the way" refers to actions of the human being. The speakers stress the importance of guarding one's tongue and avoiding fear and caution in the Bible. They also mention various examples of people reciting the title "by the angels" in a way that is not the same as the title of the Bible.
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What occurred and certainly Hello Kona, we have created Al Insana the human being. We have created men one our level and we know man that which do was whistle it whispers be of it, meaning what whisper is whispered by who? Natsu his own knifes. We know what his own knifes whispers to him.

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To us we saw from the word was Switzer. While seen well seen what's wasa is basically Sotol huffy

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to sound, but it's hidden. Meaning you don't hear it in your ear. But you hear it in your head.

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You can't hear it in your ear.

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But you hear it in your head. This is what's wasa

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and that's why it's called a whisper. Whisper is it's basically an example of how it is. But it's not necessarily like a whisper because of whisper alto you can hear in your ear. But what's worse, you don't hear in the ear.

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Literally the word was wasa is for is to describe the sound of the rustling of the leaves as wind blows gentle rustling because you don't see the wind do. You don't see it?

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But it's creating some movement. And that is how was wasa is you can't hear those exact words so that you can if you don't like them, you just put your plugs, right. No, you can't do that. It's there, its effect is there.

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And it creates a movement in your mind. So this is what what's what's that is so Allah says, We have created men and we know what his soul even whispers to him. What does it mean then? That Psalm was wasa? Yes, they are from Shavon. But remember, shaitan is not our only enemy, we have three enemies, one is shaitan.

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The second is the knifes

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our own selves, we are our own enemies. And the third is the dunya that we live in the world that we live in.

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And we see that in these verses so far. And in the following verses we will see how we can see these enemies that how our knifes can be our enemy. Shaitan is an enemy and this dunya is also an enemy and how we have to be careful. So Allah says that we know what his soul even whispers to him, meaning any thought that crosses our mind, what we say to ourselves, what we share with ourselves, do we share things in our mind just with ourselves? Do we talk to ourselves self talk? Yes, there is positive and then there's negative, there is that which is correct and there is that which is false.

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No person heard it, but Allah heard it. He knows what we say to ourselves in total and file i A 24 Allah says where Allah mu and hola hola banal moleculer Calbee you should know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart

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meaning what goes on between us and our hearts meaning the inner communication Allah knows about that also.

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No person can become aware of it but Allah knows about it when Naira Allah momento was Swiss will be enough sugu will not know acabo la he and we are closer to him min Hubble worried then the Hubble that is off l worried Hubble is used for a rope a string and here what it means is the vein which vein l worried worried well I dial wire is one that comes arrives and basically what either refers to the wire ridin are basically the veins which are on either side of the neck okay, that basically go down you know from the head on either side of the neck to the heart and they are the jugular veins

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right because the jugular veins what are they they bring the oxygenated blood from the head back to the heart

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right so national acabo Elaine human heavily worried now having worried jugular vein it's what it's understood as an example of what your life because if it's got off, you're gone. Right? And if you think about it, how Bill worried. I mean, it's inside you

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If it's inside you, how close Could something be to you? I mean, then being inside of you, and Allah says national acabo de la him and Hubbard worried. You think you can hide from Allah? You think there's something you can keep in your heart as a secret from Allah? No, you cannot. Because we are closer to him than his jugular vein. What does this mean? There's two meanings for this. The first meaning is that, in terms of knowledge, Allah is closer to us than our jugular veins even. Because there could be something going on in our hearts, and we cannot pinpoint it. But Allah knows exactly what it is. You know, for example, you say, I'm very upset. I don't know why I'm just upset. I'm

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very angry. Why? I don't know why I don't know what exactly is bothering you. Something is bothering me, isn't it? We go through these phases. What is it that's bothering you? You don't see it, you can't identify it. But Allah knows, we do something horrible. And somebody asks us, why did you do that? And we're like, because of this. Because of that. And you wonder, really, why did I do it? Why did I say that? What was I thinking?

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We don't even know or we sometimes we lie to ourselves. we deceive ourselves, but Allah knows us. He knows what goes on inside us because his knowledge is closer to us than even the jugular vein. This doesn't mean that in terms of space, in terms of physical presence, Allah is closer to us than a regular event. No, that's not what the meaning is. All right. The second meaning is that no no here is referring to the angels.

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Because oftentimes, when there's something special that the angels are doing, at the command of Allah, whatever the angels do, they do it at the command of Allah, but certain tasks which are important, or that are very serious in their significance, when the angels are doing them. Allah subhanaw taala attributes it to himself and the plural is used, right, implying that it's the angels who are doing it. Let me give you an example. Allah says in the Quran, Na na na casa alayka external causes right or not no pulsar, they can have a who will help national apostle winner to you.

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But tell me something who is it that brought the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Gibreel Jibreel Islam Jibreel would recite it and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would hear Jibreel but Allah says we narrate to you, you understand? Likewise, Allah says in the Quran for either caught up now, who for who Khurana when we have recited it,

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then follow right when we have recited it now, of course, again the angel Jibreel would recite to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam but Allah says, We have recited what this is referring to is the angels. All right, and so it was clear I 85 also Allah says one, Accra, boo, Elaine, human, Comala Killa top serum, we are closer to Him, then you are mean the dying person, but you don't see. Meaning you don't see us us is referring to the angels, not the Quran is the speech of the angels. No, it is the speech of Allah. So over here national acabo de les human Hubble worried what does it mean? That basically even a thought that crosses our mind is known, by whom? By Allah. And it is

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known to who the angels that have been appointed as mentioned in the following verse that have been appointed to record what we utter.

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But it is not just our words that we say with our mouths, that angels record. It is also our thoughts, our intentions, even they are recorded. Allah says either when you get a local motor luck Vianney, now, this is a description of how new Accra will lay him in her blood worried

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all right, that is when yet Aloka he receives the Lucky is to receive who receives a motor luck peony, the two receivers dual of the word Motorola, Motorola p one who receives

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the two receive Who are these two where are these two are nearly Yemeni on the right wire unashamedly and from the left from the right and from the left, meaning the two receivers are where one is on the right of the person of the human being and the other is on the left. And these angels these receivers they are carried, sitting all fine that seated, stationed not to move from there, one on the right and one on the left.

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Allah says man not yelled field

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Oh, he utters who the human being, Min Colin, any word? Yell if you love Allah love Allah is basically to throw something out. It's when the water throws out its fish. Like for example, it happens many times. You've heard about how whales they get stranded at the beach.

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Have you heard about that? Right? They get stuck on the sand. Right? They were hunting too close to the edge of the water and what happened they got stuck on the sand. They couldn't make it back. Right. Or for instance, acute shoal of fish, right. The water level was high. They were there and very quickly the water level receded and they got stuck on the shore. This is love Allah. All right. When something is thrown out, it's emitted. So love Allah, this is referring to what? When we throw out words from our mouths.

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My yellow filmin Colin, Man does not utter a word. Any word in that except leather he right next to him is it'll keep it eyeteeth rocky observer, one who is ever watchful, vigilant,

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doesn't miss anything. It prepared. Ready? It artha Zina, what does artisanal mean? We have prepared meaning from before. So this angel is vigilant, meaning he doesn't miss anything. And he's prepared meaning always ready to write to record whatever man utters from his mouse whatever he says.

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Notice my yell fellow men, Colin, any word good or bad?

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Who are these angels? They're the Killam and Cathy been instrumental in far I attempted 12 Allah says we're in Neroli Kamala healthy lean have some shyness oh man, upon you are designated. How Faline kilchoman Gatty been IANA Muna metaphor alone, they know exactly what to do. And then what do they do they write it, they record it

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has another buslee He recited this IO once. And then he said all son of Adam, the page has been spread out for you.

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And two noble Angels have been appointed over you. One on your right and the other on your left.

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The one on your right records, your good deeds, and the one on your left records your bad deeds. So do what you want less or more. The page is spread out. It just needs to be filled up. Do what you want, less or more good or bad. Whatever you do, will be recorded by those angels. And then when you die, your book will be rolled up and tied to you until you emerge on the Day of Judgment when Allah who will say what color insan in Elsom now who thought era who fear oh no P one Oh hurry doula who yomo piano T keytab and he'll go who matura that on the Day of Judgment a person will find his record in front of him spread out. If corrupt kita Buck read your own book,

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cover up enough sickle yo Maharlika Siva, you are sufficient as an accountant over your own record, meaning when you see it, you know exactly what you deserve, for Allah is not unfair, even our basketball, Dylan Warren who said that everything that you say good or bad is written down

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every word you say good or bad, nasty or polite. However, it is whatever it is, it is written down. He said even when a person says I eat, I drank I went I came I saw even this is recorded, meaning whether it is useless or useful, meaningful or meaningless, low right or non level whatever it is that we say it is recorded. And then he said that every Thursday, all that a person did or said is examined and whatever is good or bad meaning worth reward or worth punishment, then that is retained and the rest is gotten rid off.

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So you see what happens. Every single word, every single sound we make meaningful or meaningless. It is recorded

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that on Thursday when the deeds are presented before Allah subhanaw taala even our bus said that

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deeds are checked, whatever it is worth any reward or worth, any punishment is retained, and the rest of the useless garbage is erased. Now we need to see that at the end of the week, how much of our deeds are really being recorded, are really being retained, and out of that old soul? What is it that's going to benefit us? And how much is it that's going to harm us and that which is going to harm us? What are we doing to seek ALLAH subhanaw taala is forgiveness for that? Imam Muhammad when he was sick, he was morning once morning, sighing in his sickness. And then he heard that one of the scholars thought was he said that everything was written down even a person's moans. And then Imam

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Muhammad he never mourned again until he passed away. May Allah have mercy on him. In surah, Taka Hellfire 49 Allah says way a coluna Yahweh Letta Anna, man Melly had the Kitab la EULA do silly rotten weather could be rotten Allah, I saw her. And then we see over here in this verse that there's an angel on the right and an angel on the left. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the angel on the left, hold his pen back for six sounds. NASA don't understand this as one size 60 minutes Allah knows how much the length is. But for six time periods, six hours, six hours, the angel on the left hold has been back meaning he doesn't record. He doesn't record what he's supposed

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to record and what is the angel on the left supposed to record

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since so, when a person commits a sin, the angel holds back for how long, six Sarath if the person regrets, and asks Allah for forgiveness, then the angel casts that sin aside, meaning he doesn't record it. And if after six hours still the person has not sought forgiveness, then the angel will record it.

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In this IOCC may yellow field woman Colin, a person doesn't utter a word except that it is written before that we learned when acabo de la human hobble worried the angels. They're closer even than our jugular vein meaning even if there's something that is inside of us that we don't utter meaning and intention and action of the heart, even that is known to the angels. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah the Exalted says that when my slave intends to do an evil action, do not record it. When he intends to do something wrong, don't record it. If he does it, then write it down as one evil. If he intends to do a good deed, and does not do it,

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then write it down as one good deed. And if he does it, then write it down as 10 Good deeds.

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In another Hadees, we learn that the angels say, oh, Lord, Your servant wants to do something bad.

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Anyone, we intend to do something bad, like say something mean to somebody miss a prayer, or be negligent with regards to our duties, we intend to do something bad. You know, we were thinking of doing something wrong or leaving something right? The angel says to Allah, that all Lord, Your slave wants to do something bad, even though Allah knows best. So Allah says, Watch him. If he does it, then write it down as it is. And if he does not do it, then write it down as one has enough for him, for he is abstaining from it because of me.

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You know, when we do something wrong, we don't do it just like that. We've been contemplating, we've been planning, we've been thinking, isn't it? Maybe four days, maybe four weeks? Maybe for a few minutes, maybe for a few hours? And that whole time the angel is watching?

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What is she going to do?

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What is she going to do? What is she going to say? If we do it, only then the angel records it and if we leave it out of fear of Allah, then that is recorded as a good deed. Allah says my yell filming Colin Illa de la Cubana RT, the angel is there prepared, ever alert, watchful not to miss anything. And then earlier in the previous verse to read, I needed Yemeni varnish. She Mani carried sitting right there. And sadly, many times people get stuck on this issue that well does it mean that these angels go with us in the bathroom also?

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You know, if I'm so guilty, he was asked about that. And he said with regard to the question about what

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Whether the recording angels enter the bathroom, the answer is that I do not know.

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And the fact is that we do not know.

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All that we can say is that if they're instructed to enter it, they will enter it. And if Allah has honored them by sparing them,

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that and he has enabled them to know what happens in that place so that they can write it down, then they do what they're instructed to do. We need to worry about what matters to us. And what is that no matter what we do, no matter what we say, no matter what we think, to ourselves or with another person, the angels record it. And this is why every single word matters. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us that a person says something and he doesn't realize how serious it is. But because of that one word, he will fall in *.

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And a person says something he doesn't realize how beautiful it is, because of that one word, he will be admitted into paradise.

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And pseudotumor ADA is 64. Allah says about a group of people were luring new Bhima Kalu. They were cursed because of what they said. They earned Allah's Lerner because of the words they said

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in the same Surah verse 85 Surah, matted at 85 Allah says, For Thaba, whom Allah who be mad Palu Allah rewarded them because of what they said. One group of people is earning Allah's wrath. Why? Because of what they have said, another group of people is earning Allah's reward. Why? Because of what they have said. So what is necessary then, that we pay attention to? What

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What should we pay attention to? guarding our tongue?

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This is our enemy. guarding our tongue

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is very important.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mon samatha Niger,

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the one who is silent and he saved.

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The one who can learn

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to remain silent, meaning he can learn when to remain silent, how to seal his tongue. In certain situations, then that person is saved. He has protected himself he has guarded himself because it is the tongue through which we put ourselves in so much harm. Allah says wotja And it came, suck rattle Malaguti the intoxication of death Bill help me with the truth. What Jaya Sacra TL multiball help.

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Sacra intoxication. When a person is in a state of faintness, basically, when his limbs when his mind is not functioning as it is supposed to,

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because it is intoxicated, it's covered. So even though a person is seeing it as if he cannot see even though a person is talking, he cannot complete his sentences. Even though a person is walking, he cannot walk straight, he's sitting you cannot sit straight. And this is what happens to a person when he's experiencing death. Suck rattle moat,

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the intoxication of death, its agonies, its distress, its severity. Allah says we're Jah at Sacromonte billhook with the truth, meaning it was supposed to come. And it came. It was supposed to come and it came.

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undisputed fact of our lives is what? That we are going to die. This is a help. This is the truth we are going to die. And this is a reality that we don't like to think about. And Allah says this reality jab at Bill, meaning it came, it was supposed to come and it came. This is the reality of death for which is no rebelling there. Lika that is man, what content you were men who have it the heat who you are avoiding. This is exactly what you had been avoiding all your life. The hadal Ha, yeah. Hi, Dan. Hi, Dan is to basically avoid something

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to turn away from something run away from something.

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Allah says that this death is what you were avoiding all your life.

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And if you think about it, what are we concerned about all the time?

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saving ourselves, staying alive as long as possible. If we get sick, we want treatment. I'm not saying we shouldn't. We do get it. Right when we sit in cars we wear seatbelts. We learn

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In different skills, different things we do different things in order to preserve our lives. But no matter how much we preserve our lives, death is how it will come. It is unavoidable even if a person has been avoiding it all his life Valley comm our countrymen who to heed intro to jumeira Eight Allah says in Al moto lady to fifth Runa Minho for inner hula K calm, the depth that you are running away from, it's going to come and meet you in toto Nyssa 78 Allah says Aina Mata Kuno you drink como remote, wherever you are, death will find you while a quantum fee, baroody, Masha yada, even if you were in fortified towers, if you were in secure buildings, death will come and find you there.

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Valley Kumar countrymen who to hate it's a reality that we all have to face and ignoring it and pretending like it doesn't exist is not going to help us. The wise person is the one who accepts reality and prepares for it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we learn that when he was near his death, he would wipe sweat away from his face. And then he said Subhan Allah, in a little mouthy la sack of art Subhan Allah, verily, death has it stupor. It's intoxication. The state of unconsciousness and faintness that it brings upon a person its pain and the agony that it brings Subhan Allah in the little multi Lhasa karats wager at sacral multiball Hawk This is depth

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was whistle been epsilon one no

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II mean heavenly little wordy the it yet

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yummy whiny Shima ARIA nice meal following

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Leavell 91

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Buddha he the

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subclinical Lahoma of your shadow Allah, Allah and stuff like a samurai alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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