Victory Will Come. Will we see victory in our lifetime

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And we all are tested and by the way, we are living in discomfort right now, we are absolutely tested solely the test is not only with the challenges, or the things we don't want or like the test is, is even more when we get what we want. And that's what saved us. So first tested in both. And fifth victory is there.

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An international law here Karim, Allah put it in the Quran. We're kind of calling Elena Nasri Momineen. It is a duty upon us. This is not you and me promising somebody. This is Allah. What can on Elena, it's all right upon us, Allah to give victory to the believers. But he didn't give us time.

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Well, I see it, will we see it in our in this in our lifespan? I know.

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And but it is dear.

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And I always said this, if anybody is from Algeria, and if you don't know you should know.

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100 years, they give million martyrs.

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They call it the the rising of the 1 million martyr. At the end, they got liberated. So this is what we all need to do. Especially us. Don't lose hope. Yes, you can do a lot of things. A lot of things you can do. And Kia has been sending a lot of ways for us to bring our voice. A lot of the people who are non Muslim, that nobody likes the injustice, any human being cannot see what we are all seeing. And then his or her heart doesn't move. So don't lose hope. Yes, you can do.

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And I said this and I'm going to say it again and again and again. Turn back to Allah Hi everybody. This is the time where we need to change. This is the time where my salah and my car, my my feelings towards Allah, the dunya will become lower and you never know could be one of your drivers that change everything

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you don't know could be mine could be yours. Even if it didn't in my lifetime when I meet Allah subhanaw taala. I said your Allah I did everything you wanted.

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I can go and do things physical. He did not put me in that situation. So it's not going to ask me that's why don't feel helpless.

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He didn't put me in a place where I can go and change things physically. I can't. None of us can. If he wanted us he would have put us in that position. He didn't. But he put us in in many other positions that we can do change