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Cleaning myself properly when I've used the toilet, a lot of people need to understand that that is a key key thing to keep in the sheltering and the devils in the gins away. Because the whole thing of stingy that Rasulullah saw summers, you know, he taught us which is you relieve yourself, now use something to completely clean your, you know, your downstairs, let's call it downstairs, right? So the water or in our case is the tissue in their case it was mud rocks that they used to use, or the water they will use to clean this up. Now, if you leave any impure thing on your clothes, or on your body, that is a direct invitation for the devil to be with Why? Because that unclean thing, eat,

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eat, it goes against you liquor. So now you didn't the vicar of Allah and you reciting the Quran, but that unclean thing is now affecting it. Right? It's not allowing you to have this effect impurity is because impure is the basic form of the heart and the heart of love that is associated with do that's like an extra protection if you if, especially when you're in the Jassa. So, you know, you need to have a hustle, but you haven't had it now you're you're in a just a you're in a state where you're not, you're not pure. I haven't served Geneva so you're not even, you know, in a state that you should be recited or you can recite Quran, right? So anyway, so let's say this is

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again, these are things that would give me my immune smart, my spiritual immune system is going to be weak or strong, depending on whether I'm practicing these things. Very good. Okay, so now when the gin comes, or the server comes, or whatever comes, right, who am I? And what I've been doing, see if I've got all these practices up, and I've got my Shahada also done, I'm clean, and I'm also doing this car, I'm reciting Quran, these things are just gonna come like a fly to me. And boom, thumb, me move along. Nothing, it's not gonna affect me, right? But if my weakness is there, then this thing will affect me. Or the kind of fact I think