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parents really need to be very much involved. And one or two hours a week of Islamic teaching is not enough. In in face of all what is happening. The most important step to protect the children is what

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the parents has to be practicing. Walk the Talk, the parents can tell your child, go for Salah and you have not prayed you can do that child, maybe he will listen because he's scared but then later on he will not or she will not do. So the most important to protect the children number one, you as parents know the dean and the dean and after as a priority. The child Dean and Afra will become priority number one. Number two, learn and teach them about Allah. Again, engraved in them thou theta because this is what keeps us going. We are living. Anybody who's living in this day and age, especially in the Western world. We're living in a mecca time.

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We are living like when the Sahaba lived in the muck in Makkah, we're not in Medina. Yeah. We are living in Mecca where everybody around us don't believe in what we believe and make fun of us. Right? Yeah. What did Allah taught them in the Quran? The whole merch consumers? What does it talk about? So that Takeda believe, you know, Jana ashira, who's Allah? Who's this? They didn't talk about any of the rulings of Islam all came the medina sewers, if you look at them there, most of them is related to do and don't get rulings. So here I am, I need to know when I am here. Allah brought to me or I was born here. I need to know my surroundings. Parents needs to put dean number

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one. Parents needs to be not shy of being a Muslim. Yeah. And being proud of being a Muslim. Having said that, it is not an easy pathway. It is because you're going to be different from everyone around you. Alhamdulillah that's why I need to know a lot