Forgiveness Is Always Greater Than The Sin

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The speaker discusses the history of Islam and how it has shown mercy in various ways. They also mention a woman named Missus Adam who talks about forgiveness and promises to fill the empty spaces with forgiveness. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a sense of remorse and not just seeking forgiveness.

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Programming selama bad. Remember never himolla Darren Hardy's number 1878 Call in the book of Mr. Farr one anisette of the Allahu Anhu call us a minute or so Allah has sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a fool called Allahu taala. And this hadith Imam, no Rahim Allah. And as for the land race and he heard the prophets Allah Sam saying, Karla Allahu taala. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the context of a hadith, he says, Allah Almighty says, What does that mean? Adama

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Harrison codici, which means the sacred Hadith. So it's much more powerful a message than the words of the Prophet selasa himself. So he says, Carlo, you have an Adam, Oh, son of Adam, in Canada, our Attorney What about any refer to the Kurama Academy? Whatever Valley, Allah, the Exalted panel that I said, Oh, son of Adam, I shall go on forgiving you so long as you pray to Me and aspire for my forgiveness, whatever may be your sense. He says, subhana wa Taala as long as you call upon me. As long as you keep aspiring and having hope and my mercy, I will forgive your sins no matter what they are.

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Jamar, what a great Rama and mercy from Allah subhanho wa taala. Can you imagine the limit of this mercy doesn't have boundaries. He says, Whatever you do, if you still call upon me, if you come back to me and ask for my forgiveness, whatever that is, I'll give it to you.

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I'll give you that forgiveness.

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Tala Adam. Look how Allah subhanaw has even shown His mercy in different ways called Abner them also about them. Lo Bella the rulebook the wound Oka Anna Anna Sama, thumb mustard for 24 to like our little belly. He says Subhana wa Tada. Oh, son of Adam. I do not care even if your sins should pile up to the sky. And should you beg pardon of me, I will forgive you.

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Like if you bring all these sins,

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and you pile them up on top of each other, they go all the way up to the skies. And if you ask forgiveness for these things, sincerely, I'll forgive. I'll make them disappear. Subhanallah Gemma, I mean, who could lose in such a bargain is

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the true losers. That's why I call them Cassandra Mubin. Like the absolute loss, those who don't even get to be forgiven, no matter how much mercy Allah subhanaw taala is showing them and call us Allah Semcon Allah says Edna Adam, in Nikka lo attorney, the Quran, or the Hatha Yoga, similar cretin, la to Shin Kobe che la de to Kobe corabi.

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Allah subhanaw taala says over here or son of Adam, if you come to me with an with an earth full of sins, and you meet me, not associating anything with me in worship, I will certainly grant you as much forgiveness and pardon as well fill the earth like fill the earth Wilson's

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as long as this sense, not associate Perez with me in worship, and then with all these things, as long as you come to me with was seeking forgiveness, I'll fill the earth the same equivalent space with forgiveness for you, like no sin, will not be forgiven. And that is the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. So this hadith is a manifestation of the magnificence of the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal. So no matter what sin a person commits, no matter how grave the sin in their eyes, if they repent back to Allah subhana wa Tada with absolute sincerity Allah azza wa jal is willing to forgive.

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You might ask yourself the question, How would I know the last panel there would forgive me? We don't know. But we have hope. Because that's what we need. We need to have hope and Allah subhanaw taala and hostel number law sojourn that we have the good assumption about Allah subhana wa that he promised. He promised, if you see forgiveness, and you're sincere about it, I will forgive you. So if you believe in Allah azza wa jal, and I believe his words, then if you truly sincere, then you have hope that Allah will forgive you. But if you're not sincere, and you know that you were not sincere, then you should worry about it.

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What does that mean? I need to work on what Majumdar my sincerity.

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I need to work on my sincerity. So when I say forgiveness, I sincerely seek forgiveness from my mistakes. It's not like I make a mistake and I say stop for Allah.

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Wearing waiting for the next time, right? Like you have in mind that I'm gonna go back again to do it when the time permits. That's not sincerity. You're cheating yourself. But if you truly have that sense of remorse, and you feel the pain in your heart, for the mistake you've done, no matter how little that makes a mistake is because it's not about how small the mistake is. It's about how great the one the mistake against whom was committed. And Allah Subhana Allah is the Greatest. So therefore you need to make sure that you keep that in your mind in sha Allah

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Allah never, ever be desperate of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, a Lord, who brings such a magnificent size of forgiveness, no one can go Subhanallah wrong, you know in his presence subhanaw taala so therefore do your part, seek forgiveness regularly, sincerely and Allah Subhana Allah forgive me Allah Subhana Allah forgive us our sins, we are blind I mean, the major and the minor, the secret and the public. Those we know of other we don't know we are blind. I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to erase our sins or records or Brian Amin and to transfer them all into her Senate Wallah. Any questions?

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Mala goes here forgiveness Hello smella sparkle over 100 I shall learn stuff