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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a discussion on the title of the book "teen and a mother" in the Quran. The discussion touches on the topic of pregnancy and the intimate relationship between man and woman, as well as the idea that the book is a reminder to people that they will receive a thirteen-week pregnancy. The discussion also touches on the idea that the book is a way to teach people that they will receive a baby.
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So now the next question that comes to us something we see every single day is pregnancy mentioned in the Quran? The answer is yes Subhanallah who under the Halacha con, we have seen why it is He Who created you from one soul I've seen wide and credited from it. It's smeet or die them in Haza. Why? That he might dwell in security, safety, happiness with her.

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Now the pregnancy and when we fee the man covers her

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she carries other white burden. He didn't say pregnancy hominids hominid Fatima and formula to be light pregnancy early pregnancy and the pregnancy continued. What happens when a man has bulletin now she's the now it's obvious. Tao a lot of Bahama, both father and a mother turn to Allah or a Bahama lane at Eton Asada, y'all law if she's gonna give us a righteous child. Then when endovenous share curry, we wouldn't be grateful to what happens for them ah, tell him outside. Allah who responded, gave them the righteous child. Jai, therefore Shoraka if you might have Tahoma made

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Parkland to Allah. Although he gives them what he wanted her to have a wall I mean, she called Allah is Exalted above what they associate with, what do we learn from him? Number one,

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the Quran did not leave anything uncovered. Sometimes mentioned it in details, and sometimes just a

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little bit. He has details. Now man and a woman. But now the intimate relationship spa. This is a book where mentioned intimate relationships and a Madaba Sha. This is the intimate relationship between a husband and a wife and ALLAH and he was double a SHA, two very eloquent word, to tell him that it is not only a physical need, it's even a spiritual need. It's an emotional need is covered completely. Then what happens with this? Why this why the last panel which either gave us this, one of the reasons for it is pregnancy. For grandma, double Shahar, hemella Tamland, hottie for hominid pregnancy carried. Hamming and hottie for light carry, meaning four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks.

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She doesn't even sometimes doesn't know yet. She is pregnant.

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And then Philomath colic Now later on 20 weeks and above. They almost start screaming, she's pregnant. 28 weeks, seven months now she's 39 Once 36 weeks after 40. Very heavy, sleeping becomes difficult. Some of the woman even breathing becomes tougher for a math College. Now they knew that the pregnancy is going the baby is stiff. Now they turned to Allah. And they said,

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letting Addington aside. They made a covenant through the last panel we're taught your Allah, you will give us a righteous healthy, sweet, nice, cute, pretty. You want a girl? You always wanted to go all the time to Allah says Jamar give me a girl or a boy. We wouldn't be grateful.

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Allah who responded, gave you what you want. And then he says, You made a personal choice. So let's pause here.

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What's Parker's Allah gave me a child, this child becomes more important than Allah. I disobey Allah's pant either to please my child, or to raise my child or to give my child what he or she wants, I disobey Him, then I am not grateful. This gratefulness simply is using what Allah gave you in a way that pleases Him. He gave me the child I booked him give me a righteous one. He did give me a healthy one. He did give me a girl he did. And then that child becomes the reason I disobeying Allah. I made the child equal to Allah Subhana Allah may Allah forgive us, sometimes even more. And here Allah says Putana Allah Juan Mamie shriek home, Amma is exalted. You want to make anything

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equals to Allah do it. Allah is re exalted above the pregnancy here. That what a lie is stunningly mean in you. It's every natural things you see in front of you is a reminder to you that Allah is aware of it. Allah is counted and made it happen. And a lot any another verse in the Quran he said, any thing in the uterus Allah knows when maganda will attack me to put it on

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elementary middle or high enrollment is that ALLAH knows and Leo tell us just imagine this. Me You tell us every witness of a woman What does it carry? Well might have you do not have more matters Dad, what's the pregnancy will be lost or it will be multiple twins or triplets Subhanallah take home messages or on has a rethink on lost him Tida the words he used in the Quran not only teaches me but teaches me so much in depth, the intimate relationship, here's cover, he has consulted, he uses love and he used spiritually than emotional meat. The most important thing is everything. Allah gives us his blessing. And I mean to is this blessings in the way that pleases him. Otherwise Allah

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is not in need, of me being grateful. May Allah make us among

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