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What's more important that I learned recitation, learn the Arabic language, or work on memorization.

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Peace be upon you, let's recognize that the whole on is an ongoing healing. The three options that we have are and I'm going to put them in an order, learn Arabic, better my recitation or learn to memorize. So let's put this in order, you will not be able to master the Arabic language. And so once you enter that, that's something you're doing for your benefit. And it's an ongoing process. So I say I would put the last option is learning Arabic. Number two, memorizing something that you can't read properly that you don't have a good relationship with. And let me put it, let me put a caveat here, even if you can read and it's not an easy option, something that you enjoy doing, what

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you memorize will slip away. I will choose and highly recommend that you get into a daily routine. The routines and rituals of your life should involve an enough enough core on that you're reciting enough that your memorization falls in automatically. And by revisiting and reciting something again and again and reading it well. Then I say the last thing is then you can start listening, looking at the vocabulary and learning the Arabic language, what's the best path for you to do? Remember, studying Arabic and memorizing are both things that are placing pressure on you. Learning to recite and mastering it for the rest of your life is a way to keep that relationship going.

When dealing with Qur’an, what is more important? Learning the language of Arabic? Or Memorization? Or is it just simply recitation?

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff answers.

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