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Doing intention before doing anything I'm looking and asking myself the million dollar question I call it and that question is one word.

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Which means intention is my one word, one word. Why? Why? Why? There's two words. It's very simple in the English language. It's the base of our Deen. It's why and how,

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why and how, you know, what is that right? A clause in the deen terminology. They call it a colossal metabo airfloss meaning only for Allah sincerity and matava following the path of Ross Wallace autosar.

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So number one, I learned why I'm doing things. I'll have to learn what else

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say something. Okay, so think before you do, or say something. That's amazing. Amazing, because what's gonna happen when you think now we're going to come the forces is going to tell you me which hearts I have. And which one is the dominant. I don't think any one of us have a dead horse. Otherwise you're not going to be here. Right? Do we have a Caboose Saleem? I can't say I am not with you in the house every day. Right? Most of us are the sicard but it depends how much How sick is the heart? Right? Is the heart very sick is the heart

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is the heart a little bit nastic

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some responses from everything I do. Taking gets back to Allah Alhamdulillah I so intention and remembering Allah and everything that's beautiful, right?

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I have started noticing my weaknesses more Alhamdulillah me they put it neater, but it's I'm sure they meant me. What else I learned. So I think this is actually amazing. If I think before everything I do and I say and I am looking and examining putting my intention under the microscope. Okay, what else

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staying away from the black area. And I go into the gray part of the beam where it's like, either right or wrong. I feel a stretch like I feel

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I feel so safe from the black ones. Oh, that's amazing. That means you absolutely no harm from the hell out.

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There's no doubt that's beautiful, right? If I come to there I don't know which happens a lot. What's the answer for the I don't know.

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Stay away from it. That's the famous hadith of Roswell. So to answer that Allah holds and will continue the Hadith in the next course. That's the first thing we're going to study. The first howdy Khaled Halloween or Halloween? Halloween is obvious and the haraam is office okay beautiful mode What did I What did I learn? How like how you said that house? Yeah.

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Okay, so if I am asking myself how beautiful How do I know the answer?

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I'll say of course I'm doing it according to the center How do I know I'm right.

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What do I need to learn?

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What What do I need to learn?

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And how do I know I'm doing it? According to the sun if I have no idea what is the sun? Right so Alhamdulillah man How do I actually it's first why why and how keep this in everything and this is the best thing you teach the children

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This is the best 345 710 teenagers don't say because I love you Let's talk for a while

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because when they go to college it's done. Right? And don't look for it because sometimes they don't say it but we look for it. No say you want one answer is for a lot. The two three doesn't know what this means the six and seven they start 10 and 11 you're gonna that's your your best time to engraving. Why and I'm talking about things for a law Yanni the dean Why do you want to go to the masjid?

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Even these things I'm not talking about going for a vacation. I'm talking about even the Islamic things. Why are you going to the masjid? Why do you want to go to Sunday school? Why do you want to go to ideas why you are here while you're in class.