Tom Facchine – Tafseer Reflections #04 – Surah Al-An’am

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of Islam's use of words and symbols to symbolize stages and moments in life, including planting seeds, controlling temperature, and returning to life. They also touch on the use of animals to make excuses and make replacements, and the importance of the concept of "the tree" for morality. The segment concludes with a discussion of the use of a symbol to symbolize a return to life and the importance of not comparing the real life of the person to the person being compared to.
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Mr. Narayan Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam, ala Ashraf an MBI almost saline Nabina Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Allah He also sought ours cortesin Allahu wa Linda may in fact no one fatten me my island and I was in there and many other beloved I mean, we're going to continue with the Tafseer of Surah Al and I'm so sorry and I'm is one of the Meccan revelations, and it's one of the longer ones and there's many, many benefits especially talking about aqidah talking about our belief and previously we had talked about how Allah azza wa jal had given some words to the Prophet Mohammed that he set out to Sadam to tell the people regarding how they can differentiate between a

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true prophet and a false prophet. Because Allah azza wa jal addresses us with our intellect. Right? Especially in the Meccan sodas in the Medina and sodas. He's primarily talking to people who already believe. And so yeah, you're Halina Avenue, because you have believed, then you are to obey Submariner, what a thought? No. But how does Allah subhanaw taala address people who have not yet believed? Right? This is a data point for us. He can't tell them to just obey. They don't believe belief has to come before obedience. And so Allah azza wa jal, he uses reason he addresses people's AKA, which is why one of the regrets of the people of the Hellfire as Allah says in Surah, Surah

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Mulk on follow Loconet smell oh, now if you know, if only that we had either listened and obeyed, that's the easy way, or at least had used our reason and our intellect than we would have submitted. And so a lot of spell data and the Meccan period, he's arguing and he's trying to prove a point he's trying to convince the reader or the listener by appealing to their reason, if he's going to tell them, Hey, you guys have to listen to this prophet, because I said so. And they don't believe in the Quran. And what type of argument is that? They're not going to accept it. And so Allah azza wa jal gives, ever he gives, He gives criteria for how you can differentiate between a false prophet and a

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true one. Does anyone recall any of those criteria? There were three.

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Okay, very something very, very similar. Okay. They're not he says he puts it in the in the form where he's telling the prophesy son on what to say, oh, la kulula. Como en de casa in Allah. Okay, that's the first thing. He says, Tell them to the Prophet salallahu Salam, I am not telling you that I own or have the ability to distribute wealth to distribute allows risk. Okay, I'm not promising you riches. Okay, which is a related concept to what you're saying we'll get to the other one. Right.

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Actually, that's another one that Allah says, especially later on in this chapter, and later on in the Koran about, I don't ask of you anything. Right, which is a related concept. That's the second side of that, or the flip side of that is that he's not asking for anything in return. If he were to be asking for something that would indicate that he was out for power, he was out for wealth, or he was out for riches. But he's also not he's also told by Allah's power and data to tell them that he's not promising them riches. Right? Think about all those internet scams, right? Or the the emails you get in your spam box from Nigeria, or I always get I shut Gaddafi. Do you guys get that

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like, like, it's supposedly the widow of,

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of the slain leader of Libya, as like, my dear beloved, I am far away from my money. And I need you to send so and so much to my bank account. Right? Somebody who's promising you riches, I will reward you handsomely. I have a surefire investment that you have to just send the $1,000 to my bank account right this minute. And I promise you, you're going to get, you know, five times the return. Anybody who comes to you promising you riches, promising to make you wealthy, he's not a prophet. They're not a prophet. And so we see some of these, especially the evangelical pastors today, you have what's called the what do they call it? The prosperity gospel? Right? You have these guys,

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these mega mega churches down in the south, you know, 1000s of people every Sunday. And what are they promising? The people say, hey, it's good. You know, just be wealthy and enjoy the fruits that God gave you and this sort of thing. He's, and he actually put it in terms. If you have God's favor, then you're going to get wealthy. That's what they're telling people. All right, this is the thing that opposite last month was telling us to be able to differentiate between a true prophet and a false prophet. Well, a minute, then some of the strangest things is that some of these evangelical prophets, excuse me, some of these evangelical preachers, they claim to be prophets, because of

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their religion. It's a very, very nebulous thing. What is a prophet? You know, you see the guys speaking in tongues, right? Right. They you've seen this maybe when people overcome with the Holy Spirit, according to them, they start speaking in strange

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languages that nobody understands. That's when they claim that they're receiving prophecy. Okay, so here and here they are at the same time promising you to make you wealthy. No, no, Allah subhanaw taala says right here, tell them I don't have the ability to make you wealthy. Right? We see the Companions who are the companions? Yes, you had your elbows and your earth man's and your Saturday passes. But you also had your Abdullah and Mr. Woods, and you'll be lads and other people who are very, very poor. Okay. It's not an indication one way or another. If somebody's rich, that Allah subhanaw taala is favoring you? Or if you're poor, that Allah subhanaw taala is punishing you? No,

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no, no. Because somebody's wealth might be a test and a fitna for them, and it might actually be a Nygma it might actually be a curse upon them. Whereas somebody's poverty might actually be a blessing for them. So that's the first criteria. He said, Tell the people I don't have Allah's wealth at my disposal that I can give it out however I want. Okay, that was number one.

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Wallah animal valuable.

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And tell them that I don't know, all of the unseen, no viable listed rocket engines. Right? I don't know everything is part of the unseen. And we discussed before that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was given some knowledge of the Unseen by Allah azza wa jal as is affirmed in many of the Hadith, where, for example, the one where the prophesy Saddam said that he had been shown everything that was going to happen between now and the hour, and people were asking him questions, and he would respond to whatever question they were asking. And so I'm gonna have to stop them because they started asking uncomfortable questions. So we know that Allah subhanaw taala, gave some of the

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knowledge of the Unseen to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but not all of it, right, which is why he says here to tell the people that were Allah, Allah and one of the valuable if somebody comes to you,

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promising you that they have all knowledge of the Unseen, that they can tell you what's going to happen tomorrow, they can read your palm and tell you you're going to fall in love. This year, or next year, you're going to get rich. And, you know, you see all these things online, and Subhanallah the sisters fall for these things more for the guy more than the guys do. Right? What's 2000 So finalized on today, like, you know, what's in your future? And we might take it as something that's very, very innocent, but in fact, it's not. And it's something that is a serious problem within our Arpita. Right, one of the sisters, they had taken some sort of online test, and was supposed to tell

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you what was going to happen for the next like three years. So as a Muslim sister, yeah, like the next year, I was supposed to get married, right? All the ladies are thinking about getting married. You after that is supposed to, you know, have a child, right these, look at how this is exactly how that that job will prey upon people, by preying upon their desires. So that's number two, the way we can tell a false prophet from a true prophet. Number one, the prophet is not going to claim to be able to make you rich, okay, there's going to be hardship, there's going to be poverty, that's part of belief to to the prophet, the prophet is not going to have complete knowledge of the Unseen

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that's something that only that belongs to Allah and will help to get there in sha Allah where Allah states that even more affirmatively, okay, well, Allah Tala come in the Malak. And a prophet will never claim to be something that he's not. He's not going to put on airs or claim to be more than what he is. Okay. Allah says in surah Talamanca what does he say about ASA Merriam, he said that never would a prophet come down and tell you worship me.

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Mr. Hale, it's not possible. Right? Never will a true prophet. All all true prophets stay in their lane. Okay. They know what they're here for. They tell you, hey, worship, God, worship God come back to the worship of God alone. They're not going to act like they're something that not that they are the savior of the universe, that they are going to be that they're an angel, or that they share in the divinity of Allah's power to order in any way, shape, or form.

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And so he had left off, we're talking about a couple ads that Allah Spano Tata, had revealed due to a specific circumstance that specifically had to do with the poor believers. So look at the Manasa. Okay, so we said that the first criteria for determining a true prophet is that he's not going to promise you wealth. And we said, Why is this significant? Because too often people associate wealth and power with truth.

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They look at you know, even today, we look at the footballers, and we look at the celebrities and we see oh, what are they doing martial law, and people want to be like them, the kids, they dress like them, and they talk like them, and they act like them. We have this thing where we assume that anybody who's successful in the dunya is going to be successful in the afterlife. So he alludes to it Subhana he alludes to it there with the criteria, and then a situation happens where some of the poor companions were sitting in the mess sheet that Ivan Massoud and my dad had an S word, and beloved and others, and the chiefs of the Quran had come in

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And they said, Hey, we're willing to talk to you, Mohammed. But you got to make these guys go. These guys have to leave. We can't be seen with these poor folks.

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Okay. And the prophesy Saddam was given this idea directly, right. Well, Atala De La Vina, you're the owner of the home belladati. Well, actually, you really don't know what you have. Okay, till the end of it, this guy and the next day, said, Don't turn your back or don't force out or evict the true believers who worship Allah subhanaw taala and sincerity. Okay, you have, you know, we have this phrase in English, like, one on the hand is better than two in the bush. Okay, you hear this before? It means that you have something already. Don't give it up for something you don't even have yet. So you have a couple times this happened in the in the theater of the prophesies set up in the

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history of his Dawa. He has believers with him. People who already believe in him followers, they're ready to die for him and die for Islam. And then he's got a couple people who are influential that no, they might think about it becoming Muslims, right? If we can negotiate, right? Like we know that later, they tried to bribe him and say, Well, you worship our gods for one year, well worship your God for a year. So why would you abandon these believers? Who are already believers, they have faith and they're ready to follow you. Why would you leave them for these people? Because they're probably not going to listen to you anyway. And then Allah has had waka Delica for 10. Bow, the homeboy about

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why we have created people to be poor and rich in the first place. It's a test. It's a test for each of them. The test of the poor person is to be patient, with Allah's decree, to not be why me why you do this to me, Allah, Don't I deserve better? On I worth it? Can I have this can't? Why can't I have what the other people have? I see some of the people there. They live in New Hartford with the big houses and all these sorts of things. Why can't I be like them? No, no.

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That's your fitna. That's your test. Right? Your role in this life is to be content, all the content with what Allah subhanaw taala gave you because Allah is found to Allah distributes with hokhmah, that he is all wise and everything that he does is wise. And the test for the rich person is not to be arrogant. It's not to look down on those other people. And think that they did something because of them their knowledge, their skill. Well, I worked hard. While I went to school longer. Well, I'm smarter. Well, I did this. And I did that. At the loss of Panama to Allah wanted, the situation could have been completely the opposite.

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You know, subhanAllah, my wife called me today, and she had over you know, she's traveling and she overheard a conversation. It's pertinent to us, because we have a lot of refugee communities, a lot of refugees in our community. And they have also in the Twin Cities where she is there also many refugees there as well. And there was somebody who was a conversation that she overheard where this person was saying, you know, these refugee kids, we take them and take them away from their families and put them in this private school. And she was just the particular person who kept on emphasizing, they come from nothing. They come from nothing. Maybe they come from more than you.

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You're judging them because they don't have a lot of money or they don't have a big house. The prophesy Saddam said that the poor person will make it into agenda 500 years before the rich person 500 years. Because Allah said, and so that's a cathode. Well, that's a Soluna yum. I mean, I mean, now, every single benefit that you've been given, you're going to have to be asked about so the poor person shows up to the Gates of Jana. They don't have anything that we asked about. door swings wide open, let's

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go right in the person with the big house and the nice car that always works in the this and that. It's Hello, it's great. You might have been thankful for it. Hamdulillah. But you're going to be stopped at the gate, you're going to be asked, I'm gonna say wait a second what you do with this. Okay, next thing, what do you do with that? Next thing? Okay. Did you are you thankful for this? Were you thankful for that? What cathartic effect for her to know about other Homi Bhabha, Leah Kulu Aha, Iman Allahu alayhi membrana so that the rich people would be tempted to say, Allah's Bounty is on these people, these poor people.

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You see the folks that come in the federal Okay, there was a time when we were in the old machine. Every single face to shut up professor was black.

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Every single person when I first came here,

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and it was a beautiful thing for African Americans, some people from East Africa, West Africa, whatever, every single one of them

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okay, and I know that there are some people regrettably in the Muslim community that would not want to be seen at the same table as these people.

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This is okay that it can fatten about the homie Baldon Lea Kulu AHA Allah, Allah Allah Hema Benina did a lot of really could is it possible that Allah bless these people over us instead of us? That's what they're tempted to say. This is took up both this is era

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against, and that is the trial of the rich,

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lays Allah who will be out and I'm gonna be sharing doesn't Allah subhanaw taala know best who is grateful and that's an implication that Allah subhanaw taala gives faith not to who's rich, not to who's successful not to who's wealthy, but to those who are grateful. So it doesn't matter how much power you have, how much wealth you have, how much influence you have, if you're not grateful. Allah is not gonna give you a day. Allah is not going to give you guidance.

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But that's fine to Allah says what either Jack Allah Lena you'll be known to be a attina for call Salam Alikum. So Allah is now giving something he's replacing it Okay, so he said what not to do. Don't turn those believers out those poor believers. Maybe they have dirty clothes and you know ripped up jeans and whatever it is, don't turn them out. How should you treat them? Well, you that Jerrica Latina you want me to be 18 African Salam Alikum give them salah. Give them the peace, greeting the greeting of peace Sudan when are they going CATSA Rob Boko Mala and actually here rathna And the homeland Amina me and come sue and be the highlights in some metabo Minbari he will

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Isla the end the hula fall Rahim. Why would we give greetings of Peace to everybody whether they're poor or rich that Muslims Kitzhaber Rob Bukom Allah and FC here Rama, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Ketubah in this sense means decreed upon himself mercy.

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Some people get tripped up by this because they can say and you know, especially people who are non Muslim, they say, well, can't God do whatever he wants? Right? And so the Christian would say, well, can't God

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come down to earth? be incarnated, right, send his son have a son, if he wants exist in a Trinity die on a cross. Right? This is the logic of the Christians we say no, no, actually, that can't happen. It's an impossibility. Because Allah subhanaw taala Ketubah Anna lepsy He is yet right Allah subhanaw taala decreed upon Himself certain limits and rules. Here he's telling us one of those rules cuts about and if he had, that he decreed it for himself mercy, that means yes, technically if he wanted to, he could have been less merciful.

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He could have chosen to not forgive some people. We not know that hadith you know, the prophesy tsunami said, if you want to do a good thing, you intend to do a good thing and then you do it. It's between you know, 10 and 700%. Net. And if you intend to do something good, but then don't go you don't follow through then it's still insha Allah Hasina. So maybe one has an ad. And then if you intend to do something evil, you change your mind and stop it stop yourself, then that's a good deed for you as well. And only if you intend to do something good and then follow through with it, then that's written for you one just one site yet just one sin. Did Allah have to be this merciful? Not

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necessarily. But cats about and actually he'll he obligated upon himself or he decreed upon himself? Mercy, that and he explains what that means. What is the aspect of His mercy that he's explaining here? And who men I mean, I mean, come sue me to Halloween. Okay, he here we're specifying somebody who does something wrong out of ignorance. And this ignorance can be they didn't know. Right? They're not a Muslim. When we saw Andrew Tate, right, he recently became a Muslim. All the stuff that he's done, okay. Before he's a Muslim, yes, he has to fix himself, obviously. But before he's a Muslim, if he accepts Islam and stops wiped out great hamdulillah it can also be a situation where a

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person is a Muslim, but they're, they don't, they're not aware. And we've reached those times. A lot of people that come you know, especially people who have lived under communism, we got a lot of folks in the Bosnian community, they have no knowledge of Islam. Some of them,

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some of them praying five times a day, it's like, whoa, wait a second, what are you doing?

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So for this type of person, do you we expect this person to know all the rules of Assam a lot of the things they don't know.

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So this is also somebody who does something so MBG had out of ignorance.

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And some people would say, well, it's limited rora it's not we freeze the time there's no border yet. Right? Anybody who especially lived under communism.

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That sort of logic doesn't really apply to them. There's Matt along with all other law that animate used to say this is something that's known of necessity that if you grew up among Muslims, and you should know this, well, that assumes that we have a certain political context and social context that's intact. Some people in the Muslim world they haven't had that.

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So that's that so so me Johanna, so types of Johanna, okay, you're not a Muslim, you're a Muslim. You have no idea what it is, or third,

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you forget

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in the heat of the moment. And that can happen. That can happen.

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where you're not thinking you're not realizing that what you're doing let's talk something like that is a major sin that all of us do probably every day amiibo right. And the libre, talking about people behind their back. How many times has it happened? Where you just as soon as something left your mouth, you caught yourself? Oh, man, I did it again. Right? You weren't aware in that moment that what you're doing was sinful. So MDG Hara.

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And then you try Allah subhanaw taala gives us the playbook what to do with them Turb in that he repents from what they do.

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What else law slow, and tries to make it right.

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And trying to make it right, we said the last one on data and introduced that concept earlier in the Surah. And it's a very, very important part of Toba because sometimes, we only sin against ourselves, and sometimes we sin against other people. If you harm another person, if you take that person's right, if you dispossessed them of something. Okay, we're coming up on Thanksgiving. Okay, how many of you know, New York State in particular, I won't speak for the entire country. But New York State did some really shady stuff to the Native Americans, especially the United Tribes and the tribes that were around here. And we're not talking about a situation of war. They were actually

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allies. That was the really messed up thing with the Oneida tribe, the Oneida tribe, many of the tribes in the Northeast were sided with the British and the War of Independence. Okay, not the Unitas who this is their land, actually, originally, they sided with the Americans. Okay. And the American government had certain treaties with them that told them that they were going to Don't worry your good New York state. On the other hand, they went behind the government's back and basically took everything from the United's forced them to go to Wisconsin. And we still are living out the consequences of this today, so then, if somebody does such a thing, an evil deed, and they

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just say, Well, you know, I repented to a law and so I'm going to enjoy your land still.

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Right? Or we have you know, Israel, Philistine,

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somebody a settler comes, they kick out

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people from their house or destroy their house, take over their land.

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Let's say they become a Muslim. Inshallah, let's say they become a Muslim is that it? No woman Isla tabber whilst you have to fix it, the people are still right there. You have to give it back. Today Subhan Allah, we have this crazy thing and universities I don't know if you see it at some of the like the community colleges, but definitely at the bigger universities, Harvard and Yale and you know, even here at Hamilton, you have land acknowledgments you heard of this problem of land acknowledgement. Okay, so there are many colleges and universities that realize that

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they have built their college upon let's say, like Oneida land, for example, and on stolen land, this sort of thing. And so now they have what's called a land acknowledgement. So before major events for the college I'll read out a little thing that's acknowledging that basically that they took this land from a native tribe or that they benefited in some way from that okay, they're still alive

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it's like the one of the most talked about lip service right one of the most superficial you know Ways to Say you're sorry especially It cracks me up here and how it's in college in the United try the United tribe that they have their official federally recognized tribe right on Route five, down in what does it Werner Verona one of the two, you know, they're an officially recognized tribe, this was their land everybody knows the sort of Ciana and back you know, stabbing that New York State did to them. And we're going to now a land acknowledgement and say, we recognize that this is an idle land, but we didn't give it back. That's basically what they're saying. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala

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says that's not what real repentance looks like though. metab I mean, daddy he will also haha, okay, who repents after they realize their sin and tries to make it right. It tries to fix things and if that's your brother that you back bit, you know, there's some talk between the other man do you have to tell somebody that you spoke bad about them behind your back? It's a tricky thing because sometimes sometimes it's going to make matters worse if you actually do that, right. But you can now go behind their back and talk good about them, right or you can make to offer them in the last third of the night or you can do these other things and you know, help add to their reputation whereas

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before that you were tarnishing their reputation. Right so it's not enough to just simply say we're sorry, we have to make things right for and the hula hula Rahim. And so Alas puntata hinges here his mercy upon this type of repentance he's like look, okay, yeah, a lot was extremely merciful. What cuts about LFC here Rama? Yes. But if you want that type of mercy, then this is what it's going to take. This is what it looks like. All right, this is real deal repentance. This isn't fluff repentance. This isn't repentance, right? Light scuze me or repentance? You know zero sugar. This is real repentance.

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You're going to have to say you're sorry and mean it and try to fix it.

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What could that be kind of hostile at all it has been a civilian majority mean.

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Allah says in this way, in this way we clarify the eight the signs, and we also make clear the way of the criminals. And this is amazing. Because like what we're just saying with the land acknowledgments and stuff like that, if you took put everything and put it on this means then if you put it on this scale, you can tell the people who are just giving lip service from the people who are serious about repentance. Okay, what how serious is your repentance? Are you willing to make things right after you've done them? Call in Nino here to an Abba Latina today? Aruna me and Duni Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. Again, give us words the prophesy Salam, which is the first thing that

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one of the things that he did to add and remember, that when Adam sinned, Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam words for repentance, Allah says in Surah Surah Baqarah. While the Quran many parts, Allah is teaching the Prophet Muhammad slay some words to say, okay, and this is one of them is that I have been prohibited from worshiping or being in servitude, to that which you call out upon instead of Allah, who led to a Hawa come audible to Eden wama and Amina LaMotta. Dean, is that I'm only going to I'm not going to follow your sort of inclinations or your conjecture, your base desire. If I had done so then I would have been misguided. And I am not of those who are responsible

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for your guidance. You guys are on your own. Well, in ni Allah Bay in an email Robbie, what can debitum be? I am the one who is unclear proof. I have the proof and I brought it from my sustainer and you guys denied me. You guys rejected me and Kevin debitum, bitter Steeda that indicates that they knew what they were doing and that they knew that the profit of eight instead of seven was right. This isn't a one off thing. This isn't a fluke that they understood the hedgehog family him that the budget the definitive truth was established upon them. And yet they rejected that in the metastatic you don't want to be I said I don't have and this is another criteria of Prophethood that

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Allah subhanaw taala is tucking in here. I don't have the thing that you're in haste for. What's that thing? Literally? I don't have the thing that you're in haste for.

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Call Matt Andy metastatic you don't want to be mad is that you want to be what are they? What are they in haste for?

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A court age local file.

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Yes, the punishment the punishment right. This is one of their challenges that they give to the prophets in their a Ned in their in their kofler and they're sort of rejection or their arrogance. They said if you're a real prophet, let's see the Thunderbolt right now. Bring us the punishment wipe us out right now. Okay, and the prophesy Saddam He says his answer here is that that's not in my power. Right? This isn't my sign that I get to do what I'm not like Zeus just like throwing thunderbolts and lightning to everybody that comes my way. Comes back to the first criteria that Allah had told the province I'm gonna say, if the Prophet alayhi salatu salam or any prophet doesn't

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have the bill, the ability to enrich people left and right at well, then he also doesn't have the ability to be, you know, zapping people down left and right that His will these things are Allah's signs that he gives to the prophets to establish her to establish proof upon them. He says I don't have what you're in a rush for. In a hookman Illa Lilla said these sorts of things, these sorts of decisions are only a loss. I don't get to decide that sort of thing. And this is extremely humble of the prophesy Saddam and also indicative that he's fulfilling the criteria that Allah said on the previous page, that he's not claiming to be more than he is. Okay. I imagine if you were me if you

00:28:52 --> 00:29:04

or I were in the situation the prophesy Saddam, you know, you're a prophet methylene right. And let's just say for example, and somebody rejects you, and you know that they know soundly they don't understand they actually know

00:29:06 --> 00:29:13

you would want to threaten that person. Say, if you don't believe in me that I'm gonna wipe you out and I'm gonna make dua and it's gonna be over curtains for you.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:32

The prophesy centum response to them in a hurry, Lila, listen, I don't have the ability to bring down punishment upon you right away. This thing is only to ally eccleshill, Huck. Well, who are Hyrule fowl selling? That Allah subhanaw taala speaks the truth. And he has the best of those who differentiate between matters.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:53

Cool, a lot smarter. Allah continues telling the profit slice I don't want to say low end end metastatic you don't want to be okay. If so, this may be a subtle threat here. If I had the ability to do what you're asking me to do to bring this punishment right away, that pulled the LM Rubini over the intercom is I would already be over.

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

So for those of you up for those people, sometimes some people they say well was

00:30:00 --> 00:30:35

Who is more merciful Allah has found the prophesy centum some people actually have a doubt about this. They think the prophesy Salman was more merciful than Allah, as there are certain cases where Allah subhanaw taala for example, for example, that the prisoners of war the Battle of better, right, there's the first time they had a battle. They didn't know what to do. They had 70 prisoners of war, what do we do? So there were two opinions among the companions. Abu Bakr said, Well, we could use the money. Why don't we ransom them? Okay, they'll buy them back and we'll you know, we'll profit almost said no, no, no, these guys are the worst of the worst. We gotta, they gotta go. And

00:30:35 --> 00:31:11

the prophesy Saddam, he went with Abu Bakr and then the I came down and sort of inferred where Allah subhanaw taala said, Nope, you should have gone with Arman. And actually Amata comes back and he finds the Prophet so I said, I'm crying, right, because they had kind of made the wrong choice. Even though they were innocent. It wasn't it wasn't a sin. It was just an honest mistake. But the fact that Allah subhanaw taala corrected them in the Quran made their hearts shake. And so they were weeping and came to find out that he was right. So some people misguidedly, they say, Well, how is it possible the prophesy Saddam was more merciful than Allah spawn to Allah? No, no, no. Here we

00:31:11 --> 00:31:20

have an example of Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. He just said at the top of the page Catala and Kabbalah and actually Rama, he decreed upon himself this mercy.

00:31:21 --> 00:31:30

The prophesy Saddam was saying if I had the ability to bring the punishment, however I wanted, you guys would be finished. If it were up to me, I would not have waited this long.

00:31:32 --> 00:32:09

But Allah subhanaw taala waited that long, because the last time to Allah had a plan. And the plan was to as we know the whole story of the story of the Sierra and when they come back to Mecca, and everybody embraces us now even Abu Soufiane, even Hynde, right, even wagashi all these people who were fought against the Muslims in the Battle of ahould all these people became Muslims. And it was a greater good Holly didn't lead right all these different people was a greater good. So Allah Spano Tata had a plan and was more merciful. Well, Allahu Allah volley mean, and a Lost Planet, Allah knows best, those who are oppressors.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:54

Then Allah subhanaw taala, he talks about because so all of these two, three pages, they're all talking about the differences between prophets and the divine, the difference between the prophets and Allah. So, earlier, when Allah subhanaw taala was giving us criteria to direct differentiate a true prophet and a false prophet. Some of those criteria were showing how the Prophet was not at the level of Allah, okay? I can make you rich, a lot can Okay, right here, I can't bring the punishment. Allah can. Now Allah subhanaw taala. He's going to talk about more specific things that are only for Allah Spano Tata, that aren't true for anybody else. Again, coming back to the point that Allah

00:32:54 --> 00:33:33

subhanaw taala wants us to use our brains. He's giving us the criteria, saying you want to be able to differ I want you to be able to differentiate between a false god and a true God. I want you to be able to differentiate between a true prophet and a false prophet. I don't want you to every single time somebody comes along, claiming to be a prophet, or claiming to have found a new God that you wait for revelation like, oh, I don't know what to do, like, send me No, I'm gonna give you the criteria. Take the criteria and apply it. Okay, and so here there's a list of things that only Allah subhanaw taala can do. We're in the who are who Allah Muthiah T hola vibe. Allah is bound to Allah

00:33:33 --> 00:33:42

is the only one that has the keys of the unseen, alive, listed rock origins, all of the live all of the unseen layer Allah Maha Illa. Who.

00:33:43 --> 00:34:06

So this clarifies the previous sort of state when you're talking about how much of the vibe that the Prophet SAW, I said, Um, no, he knew what Allah Subhana Allah revealed to him, not all of it, but when it comes to morality for life, who gets to hand out the knowledge of the life that's Allah subhanaw taala and he is completely encompassing of all of that knowledge now. Yeah. NEMAHA Illa who

00:34:07 --> 00:34:10

that's number one, well, yeah, Nemo mirfield battery while

00:34:11 --> 00:34:37

at the same time signle simultaneously, we're here on Earth, every single creature on the earth all these birds and squirrels and everything that are in these woods, all the way down to the south, Mexico, South America, the whole landmass that's on Earth plus the oceans all the way from the top of the surface down to the way way way bottom of the Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean, every single creature that's alive. Allah subhanaw taala knows it.

00:34:38 --> 00:34:39

Well yeah, animal Mathilde buttery Well, bow,

00:34:41 --> 00:34:52

well Emeritus, bottlemen water, Katyn Illa Allah Maha and not a leaf falls and here we are in fall. We see it every day. Not a single leaf falls in the entire creation.

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

Not a single leaf falls Isla Yamaha while inhabiting Fievel, a metal owl and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

Not a single seed is planted and we're not just the way that Allah worded it. It's not just the farmer who goes out and plants the seed. The trees are dropping their seeds to think about. We have the maple trees right you see those little tomorrows, right? They they spin like helicopters, they come down

00:35:16 --> 00:35:42

how many does a single tree produce hundreds, maybe 1000s And they're carried on the wind today was a windy day. Who knows maybe this tree we have one right in front of the right in front of the machine. Maybe it produces 500 today or drops 500 a day and maybe the wind carries it all throughout the city. Allah subhanaw taala knows every single one where it lands, what finds it into the earth where it ends up

00:35:43 --> 00:35:49

while Robin wala is in il Fi is having moving and not a

00:35:50 --> 00:35:59

what thing or a dry thing, right Allah has found that I was talking about the the fruits, right, the different sorts of produce that he brings forth from these seeds, right? What comes out of these seeds

00:36:00 --> 00:36:14

And subhanAllah you know, when it comes to making a seed that germinate, you know, Allah says later on in this chapter, it's something that only Allah Spano Tata can do. Right? Felt that will be one Noah. Alright, one of the laws, characteristics,

00:36:16 --> 00:36:53

even on farms when you try to control the variables, right, if I take a scene, and I say I want to plant corn, I used to farm a little bit. So let's say I take those take corn, I go out into a field, I just throw it like this. I don't do anything. Okay, germination rates, probably about 5%. Only 5% of every single seed that I throw is going to actually turn into a plant. A lot of them are exposed animals are going to come so I'm going to get washed away and some of them are just because of the cold they're going to fail whatever. Okay, let's say I control every single variable. We have a greenhouse. The greenhouse has a germination chamber, okay, it's like this like a box but it's got

00:36:53 --> 00:37:09

heat lamps on the inside and it's got insulation, temperature controlled thermostat, I can keep the the temperature exactly where I want it. It's constantly on light like the sun's out. I wet it I've got you know, the moisture is completely under control, germination rate 95%.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:11

But you'll never get 100%

00:37:12 --> 00:37:14

ever. You'll never ever get 100%

00:37:15 --> 00:37:18

because the last part of the audit is the one that decides at the end of the day.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:36

He has created material causes Yes, he has made patterns for us to discover and attempt to control and manipulate Yes, but the end of the day if Allah subhanaw taala wants it to bear fruit, it will bear fruit. And if he does not want it to bear fruit, and it will never bear fruit, even if you take all of the material means

00:37:38 --> 00:38:19

what else? Well, hola de facto Milady Well, why Yeah, animal manager after him in the house. One of the things that only belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. He's the one that causes you to die by night. This is what they call him in Tafseer CIFA Kashi, okay. So a sofa Kashi for it doesn't limit the meaning of the verse. It applies to the general case, it's an example. Okay? So it's not totally or it's not something that's more specific than that. So when Allah says, Hola, dia to affair, Combi Lael, it means that he's the one that causes you to die, period. And often it's in the night, because often people die in the night while they're sleeping. Okay, it's not limiting that. It's not

00:38:19 --> 00:38:54

saying that, like Allah only causes you to die at night. No, it's not true. It's super catchy. But it only has to do with the maybe predominant case or a common case. Well, yeah, animal maj had often been the heart and he knows all of what you're doing during the day. Tell me about African V Lucado, agilon Musa, and then he's going to bring you back. And this is the big thing. Alas, POUND DOLLAR always starts when he's talking about his knowledge and power. always starts with the things that are right in front of right in front of our faces, talks about the Earth talks about plants, talks about, you know, travel, talks about all things that we deal with every day. And slowly, slowly,

00:38:54 --> 00:39:39

slowly, brings us to resurrection. Because the pillar of all belief and piety is the resurrection. You can't be a moral upright person, if you don't believe in the resurrection. If I'm a Hindu or a Buddhist, and I believe in reincarnation, you know, if I kill 1000 people, you know, maybe I'll just get demoted. Next life, I'll end up being an earthworm or something like that, right? No, we say you're alive, you die, you're resurrected and you got to pay with eternal consequences from a perfect God. That is the only way to have true morality is the strongest possible foundation for morality that there is. So Allah subhanaw taala brings us to that we have an ethical V Neocell,

00:39:39 --> 00:39:46

logical masama so that he can fulfill a term that's already preset, Allah subhanaw taala has already defined when this is going to happen.

00:39:47 --> 00:39:53

From LA he murgee G or come from Yuna Bo Combi McIntosh, Manu.

00:39:54 --> 00:40:00

Then he's going to inform you right to him as your return and then

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

He's going to inform you about everything that you used to do.

00:40:04 --> 00:40:40

And that is not understood upon us abide right when the law says that he's going to inform us about everything that we used to do. Okay, we know what we did. Right? But alas, found to Allah is going to show us truly our intentions. What was the real reason because human beings are very, very, very good at making excuses, and making justifications and rationalizing thing, I had to take the loan, I had to take the interest bearing loan, because if I didn't, I wasn't going to be able to support my family, I was going to be able to put my kids in college. I wasn't gonna be able to do this, I wasn't gonna be able to do that.

00:40:42 --> 00:40:52

I was found to Audible reveal to us the true intentions and the true nature of what it is that we used to do. Well, he will call he will help a baddie and he is the

00:40:54 --> 00:41:34

QA here are the how we can translate a thigh, irresistible, compelling, filthy body, above his servants. Way to see the wily comb half of Alton Hatter, Elijah, I had a comb, I had a common remoto to affetto Rusu Luna wahome la you for return. And last month, Allah now is referring to the mechanism that he uses to cause us to die. The angels that he sends here, the messengers that he sends are the angels the angel of death in order to collect your soul. That's exactly what's happening at the time of death is that Allah subhanaw taala collects your soul from your body. It's a very long and powerful Hadith where the prophets lie Selim explains exactly what happens. For the

00:41:34 --> 00:41:55

believing soul, the believing soul pours out of the body just like pouring water out of a glass and the soul comes out. And it's beautiful. And it smells wonderful. And the soul is taken up through the seven heavens to the end of creation. And all the angels turn their attention to it and want to say hi to it and give them glad tidings.

00:41:57 --> 00:42:08

And then that soul is shown its spot in Jannah before it is brought back down. Once the people have settled the depths and buried the body then the soul is returned to the body in the grave.

00:42:11 --> 00:42:17

And the other soul the wicked soul, it's going to cower and hide

00:42:18 --> 00:42:37

trying to resist being brought out of the body. So the prophesy said don't compare the Angel of Death extracting that soul from the body as if it were ripping it out. Imagine a fish hook right gets caught in something that's got Barb's and so there's no possible way to tear it except it's going to rip and destroy everything on the way out.

00:42:38 --> 00:43:11

That's how the prophesy centum described the wicked soul disbelieving soul. And when it comes out of the body, it's putrid. It smells horrible, it's ugly, to look at, and it will be taken throughout the seven heavens and the angels will turn away. They can't stand the look. The sight of it they can't stand the smell of it. And the soul will be given a glimpse to its spot and hellfire. And then once the body is interred in the earth and it will be returned the soul will be returned to that body or waiting resurrection will they either Billa

00:43:13 --> 00:43:14

well home now you've heard

00:43:15 --> 00:43:16

they don't mess up.

00:43:17 --> 00:43:19

They don't they don't blow the job.

00:43:20 --> 00:43:25

The people who excuse me the angels who are sent to do this. They

00:43:26 --> 00:43:46

if I'm gonna mail you know, they do exactly what they are ordered to as Allah says later in the Quran. Tomorrow do it Allah He Mola Hummel Huck, then they are returned to their Lord Mala Hummel. Huck, the real owner, their real master their real destination. Everything else was just illusion. Everything else was just the dunya

00:43:49 --> 00:43:58

Hola, hola. Hola, hokhmah Wahoo Sol has the mean? Isn't it true that to him alone belongs the judgment. And he is most quick to take account.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:28

And we've I think run out of time. We'll stop it here. Next up next time we have class next week, inshallah Tada, Allah subhanaw taala will talk about sectarianism and how it is blameworthy to split up into sects and disagree and be this united. And that's an extremely important lesson for us these days. I will also explain how we deal with vulgarity and mockery. When do we engage certain people in Dawa and when do we just leave them alone? Very, very important lessons for our time.

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