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Are we live in Minnesota and rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hillberg

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Abu Saleh Elisa everywhere certainly Emery. Well hello look at data melissani You have a holy Robina Zina alemannia Karim.

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Inshallah today, we're going to

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we're going to start next,

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a new character or new holo that Allah subhanaw taala talks about in the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala says there are with the villa Himalaya shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Yeah

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attorney boo Caffee on me you know one in about one if more than one just threw in about a loved one it

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just says so. Allah yo Tebow bow do come down LA. Are you able to come at me coolala See, he may eat.

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Curry to what Kula hola in lucha de wa. II

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so Allah subhanaw taala he talks about in this particular character is yeah, you have levena Ave or you who believe Egypt enable protect yourself. Save yourself. guard yourself.

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Kathy are Amina lung.

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The word lung in the Arabic language Allah is saying protect yourself from a lots of conjecture. The word lung is where you are you have most probable but you don't have your thing.

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You're like, most probably this is the case but I have not reached certitude I don't know 100%. But most probably this is the case. So Allah is saying protect yourself from all forms of conjecture. Where it may seem to you with all the evidence that the most probable thing is this person or this individual or this act or this thing happened such as

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and such, but since you don't have your teen

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you shouldn't get involved in. In another I Allah subhanaw taala says Lola is Samira tomo who would run me noon.

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Well, not me not to be unfussy him Hira, when you heard the news about Aisha Radi Allahu anha. Nobody actually saw the action that she was, you know, accused off.

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But why didn't the believers when they heard it,

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the most probable thing that went in their mind was she's a believer, and inshallah she never did something like that.

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And this entire discussion is something on our topic of personal one,

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or several domains in order we say hosting isn't right. Personal one, that if you even if it seems with all evidence that something is off,

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you should always have one that No, no, no, that there must be a better reason why this is happening.

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Now, if that's your thing,

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if you have your thing that says that's a separate story. One is when you don't have your team, but it's that it looks most probably that this is the case, for example. And this is a valid example, for example, you know, you saw you see two brothers, and this happened. I met a very practicing brother, and he was sitting with like a, you know, a white girl in, you know, in a coffee shop, and I know that this brother is really practicing. Right? Turns out that this is the like, so yeah, he's practicing and he's Muslim, and this is actually his sister. And he is trying to convert her to Islam. It's actually the actual sister of hers. I didn't know that he was a convert.

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At all. I thought he was like, his name was Rama. He spoke Arabic. He's boiling. I thought this guy is like proper, He even looks. But obviously he took his dad's look and the sister took the mom's look, and she didn't accept Islam. So you may look at some ad it all seems like this is but in our heart, we're like we can't personal done is are you saying no, no. There must be a reason why he's sitting there. It's not what I think. It's not what comes to my mind first, right? It's rather there must be something higher or the he's there for a reason. Now.

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Over here, the Hadees are very clear about personal one.

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Where prophets Allah salah, he said er comm will run.

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Ie he warned you be careful from a ven thinking about other people things that you don't have 100% certitude about, but enough one actionable Hadith because a lot of times of hunger source dinner when we think about these things, promises sermons like it's the most false speech that you can start thinking about someone and sometimes people start believing that started clearly below the start thing at GSA and then because of that this person is this and this person is that and and I create an entire world

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and it's nothing but okay, the it's nothing but false in my head. Well, I had to hustle. Well, I just have to I think there's a mistake here. Well, it has so what I suggested to the hustlers is has to figure out others footsteps figure out why is he going this way? Why is he going this way? Why did he turn left? And to just choose to be concerned about others matters? What is happening why there why this why here? And subhanAllah wallet about how do and do not fight with one another Don't get angry with one another? What are da baru don't plot against your brothers and sisters? Don't don't plot a JSA I think he did this. Let me plot let me talk to this person. Let me plan for this.

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Right well Kuno IVA de la he Hawaiiana

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B and live like the one like the brothers of Allah. Be be a bad of Allah be the servants of Allah whiner like brothers in another Hadees prophets of Salaam.

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He mentioned

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Baba, and they've never been through the Allahu Ancol never as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ill Gabba prophets of salaam was sitting one day and he looked at the Kaaba Bacala Ma Ma hermetic. He looked at the Kaaba and he said, how how says how sacred and sanctified is this garb, the sanctity of the Kaaba, he is like looking at the greatness of the Kaaba

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law my novel rasool Allah Hillel, Karbala, marhaba and big men wait. When he looked at the Kaaba, he said marhaba and welcome the house mean, ma Womack, ma Rama former took how great are you and how great is your sanctity? And then he said to the people decide

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Haha, it says, Well little mini

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hermit and Allah Haman.

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He said to the Kaaba, that in the eyes of Allah the hermit of one human being one Muslim is greater than you Oh Kaaba

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of how Allah we, the former today you don't have Muslims killing Muslims for no reason. We are killing their honors for no reason. But for what momentary joy and happiness of this dunya that's it momentary victory over momentary

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point so you can discuss it in your next hour

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soon as Hoonah when it got here

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unnecessary may necessary only to satiate your knifes the only necessary part where was that your satiating your rule your your neffs that it feels good.

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Ha You know I made that person he lost because of me. Allahu Akbar. That's amazing. That's what Allah is like. My Nevada Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam el kava, por la mer. Haben become in bite.

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Welcome or house. Ma Mk. How great are you? What our vamos shoroma token How great is your sanctity? Well, meaning are the more Hermitage and Allah He meant. The sanctity of a believer is greater than you Aqaba in Allah ha ha Rama min Kawai thaton

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Allah has only made haram one thing next to you, your you know the boundary of karma is haram.

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What should remain ultimate meaning as the fellas looking for a believer, Allah has made three things haram for demo who has done his blood is haram for us. Another Muslim brothers blood is haram for you. Malou his money is haram for you. And one soul to think badly about your other Muslim brother that's also haram for you.

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And I'm not Ghazali he says

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use the battle oneness. Sue Illa. The man who survived will be healed, man. Right. He's like zaniness, you know, how much money can I take from you without your permission? Almost nothing. If I come in, I feel like I want to take something from I can't. I have no right to take your money or your money without your permission.

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Exactly same amount of honor. You're not allowed to take from your brother.

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My mother is like the way you cannot take your brother think about it in terms of money. I can come to you and all of a sudden just take your money. He said likewise is the honor. It's the value. It's the currency of that brother. You can just take it the way you wish.

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The only difference is that he says the first one you need to seek permission the second one you need to control yourself.

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That's the difference.

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In another Hadith, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and abnormal Radi Allahu Anhu called right to rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. eautiful Bilka I saw a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and he was doing tawaf Bill Kava. Maratea back. How how nice Are you? Oh Kaiba What else do you have? We're at the every hook and how beautiful smell that comes from the garba. So he's talking to the Kaaba, he said Ma Clearbrook how nice are you and how nice is the smell that comes from you might have the MCC or MA Mahatma took? Well let the Neff CB Mohamed and be at the end he did the custom of his own soul with Allah that by the the one who owns by the custom of the one who holds my enough's in his

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Lahoma to do not mean I have them or in delahey format a mink Malou who was demo who were another gonna be in LA behave his money the format of your believer is more than you and much better than anything that the callback can be because it's his money and his blood and we are only left with one choice that we can only think good about him and nothing else

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some of the aroma and sulfasalazine American Hatha but I'll start from the Sahaba and we'll go into the aroma he said I'm not even know how to get it I used to say law yeah hello. Limited Muslim in yes my Roman as he Kelly Martin. Y'all don't know we have so on Oahu. I actually do the haffi che in middle Heidi Mahajan. You hear something bad about your brother? You hear something bad about your brother

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and you heard something bad

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and you only happen to know one good for in that brother.

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Though you know

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He's like a horrible person but somehow you know somehow you know one good thing that he did if you know one good thing that he did then it is enough for you that you're not allowed to think anything bad about that brother

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even if he ever was like if you don't want to hire that he had then you don't have any alibi left to think of any negative thing about that brother

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Ali ibn avatar level of the Allah one

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min le Amma man it was somebody who got to know me and he he Maru attend Jimmy Lawton. So you got to know that the person is an honorable person Marula is that he safeguards himself Malema you got to know that this person is somebody who safeguards himself Morrow attorney

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Jimmy Latin and he really takes care of that. But Allah is non fee Hema Allah regional, then let him not hear other things other people have said

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about him.

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Well man, Hassan, Isla Nia to who for Nano lists Surya national, Lisa irata, he or Raja, if externally, we happen to know that he is okay externally, then it is befitting for us to deal with his secret also with the like his external and leave the judgment to Allah subhanaw taala

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know this is different than as we have discussed earlier to this is different than a person who is blatantly transgressing someone. Right so he's he's like attacking you. He's puncturing your car tire and we know that this is the person that is a different this is like your hearsay, you heard, you didn't see.

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You heard and sometimes many times you hear, hear, hear, hear, hear and then you start developing an opinion about that brother, or that sister?

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This is about like, it's a different this is different from somebody actually did something actual physical in front of everybody. Everybody was a witness in that particular case. You can talk to the brother, you can address that issue with the brother Islam is all about rectifying that issue. We don't you know, that's why the Hadith says also Raha a haka of volumen OMA room,

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bathroom understood, you know, somebody's being transgressed upon him, you help him in the transgression. How is this person a violin, you prevent him from doing more transgression on others, because you don't want him to accumulate the more bad deeds, so you prevent him, which means, in certain cases, you have examples of our Center for Salah Hain in the past, where a person was appointed to a position, and they realize that you know what, he's a nice guy, but he's not worthy of this position.

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He was appointed to a mother assigned about that, as, you know, one of the self and they were not worthy of that position. So few of the people within the community they got together and they said, you know, we have to help him and we have to remove him from this position, because he is not himself going to resign because he has been appointed in such a high position and he has a McDonough status and it's very hard for enough's to do resignation from that position. Very few people are like Imam like Imam Hassani, Imam Ghazali was appointed to the Bureau, the headmaster of Baghdad as the head. And then he sat there two days, three days, four days. And he said, I'm not ready for this

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position. So he resigned.

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From that position, he left teaching, and he went to work on his knifes for 10 years.

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He said, because when I started feeling the power of this kursi touching my heart, I'm not ready to teach. And that's where he wrote an area routine. After 10 years of being gone. Now, nobody knew where a man was only when he disappeared.

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And one day he was found in Egypt somewhere.

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But very few people are of that opinion, are rich. So how do you prevent the violence that if you know that that person has a position, but in that particular position, he is harming his own akhira it's not great for him to have that power. He doesn't know he's abusing and misusing it. He doesn't know how to control it. Then in that particular case, we have to support the brother

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to help him leave his ark era with that.

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So Aw, Musa Musa, the Allahu ang

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Okay, so how do we know Sorry, didn't say it was a dabbing? Sorry, didn't Musa Yeah, he says

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Okay, he says Katha la Yabba doing one even as hobby Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and bar I'm Rafi isone marlim yet Tikka ma you have the lib ie most of the time deal with Muslims with hosts no Vaughn

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Except if you have valuable to ven ie

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there's so much sir mounting evidence that now you can say that we have to address this issue.

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First time, let it go second time let it go. But if you'd like, you know, in order also we say something like that. Right.

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zivana halco Nakara has awesome, right that if enough people are talking about it, then at that particular point you have to address the issue with the community. Then the next part,

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some of the benefits of this particular personal one, okay?

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Number one, it is the Isla Amma, it is the sign of the completion of your heart,

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a man a completion of a man in your heart. It's an indication when you see a person who has this quality that all he can think of is good for others, then that's an indication that this person has a complete image in his heart and the eye for that is what Allah says a one nil meaning I will want me not Allah said if they were meaning ie if they were full Eman if they had EMA and and they were believers, female male believers and female believers, they would have only thought of good about this brother, nothing else. Then the next benefit number two is is laughable babble fitna or sha Allah shaytaan shaitan. And the door of shaitan is closed. Because shaitan realizes may say oh, he's

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not gonna listen, I'm gonna talk to you, you're not gonna listen, I'm gonna talk to you. I'm not gonna listen, I'm going to talk to you. And I'm gonna say nobody's listening. ology, let's find something else. So it closes the door for shaitan from having any infiltration. And that is the reason why five times a day when we line up,

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right? You say? Lineup stone was studying. Right? And sometimes they say what was the other origin, the Shavon. Don't leave gaps for shaytaan.

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You don't leave gaps for Shaitan to infiltrate in the stuff that standing have hours that we stand five times a day is an indication that the way we all stand is singularly in front of Allah subhanaw taala as a fortress, impenetrable all the way. Likewise, are we when we are as a community, we stand like a fortress with shape on, we don't allow the shaytaan to penetrate within ourselves and in our communities. Yeah, you have Lavina ammonoids Danny boo Kathy, Ramona Vaughn, in Nevada Vani. If most of the conjecture most of these speeches of of, you know, thinking about other people about unnecessary, I just just you just, I think I think he's like that, I think is like that. And this is

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something very interesting, because when I initially came, everybody was trying to formulate an opinion for me.

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So much, Gary. And also be careful with that person, be careful, that person, be careful with that person. Right. But we don't realize that in that we are causing an unnecessary divide.

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We're causing an unnecessary divide. And you know, one of the things that I did, and it was consciously and no, there are people who notice, like when I was when we were forming the team of our Friday night, we were brought people who I was told that they're not on your site. We brought them, right, we brought them why because we have to work together. And sometimes through working together, you can get rid of a lot, a lot of that unnecessary. Oh, wow. I didn't know that that person was such and such. You know, yeah, there might be some issue, but not as sometimes people have made it for others.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us the tofield to practice.

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Law. Number three,

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it is one of the fastest ways to spread love within the community.

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The relevant they said that if you close doors of any discussions if and you know, it only begins they actually did this like a psychological survey. And they said that within for example, in a classroom

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if there are 100 people and 10 people decide

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that they're not going to listen to other people's they're not going to listen to they're not going to listen to a conversation about anyone else.

00:24:19--> 00:24:21

Unless and until that person is present.

00:24:22--> 00:24:26

If 10 people make the decision the entire classroom changes its behavior

00:24:27--> 00:24:36

it doesn't require a lot because what happens is if that person comes because that person who is spreading around and talking there are very few

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they're very few. Most of us are passive Ambedkar so let them

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Yeah. Wow. Mashallah, wow, he did that. Wow.

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I didn't say anything. I didn't refer but the fact that I listened

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right. The fact that I listened I got a call today

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Oh, no, I'm sorry. I have to tell you. You have to be careful with this person, this person. I said, Okay, wait, let me put that other person on the call right now. Oh, no, no, no, please don't put no, no, no. I said no, no, we're talking about the other person. Let's let's put that person on the call one second. I'll I'll call her right now. And you're talking to me about her and I will call her and we'll put we'll put all of us online and then let's talk.

00:25:24--> 00:25:26

It's okay. It's not very important.

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So if you turn this habit that if you want to talk then just add right away at somebody else on the call.

00:25:38--> 00:25:56

Who are you talking about? You're talking about? You know, that uncle, right? Talk about him and his beautiful biryani are in a hurry, hurry, sorry, my bad. You're not the Brioni type. He was in a hurry type. Right? So we can talk to him and we can say okay, you know, Uncle McCarthy, right? Oh, wait a minute, let me put him on call.

00:25:57--> 00:26:00

What is going to happen if 10 people decide doing that?

00:26:01--> 00:26:18

All conversations are going to stop. Because that person is going to go eventually he'll go to 10 people, and he will realize that oh my god. I've spoken to six, seven people and they're all are saying they don't want to listen to I think tide is changing. I can't talk about this hair anymore. And they will feel uncomfortable.

00:26:19--> 00:26:22

Right? May Allah give us the TOEFL to practice,

00:26:23--> 00:26:29

and give us the ability to truly put these things in practice. And,

00:26:30--> 00:26:46

you know, allow us to be connected by and as the Hadith says we're calling are you God Allah He Juana and that we can become the true servants of Allah like brothers and sisters in sha Allah barnacle avec Hanukkah la Morbihan decrescendo La ilaha illa Anta stuff Rocco

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that's why we spend so much time