Abdul Wahab Saleem – Tafsir of Surah Maryam – Episode 11

Abdul Wahab Saleem
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Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine Olam, aluminium and Pharaoh now on an antenna

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karimova Saudi bacilli Emily Emily, Sania, Coco Lee, obesity, obesity, obesity alhama de la la Niger Delta who Salah

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Cheetah Welcome to another episode of sort of medium embracing quality. We're looking at the story of Ibrahim Ali Salaam and Ibrahim Ali Salaam continues to speak as he says, Yeah, Betty Oh my father, not aboudi ship on don't worship the shavon industry Aparna Canada Romani alcea indeed shavon happens to be Elsie shavon happens to be disobedient to a lot of Boolean algebra. You see, my dear brother, my dear sister, throughout the Sula so far as Allah subhana wa tada quotes the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, specifically the discussion of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam with his father. He continuously says yeah, Betty Oh my dear father, Oh my dear father, oh, my dear father, even though

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his father is totally against him when it comes to the very primary beliefs of a believer the very belief that has within it the fact that we worship none other than a lot of others that he was around, he's against him within this belief. But even then, Ibrahim Ali said I'm continuously to remains respectful to his father to a degree that he says Yeah, I bet the latter Buddha Shabbat, Oh my dear father, right. And to explain that we say that there is a B, my father, then there is Yeah, a B Oh, my father, then there is Yeah, everything Oh, my dear father, oh, my dearest father. So he continues to express his very clear love towards his father, to somehow try to sort of bring in real

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his father into the message that he's granted him. And However, in the process of being kind and generous to his father, in terms of the word choice, Ibrahim Ali Salaam is not losing his generosity and his love for his religion as well, because he's saying all of the right things that he needs to say, and very clearly so he says, like that Buddha shaped on do not worship Satan. Now we know for a fact that Ibrahim Ali Saddam's father was not worse at worshipping Satan, so to speak, meaning he was worshipping idols. But because of the fact that the idol worship is a commandment of shape, shape on

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a last Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam calls it the worship worship on so he says like Buddha shape on because when you fulfill the commandments of someone and when you follow the commands of someone such as shavon, for example, it says if you're worshiping Shabbat, similar to when we fulfill the commandments of Allah subhana wa Tada. We're worshipping a lot of Buddha as a teenager. So these are the worshipers of the Cambodians at the time of Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam were worshipping other than Allah subhana wa Tada. They are, in turn, essentially worshipping shavon. That's why Ibrahim it said

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goes to the right cause and the root cause Dr. Rudi chiffon don't worship shavon You see, when a person ends up doing something

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and he's not necessarily fulfilling the commandments of a law, it's as if he's worshiping God something, right? So if you are going against the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala, let's say the reason for you going against your commandments happens to be your desires and your eternal love for something, then you are in turn in reality, it's as if you're worshiping your desires. And that's why Allah subhana wa Tada. He tells us of this phenomenon in the Koran, that are so many other illa Huwa, who did you look at the person who ended up taking up as desires as his inner as his Lord, right? Because when you're constantly following something, you're actually worshiping that

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something over here, Abraham's father is constantly worshipping the idols, and that idol worship is coming from, from Sreenivasan, a commandment of JSON, and hence he's worshipping cheban. Laughter Buddha Shabbat. And you know, the reality is that, that people actually do worship the shavon directly as well. Right, not just the fact that she thought and commands to idol worship, and people do that that's considered their worship of shavon. Rather, we have people in our times, who literally call themselves satan worshippers, those who worship the shape on and in reality, this is really sad because most of the time these people who happened to be worshipping shavonne they happen

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to be from the aristocracy of society, from the people who are the elites within society. The reason for that is many times the elites because they're so busy with all of the things that Allah subhana wa tada has granted them they should be busying themselves with sugar, sugar, rather, they forget to do sugar. They forget to be grateful to Allah subhana wa tada for the blessing and the Heba of Allah, the grant of Allah and the gift of Allah in the form of children by raising their children upright. And a lot of times these children are raised up by anybody that you know, works at the house and so on and so forth, in the in the palace, etc. And then comes the Satan worship slowly

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Satan ends up taking after these people who are literally lost sheep because they're not getting time from the appearance. So yeah, I bet the latter Buddhist thing upon my father don't worship shavon. And we have to come within our times also to try to somehow halt this process of seeking worship that's occurring laka, Buddha, Shiva because basically all religions that come from a divine source they all understand that Satan worship is not a practice that is considered welcome in any religion, which happens to have a divine source, such as Christianity, such as, you know, Judaism, such as Islam and so forth. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, I bet the latter Buddha shavon

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Ibrahim is saying this to his father in a Shabbat Akan and avani. I'll see you in the chat barn happens to be for the Most Merciful I'll see young

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he happens to be very disobedient to the most merciful to Allah or Buddha or is it even john Gotti again? Now a fourth time if Cordelia v yada, yada teeny Khadija any minute? Yeah, Betty Buda shaper, yeah, Betty near half who now is saying it for the fourth time. Oh my father I am afraid of what? In the halfway DNS sec. I'm afraid that AI DOD is going to touch you. Okay. So he's not saying I know the DOD is going to touch you. That also is a sign of a great there. Yeah, that also is a sign of a great color to Allah subhana wa Tada. He's not making people disappeared in the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. nor is he making people negligent by continuously mentioning the angles of the

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mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala such that they forget Allah or Buddha to in general because they're diluted by the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. And that's why if you notice over here, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Shabbat icon and avani asiya shavon happens to be for the man. For the Most Merciful he happens to be what? he happens to be a person who is obese. Yeah, Betty Ibrahim says in the half I'm afraid. Ms. cerca de bon minamisoma I'm afraid that they are that is going to come to you from my notice again. Right. And that is going to come to you from home. The man the Most Merciful. The reason why Ibrahim Ali Salaam is doing this is because he man obeying unhealthy

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origin it's because faith is between fear and hope. So but I him and he said I'm is reminding him of Dadaab, but simultaneously is reminding him of the fact that Allah subhana wa tada is the Most Merciful. And also this is a reminder for you and I as well because many times in our, in our lives, we have people who use the mercy of Allah azza wa jal as an excuse to do evil, right? So you tell someone that such and such and such whatever the ruling of Allah subhana wa tada is, he says, a lot of fudo Rahim Allah is the oft forgiving and Allah is the merciful so as well, right? So he's trying to excuse the evil that he's doing because of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah allows Prophet

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Ibrahim it said I'm bringing the mercy of Allah Subhana

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data and the fact that he has a punishment as well in one verse to make you and I realized and his father realized that just as he's merciful, don't get diluted by that mercy He will still punish his mother mercy doesn't stopping stop him from front of punishment rather, there is a punishment because Allah subhana wa tada is shadow cop. And there is also a Rama a forgiveness because Allah subhanho wa Taala is of a man

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you're already in the halfway in a second. So it's just a fear. He's not saying it's going to touch you. He's saying I just think that this may occur so why don't you start fixing your attitude up? Oh, father in a very polite manner, in the shape on account on Maniaci factor coonelly. Michelle Barney Walia. If you were to do this, if you were to continue to, to worship a God other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you were to continue to worship, the idols that you worship other than Allah subhana wa Tada, this would render you a wedding for Satan. This would render you a person who happens to be a friend for shavon. Now the conversation is going to change right? All along Ibrahim

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alayhis salam wa speaking about him, it Salam was very politely trying to lower in and reel in his father and bring him into the emaan by saying Yeah, but he Oh, my dear father, yeah. About the Oh, my dear father. Yeah. About the Oh, my dear father. Yeah. About the Oh, my dear father. And throughout that he started in a very, very intellectually, you know, profound way. He started off the conversation by a question. So it doesn't look like the son is actually trying to pretend that he knows more than the Father. Instead, he placed a question that shows the father that he doesn't know. But at the same time, it doesn't show disrespect to the Father, Lima, taboo. melasma. You

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know, the thing about children is that they are asked all sorts of questions, all sorts of very profound questions. And we have to cater to those questions that they're asking as well, right? Because sometimes we think the child grows up. And as he's growing up, he should obviously know just by nature, he should know the fact that this particular question has this answer. You know, what children asked the silliest of things, and the most simplest of things. Why? Because they're trying to make sure now, of course, Ibrahim Ali said, I'm not asking a silly question here. But what I'm trying to say is that Ibrahim Ali Salaam is placing a question, which is organized in a way not to

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offend the Father and to try to gather all of the feelings of fatherhood within him. Oh, my dear father, just imagine yourself and your child coming to you and saying, Oh, my dear father, how often does that happen within society to begin with, right? So he says, Oh, my dear father, why do you worship? Someone who does not hear someone who does not see someone who cannot suffice? Any anything that you need as well? Right? So he started off with that question when he realized the father doesn't have an answer. And the father showed silence. Then he started slowly going into other things. He started to say, Hey, you know, I have some knowledge. It's not like I have all knowledge.

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I have some pieces of information that you don't have a father who needs a decal Serato Mr. Team, so yeah, then go ahead and follow me Oh, four oh, Father, I will lead you to the right path, then he starts going full force now. You don't want you start off a conversation in a very polite way. And then you go in that conversation further and further and further and further, you can start it off if you started abruptly, people will be immediately rejection airy, people will start to reject immediately. Right? But if you started in a polite way, and then you slowly tone the conversation up, it's more acceptable to human mind I asked Allah Subhana Allah to grant us the tofik. To

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practice to convey and also to benefit from the wisdom of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, with his father when he's making that are calling his father to Islam. I asked him about the panel with Allah to grant acidophilic. Please join us in the next segment as we continue to discuss the story of Ibrahim Ali Salaam wa Salaam Alaikum

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salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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cafe owners EDA sallallahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain Allah Allah And Pharaoh now when

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was it gonna? Be shall we say the opposite me lasagna Coco de or visit in your element, or visit any element or visit?

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a llama Allahumma salli ala Moana Dr. Hussain

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citta Salah. Welcome back everybody as we continue to discuss the seal of Sudoku medium. We're discussing the story of it.

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Rahim Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says quoting Abraham's Father, father at all he wouldn't enter an early hottie Ibrahim. Ibrahim his father says at all he will enter into an early hottie Abraham. Are you a person who happens to dislike my my lords are my deities that I happen to be worshipping? Oh, Ibrahim, do you wish to choose other lords and other deities other than the ones that we know as the Cambodians within our society? Do you want to choose something else other than that? Are our people and

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anally at Abraham? Notice Ibrahim Ali Salam was saying about Dr. Bhatia. But right. Now when Abraham's father speaks to him, that tone that you would speak to your child with, if you would like to be as polite as he was being to towards you, because he was saying yes, to my dear father, so naturally you you're also expected to say, Oh, my dear child, right. But because Abraham's father is mad, he doesn't say that. He directly says, oh, Ibrahim, instead of saying Yeah, buena, yeah. Oh, my dear child, because there's evening. There's been a and then there's yamane. Oh, my dear child, right. So he doesn't do any of that. Rather, he goes and says, Yeah, Abraham directly or Ibrahim. It

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says if they have no relationship right now, and you'll notice that you'll actually try to cut off that relationship, because this is how strongly he is clinging on to that idol worship, those idols that he used to worship on. He wouldn't enter it.

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Yeah, Ibrahim overlying the LM 20, the average human, if you were not to cut this out, you know how sometimes people default parents, and fathers and mothers, they say to their children cut it out. So literally, Abraham's father is saying the inlanta if you don't cut it out, then there is going to be a consequence. Now there's consequences not that you're going to go to a room not that you're going to get spanked, not not not, this is serious. He is so bad and so angry that his his son would say such a thing that his son would try to call him to monotheism whilst all of their society happened to be a polytheist society. He's so angry that he's willing to kill a son. That's how serious it's

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So he says, if you don't stop letting them tend to heal, human neck, I'm going to stone you to death because a virgin is to stone, a person to death. And he doesn't say just lightly. First of all, he takes an oath by Allah subhanho wa Taala, or by whatever Lord, he believes it right? He says law 11. And they say this lamb is called lamb one person, the Lamb of taking an oath, okay, so he has an oath that he's taken, and people take oath, or make promises, and so on and so forth and say we're lying, for example, right? They say that to try to emphasize whatever they're saying. So he's trying to be in fact, to the power of one, the inland 20. Then he says to him, the other gentleman neck.

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And there's also another emphasis here as well, because it's a conditional sentence. In the end, if you do not stop, if you don't cut it out, that means every, as soon as you continue, then whatever the consequences is going to occur for you. So there's two emphasis there. Then he says, I'll do manak lamb is called llama talk eat. So he's saying, I will surely stone you. And it doesn't stop there. on German neck, I will surely and most definitely Stuart stone you because they're known is called Nuno Toki. They're known of emphasis in aldermanic, then, and that also is an even more emphasized noon, because he's saying that out of German neck, because there is a shutdown on top of

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the noon. So there's two different types of knowns or emphasis, there's no they'll key the subpoena, and know that they'll keep aloha FIFA, he's using the stronger one. So this is emphatic to the power of five. And if you were to ponder it some more, we'll probably find some other angles of emphasis as well. He's seriously angry. Now in them 20 of Germanic if you don't cut it out, Ibrahim, I'm going to stone you and all the surety and most definitely will I do that? Why?

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Why journeymen Maria? So why don't you leave me alone for a little while, you know, parents say this to their children as well. You have to look at this conversation in the context of the fact that Ibrahim is addressing his father and this is his father speaking back to him. So he says why Julie Maria, leave me alone for some time. Kind of like when people say Go to your room. I don't want to see you get out of here and get the heck out of here. All those words, depending on the situation, depending on how serious the matter is. Those words come out of people's mouths, right. So Ibrahim it sounds father's saying just that why Julie mania, which basically means get out of here. Right?

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And I don't want to see you for the next little while. Okay, Malia means a certain portion of time on.

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So Ibrahim doesn't treat his father equally. Now. He doesn't

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treat his father in a coarse manner, in a very, very harsh manner. Even though his father is doing that, he continues to treat his father in a very, very beautiful and polite manner. He says God, oh, my father said alimony May peace be upon you or father said I will notic

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throughout Abraham is not losing his cools. And that is a reminder for us that when we're going down, sometimes we're faced by people of sorts. Sometimes people are, you know, weak and they fall prey to the different different attitudes that they're dealing with. Perhaps a person had, you know, a late night or something like that, Leslie, this that or the other and then he meets someone on the street and their attitude also entices them to do some things that they're regretful of. Otherwise, Ibrahim Ali Salaam is dealing with his father and it's a very, very touchy circumstance, you know, the, the father is literally kicking him out of his house and so forth. But even then he says, Santa

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mahalik very peacefully, may peace be upon you or father Stubblefield will be I will continue to seek forgiveness for you, oh, my lord. Now of course, he continued to, to seek forgiveness for for Abraham's father Ibrahim continued to seek forgiveness for his father until one until a memory that came until a specific date that Allah subhanho wa Taala had given him right. Well, not God is still follow Ibrahima, every Illa I'm aware that in that the is still found that the seeking of forgiveness of Ibrahim for his father was not except for a specific portion of time. When Allah subhanho wa Taala explained to him that your father is not going to be from the people of Jeddah and

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Ibrahim Ali said I'm thereafter stopped seeking forgiveness for his father in law who cannot be here. Because Allah subhana wa tada is very affectionate to me, meaning that because he's affectionate to me, I can presume that Allah Subhana Allah will accept my da. So I still feel lucky to be in there. Who can I be happier?

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What does he do? Then he starts to seclude himself, Ibrahim honey syrup. You know what?

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When we are dealing with people, we can only give them data to a certain degree. You can't take Islam and shove it down people's throats. And that's the true meaning of the ayah in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says like Rafi Deen, because this is submission to Allah subhana wa Tada. We can't compete. We can't be. There's no compulsion in religion. We can't force people into religion, meaning we can't shove Islam down their throats, Ibrahim's father is not accepting. He accepted that and moved on. No father knows, son is not accepting. He accepted that and moved on. The Prophet's uncle is not accepting. He accepted that and proceeded as well. So these are realities, people

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cannot be forced into Islam. So when he noticed that he's not accepting, he didn't start to be rude. Suddenly, James still continued to be polite. But then he moved out of the way, what does he do come, I'm going to stay away, because the father commanded me told him Leave me alone. Why martyr their own? I mean, dude, Eli, you're adorable. But notice is politeness even that. He didn't say I'm going to leave your father. He said, I'm going to leave you all. Because when he singles out his father, it's as if there is something personal between him and his father. But in reality, it's not a personal matter. It's a societal matter. He has a he has a certain beliefs that he has, and his

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society has another belief. So he's going to choose another society, which is more adherent to the belief that he has which is more accepting, accepting to the belief that he has, right. So that's exactly what he does. He starts to now seclude himself, well not at the room and do the law whether or be a lacuna be your Bishop here, and I'm going to continue to call out to my Lord, I'm going to continue to make their art to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I know he isn't Elijah Allah, I will not be miserable when it comes to my daughter to Allah subhanho wa Taala rather be in the light Allah, Allah will accept my fellow matters. Hello.

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So when he ended up secluding himself when he ended up migrating away, so he left them and he ended up moving to a sham. So when he ended up moving to a sham, which is modern day Syria, Jordan, and the regions around there, so when he moved to a sham,

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Allah Subhana, Allah says, Allah hamana, Yabu lemon Dorinda, so when he left that region, and he started moving off to Sham now, and all the things that they used to worship, he also secluded himself far away from from there. What happened Allah who is her power could remember, whenever you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala replaces it with something better. When Takashi and Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Hello, Helen, whoever leaves something off for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala grants him something better than that. So similarly, Ibrahim, Hassan left this entire country for the sake of Allah because he realized that

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they're not conducive to the call that he's bringing. They're not accepting to the call that he's bringing that he realized they're actually going to harm him because of the call that he's bringing a loss of Hannah with that

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granted him a pious progeny Allah granted him his Huck and Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him, they are called meaning the child is Huck. So that's also an indicator that Ibrahim alayhis salam lived a life to a degree that he actually got to see his grandchildren as well because Yaqoob is not his child. Yaqoob is a child of his hub, right? So he says, Allah subhana wa tada says, We granted him his Huck, and Ibrahim got to live to the day that he saw his grandchildren as well. And that is a very, very dear feeling or that is a very, very pleasant gift to any person of old age that they get to see their grandchildren. Well, cool and jalna nebia and all of them IE aku and his heart did we

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make into profits as well I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us adelphia. To practice to convey jaql below head and for listening. Please join us as we continue to discuss the defeat of sort of Merriam Webster Amara Kumara McCullough barakato, v kita. V Maria.

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De that mean, Li

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shallaki z

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the lobby

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