Hajj Journey of the Heart and Soul

Haifaa Younis


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Santa Monica Martin with lebra caltopo. This is Dr. Yunus. German Institute is extremely happy and excited for our upcoming seminar. It's going to be Sunday, July the 22nd. And the title will be, are you going to hydro you're not going to have to this year 100 learn in less than a month, the journey of life is going to start. If you're going to help, please join us. And if you're not going to help, please join us. There's a reason I'm saying this is because hedge is a spiritual journey before it's a physical journey. So a physical journey we all know about that we're going to cover why you're going and what do you need to do and what should you feel and when you come back and short love like

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his grace you will be a different person. But what about if for whatever reason of us peloton did not allow you for me to go 200 this year, so I cannot do anything about it. So this beautiful secret month next month? I don't have to do anything. The answer is absolutely no. Come and join us and learn how I can make the journey of Hajj with my heart spiritually. Although my body physically I'm still in my home or at work and I'm doing the same thing. But my spirit My heart is actually with a loss Pandora as if I am with the millions who wouldn't be in MK Come and join us it's a free program this coming Sunday, the 22nd of July and you can join us on site if you live in St Louis or

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coastline and online is also available. Please register love to see what you

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mean. navami email or E memo

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