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The importance of fasting for health and wealth, diversity, and a focus on one's own success. The speaker emphasizes the need for a culture of success and a sense of purpose, as well as the importance of training oneself and not giving up on one's mistakes. The speaker also discusses the importance of cleanliness and staying healthy, as well as the need for everyone to be aware of their health and wear masks.

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What is a pullover? Nobody had a tenner or hublin amulet on my neck until will have probably shortly soldering recently on the water lock the tamilisai holy, I mean so it's not exactly in two weeks so it's going to be most probably it's going to be the night of Ramadan next next Tuesday then the Tuesday after so we have basically two weeks left and this is what I opted to do for myself before anyone else is what should I do in the next two weeks?

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No, unfortunately no.

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Actually you should not start fasting if you haven't fasted up till now you should it's I wouldn't say shouldn't it's not recommended if you have not fasted at all. From last from Avan till now it is not recommended to fast at all because it's the opposite of because it gets extremely tiring for my arm avana if you haven't fasted up till now I only say take a day off the first day of Ramadan if you are working person start maybe

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eating usually no who will and we'll talk about soon so now it should be in the last 15 days is where we started all the fasting and the training after the 15 of Shabbat This is what it is if you are already fasting that's fine if you're normally fast monday and thursday absolutely okay including the night of the Ramadan if you're a person who always fast monday and thursday so the Monday that where it will be probably the night before Ramadan it's absolutely fine but you're not gonna start today now you remembered after all these 11 months and a half now you remember there's a month called Shabbat and I have to first in the hikma the wisdom behind this is actually because you

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will get tired after 30 days or faster and the first thing and this is how I looked at the when I was preparing for that for the holidays a lot of beautiful ways looking at how you look for the next two weeks but the most everybody said the following which I really liked it what do you think the first thing now two weeks left

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this should be inside me and you extreme happiness is getting very close it's getting very close and we don't feel this way unfortunately we don't look at one it's at something is extremely beautiful amazing precious I'm looking for and it's getting very close I'm gonna go there and the way I always say this is look at if you have something very precious zelly be delivered to you in two weeks or even more your child which I always talk about his children and this is your children and you haven't seen him or her for a year unless she texts you today and says mom in two weeks I'm coming I got a whole month off

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exactly that's the first response is ah and then everything will change right right people invite you What are you going to say? I'm sorry she's coming people you're planning to travel now she's coming What I'm going to yes what I'm going to feed her what I'm going to cook what I'm going to prepare but most importantly I'm going to say what will I do to make her process the most comfortable the most valuable that's how it should be

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unfortunately we don't do this but for him did not nice teaching us so the first thing scholars teaches me and you is you need to be happy. Actually the first thing they say you stop below Ramadan before you have to be happy. Why?

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Why it is happy. So you're looking at me, the more you know what is coming, the happier you are. So just a month of fasting. Right? It's not just a month of fasting for example, that's a hadith or Swati Sato Salaam said and

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he said I Takuma ramadan ramadan is coming but now he's talking Shahada Mubarak I blesseds month which we all know by one by one so bless it month for the long run a concern he made fasting in this month Ramadan obligatory this so far we know now coming to the Hopi Ababa summer, the doors of the heavens will be opened. What will coffee

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and the doors of heavens will be closed. What

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I say Janina

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Jain meaning the Hellfire desert moussaka. What to hell loafie Mandala to say the chiffon shelter you're not one the devils and all the groups will be chained the Luffy Laila in it there's one night higher on when I'll fish off. You all know so far nothing new. At the end it there is a night whomsoever give it that night is better than a 1000s night. Now something I need to remember. Man Halima hi Rafa accordion

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whomsoever will be derived that night. And how many of us that night the last 10 days of Ramadan specially the odd nights, and let's assume the 25 or 27 or the 20 night, and then that night I am dozing and sleeping that night I am extremely tired that's the night that I cannot do that man for him, but hurry mahira if I will be derived from all the goodness this night will come, then I will be the bride. So the first thing I have to the more I think of Ramadan, what it is bringing to me, the more I will be happy and I will glorify that's the first thing because we are so accustomed to it. I mean how many years we've been fasting 10 1520 Allah knows so it's usual we don't look at it

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as as something special spiritually spiritually any for example hamdulillah how many invitations for if you already got Alhamdulillah that means people are looking at as a different but that's not it. That's actually should be the least I'm not saying this shouldn't be but this is the least as I am preparing for all this I need to be prepared spiritually. Now look at the other Hadith which is more for meaning as a hobby have said it it's probably from Rasul Allah saltos and this is another Muslim said, I tell them Ramadan, Ramadan is coming. Shadow Baraka, it's a month of blessings, your shaquem Allahu llahi a lot in golf, you surround you in the university dorama he sends His mercy what to

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hotmail habia and all the sins will be removed or will be forgiven. waste a job or use the G bofi. Do our Allah accept to respond grant What da da is supplication? You're now here.

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This is this is new young boy he also comfy he will look at how much you are competing in it

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competing in not competing in eating or drinking for sure not competing in inviting and getting invited now for so coffee he will look at how much I and you are competing where you were he Camilla Akita and he will be boost for Suppan in His Majesty about what my servants are doing for me in this month in front of the angel. Now the order for our law firm and officer min unfussy come higher or show a lot of a story.

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show a lot the best you have. You know what you when you when you when you have an exam and you go to the exam you or your child and what you say Do your best. Do your best that's what that's what I was what his thought was around say Do your best. But then the most important is sure a law the best you have in that month for a law enforcement officer can show him the best for English shocking the miserable is the one who is being deprived in this month.

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So are you really the first thing I need to look at are Ramadan as it is coming that it is really an opportunity. And not only fasting I said this many times and you probably heard this many times 1.6 billion Muslims now in this earth, Allah knows maybe 1 billion would be fasting, right? Assume 60 40% of them they cannot 1 billion will be fasting everybody will be fasting so there is no difference in this. The Allah higher emphasis from sha Allah The best is beyond this, the fasting itself what kind what I am doing and not doing and then the extra is the extra juice to our This is what I need to train myself now. If you have not yet done Akiyama Lee and this is the 15 of Siobhan

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I am worried because this is going to be tough on you. Again, especially for us my lunch Allah give us their reward, because life doesn't change here. Here your work still starts at nine or eight or seven patients still deliver, you still have to go to the office you still are on call, nothing changed in the mobile unless you plan it ahead of time and change it. So unless my body is so much used to being up up to bed, go to bed at one and I am up by four I will suffer. So for Allah Hi, I'm an emphasis on diversity. And the way I will look at it is this there is things I'm going to do. And then I'm going to say I'm not going to really do them but I'm going to do them the best way that you

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see the point so I'm going to say 1234 and then I'm going to get you a lot of them internal is not external. A lot of them internal. I'm going to look at it. I'm going to do it and I'm going to do the best as we said two weeks ago May Allah make it the best Ramadan ever. What is the best Ramadan ever move in

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Everything, even the way I feel. So number one is know the value of Formula words the guest is coming number two, you have to be very happy and this the IRS or tools that we always have to remind ourselves will be formula he will be rahmati Tabitha Lika for your for our hope room in my mom, tell them by the grace of Allah and His Rama and the grace here by almost all the scholars tells you it's the Quran and Rama is a Sunni by this, let them rejoice and be happy. Let them rejoice and be happy much better than what they are collecting panela much better than what they are conducting. So again, that I or reminds me my priorities as I am going to remain long from now it needs to be

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changed, things needs to be up and things need to be needs to be lower and things needs to be out of the door

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out of the door. So number one, I need to know the value of number one, number two, I need to be extremely happy and if I don't feel it, I'm going to work on it. And I'm going to fake it till I make it I

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always say this absolutely with Allah subhanaw taala I am going to pretend that it was planted give me when I say pretend and you're misunderstood this line, pretend externally, but internally, I am truthful. I really want this trauma bond to be better, but I don't know how so externally I'm gonna try it you see the point a lot will give you number three, which is extremely important. Neither you or me or any human being on this earth will be able to lift a little more or fast from Milan, let alone do perform.

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or reading the Quran by his own way or by his own ability. It is why our law

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I need why I'm saying this statement. It is not my capability. It is not my energy. It is not because I am extremely organized or because I'm very efficient or because all I mean I fast all the year so what is the big deal? I should never go to Ramadan in this way. It's before the lights by the grace of Allah, by his Rama by His mercy. I am going to be living if I will be again there's two more weeks Allah knows what's going to happen and I want you to remember this hadith some of you may know what it's a habito kotze and it's also known

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and Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, yeah daddy yeah daddy Don Lemon Hideto all of you are astray except the one I guide and I is Allah so when I sit when I get up on this agenda in the middle of the night and I am doing my piano I should never see our martial not about

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its rugby record. You got me up if I am fasting Ramadan outside Ramadan I always should look at it Alhamdulillah You made me fast You made me think of it you make it You made it easy You make me continue they didn't make me listen to other people it's too long what you are doing to yourself all this who look on ball lemonhead ito faster doing this is what we need to to

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welcome Ramadan festa uni ask Allah for guidance. ask Allah for for guidance at da da da from now Allahumma living out Ramadan we all know hamdulillah I think memorized your lawmakers lift in Ramadan not only physically not only make me see Ramadan but make me do this make mistake Don't make me turn to you and says your mother's the first day from one make it the best ever first day from above. make me stand up in that thoroughly and I am fully focused make my day so blessed that's everything goes so easy you know sometimes everything was so easy and sometimes I'm sorry nothing goes easy that's what I started doing. I mean a lot of mean meaning make my life guide me throughout

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the day actually from now till Ramadan to everything that's pleases you what I say what I don't say what I look what I don't look. Yeah, by the

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time to all of you are hungry, except the one I feel and whose I Allah? What does that mean? I cannot do anything with my own will even the civil for Allah who will give you Yeah, first of all rimoni of time come ask me to feed you.

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So you you you are you had this plan of the day and you have 1234 and you're late on your Quran and we're going to come to this if not this maybe next week. You're late on the Quran and you say you know what, I am not going to compromise my Quran today. That means I'm not going to have a football because I'm not going to be able to cook. A lot of Yella you laugh at me probably. And this right but if you're sincere and you gave up the time for the food and you say whatever, I'm going to make her

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Cheese Sandwich someone will knock on your door and Los Angeles bar

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um I believe in this and I've seen this happens you probably like What is she talking about but I've seen it you turn to Allah says yo Allah feed me really internally sincerely you know Allah will respond and Allah subhanaw taala will respond and then at last parent I will say this also in the heavy and you all know this whatever I am doing for Ramadan Allah doesn't need it

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at all Allah doesn't need my car my fasting my hunger my thirst my tired my headache my I am standing up all night my reading Quran my charity a lot of needed yeah buddy the same happy the one I want to come

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in saco Medina come if it's the first among you first ever person Omar created what a hero from the last person along with the creed. What is the cool majan the

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human antigen Can you call Roger? Roger remain calm they were all of them. They have the hearts of the best Mottaki of on earth can you imagine everybody in St Louis everybody in the states everybody whatever, but not now. From the moment Allah created Earth till the end all these people they were so much more talking that they are the best nothing in the kingdom and the sovereignty of Allah will increase nothing

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and the opposite is true hello and incircle majan accom that your is the is and the gym the first and the last were the most corrupt heart everybody it's hard to imagine but you have to feel it again. Everyone was so corrupt this will not increase from decrease from the sovereignty of Allah anything and then the heavy no no is what dynochem saying one is repeated or more on our side in why if everyone on this earth from the beginning till the end all of them stood up I needed to feel this you remember HUD and you think there is a few people three 4 million this three 4 million is a sample all these people stood together asked me I will give each one what they want. This by itself

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it's actually overwhelming. I remember this all the time in Amara in Ramadan in hajj like every single person or last Pantheon listening to them, healing them knowing what they want and what they don't want and then he responds sooner or later so if everyone asked nothing I will give everyone what they want this will not decrease anything from what I have that's the Hadees it will come if

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it's if I give everybody what they want. Nothing will come less from my sovereignty just like when you put a needle in the in the ocean and bring the needle out how much less from the ocean nothing nothing. What does this teaches me so far? It is not my will. It is not my strength. It is not my capability it is not me and my ability to organize and my ability and I planned none of this it's a loss Pantone number two, everything I am doing from now to Loma one is for me, it's in my book. Allah will not need it another is not needed and it's not increased anything in him whether I do good or whether I don't do good. I need this year you want us to move forward Oh, Allah will O'Neal

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O'Neill Hamid all people you're the beggars I'd like the translation of a beggar and right it's more than a poor factory. There's many ways of translating it. But you are Allah said this in sort of thought or you are the beggars to Allah.

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You are the one who needs him, he doesn't need me. He doesn't need you. He doesn't need us. I need to remember this when I am fasting is for me is not for last pantalla so to increase in him, and then he says yeah, he body now in NEMA here

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it is your deeds, all my servants it is your deeds. I counted for them. I counted for you. It's my your deeds I counted for you. And then I will reward you or I will give you a coding or fee come here. Whomsoever from an order the hierarchy. medela whomsoever sounds good, Let them praise a loss pantai and if not, don't name that yourself. I need from now literally I need a piece of paper, and I'm going to write down what I am going to present to Allah spawn tada in Ramadan, other than fasting, and in most of our fastings in external fasting is a fasting of hunger and thirst. That's again the one what I am presenting

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Presenting to Allah subhanaw taala Am I going to be happy when I see the paper um I'm going to be say that since this is what you could do nothing more for rocard or eight and then running out of the masjid right one page of the Quran $1 charity I couldn't forgive that this person and that person I had to look at this and that I have to read this in this which is not pleasing to Allah and again look at a bad or two things things I do that's pleasing for a lot and things I'm going to stay away from and something practical I am going to see at least in Ramadan shut the TV off completely apps don't tell me news we don't tell me whatever we don't tell me to look off reality of the matter

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there's no time actually.

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Right? Absolutely that especially if you work but if you don't work you may have a little bit more. Shut it off. Every moment that I am spending looking at the TV I am a loser because it's only 24 hours and the reason I say TV because it takes a lot of our time and with the TV comes in the internet I have to have a plan from now on I trained myself from now this is why it's two weeks that's what I will train myself from now Can I check the internet only once a day? One hour, maybe half in the morning and half in the evening. If you are if you have new things business or things that really needs to be done, but do I have to check my Facebook five times a day and and normally

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the answer is no. Because I have to tell myself whatever is going to be there in the book I will be asked of number three

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a lot of supplication from no prompt today yes Allah make me live Ramadan yes yeah Allah make it the best ever yes your Allah give me what I couldn't do before make it easy and more and more for Allah who is maybe next week I will share some of the most common dollars in Ramadan so you will get things ready for you meaning get a book up ready because I the one Ramadan comes in I don't have the time to now go and study and now go and look for it get the book of next to you $5 it doesn't have to be millions $5 off from the sooner and a lot of it is from your heart. Right I need to get this ready I need to have my core Android you maybe might have seen already all these ready. So number

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one, again, I'm happy number two, I have to know it is not me. It is not my ability. It's not my strength, our love will make it happen. And number three, a doula a doula number four, which is extremely important from now for the next two weeks is October. You need to we need to repent or loss pant and unless I know what I did, I am not going to be looking at tober what is Toba? What is repentance repentance simple is up you're going to look at what I have done or not done what I missed or I did not miss and then I am going to put like a schedule or I'm going to talk to myself and I am going to turn to Allah says your love Please forgive me now before Ramadan comes in. As one

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of my teachers very recently he said if you go from a wall with a paper like this, versus people love this, what are you gonna put

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in your heart she's looking at the heart. So this is one of the things I told him. And before I get to tober I need to start taking the reckoning I need to look at my day from now in the morning did I do my car of the morning? And if the answer is no, why not?

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Why not? I'm too busy. What's too busy me? Can I do it when I'm driving? Yes, I can. Can I do it when I am going to my car and going wherever I am going? Yes I can instead of thinking of something else did I read my foreign part of the Quran? depends who you are. And what do you normally do? At least minimum? It's one hotma and Ramadan minimum is one and if you want to say one customer read one hotma to understand what one is I'm going to finish the whole Quran and one maybe one just to really really understand that something you do do you do it now?

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What's the relationship with the Quran today two weeks from now and I say this to myself before anyone Ramadan is not a switch you know Tuesday comes in the 16th or whatever the day will be and then I just an okay Ramadan, let's turn on the switch and then I become a topology and then I will become the most

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pious human being everything under control is not going to happen this way. If any, if any, it will be maybe more difficult for some reason because of the fasting adding to it. Because of the ability and some of us gets tired some of us gets headaches, some of us gets weak and all these are possible.

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So you look at the tober tober means from today I am going to list as always every business in the world including offices once a year what do we do? We look at our

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many things you look at your

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exactly Profit and Loss they call it by PLF you look at your profit and loss or if you have a business when you sell and buy, what do you do, you go and look you go on the back and you see how much you left on how much is left and how much you don't have. So this is what you're looking at your base. This is the time from now. As much as you can in turn for most contractor to make you remember your lovely mind how much I have in me of good. I will work on this if I can do it outside Ramadan for sure I can, meaning if I can do one little car, whole year, two cars, one router and two robots in our mobile it's going to be at least and

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continuously continuous. So you look back and you see at Toba it's extremely, extremely important and you're sincere and asking a lot of forgive you for matabele him Leah tubu when Allah looks in your heart and mind and see who you really are sincere, you really want to be going to Allah with a pure heart he will show you how don't ask how how is not my capabilities or loss capability he wants to Inle see that I'm truthful yeah you're holding on to a corner

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Allah Kumar saw the thing all believer have a lock be Allah conscious have Allah here and we will those who are truthful and truthful here is not only external internally, do you really want to be close to Allah the closest ever in this room I won't work on it now. Work on it now. Next, panel lights I have a lot and

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take yourself accountable for the following today before on mobile

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number one look at obligations add obligation and remember the other hand is not horribly wishy

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washy nothing will get me closer to Allah other than what he made obligation what is obligations and on mobile

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number one is a surah number one is a solder because you're humbler we all are fasting So number one is a sauna How is my son there is non negotiable things in Ramadan I cannot be dealing my Salah in Ramadan right and there is a one heavy there's not very strong that the good deeds are on the wall and multiplied and the bad deeds are multiplied

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so the good deeds are definitely multiply so when I do my salah and I'm praying it's going to be on time then absolutely it's going to be much more number one number two in Ramadan the extra the the voluntary acts is looked at as if they are obligation the reward and so when I do to look at before Lahore maybe now one day I said okay it's okay I'm going to do it you know I'll do it later it's okay in a moment there is no okay. No Okay so I'm from now I'm going to look and see is my routine today for the next two weeks is going to be every fudger hazard is the problem because it is 440 is my fudger will be 430 or 400 I probably will be awake because we're going to eat right but in case

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the food is not the issue for 15 minimum I am up from now till the next two weeks I am up I am doing at least one worker I am at least in the two minutes before again I am on my agenda or whatever I am and I am in a state of despair and is too far because this is the valuable time then my fudger is on time My

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son is absolutely there and I will follow the Sunnah industry now. I'll read they'll have your own and I read through a lot because that's how he did it he saw it then I will do my future and my future will be longer. longer if I know three IR three soldiers from the Quran I will read the three swords of the Quran meaning the three short swords and I am going to do my best to be focused on yourself from now. Minimum 15 minutes of

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me minimum 15 minutes of budget because again it is way early Alhamdulillah that people are actually sleeping children sleeping it's not school yet so you can have this then you're going to look at so for all of you take this your hammock killer, and then you're going to take this throughout the whole day, then you're going to come at the disobedience. What this obedience I do now

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what this will be this the biggest disobedience we all do is

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actually it's our time

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It's our tongue is what we say, is what we say what I'm saying what we say is what we say that this is displeasing to Allah.

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Absolutely, this is a major one, the best way in Ramadan and actually outside Ramadan is.

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Exactly don't talk. Don't talk as much as you can. Or if you're going to talk that's what if you're going to talk always try to say something pleasing to Allah. That's one of the DA not talking even my own league make me say what pleases you. So look at the disobedience. Do you look down at people? Do you think you're better than everybody else? Because you know this? Or do you know that? Or you have this or you're bad? Or memorize the Quran or whatever? Or you or your job? Whatever it is? Do you look down at people? What do you say? Meaning even the choices of the word, when you get upset with your children? What do you say? No move on from now I'm going to tell you myself, nothing

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coming up. You got upset, pray for them in the good. May Allah go may make you memorize the Quran, you're on the

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go May Allah subhanaw taala show you the right path. That's a good job. Don't say go I wish that they have never seen you. Don't do that. Don't do that. A lot of parents do this. They don't mean it. But it's out of anger. Don't do that from now. So what is my tongue is saying, My disobedience, each one of us in this room and each one of us know, what is their problem? What is their weakness? And where do I disobeyed Allah from now I'm going to look at I'm going to say I'm going to closing all these doors. And I have to remind myself for example, backbiting laughter Baba, Baba, you all nervous, do not back bite each other. And we still do it outside on the inside.

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So I need to train myself 31, which most of us don't know, is you need I need we need to take myself accountable. On the time that I am heedless. He just about almost pantalla meaning I'm doing nothing. You know, when you're saying I'm doing nothing. I'm on this couch and nothing and I'm just thinking of things. I'm not saying how am I eligible? I'm saying some things that is not beneficial for me and the alpha, alpha. Alpha you need to train yourself from today for the next two weeks. This song is always always in the remembrance of Allah. Because one of the beginning of the disobedience to Allah is when I am heedless. This is this is the first step or the first pull is

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when I'm not thinking of Allah. So again, if you do the escort the morning and the evening as called, then you have pushed this hour. If you are with your Quran, whether you're listening to the Quran, whether you're reading the Quran, whether you're reading tafsir, or listening to tafsir, you're pushing the offload away. lafleur is the heedlessness look at and say, What did I not do? offline is what I did not do. When did I remember Allah? For example, ask yourself today how many times you ask Allah for forgiveness today? This is shaba.

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Right? Did you did you clear your heart yesterday? from everyone inside you that have heard Did you miss the things wrong? Did you do that? Everybody was talking about it? Was it yesterday there are 15 of Shabbat. What should we do or not do everyone that's a huge discussion. And I said the first thing to myself, don't worry about this. Worry about your heart because that's for sure what Allah will do is going to look at your heart and see what is in it. So I look back today and I say you know what, I was weak or I was heedless, then do it today. Meaning they rectify it. So look at your disobedience. Every day. I am doing from today till Ramadan. This two questions I have to ask

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myself, why I am doing it and how I am doing it. every deed you're going to say what does that mean? I am going to go for Salah that's of course I bad. That's of course why I'm doing it for Allah now comes is how am I doing it the best way I've ever done it. Again Allah hyrum manga Come on. I think short a lot of us is this is the best Salah I am standing in front of Allah including even what I am wearing. It really hurts me Please forgive me ladies. When the ladies comes to the masjid and they all smell food to me is not You're hurting me or the other part to me is we are not glorifying Allah because you will not go out to meet other people. When you are invited and you smell food. Why do

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

you come to the masjid? This way? That means there's a problem in me who I am going and standing in front. I need to train myself I know it's you're not intentional. I'm not saying we're doing it intentional. I would just like you know Hello. I wasn't the

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Kitchen I'm just going to put whatever and I'm going to them as you know

00:35:04--> 00:35:38

I'm going to the house of Allah because when I am invited to my friend's house I don't do this I go and take a shower and I changed why when I'm coming to our last house not Did you get the point these are all these are heaters when I entered to the budget I'm sure everybody of you come to them as a handler when I come to the masjid, why I am here and how I am here meaning how I am number one dressed and number two how I am dealing with everybody around me is it only me and everybody is not important? Or it's everybody important and it's not to me

00:35:39--> 00:36:19

and how I am behind the EMA How is my surgery? How is my feed how every detail why I am doing and why and how I am doing everything you know like it's a panel now we pay so much attention about the food in Ramadan and there's nothing wrong with it right everybody so what do we have for football hamdulillah that's good. October as long as not taking all the time but as you spend as it should be more but as you spend time when you are putting the football hamdulillah I did this I did that because you like it and you like it That's beautiful. When you come to the masjid or Warden you are at home in your there's one or two hours of therapy What did you put on this table that you're

00:36:19--> 00:36:20

presenting to Allah

00:36:21--> 00:37:09

What are we doing? You know is it talking to your mom did I have no idea what he wrote and then the moment he finished I'm looking at my phone let alone I've seen this inside sada insights on the phone comes in. Oh okay, and then turn it off. Don't laugh it's reality. Painful it's in the home, let alone in these messages. These not because we are bad our doula because we hate this. Because we are heedless and we don't know my other law. That's how I say we did not give a lot is due rights. Because if I know who's Allah who's reserved who's weak, who's who I am, the weak I am I will not come to his house casual. I will not enter casual. I'm not gonna stand outside talking loudly and

00:37:09--> 00:37:18

then the Imam is reading the Koran. That doesn't happen. I can't even if you want I just can't. And then you look at me and says as soon as four is eight oh god

00:37:20--> 00:38:07

that's not how I must either I'm really the eighth riccarton I'm leaving and then I'm going to my home and I am going to be alone with Allah. reading my Quran doing whatever I am doing what I'm going to be here because I remember another happy home so other stays in the masjid in the jamaa till the Imam leave he is as if he stayed up all night. I don't want to miss that all the night I'm I'm saying there's always exceptions to the rules for sure. But I need to be absolutely strict with me with me in Ramadan with myself non negotiable non negotiable because it's only one month in the year and I have no idea from where I live next year, let alone this year. How many people that are

00:38:07--> 00:38:08

not with us already?

00:38:09--> 00:38:54

Right two weeks left and they are not with us. But if today I'm going to say that is what it is. I am going to do this if I die Allah subhanaw taala by His grace will reward me so take yourself accountable from today on what is the things that you want to do to be a more Turkey to be a more turkey in Ramadan? I need to be a metallic today. I need to have a lot conscious around me all the time. Allah keep saying this. I was looking at me. You know, like you say people are looking at me and what are you gonna say we all say this. What are they gonna say? What do they think about me Say Allah is looking at me. And external and more important is the internal. What I need to focus and

00:38:54--> 00:39:01

hamdulillah maybe we have a little bit more time from now. Till Ramadan, look inside your heart and clean it.

00:39:02--> 00:39:11

Clean it, clean it from major and minor in the heart. I'm not talking about external meaning. Do I associate anything with Allah?

00:39:13--> 00:39:14

The answer is

00:39:15--> 00:39:22

it depends how you look at this. I'm not talking about external hunger. We are all Muslims. Is my beauty more important than Allah?

00:39:23--> 00:39:26

And if you told me know that, I'm going to tell you okay, how do you look like?

00:39:28--> 00:39:30

Is my husband more important than Allah?

00:39:31--> 00:39:34

Is my children more important than a lot most of us is yes.

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

is who is more important than Allah? The answer should be no, no one How can I do this? So I need each one of us look inside your heart, at least identified john Tolan says you're a lot you clean it. I can't. I love my children. I love my beauty. I love this. I love my work. I love my home. Whatever it is, you'll make it so number one

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

Clean it from whatever I associate with a lot I cannot go to the month of a law and I have the buy all these packages with me. That's why and it's very painful on the day of aid. See you and me on the day of

00:40:16--> 00:40:36

the day if I if I am the same as the first day of Ramadan when nothing happened, I just was hungry and I was tired for 30 days. I have to be different internally. So look at your heart number to clean it from hypocrisy. hypocrisy don't show things external that you are not internal

00:40:37--> 00:40:45

and meaning sometimes I'm weak I'm trying to be better that's fine but don't pretend. And if alkalis three of volume

00:40:46--> 00:41:34

in justice your llama Allah forgive us yeah buddy in Toronto. FC tumhara mon vena cava la tavola that's the beginning of the Hadith I shared with you in the beginning. All my servants need one injustice haram Allah saying this, haram on him. That's why Allah is Allah. Allah is the just do not when I made it, how long between you cannot do not do injustice to each other? Don't do injustice to your children. Don't do injustice to your husband, to your parents, whatever they did again, Allah will take everyone accountable him or herself It is me purified from injustice and what is injustice example of injustice how you deal with your children? What is it injustice How do I deal with my

00:41:34--> 00:41:59

husband? When I want something from him I'm very nice. Right? When he wants something for me It depends. That's injustice small things. I'm not talking about major ones why I like that child because he's pretty and I like that child because he's sweet that's injustice. Right or the biggest injustice is when it comes to me I wanted is fine but when someone else wants the same thing it's not fair

00:42:01--> 00:42:23

that's injustice so look inside your heart what injustice I have time look inside my heart and outside how long I'm using my time Don't waste time at all at all any as as one of my earliest teacher said if anything you can do in five minutes and you will do it in 20 minutes you're wasteful.

00:42:24--> 00:42:57

So if there is a recipe that one woman can do it in five minutes and somebody and we do it in 20 minutes we are wasting our time because the result is the same so you look at your heart and see where I'm when I'm alone. What I am doing I'm thinking of what I'm planning of what I'm looking or thinking of home and then we said about the tongue look inside the heart about a job self admiration do I think I'm the best I'm better when I enter the masjid everybody should give me their their place why

00:42:59--> 00:43:02

why why are they everyone has to give me set out why

00:43:04--> 00:43:16

that's all that's self admiration Who are you? Right all we are from from the from dust and we're going to go back to dust Oh job I think I'm better than everybody I need to clean it from now all

00:43:17--> 00:43:27

that I think I am I need to turn Tomas pantalla to remove all these that I am living for this is why I really wonder when people plan six months ahead of time

00:43:28--> 00:43:33

right i mean it's good to plan but you have with the planning put next to it I could not be

00:43:34--> 00:43:45

what I am planning in six months if it's my grave what I'm planning for the grave so tune in ML and that makes me when I think I'm not living till tomorrow I'll make the best of today.

00:43:46--> 00:44:35

And if I think I'm not living to Ramallah I'll make the best of the next two weeks of Shabbat. Now for the dunya that's the biggest problem. Love of this dunya and this is why we this will be a more or we are heedless because we're so busy with the love of this dunya yeah animal animal hyah to dunya know what life is all about? Lm Allah said this is water How do you know that life is basically now I only want to hope joy, amusement was enough and beauty of our home but you know, boastfulness between each of you. among you? What's a castle and competition more more. More I want more freedom while in champion well, while I will add a number gives the power of beloved, the more

00:44:35--> 00:44:42

I need to learn about the the value of this dunya one of the best way to give you the real value of dunya is

00:44:44--> 00:44:50

visit the graveyards go and visit the graveyard and see where are they and what did they take with them

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

nothing 00 so I am not going to waste my time let alone the time of Ramadan about something of that.

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

Nia that is not going to come with me to my grave that's why I need to look at the Quran very different because what is going to come with me in the in the graveyard physically is the Quran and it's going to be my my intercessor in the grave let alone in the archaea so look at the dounia The more you look around you like Subhan Allah What a beautiful thing around these days right but last week was all dead and in another six months it's all dead This is life and then it was beautiful you know I don't know if you had this like white trees, your and then everything is on the on the on the floor now right now have to clean it. So panel that's doing Yeah, I need to end the next two weeks,

00:45:43--> 00:46:00

put my priorities in the right place. I'm here I'm living but this is my farm. This is my place that I'm going to harvest and I'm going to bring it out or use the fruit or see the fruit there there. So how much I am

00:46:01--> 00:46:24

putting in this dunya last thing I want to say is the Quran and we will probably do a little bit more next week. You need to look at the Quran different from today, the night of the 17 which you all know 27 is the night the Quran was revealed. Which you all know why in Ramadan. Why not in shaba? Why not and Roger? Why not unhinge Why?

00:46:25--> 00:47:12

You have to ask yourself this the more you understand the reality of things you will give it more more attention. That means a lot chose by his hikma that this month, Ramadan for his book because of Quran is his book, and you all know the eye shadow Ramadan and Lady Quran. The Ramadan, the month of Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. The Quran is not a book, as I always remind myself is the words of Allah. It's a different different thing. It's not a book. It's not even a book of ohare it's not even book of all Muslims book of Hadith it's the words of Allah the words of Allah how much I am giving it its due right now let alone when I get to Ramadan Al Quran and the whatever

00:47:12--> 00:47:38

you are doing it needs to be multiplied you want me to share with you what they did in Ramadan, the righteous people before us You all know this, Mama Shafi 60 times 60 times I don't know how is this that the Baraka of the time meaning everyday he finished to an end to finish a Koran from a flat you have to know if you know it by heart, like no mistake, it takes eight hours.

00:47:41--> 00:48:13

So two times a day. This is well known you read it in one book or two or three. Everybody knows this, right? minimum I mean minimum the average they finished in three days, minimum in three days. How much I'm reading now, if I'm reading half a page now Good luck if I'm gonna finish in America. So I need fun now raise the bar as we say, raise the bar. If I say mama Shafi did it 60 times if I am going to do with you three times. I will look at it as

00:51:06--> 00:51:16

Let's try to make a sniff to cm alarm and let's listen to the what is said in my last handout to help us to practice it's panic alarm all the handy kosha

00:51:17--> 00:51:25

stuff gonna go up today so a lot more or less 101 earlier he was high with this theme and could do a lot better just a second ladies