Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #17 – The Honored Turbans

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the profit slice and the depiction of the angels' presence on the skies, as well as the use of shay resonances to avoid confusion and avoid negative consequences. The shay resonances are used to avoid confusion and make people believe the conflict is over, while the use of shay resonances is important to honor the Prophet's shrouds of pride and socialism. The storming and chaos of the last few weeks has caused confusion among some people, leading to accusations of deception.
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When you talk about the Battle of Beto as we said there are Hassan, there are these specific miracles specific companions that were honored. And then there is the general outpouring of angels that come Now we talked about a while back it'll be Allah on hold and I need all the lowdown on who and the way that Jumeirah Islam and mica eat it you Saddam are attached to those two and specific but I want to talk about before bed did another honor that is bestowed upon one man and the entire preparation of better you know the day of bed there is an encounter with the angels as a whole

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first of all the prophets lie some spent the entire night before crying to Allah subhanaw taala praying to Allah subhanaw taala asking Allah subhanaw taala for his support. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions if festa lethal and Arabic confessor Jabara come when you call upon your Lord, so he answered you, and the momento can be elephant phenomena, it gets more to defeat, that I am going to support you with 1000 of my angels one after the other. And so the way that they're gonna explain this is that first it was 1000 and the profit slice, I'm continued to pray, and Allah Subhana Allah continued to respond, so Allah sent another 2000 And then what a defeat the rows behind another 2000

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behind those 2000 So if you do the math, 1,001st and then another 2000 and behind those 2000 Another 2000. So in total, that's where the number 5000 Angels total comes from the Quran that 5000 angels came down on the day of better what is 5000 Angels look like, when that is almost five times the entire population of human beings on the battlefield at that time. Subhanallah and if you've been to bed that it's not a very large battlefield. So the angels are basically occupying every spot in the battlefield and around the battlefield. And they all come out at one time. And you can feel the presence of them arriving of what we say all the allotted time on hold. He was a companion who

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fought in the Battle of bed did, and he was blind later on in life. And he said Laocoon tomorrow, I'm gonna be bedridden. Well, not a bus hurry. He said, If I was with you, he's talking to his students. If I was with you right now, embedded and I had my eyesight, I would show you a share, but not the Hata Jetman homiletic, I would show you the exact valley the exact place that all of the angels came out from we felt their presence arrived in the skies from the valley, And subhanAllah they took the form of our companions. What does that mean? Some of them came up to us in the form of our companions, but we knew that they weren't our companions, we knew they weren't human beings,

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right. And they were walking up to us and saying to US Embassy roofer in the Himalayas, who will be che Wallah who Mariko Glad Tidings to you that side there nothing and Allah is with you. So the angels were coming to us in the form of our human companions, and telling us to have the bat telling us to be firm, telling us to have the glad tidings that this is going to play out in a way that is going to be to the detriment of the other side, you have nothing to worry about that as soon as the swords start to strike the mullah Iike are going to be with you, because Allah sent the angels to be with you. And that's why the prophets lie. Selim says that Sheikh lon had a really bad day on the

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day of better in fact, it was the worst day of his existence, right? So you look at shape on the profit slice on the mentions that the worst day of the year for shape on annually is alpha. He hates alpha, why does he hate Alpha? Because and we're talking about a bliss the devil, right? He has sent his troops to work on these believers to destroy them right for the entire year, their entire lifetimes. And here they are on the day of alpha and Allah forgives them all so undoes all of their work all of the work of the Sheltie, the prophet sai sunset. That's his worst day is the day of Allah except for better. Why am I in a hookah algebra? Because Allah Monica Shavon looked across and

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he saw God His Salam, putting the angels in the Rose. Okay, so Djibouti Ronnie Salam was commanding the army of the angels when Shavon saw that Shavon knew that this was over, right this was over before it started. And in fact, even Allah speaks to that neck SR and our RP V. What kind of anybody on minquan in the Ramallah Turon shaytaan who was pumping them up the other side? When he saw WTI Sam, it's like he threw his arms up and he turned back on his heels and he said to the he said to the machine, he said to the disbelievers I have nothing to do with you people. I see what you don't see meaning this battle is over. Okay, so Shavon gave up on the battle before it even started after

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he was giving them the headrace right this this, this determination to actually go for

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Word on the day of better. Now, how did this happen? Right? Some of the narrations say that shaytaan took the form of a warrior, particularly the form of Surak of nomadic and he's calling out to them from behind and saying, you might as well turn back because this army is going to defeat you. Abuja responded and Abuja had shouted out and said, he's lying. This is all just the plan of deception from Mohamed Salah Salem and his companions to stop you from going forward. And that's one of the reasons why they're in MSA that Abuja is the fifth element of this ummah. He's the fifth element of this OMA, he's the pharaoh of this ummah, because that's what for their own said to his people, when

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they saw the clear * of Mossad Islam over the magician's, and they had a chance to believe he said that this is just the plan of deception, right? Because to me, who fitted Medina, you plotted this before you came here so that you could destroy our people so that you could take the people out of their place. So a Buddha was truly being a pharaoh until the last moment where he was killed in that battle. Okay, so this is all happening before the battle even starts this interaction of the angels and the believers this site, this vision, of shape on of the angels on the other side, the Sakina, the tranquility that is descending into the hearts of the believers, all of this is

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happening. Before this even starts, I will Beckett and Heidi, but there's one person who's going to be distinguished and the greatest waste panela before this battle even starts, and that man is available the a lot of data I know, as were the first person to draw his sword in defense of the profit slice. In Mecca when he had heard that the profit slice of them was attacked, he immediately took his sword to defend the profit slice and then and he was known as the first person to draw his sword in defense of the prophets I saw them and also lost my son said he couldn't be and how are you on that every single prophet had disciples my house at my disciples is obeyed as available the

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alongside and who is the job little socialism he answers the Prophet slice on throughout his entire life anything the prophesy centum calls for a superior comes forward when no one else would answer the call to march forward as available the Allahu Anhu would always come forward. So what is the honor as is available the Allahu Tada and who was wearing a Yellow Turban on the day of others. And when Gibreel and the angels arrived, the prophets lie some looks at as available the law Tada and hold on. He says in that manner. Iike Nazareth Anna Seema Zubair, the angels came down dressed with the turban of a Zubik. So imagine Subhanallah the feeling of is available the allotted time and who

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have the honor to isolate that Djibouti. It has Saddam and mica, Adi Islam and all of those angels came down, wearing the same turban that you are wearing as a sign of honoring you, not just because you're someone beloved to the Prophet slicin But because like the angels respond to Allah, you responded to the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in every single situation.

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