Mohamad Baajour – Grabbing a HOT COAL – Isha Khatira

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the deen of the deeps and the importance of individuals being a Christian and not drinking alcohol or eating alcohol. They also stress the need to instill fear and wear masks to avoid war. A woman describes her son's " knowing that having a strong relationship with the Quran is crucial to success in running a deen," and talks about the upcoming victory of Islam and the importance of having a strong relationship with the Quran. The speakers also emphasize the need to read and follow instructions on the deen and acknowledge its source of pride.
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Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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told us and Billahi I don't know if you're feeling it,

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that there will come a day that the person holding tight to his deen is like the person holding to a piece of fire.

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The sister who's walking with full proper hijab, while everybody around her is naked.

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The brother who's struggling to find the halal job, and he's in dire need of money.

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But he is refusing because everything he goes to is either with interest or alcohol or this or that.

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Our youth that are struggling at school and universities with this and that and boyfriend and girlfriend and the rest, you know, they want to pray in public.

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They are scared they want to stay on their deen and they're struggling literally like someone holding to a piece of fire. And when we are holding to a piece of fire, you can't wait to let it go.

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On the year 19th

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of Hijra

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Alma Radi Allahu Allah sent an expedition

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to fight

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the Christians.

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And when the king knew about that, he said,

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I heard so much about the Companions about the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and I would love to meet one of them. So if you capture somebody, he told his army bring them over here. Long story short, they captured the man called Abdullah even who Dafa with some of his companions. They brought Abdullah to the king. The king told Abdullah become a Christian and I will let you go.

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He said, I would rather die than live my Deen. He said become a Christian, and I will give you half of my wealth. And I will make you from the Michael Rabin. I will make you from the people who are close to me. He said Allah He, if you give me your wealth, and the wealth of every king, I will never leave the deen of Muhammad.

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He said Jalen and leave him without food. They left him without food for two days, he's starving. And when he was so hungry, they brought him pork and wine. He said, even though this is the time where it's the Rudra. And I'm allowed to eat this and drink that. But I don't want people to say that the companions of Muhammad drank alcohol or ate pork. He refused to eat. Then they brought him food. Then he said, Send a very beautiful woman to seduce him. They sent the most beautiful woman, she went inside the jail, and she started doing her thing left, right up and down. He did not move she left the room and said, Well hola hola. Drea at Cal to Munia Allah Hatcher, Bashara Amala

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hudgell. Were who Allah yet three Anna also I'm Zachary.

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Today I do not know whether you let me in into a human being or a rock. And he does not know if I'm a male or a female. He never raised his head

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to bring him over, put him on a cross. And he brought his best archers said hit him with arrows. One time here one time between his legs one time between his ear and next to his ears, but don't kill him. And every time you hit an arrow, ask him to become a Christian. Abdullah did not did not even shake. So he said bring him and bring his companions with him. They brought him brought the companions with him. And they brought a huge pot of boiling oil.

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boiling oil, they brought one of his companions, and they said, become a Christian.

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He said I will never become a Christian pushed the companion into the boiling oil. In few seconds his bone started floating.

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Took the other did the same. Then he said

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take him and throw him in the oil as he's going to be thrown in the oil. He teared

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Abdullah here. So the king saw the tears and said that said he's done. Come over here. Are you ready to become a Christian now?

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He said no. So then why did you tear? He said, Because I only have one soul to give for the sake of Allah and if you throw me in that oil, it will be gone. And I wish I have the number of souls the number of my head and my body so they can all be for the

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sake of Allah

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so this king notice that this man, there's no way with him. So he said, You know what? Come kiss my head and I will let you and all your companions go. So he came, kissed his head and took the companions went back to Medina. He told dama Radi Allahu upon what he what happened. Amara get up and kissed his head. And he said, Allah He, no one who sees Abdullah except he should kiss his head.

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Tibet being steadfast on this Deen we all know that the battle and the war against this deen is nonstop. It's being fueled and pumped, millions of dollars are pumped to divert our children from the steam. So it is extremely vital. Extremely important for our homes to be said to be steadfast on the deen so the kids can see their mother and their father steadfast on their Deen they see that this house at 6am is vibrating because there everybody there is praying pleasure.

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They see that this Quran is being recited constantly in the house, Islam will never die. It will go through stages of tummies stages of sifting stages of filtering for Allah to know the Hadith from the time to know the sodic from the Carib to know the truthful from the liar to know the filthy from the tire from the pure. But this dean will never fail. This dean will be victorious. You have to instill this in your children, that no matter what you see in the world, they look at Syria, they look at Libya, they look at Yemen, they look everywhere, and they see war erupting and they say what kind of deen is this? If Allah loves us, then we will not be in that state. Explain to them that

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these are stages that we want to know who is really on the deen who really believes in Allah who really believes that this Deen will be victorious from the people who have modeled they have sickness in their heart. The minute they see that the slum is going down a little bit they leave No.

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I will shall was not able to shake this dean at a torque was not able to save to shake this Dean and this gene will be dominant whether we like it or not, but we begged Allah to use us to make this gene victorious.

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So that's a bet on this Deen to be steadfast on this deen is not something easy.

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We have so many people with big beards shaved and lifted in

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because it was not in the heart it was only outside beards and thoughts and this and that it has to be established here. And in order to be established here, there must be listening to one there must be a relationship, a strong relationship with the Quran. The new step BTB for that Allah azza wa jal told the first man who will enter Jannah the best man ever created, while hola and that NACA laquered kita Turkoglu Elohim che and kalila if I Allah did not make you steadfast Yeah, Muhammad, you would have inclined a little bit to them. This is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, what about me and you? So we have to have a relationship with the Quran why the Quran because the Quran

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is the speech of Allah to me and you Allah is telling me what to do. Allah is telling me how to run my life. Yeah, you Alladhina Avenue? Yes, your Allah ordered me, command me, I'm ready.

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This conversation with that conversation. It's a need that Allah is telling me. It's the speech of Allah. What does that mean? Read and follow the instructions. Don't just read

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and memorize and enjoy the beautiful voices, read and follow colleagues who are never on our team panela how many of us how many of us constantly say, this is the best book? This is the greatest book. This is the greatest miracle. This is the own the ongoing miracle to the Day of Judgment. We all say that, do you believe in that?

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Do you believe that?

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You just say it. Do you believe that? Look what Allah said Kulu Navin, this is a great information. This is a great neighbor news. This something should shake you within here. What do you say? And Tom and humare don't

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you are neglecting it.

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You are only reading it. You are only listening to it.

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We should yeah one stablish a very strong relationship with the Quran in order to be steadfast on this deen and let's do that with our children from a young age. Because they are the target. They are the target and I don't want to go on

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To details you see what's happening. One of our brothers here is sitting with us right now. His daughter was asked yesterday in a public school what would you like to be called? She Are they

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our daughters are being told this at nine years old

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we have to be firm on this deen and show them how proud we are to be Muslims. how honored we are to be muslims tell them that this is just a storm and after the storm that will be Jana forever. This is exactly the source SLM told us it will be like holding to a call. And Allah if you're not, I will end with this. Masala says I'm told us that there will be a time that this Deen will become strange. It is strange to or to where they are 120 degrees. Are you out of your mind? It is strange to leave a $400,000 job because you're not supposed to pray on Friday. It is strange to leave a business that is bringing 20 $30,000 profit a month just because there's alcohol in it. This is strange.

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The source has told us that the dean will become strange again. So if you're not feeling that you are a stranger, something's wrong with your deen. If you feel that you fit in in the system. If you feel that you belong and nothing's wrong, something's wrong with your deen because we are surrounded by corruption. You have to feel that you are a stranger. You must feel that you are stranger. I can do this. I can go there. I can eat this. I can mix with these people. I can go to those places. Your stranger why not? Because of my dean. But when I blend in, and everything is okay. It's happy hour. Everybody's drinking yellow. Yeah, shut up. No, no, you stand up firm. I'm sorry. It's time for

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salad. I can do this meeting. I have to go to Juma law. I'm sorry. I can buy this item. It has alcohol in it. Even though it's very hot. And now smoke shops are opening left and right. And everybody's being making so much money. A guy came to me he said a guy's proposing to my daughter he has 200 smoke shops. I told him when he gets to 500 tell him no

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stranger, logically, money. I'm not harming anybody. I don't smoke brother. I don't smoke it I just sell it. I don't drink it. I just sell it. No Muslim is a Muslim. Wherever you are. We have to feel that we are strangers. And then and only then we will know how precious is this Dean? Because this Dean has promised us promised us Jana out of the summer what will just be patient first beer in Nevada Allah Huck Be patient. The Promise of Allah is true. Mata masala when are we going to be saved? When is this victory going to take place?

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In Rasul Allah He

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the victory of Allah is very very near

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in mostly me now I didn't was Lima Do you want meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it the more slowly been our slaw the bond he wants saw the Rena was sabe Irati one before she you know under fire she

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was before she now one was watching The one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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one you have you Lena photo gentleman wouldn't have failed what he was getting along I guess

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was the guilt or I don't know hula

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