Haifaa Younis – Salat – Why Do I Have to Pray #04

Haifaa Younis
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Become an enemy lionpaw ally of Shaolin? I've seen that dashboard Why? Smart? urban Allah chose Apollo when a bad headache, or hublin amla dhankhar NACA Intel hub rubbish Shockley solder us Surya Marie water optimally sang of our Poli, I mean, so inshallah This will be the last one or the last session in the series about why should I pray and then of course we're going to end up with the most difficult one, which is

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absolutely, for sure why I don't feel it. Why I feel like I just did it but I didn't feel anything nothing changed before or after. And this is actually something is not like we're the first people or the last people that something and almost everyone complains from even from the time of hub. So it's not like something new but it's becoming epidemic. And somehow I was looking and reading there's a habito for swatting sort of scenario where he said, the first thing that will be lifted from the act of worship is actually a horseshoe.

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And the last thing that will be lifted is a Salah itself.

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So, if you look now we are somewhere in between. Because if you look at the people, what do you got? And that's the blessings of Allah, let's still pray, and where does the show

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and then we have the people who don't pray.

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So how long so the first thing is again, the whole show is not something this is how I when I was preparing the talk and I was like it's something it's not something you learn something you study in, in colleges, something you practice, you keep practicing you keep practicing until Allah Subhana Allah give you and the first thing is you look at the Quran as we always said Allah subhanaw taala The first thing or the first description of a believer when Allah says that believer is going to be successful the first one, he said Allah Nina Humphrey Salatin Pasha, those are the philharmonie known successful indeed are the believers who are the law, nothing else. The first one of you know

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honker, Salatin passion, those who are inside their Salah

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are as they are praying they are serene surrender there's no single word to translate for sure. There isn't surrender serene submitting to Allah subhanaw taala humble all these words. And then of course the second character which is also a character of the heart that's translated in the in the body will be in harmony level remarkable. And those who turn away back from anything that is distraction, low is everything that's a waste of time and distraction from a loss on time and a loss pantalla that same thing in the Quran says when he was describing Sydney Brahim and his and his sons with Robin what

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they used to supplicate and ask us out of love out of fear and out of of humbleness. What can you learn Ohashi as their description say nay Brahim and his children and they were submitted they submitted to us they were humbled to us and this is what I was reading this I was questioning the question number one myself before anyone else or someone remember you How do they remember you? How do they describe you She's sweet she's nice you know she's helpful she's this she's that clearly. Someone will look and says Oh, just wait and see when she starts our solar. We're not there yet. So when I was pantallas, what can Lana her shine and the swelling Sato Salaam said this is a few had

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youth which to me was also new and hamdulillah I was learning them and this has told me I was highly sought to set up said the following.

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The person who cry out of hatia of Allah love and fear and humbleness his eyes will never see the Hellfire till the breast milk that the child suck will go back to the mother's breast

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which will never happen

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and then he said in the same Hadith well I asked me on mobile he said reliable 200 Johanna and it's not gonna come together that dust that has been seen as a result of fighting for the sake of Allah and the dust of Jannah

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it's a parable you what that means so he says two things will not change will not get together.

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The first one says lie alleged legally do not Rajaram Beckham and Hershey Attila the man meaning man or a woman who cries out of the hatia fear and love of Allah will not intergender will not under Johanna till the breast milk that baby suck will go back to the breast which will never happen. What HTML whoa baruntse sebelah the dust that has been lifted because you know when people run and fight for Allah anti there's a lot of dust that dust will never

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Come Together with the fire of john, meaning

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when you go and fight for a loss pantalla and the fight is not necessarily only the fight there jihad, the struggle for Allah and Allah will never come together with the Hellfire, meaning if I am struggling for the sake of Allah, the Hellfire I will be saved from it. And I love this heavy sense in the tournament. And the second one he says, which the second one is most of you, and it's a well known Have you that the seven who are must have either will shave them on the day of on the day when there is no shade, but the shade of Allah and one of them is what I do know fathers are in a home a

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man or a woman that they start their eyes pouring, starts pouring they are crying alone from the all love and the beautiful law. And then this the next one, he says the second one is no actually yeah. The second one is someone described, there was swallowing thought or Sam when he was praying. And it's so hard the the law of inertia here. And he says, I came to Swati site or saddam and he was praying that is Hello. This is things we can't imagine. We just have, I don't know you just have to say your love make me feel it. And he says and he was praying reciting Quran reciting the IRA and his his the sound coming out of his heart. It is like the sound of a container or of a pot where the

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water is boiling hearts can as easily merge. And actually not only that, when you put

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call in a container, and it becomes very hot, and then you pour water on it and what's the sound comes out. I mean, imagine the oil, but this is when you put even water, hot water and the sound comes in. He said the sound will swell his thought was Scylla was praying even more than this. And then there's a beautiful book to him even Roger, the whole book is short for Salah.

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The whole book is about for sure for Salah. So there's some some points from material says what is a hotshot,

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not meaning how I look outside, by the way, which was a bad off the heart, it's not external. No one knows that it signs externally, but doesn't mean externally. You are in a state of control that your heart is so it's a state of the heart. And he says things I have to look inside my heart, I have to work on it before I go to Salah not in 45 minutes before as I am working on my hustle is number one, I need to extinguish the desires in my heart. A modern Iran is Shahada desires, what is the desires in my heart, or your heart or our hearts were different. But in general, I wanted I love it, I want to eat I want my coffee, we always talk about food because it's the easiest, I want my coffee, I

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want my dessert at nine o'clock, I have to do this not for a long time, not talking about a bad talk about dunia.

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These are the desires The first step in short, you have to extinguish these fire. Because the more I have control on what my heart once I will have more control on my heart to submit to Allah.

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Think of when we are praying what is inside us, most of it is I have to do. She said that he said this, whatever, you know, all this. And these all out of either desire, I like it, or desire. I don't like it when I am worried about it because I want something to happen. So number one, we need to work on our desires. And this is actually these steps in scale, which we have studied it many, many times. And the study that steps in teskey is Mujahid. This is a module that the struggle against what your nefs wants, I cannot come today because I'm too tired. No, you're coming. You tell yourself like you're the baby in the house, I need I cannot get up at four, no, you will get up at

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four and the struggle. So that's number one. And number two is things that is so important in my heart. And of course they are using beautiful words and making it much simpler things in my heart that I have to have it. I have to have it and I'm talking about material things. This all needs to be extinguished again, this all needs to be put under control. It's very hard these days in age, it's very hard. I mean for us, for the younger people for the older people because everything is available. Everybody wanted and we are we're not living alone. We're living surrounded. And in things you see things you like, but this is the struggle. So number one is you need to turn off

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think of when you cook, turn off or lower, gradually lower gradually, this fire inside my heart of wanton desire.

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And the best things which you have said this many times personally I see is fasting fasting kills kills gradually the desires because you can control it especially these days it's very difficult with all these long hours if you can do this gradually you're gonna say you know I'm fasting I'm not talking about from a warm outside I am not an you're a person who loves coffee at nine o'clock, right and you and you're doing it let's say twice a week, three times a week, gradually you're going to see yourself you're on everything inside you is under control. And then the process continue. So the first thing is go against the knifes much less respond to what I like number two. So the second

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category is actually I need to bring a law back in my heart said easily done is much harder. And this is about not bringing him only but actually glorifying him. And we all say Subhan Allah, it's hamdulillah It's beautiful. It's a beautiful word, but we need to feel what is Subhan Allah, what is a lot mean the one who feeds me the one who if I'm sick, he will cure me, the one who gives me the one who whatever I want, I turned to him. So I need to Tavi mala I need to bring the light of glorifying Allah inside my heart. And I need to remind myself this is reminders. This is reminders. The morning and the evening as core is actually one way of it. Because most of the morning and

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evening as current is glorifying Allah is glorifying Allah in every single detail. Why a spa spa Kula simple. I'm saying now I'm selling more karela we are up in the morning or the day is going to be ending and Elmo karela all the southern everything I own everything everybody else is owned by Allah now you're glorifying Allah. So the more I glorify Allah This is when I was reading this I remember the line a Seder Zenon I believe when Allah when he was going for will do not get salah and his face changes and people look at him as like my by Luca Imam what's wrong what what happened look at the answer this comes in he said una vida de means Do you know in between home I'm gonna go and

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stand What is this? This is in his heart, the glory glorifying Allah and this to come inside Salah it has to be outside sada I always tell myself this is not a switch when when the mom says Allahu Akbar I'm going to turn the switch off for sure it doesn't work this way. And we all see it and we all feel it. This has to be all the time or when you have them shot you're always always I am glorifying the last time and I struggle and I practice and I know I failed and then I'm going to go and do it again. It's don't think it's very difficult because I always say this to myself how many non Muslims look at us when we are fasting? And they look at you and me and they said we can never

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do this. This is impossible 16 hours with no food or drink right? And we normally what do we respond?

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Allah make this easy we have always done it and we never thought of it this way. Just the same way they look at what we think it's easy. We look at people one push you and I'm gonna share with you some stories, and you're gonna say this is impossible. No, no, if I can do this by Allah Subhana Allah I can do that. So glorify Allah and be in a state of worship outside Salah which I said this before the best answer I got about this question which is wherever you go, this question is raised. How do I bring her shoe in my Salah? The question was, the answer was one line. What you are outside Salah your insights Allah

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if I am outside Salah glorifying Allah have the love the fear the or I feel him I think of Salah will be just changing the time. I mean just changing the place in that direction.

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So I need to work every single moment that I am really trying to get there. No one will bring me but I need to take the path like always all of us like you wanted to have a house you wanted to get a career you wanted to have your children successful. We all wanted that. Right? It's come right away. We worked on it. And by Allah grace it happens. So the same thing in this. And some of the scholar says what is her show? He says two things. Is your heart submit and humble to the one who knows everything.

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All in all of these beautiful 10 Columbia alum lube, very easy, very easy said beautifully said your love Give us to us the loop loop the heart, hearts. That's why it's a bother. It's an act of worship of the heart, the heart submit, humble think of Allah. And he didn't say a light is the one who knows the unseen who knows the unknown

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and it's

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you need to observe and observe the following is your heartbeats what I'm not talking about medical heartbeats meaning what makes me happy? What makes me sad? What makes me awake? What makes me bored? What makes me excited you need to start observing these these needs to be around what Allah loves and what Allah does not love. If I can do this outside my slider I'm going to come to my son I am much more focus remember I'm talking only about the internal I'm not talking about the external we have talked about it many times there is no shoe and you are praying and the TV is there

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forget it or the food is being cooked because you're going to be distracted or for example there's loud noises all this you need all this removed. Even with this in the masjid will still distracted so I need to the external but mainly the internal I need to always be in a state and that's called a maraca. And maraca is I am always an observant of my inner state without law like somehow like how much we observe the others she was looking at me she said this I think she feel this I think she think of this all this turn it the other way around and it's like what I am feeling how it is in even you grade your Salah you grade your liquor you grade your Quran the more you do this it is

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going to come

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and as I said this is a heavy isn't for us all so to sign the mommy mahadasha daddy he said oh well my your mean and NASA for sure. The first thing that will be lifted from people is an issue of assata what Romeo for salah and the last thing that will be lifted is actually Salah itself and look now

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if I say 50% of the Muslim population don't pray Am I exaggerating?

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Allah knows Allah knows and when I say they don't pray I mean they pray regularly Salah is part of their life somehow one knows what will happen in

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and for the FDA which is they have no idea so how he said the first thing oh well might have auto naming de novo for sure the first thing that will you will lose from this gene is a whole show or format of codina minako masala and people differ some says if your body if your heart is not in a state of OSHA, then don't pretend

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because then you're gonna

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you're a hypocrite. Some people say if you are alone

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now see see if you are alone. Work on your external and hopefully the heart will follow but you are if you are in public, don't pretend you aren't sure if you are for sure you will be for sure the body will follow but if you are not on your heart somewhere else and then you know how you're going to start looking and looking down I'll share with you some stories with from from say die show one story don't do it but if you are alone, because you are safe from Ria from ostentation, nobody will a single except for last month work on that try to put your head down try to read longer try to focus longer unless pantalones Allah will give it I'm going to share with you some stories

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you're going to get depressed but that's okay. Yeah, really I'm gonna when I was doing this, you know hit the law. And he says

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no one once one righteous person says about the other righteous person and he says I have never seen Muslim opening yourself

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ever toning during his during his Salah. Whether the Salah is is a short one or a long one. I've never seen him moving.

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And you're gonna say okay, to the extent that I was with him, and the wall of the masjid fell, everybody left, and he was still a hustler.

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I remember the story every time I come to the masjid, I wonder anything happened? Well, I view this person. I'm not talking about anybody else. Will I be this person? Will I just stay in my solar panel? And then look at this one, another righteous person. They asked him, we see the flies comes on your face and you're praying, don't they bother you?

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Imagine, but look what he says.

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I trained myself that nothing will go in my cellar. And he said, How did that happen? How can you fly? And he said, I was told that the wrong doers, the people who disobeyed a law, they have a lot of patient on the disobedience of a law. Why don't I have patient on the obedience of Allah?

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True or false

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and he's

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Why don't and he says people are proud of it and brag about it. And he say, and then I said will I move and I am between a las pantallas hands because of a fly.

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And the likeness of Atlas is well known is that he said when he stands in Salah, you think he is a stick

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you think he is a stick and then a theory who's the puppy also actually is a tidy and he said this is one person saw him in the Harlem and he said I saw Sophia and authority in the huddle after model we all Craig novel. And then he stood up to pray extra.

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And then he went for salute. He did not lift his head. Alicia

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did not lift his head, not stopped praying. And then he said one other person he said, I came also to do it off. And then I found sofian same sajida so in his sujood then I went one, one round, he's still in his suit. I wanted the second round, he was still in his suit.

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And then Sophia and the same he said he came as a guest in my house. So I cooked for him meet with with some vinegar, and he ate very well. Look at this, and then I brought him some sweets and he eats very well. And I brought another sweet and he ate very well. And then he said he stood up and he says we fed the donkey. Now it's time to work and he stood up in Salah till the morning

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so even the food when I was reading this I was like part of law. Even the food when they eat is for Allah remember when he said make everything you do this is for like as I was reading I was like why they are talking about the food has to be something meaning I am eating to get strong and it's good food Alhamdulillah done stood up till the morning. And so basically this is when one more time because of the time I want to share with you is the story of Satan.

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Oh, let me share this one before I got saved no more. There's a famous Hadith and I want everyone to remember this hadith because this hadith will remind me what really sold me the Hadith in the field. You will read it when you study for says howdy to see if you saw that. That's how they call it. It's the Hadith of the person who did Salam right or he did not do it properly but he will not

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say what is this Huggy? Asante sana to a cinema sitting in the masjid. as a hobby a man named Panama knowning man came in and then I saw I saw to sit I'm sitting and the man performs hola nomachine what Salah is not the issue what Sharla could be it could be followed because the Napa Allah knows this is not the issue. So he prayed, finished his prayer and came back to the Swati Sato said I'm to greet him. And he greeted him. And then he said go back. You have not prayed

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no argument. The man went back. prayed. Came back. Said Imani aleikum. Sara, go back. You did not pray.

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Second time. Third time. did the same. Went prayed came back and he said go back you didn't pray. And he you didn't pray. He didn't say you didn't pray properly. In the Colombo family.

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He said he did not pray there might at this point as well lie. This is what I know.

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I don't know any better. And then he now know what did he do wrong? What we will think you probably Mr. Rocha. This is what we were saying Mr. Rocha. He didn't probably didn't say it, maybe then dosa Salaam. He said and this is how we know what exactly our US values are to a certain performs. But the point here, either contact us or Africa but when you want to go for Salah, the first thing you do is Allahu Akbar, then read what ever you can read from the Quran, as we all know, here comes So Mark mahatama innocua then go for ruku stay in record till you are still

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till you are still What do we do

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this and either Oh, and then he kept saying this word in every action that you doubt or fight with when you get up when you move up from record. So you stand up, stand up till you feel still.

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And then when you go for sujood You're still you get up from sedu You're still he didn't teach him the other. This is the main thing he told him lump to solidly. That means I really need to I need to take her. Sure well, Hamed is not open. Otherwise, we'll be ending

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Trouble it's not one of the pillars of Sala Attila anon is apart is a pillar of solder meaning you you win every act every motion you will do what you do with to the you do it perfectly you do it all the way and when you go for for sudo you cannot go like this you need to go to sujood and come up there when you stand you stand but he shook his head that Automat in till you feel still right and I always to translate it to practical.

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Practice this especially when you get up from record when you are alone because when you want more and when you're after the EMA you are following him. But when you are insular and you stood up from rucola right, Sammy Allahu even hammy that what most of us says are a binocular columned hamdulillah why try to make it longer?

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Right I've been our callaham hum done Cathy wrong by Eva mobile comfy if you can do with all your with all see how you feel

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when you go for sudo because these are all practical points to bring the stillness especially if I don't know that you are very very well I'm going to focus more so then when I go for sujood right so how neurobiol Allah one no make it a three then make the limb try to remember Allah we all the communist Doha roswaal De Soto sir so that in his sujood, Yamaha liberal kulu a bit alveolar Enoch, the one who you turn the hearts keep my hearts in you on your path or on your religion. The point I'm trying to make is unless I move it I change my Salah what I say and what I read it the hotshot will be much harder so bring it as much as you can remember this lamp to Saudi Arabia he told him go

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back he did not pray

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so sometimes when I do young and old by the way how we say it's the youth it's not only the youth by the two minutes Salah to second Salah you know it's like Hello, I just feel I did my duty. And let me share with you say syedna oma when he when he passed away, and this is a beautiful description of his death. He says I also say no more, went to the masjid and he was the Imam and it was morning it was afraid your Salah Why? Then the Salah, they call for the Salah, and he went up and he stood and he says, still make the lines straight. And he says Allahu Akbar, the moment he said Allahu Akbar, he was stabbed in the back. You all know this, this is when he died right? Now what's happened? The

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one that was exactly behind him saw all this. The one that was in the back, they had no idea what happened. He suddenly was reading and stopped. And he was reading we didn't say who was reading that fatty how it was reading the surah but stopped. So they said Subhan Allah, meaning what's happened because that's the only thing you can say we woman clap. And then the man says to Paula.

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What's happened? Look at this. Imagine you and me. He turned and Abdul Malik now falls behind him. pulled his hand he was stabbed bleeding, pulled his hand brought him to the front. made him the Imam what is the priority for him? Salah propp bottom so people will continue because he's the Imam Someone has to come up that's why this is one of the fuck I think we always say the person immediately behind the Imam has to be the person who is can and willing to be the man if anything happens. So he brought up the harmonic now type and then he fainted.

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He fainted he didn't die yet he fainted they finished the slide out

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now a lot below I looked at this I was like yo ROM de la What did you give them and what's wrong with us? It's the same what you give them you gave us so he basically fainted so they after Salah they carried him right and they came all actually no they didn't carry him yet. He fainted the if they came all around him and he was he lost conscious as like we need to wake them up. And once the hubby says you want to wake him up. Tell him it's solid time.

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Yeah, you know

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and they said yeah, I'm your mommy and

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it's time for Sarah. What did he say? He opened his eyes What did he say? asanas that people pray

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if people pray I'm fine till he died

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so power law so power law this doesn't happen again this is something this is how they lived the Salah for them was number one is a priority Salah for them was not

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a need meaning when I because I need something I'm going to go pray very well you know I have something tomorrow or now. Whatever it is so now for them was there literally their relationship with a

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last panel retired and this is how they translate the love and the or, and the fear of a loss paradigm in reality by the Sala. It's almost the same story about Saraswati Santos and this is how you can say dies when she said whenever Swati cipher was sent in his last days, in his last days

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when he was sick the last two, three days, right. And then the last day, next day he passed away at the historical center. So it was time for either Bahasa, and they said it's time for Salah Rasul Allah and he was he was not completely conscious. So they dropped water on him. And they said you're also lots of solar. So he walks you in opens his eyes, he wants to walk he couldn't he faint again. And then they put this on him three times Pamela, like the death of save normal. But this was sickness, this was murder. So then the last thing he said call aboubaker let him

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be the Imam of the people that when he heard abubaker leaving the people he's he woke up and he then he was able to stand and they walked him to the solder knew his house is next to the masjid you all know this so they walked into the masjid Abdullah have now bus and his uncle that he was able when he finished his Salah behind the same number so Salah for them is if I want to wake you up if now I am asleep

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and you want someone to wake you up what do you do

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so Panama why Japan law of alarm system and we have whatever we have all this and we still

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Japan Allah it's what is it? It's their hearts. Yeah.

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there's a couple of things. Do you want to announce oh you already announced you already announced that I have liquid water. Now

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practical points back again how I want or I will be nil especially this blessed days to reach to Sala number one is knowledge. Nothing in this Deen we will get it without knowledge. And I'm going to add to it is practice because what we see these days is there's a lot of people who know and people who attend classes and people who learn and people all this but where is alarming?

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Where is the practice? Where is the practice? And you see this and this is one of the things that's people

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take it against people who are quote unquote practicing.

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Because you will know you attend your hijab you pray you go to the masjid no one when reality comes in where is the practice? So number one is in and practice everything you learn. Like today I learned something about her shoe, I'm going to go and try especially if I am home, I am going to try to apply what I learned. And then I'm going to tell myself how I'm going to keep it whether I write note whether someone reminds me what I keep reading. So number one is Elaine knowledge. Number two is knowing Allah subhana wa tada Marisa to law you have to keep reminding yourself we all know Allah pantile hamdulillah Hello blank but there is a difference between I know and how they knew how I

00:33:28 --> 00:34:08

knew know and how they knew who remember I was pantalla look around us I always you know Allah by two things I have to mokoro Allah to mumble by the signs that you read which means his book. And by the signs you see signs you see we all see it's all around us hunger we live in a beautiful, whether it's a child, whether it's a baby, whether it's an animal, it's a green tree, whether it's the sunset, all of it. And if every time you see you can imagine who is this who's a law, if this is how he is what is going to be what is going to be and I always when I feel weak, probably I find it for myself is the best way to bring you back is think of death.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:16

Think of death and you're inside that. Now you know a lot recently I was in a place where they had a youth camp.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:19

Imagine what they were with what's he teaching

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

he actually dig a hole

00:34:23 --> 00:34:24

right dig a hole

00:34:26 --> 00:34:28

there their instructor and then he had black

00:34:30 --> 00:34:42

like the the garbage bags. And he said go inside, not the garbage but go inside this hole, put little bit then put the black bag and put dust on the Black Buck.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

And he said just one second Feel it. Feel it sooner or later we are going there. Personally, this is how I feel. And this is what he taught us how inside was actually Roman decree how they will keep reminding death because it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

Break your desires how long right? If somebody is sick you're not gonna think about I want and I want I just want to be healthy. So that's number two in number so knowing Allah thinking and reflecting on the size of Allah subhanho wa Taala these are the most important practicality also practicality I add to this this is all about the heart the place where you pray you have to have a place in your house where it is your masala whether it's a room, whether it's a corner, whether whatever it is, and it's away from every distraction, and it is does not have any distraction. I mean one of the biggest distractions these days is what is the masala itself, the Rog that we pray

00:35:44 --> 00:35:59

on? Have you seen the new to beautiful, right but good luck if you're gonna focus. So these yummy the simple things that's that's number one. Number two, change the IRS or the sooner that you read

00:36:00 --> 00:36:20

change the surah that you read. Don't read the same surah you know, try to read new ones, especially those that you don't know very well because you're going to focus on your reading. Like for example if you say full voila, huddling Well, we all know it's 1/3 of the Quran. But what is the chances you're focusing in follow Allah had

00:36:21 --> 00:36:41

versus if it's a new three or four iron that you are learning and that will push me also to learn more. Three longer sujood longer record you don't do once upon a be alarming. It's not enough. three, five, and that number that was widely sought was praised watch what was which number

00:36:42 --> 00:37:08

1010 when he saw that he was a he was a young boy when he saw him and then they counted if you said 10 times it who did Who said that? So 10 times when you are alone again I'm not saying every single day May Allah make it every single day. But I'm talking about when you're alone when you are you have nothing to do with him now you're in the morning or in the evening. Now number five, which is extremely important is the night sala

00:37:09 --> 00:37:52

tahajjud even if it's one broker, one broker I'm not going to say three four hours I'm especially these days is not easy. The night is very short. So one little car, one broker you can always do come in one broker one broker and in this you can open the quarter you can put in front of you and read make it longer The night has its own beauty and its own serenity it will apply on me. And then you will see your morning Have you seen it I'm sure you all have seen when you start your morning good how the day goes and good I'm talking about with the last panel more time so longer six or seven whatever the number is is your company which is an everything Are you are your friends people

00:37:52 --> 00:38:34

who don't pray, don't talk about how sure are your friends who people who pray but pray to minute salah and when they are home they pray when they are outside they don't pray are your friends people who pray at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and they are like you or they feel even less where they want to be so let's work on it together. Even these are the people I want company is the huge influence what our time and elbow and the chronometer Baja, Canada, Morocco. So your company is extremely important. And last but not the least keep yourself busy with the obedience of Allah. I'm not talking only about the acts of worship. There's a lot of opportunity to obey Allah during the

00:38:34 --> 00:38:42

day. help someone make somebody happy, it lifts the burden on somebody you know what I am saying be a

00:38:43 --> 00:39:25

project for dow dow meaning I'm not talking about you go and give lectures and talks of a lot use you this Alhamdulillah but in everywhere you are wherever you are. If you are focused on a low when you're in that supermarket, this is your opportunity to obey a loss pantile and to do your doubt, then you're going to say what pleases Allah and he will make it easy for you. You think this is not related to her shoe, it's highly related to her shoe, because the more again The more I am focused on last pantalla outside Sala I am more focused on los pantalla insights. So do these simple, simple simple and remember these stories. If these people can do it, I should be able to do it. The only

00:39:25 --> 00:40:00

difference between me and them is is my heart. My heart is not focused on it as their hearts were hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen and hamdullah I was worried that I'm not going to be able to finish on humbler stage 15 months. Is it okay i'm not Abram it will be the last hamdullah we finish this will finish this series will be the last one and we will see who is going to do the next two weeks and Tuesday Hello Angela who will continue and then inshallah, when we come back in India, we're going to start the whole year next year Allah give us like we're going to start our journey back with the Quran be eaten in inshallah.

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Every Tuesday we'll be the Quran legal, Kamala Harris panicle. amo behind the eyeshadow and

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stuff we'll cover today. So low and sad on the heels.

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