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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of following spiritual principles and finding one's own values is emphasized in the pandemic pandemic and praying experiences. Personal values and behaviors are a result of culture and values, and individuals are not the same. modesty and humility are crucial for building a strong personal profile and career, and finding the right person and bringing oneself closer to God is crucial. It is crucial for individuals to have a strong understanding of their own values and values, and bringing oneself closer to God is crucial for success.
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Santa Monica.

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Welcome back. Renee Brahim, by my home here in Western Australia. I pray them

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together happy, comfortable means is that going to law fair for those of you who have been waiting patiently online, and are progressing through the tech.

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will take our first caller and shot law and then resume our discussion with modesty. We will have a theme over the next few weeks. I want to call it how can I help? Well

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my question

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is a track record.

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Right every Friday

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at home

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what about that, so you're welcome to be here. So you're welcome to do the 12 row count whether you're praying in the magic or not Mondays, Tuesdays Wednesdays, and on the day of tomorrow, there isn't the for Rakatan Pooraka. After what you would do in China is that the Hey attunements when you come in, you would listen to the Dumon whether men or women, and you would pray two rakaat after the solder as well as chop off. Or if you were at home, you are able to do whatever faders that are comfortable for you. But they are not. If you are praying at home, you are praying your door. So you would pray the full record before and after as normal as if it was Thursday.

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So the 12 records are a student of the puppet device and that he would do any time that he was in a city. If he was traveling, he would not be praying that 12 o'clock if they were essential for him when he was in a city when he was comfortable when he wasn't ill when there wasn't, you know anything that kind of altered the normal day to day activity that he performed. When he was traveling, he would just bring the tour on top before before fashion. And he would pray his head during night prayers and we shot a lot. That winter, of course is something that we should never leave off. And it is something that is an essential for us to practice as best as we can even if

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it's just one simple

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data, but thank you for that. Call my sister there was no different than the brothers. I have another question sister how can I help?

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Nobody I want an STD but if we get around

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but could be

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another cover?

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Sure, a lot at the face. The face veil is something that is worn by some of our Muslim sisters as a sign of greater job. It is not seen by the majority opinion as being an obligation along with the other. I never felt less every person has the right to wear the clothing that they feel most comfortable and women so that's left up to a person to decide really mad said Now with regards to being in the State of Iran that safe define or more sacred state where we're extra careful with what we say what we do and who we interact with and how we interact with others even other living things we don't let the off a tree and so on. Were supposed to be in a higher prohibitive state. The

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prophets of Allah Allah said that says as is in the

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body, he says that a Muslim woman who is in the state of haram should not wear gloves and should not feel her face. In that act. We also know that sisters when they are praying and normal that it is the tested to cover the face when one is a prayer you expose your face unless there was somebody who was making you feel uncomfortable and you normally been in your face so it's gonna distract you from a prayer or distract you from your devotion. So generally speaking, what you would do is that would unveil your face during your during your time of your umbrella. And if you notice somebody who's you know, just you know if it's something that making you feel uncomfortable with somebody is looking at

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you directly and you're not accustomed to that you can turn your body from them or they have a part of your face. That is the

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entirely up to you. But it's not something

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that you should break the words of the Prophet bytes and live entirely Bill yourself. So that those seem to be the most appropriate kind of answers for this particular question that you're asking, as it relates to the HUD prom for somebody who normally covers their face voluntarily. Child will love with that.

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We're going to continue with our discussion as they relate to modest downwash. And we were trying to define the concepts that really brought us into force, we began by saying that in kind of the world that we live in today more modest, to be the opposite of what is the norm, that you find that there are a lot more people who are much more willing to be more flagrant or out there, and more showy than what would be the norm. That word varies by maybe a generation before. And a lot of that relates to a lot of the attitudes and a lot of the values that have kind of been shifting and going from one place to the next. Now for us as Muslims, of course, the universal values that we espouse,

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would be similar to the universal values that are held on to by other people of the Scripture, Jewish people, people who are practicing Christian doctrine and practicing austerity of belief, and following a simple way of life, whether you find it within Buddhism or and you know, whatever type of,

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you know, spiritual practice that people have, there will always be an emphasis on the importance of controlling one's ego, limiting one's arrogance, being one who demonstrate within themselves and outwardly humbleness, that there is decency and delicacy and decorum and virtue, that one is trying to not sexualize themselves, their body, their behavior, their words, their tone, what they see what they've been to what they give off towards other people. And modesty is in every aspect of what we do, what we wear, to how we speak to others, to what we spend to how much we earn, what we say all of those are kind of things that are under the conceptualization, of having a sense of

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impact, each and every aspect of our life, and showing a moderate, humble estimate of one's merit, of one's wealth, of one's faithfulness of one's religiosity of one spiritual pursuit. All of that is a sense of that, in fact, a lot tells us in the Quran, whether to Deku and Prusa from do not sanctify yourself before God not overly praise your spiritual station in front of God who added all that up for me surely God alone Allah Allah, who knows those who have piety apart true genuineness apart sincerity, and are free of pretentious, ostentatious, extravagant and immodest.

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It's important to kind of frame that as the way that we as Muslims experience our spiritual state we have another caller with us on the line we'll take our caller shot a lot and return our discussion about his sin I want to come call it how can I help

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when it comes

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to know you know when I do my time

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all the time all my five did I do

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own my class I want to know whether

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or I shouldn't be doing it regularly in all my life

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and I do want

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to see the next one

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and the other one, you know and

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I like

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okay, but I want I want to say to you that I do it the regular everyday.

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Alright, there's a couple of different question I'm gonna paraphrase your question our sister is asking. She has a regular routine that she's established for herself, where she read particular sections of

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The whole app regularly each and every day in their prayer in certain prayers and certain rakaat. Is this something that it can be referred to as a diet, or a heresy and a heretical practice that is reversing things? And the answer to that is, well, it depends on what.

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So there's two things that you would want to avoid. The first is recommending this type of system, or routine other. So you would not say, for example, to your neighbor, I read it in the first one,

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you should read.

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Because you do not have this mandate, we're not informed by a law of God Almighty, that this is something that is virtuous, other than that I put in and of itself is a virtue. But to itemize it and label it with your own volition, with your own opinion, would be something that begins to enter into a place of the that. The second thing is that you don't need to mind a specific reward. So you don't say, I read it to every one of my rocker today, in every prayer, I read policy after school. And for this reason, Allah will give me or I have protected myself from so by you making a reward, or you as sue me. Something that has not been informed was by Allah by the prototype, you're

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entering into a dark territory, even though what you're reciting is on what you're reciting merits, by signing for it a status, recommending it to others in a way that was not ordered, is something that

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from the blessing that is out there in it. But what if those disorders that you feel comfort with one of those are disorders that you enjoy reading that you found a rhythm with them that they give you a sense of

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happiness and contentment apart, you're not recommending it to others, you're not telling others to do it, you're not saying that I'm going to get a special reward for doing it? Is there anything wrong with that? And the answer, my dear sister is no, you do want to have some variety, but the answer is no. As long as you are keeping yourself from seeking about a law or about what Allah has said in a way that you were not informed, then you should be fine There's a famous incident of more than your mother who was one of the masters of one of the those four people with a prophet Ted we're going to learn more and learn them from one of the four he said after loving him is good or bad.

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Babbitt and why given right these are you know the four major you know scholars of of the recite ation of the memorization from the prophesy.

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What people would sample either they came and they said O Messenger of Allah, whenever he needs us in prayer, you recite

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Hula, hula Allahu Ahad, every raka in every rock and whether you don't he might have read to refusal. And then at the end, it always ends or begins with Allah. The Prophet asked him why, why do you do this, he said, O Messenger of Allah, it is the soul of my heart, it informs me about who is Allah and what is not a lot, and I cannot leave it for my prayers inspires me that way. The prophets I send them did not depart from it or to stop or

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so there is evidence that a person is able to make a selection for themselves and what they find comfort in the hole and chop off. Now lots of kinda with the other except

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Except you to accept your worry about doing something that may be contrary to the advice, have beautiful in these follow the way of the price and to find your divine path and to limit ourselves to what He limited us to and not to add to it with

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some of the law when I was seven.

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We return with our discussion to modesty outline. There's a number of important issues that really bothers me. So number one that's important. Modesty is one of the honorable traits that a Muslim has that impact other if not, or character and ethics and morality in their life. So modesty is what makes you have more likeable person, more agreeable person, more stern person who's guarding the tradition guarding the subject, modesty of not speaking about others, not speaking about Allah not recommending what hasn't been recommended by the prophet by sending all of that comes to modesty because an individual understands that they are accountable before Allah

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Japan with the Adam, true humility of force and true modesty is an enormous sign of strength. It is one where you are quietly confident in who you are and what you're doing, and why you're doing it, because of what you believe in Allah. And obviously,

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it requires a great deal of honesty of self reflection. It allows you to understand what your strengths are. But it also allows you to begin to mitigate and to protect yourself against some of your weaknesses by identifying that true humility and modesty is where one begins to combat their ego and egotistical sense, to develop greater self control, self awareness, self remediation, self rectification, to address their themselves, and to hold themselves to higher account within themselves. And to begin to develop self control over one's ego over one's arrogance, over one pride over one's vanity over one's desires. All of that comes from that one word, and how you how you got

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therefore, encapsulate everything of it encapsulate a person's feelings inside themselves, their thoughts, but it also is what is meant to govern, and help us choose our actions correctly. Humility, and modesty is a great virtue. And if you were to look at literature, Western literature, literature, Islamic literature, you would see that it was always linked as of the most, if not the most important imbalance. And, of course, as you see today, the way the world is streaming providers, straying away from straying away from having temperance and humility and simplicity, that a modest person today may mock for them, not aggressive, not being one who is coveting, and, you

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know, out to get more and more, and just just has no, no thirst, they can be quenched. A modest person, at the same time is one who's not boastful and is not proud, and one who's not, you know, rubbing in another people's face their successes, and one was not hiding failures, just to just to seem to those who are insignificant, really in the realm of things as being more important and more learned, and more achieving than they actually are. And what's the kind of data

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that is the signs of a hypocrite, you're a Buddha and your mental imagine, they are those who would like to pray, and celebrated for that which they themselves have not actually earned. Or done, or practice. But those who are to moderate in a time, enter into a place where they become mean, and become those who are opposite to the Sunnah of the Prophet guys. I remember the photographer, the man who saw a person walking,

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hunched over, you know, in this exaggerated stated minutes, walking softly, like, you know, I'm holier than thou that, you know, I don't even want to step on the earth, I'm such a righteous person, I'm not gonna get love, call this person and remember, the love is an icon. And number two, is staff instruct the man and said, Are you a Muslim? No, you want to render to God? Why are you walking in this way? Why are you acting, you know, acting Adrem dramatizing it in this way. And it becomes important to understand that there are drawback from a person being

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fraudulent, immodest, or putting on a show, or you know, wearing the clothes, the clothing of a smaller does not make one smaller. I you know, what I say to you, whether I'm wearing that they're totally your booty or taking it off, makes no difference. So if you're, if you're wearing this, if this is what symbolizes knowledge and so on, and you don't have a person who doesn't have it, you know, you know, this isn't from our dean, this isn't how we resemble and we understand trueness and humility, an act of faithfulness to a lot kind of without one of the rights we have to Allah and do the eyes and that is that we follow his attitude. In true genuine honesty, the prophets of Allah it

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was said, at fine food rescue on blue

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It doesn't ruin your model to have something that is expensive to wear as long as the offensive it was not beyond your budget that you didn't have to go in debt for it that you're doing it just for, you know, pleasing others and breathing upon yourself and self ruin a man I heard the prophesy said let's say if this is the way of a

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Muslim and other prophets I send them send

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an individual who has this character will not be from the first people to enter paradise and cannot be

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When their heart there is an atom's Wait a small Mustard Seed of pi arrogant and then stood up and said young male wealthy men stood up and said Young was

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number two the milkman, an individual one of us to hit by an takuna Yahoo. woman who has a woman who has an individual may enjoy, you know the blessings of Allah, that they're able to afford fine Paillard COVID fine cuisine and an expensive ride and expensive stallion. Dawn. You're something right now I have an expensive Arabian stallion

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is this going to preclude me to keep me away from Ghana that I'm able to afford this and I've enjoyed the blessing of Allah have

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Allah Who Jemima.

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Allah is the source of all the source of all luxury, the source of all happiness, the source of all blessings in your life, and he loves or when you're able to Yarra

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Valley, and Allah loves to see the effect of his blessings upon his service. Allah wants you to enjoy the blessings to have, and kibra the arrogance of people who are buffalo who have to reject the truth on account of the one who carried it. So if somebody doesn't dress it nicely, it doesn't have the education that you have doesn't have the wealth you have doesn't have the background or social status, or company or race or whatever it may be that you think you're proud of, that you don't have, but they spoke the truth. You don't qualify the truth on account of who they are you offended on what they said is if

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you do not reject the truth on account of where it's come from, and who said and number two,

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don't look down at those who have not been given what you've been given what you've amassed, what you say, what you born, what you've eaten, what you've written, you don't qualify and categorize.

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So if you're able to escape those, if you earn from Adalat, spending, not of extravagant, to enjoy the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah while having maintainers that car and Chihuahua, aspire to give yourself the off, although it is not an obligation, it is the see, and security blanket of the believers in this dunya an afro modesty, of course, is one of those things that we always need to call our hearts. Another important principle is that with modesty, it is important to understand that it is not ever going to be attained, that you reach it and say I've achieved it. And that's enough. It will always save your life where you go in and out of it you are moving in and out and do

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it and it requires deliberation, diligence, hard work at considerable considerable effort to always live in the heart and bring yourself closer to having greater

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and delicacy and simplicity in your relationship with the law. As with as amended with is created with the added number three, modesty will only bring light and it will bring good people in your life and it will bring good experiences in your life and indecency. The opposite of ours, which we will speak about.

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The opposite of it may be something that is enjoyable for a moment, but the regret that comes after his last life. And of course there are many ruin their marriages, their whole their job, through fraud through read through infidelity. One way that leads them away from a modest and being on

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the Enlightened line. Really, really impact of the prophets of God of our

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law. Are you

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when I with an awakening,

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bless our life we honestly have cameras on and make us from those who are virtuous in this life that we become luminary Allah I mean your brother yet Abraham with this time when I was

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working on Capitol Hill suddenly

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