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The importance of investing in mentorship and education for the future is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to acknowledge their own worth and value themselves. The speakers emphasize the importance of letting everyone know about a road and wasting time on it, creating a network of connections to help individuals grow and become successful. The speakers also emphasize the need for personal mentorship and coaching to build a successful society.

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Alhamdulillah he from Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah he Madhu who want to stay you know who want to study he want to still feel well who want to still sit or

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what I will do bIllahi min show rhodium and fusina women say Dr. Merlino mejor de la Ferla mobila woman jobaline Phelan taggi de la Hui Walia Murshida

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wa shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who was the hula Sherry Gala, de la noir Hayden Ensenada let me get the heat for Hey Burton what a while. Well I'm here Kula who for one I had watched her do another B Jana what are we mana Mohan Madden Abdullah he was to wasafi you home in high up Habiba. Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ijeoma 18 yopu Jalla Jalla Allahu Fimo kami Kitabi

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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah. Your Walkman your Brahimi will also be in in Santa Fe who saw in the Levina Manu Amira Foley Hertie, what are well, so we will help you out. So we'll be sober.

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The series of hope was that I started last week or the week before actually

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is community investment, the topics or the issues, or the disciplines or the fields or the categories however you want to call them that I believe our communities should be investing in and this is the best I could come up with after 10 years of living here and just observing things move forward or backwards sometimes. And these five categories I think we have the ability to invest in there may be other ones that we should be investing in. I don't think we have the ability to I think if you think of any community or any human being aimed a little bit too high or beyond their means the under burn

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Think themselves out with almost no, with no with nothing to show for at the end. But these five categories will love who I am, I believe that we do have the capacity, I think we have the time we have the organization, the leadership and the wealth, I think we have all of the tools that are required for us to actually invest in them.

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And I talked about education last week, and I think is the foremost by far the most important of all, but the topic I want to talk about today is equally important, and in some ways, a little bit entangled.

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There may be a little bit of overlap between the two, but they are distinct in their in their nature. Today, I want to talk about investing in mentorship.

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And mentorship is a little bit different than education. In order for me to educate people, I need educated people to do the job. And he's someone who has been properly educated to teach mentorship. I don't need educated people. I just need decent people. Just someone with basic decency can do the job of mentorship. Now, why is this an issue today? Well, I'll tell you why. Because

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years ago, and I'm talking about

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the beginning of the birth of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam up to maybe the last couple of centuries of decades or even centuries. When you when you sent your child to a shader or a chef or depending on the gender, you sent them to someone who was going to be their mentor. No knowledge was just a perk. It was just a bonus. Knowledge was a was a part of the plan of this individual being mentored by their teacher. And we had words like melasma and words like salsa or you would go and you would spend time long periods of time with this mentor with this * and you would learn from them.

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Imam Malik tells us Malika bananas the Imam of who of Medina, is what he says Paula kinda to me money you owe me one so in my mother used to put my hit my mama on my head, but occasionally is her Illa Robbia

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who told me go to Robbie.

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Hi Mahalo, another great tip scholars by alpha horseman IDB here Kubla Elmi go and learn from his job before you learn from his knowledge.

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The word we translate today as manners, which is not about translation if you understand the word manners in English the way it's supposed to in the kind of the broader sense when you learn how he lived his life. How he thought, how he spoke, how you process information, how we dealt with, with daily scenarios, what ambitions this person had learned that before he learned his knowledge,

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and I will live in roboticle The Allahu Anhu also said the same thing. Alma colada Allah ma Elma Hatanaka Allah mal would only learn knowledge only after we picked up the matters, understood how to how to process the information of the slave and how to deal with it, how to move forward and what way in what direction and what method form

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what of Imam Malik students would say him to Imam Malik Shereena Armen, I spent with Imam Malik 20 years.

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But I love to learn my V center, I learned all of his knowledge, everything I need to know in the year, what I love to learn, I mean, who it is I Schelotto center. I learned just in 19 years will Okabe to her colorful Adobe Locanda your only nobody spent all 20 Just learning his idea. Would it be better for me?

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This is not to bring down the importance of knowledge. We already talked about education last week. So you can't use that against me. But he's talking about something different.

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mentorship, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam understood the importance of that he himself was mentored some Allah Harleys like you Salam? Or why do you think Jabril came so often, and he sought to say was mentioned by other people as well in his life. There's nothing wrong with that thing. That is nothing wrong with saying that. Yes, he was mentored by his wife, he was mentored by his uncle, he was mentored by his grandfather. You are mentored by a lot of people throughout your existence, people that you come in contact with. And then you look up to you listen, you watch you observe, you learn to do things the way they do it. That's mentorship, face of everybody needs it.

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No person on the face of this earth, historically, until the end of time, who will or has ever achieved anything of worth, not being mentored, they have all been mentored, everyone's standing on the shoulders of giants, as they say, as Newton said,

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it's not possible you need to have some you need people need multiple people.

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And if you don't, and if you achieve something in your life, and I asked you who mentored you and you don't have names, then you are not a very good man T. Then you took a lot and you did not even notice you are taking you were learning and absorbing. And you didn't even take the time to acknowledge those who were showing you the way. And that's a big masiva

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you should always remember who it was that took time to teach and who was that you were watching, observing and learning from? Maybe we didn't want to admit it at the time for different reasons. But you did. We all did.

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The only reason I stand here is because so many people so many people spend so much time, invested time and tea

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teaching and mentoring and putting up with me as a human being for a very long time. That is something that there's nothing wrong with acknowledging it. Acknowledging that if anything, your your integrity is based on the fact that you acknowledge stuff like that. But what happens when we stop mentoring in a society what happens when we completely remove that human touch that piece we remove it completely, where you only go to places where you're going to be tutored or we're going to be worked out or told or directed or explain certain things and you go home with no no one actually investing in you with no one actually noticing you with no one actually observing you and then

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coming and talking to you about how you can become better giving them something

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to look forward to inspiring you to be if that is removed from society then then we're just we're rolling the dice we're just hoping and Charlotte somehow these younger people just figure it out on their own possible not possible deprive it of slaves on did this. What do you think more I did?

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The continent of Morocco. What do you think that was? Wasn't just for housing. It was also a bring an old can an early Mahajan Muslim and put him in the house of a new Ansari or an old Saudi Muslim and a Saudi who had accepted Islam three years before and put a new Mohammed with them so they could learn from each other. They could be they could build on each other's knowledge and also learn. One of the most beautiful stories we have in that regard is the beautiful relationship that

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was built between Abu Zubaydah. Hamilton and Yura Han said them or other bingeable When I was maybe 20 years his seat his junior, and he, he was his shadow he shadowed Abobe, Ada, wherever Are they there was no other than la han who was he would learn from him he stood by him he picked up from him his his other because Aveda is one of the first couple of Muslims.

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The first three days of Islam obrigado was already with the prophets of Allah Hadees cybereason where the ASHA was sitting in Bucha now as you know, and then was as a younger person, because the Prophet it is sought to Western and passed away before more either were covered and why should they say before he became to the age where he was able to run things on his own, so he stuck with Mo VEDA whenever world VEDA died later on around Malik philia and when he passed away, the bar owner, Morgan Stanley was saying, Are you a nurse for Giotto and Bellagio? Today you have lost someone Wallahi in Neela and Nehemiah or a tomb in a bar de la hippo, aka la Hamsun. Well, about rassada. Ron, what a

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lesson. Well, I should wear a shirt the hook. But what I also had it on my team in hotel harmony here, I'm qumola. He said, I stand here today and tell you, this is what I believe that you have never lost a human being who was more pure of heart was more loving to his time into Muslims, who was more far away from bad behaviors and bad thoughts than this gentleman right now. So say you're rocking with Allah. So the audit.

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Now that wasn't knowledge, what he'd shared with them, why not share knowledge with them? You just tell him they did what he taught me. He taught me the gum it No, he said, he said, Here's what I watched his way observed. This gentleman, this human being had a level of ethics. He had morals, he had behaviors, he had a personality of character. That was 123. And even if you didn't have the same which he did, though, the Allahu anhu, then just observing that watching that being a part of that is very, very meaningful. It does a lot for you

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saw how Baba Sali he does a lot if you're if you're in the vicinity of people who behave in a certain way, act in a certain way, think in a certain way? You will, you totally will. And that goes both directions. By the way, as you know very well. It goes in both directions. You spent time with the wrong group of people you'll pick up. You spend time with the right group of people and you'll also pick up that's why I started this football with Swiss philosophy.

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I believe it's the sooner that explains the concept of generational mentorship. Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath by time not by the sword losses by time and also his time, while also he swears I swear by time in that insanity. Also, indeed, the human being is in a continuous state of loss of it. And loss of time, obviously. But human beings always losing time. That's correct. Anything that is not expanding is progressing. Anything is not increasing or decreasing. The moment you're born, that band glasses, sand plug has turned around and you're losing time as every moment passes. No one knows how much you have. No one knows how much I have. No one knows anything, but we're losing time

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as we move forward. The human being is always a loss of time except Except a group of people didn't say 1111 Except the group of people what did they do a few things um, no I'm gonna slowly hide for obviously they have to at least acknowledge God. If you don't know Allah subhanaw taala at all then there's really nothing you can do to make up for that. Every moment is a lost moment. If you don't know God at all. You have no belief in Allah you have no connection to Allah subhanaw taala Your time is all lust. Well, I'm a little salty, how do you perform the deeds that you were created to perform? Again, comes together with the package but then he

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Add some final data to pieces, and whatever. So we'll happy with our solver solver. Now let's focus on the word tawassul. First, what's it when you give someone advice to us, I mean, when two people exchange advice,

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it's it's not it's not a one way road, the moment he said tawassul is no longer a one way road to education is I stand up, I teach our feeder, I teach fifth core, I teach Hadith or I teach Sierra I teach, it's not a two way road, I have information, I am conveying it to you. So you have that information that you can take and give it to someone who doesn't have it. That's education, very simple. Mentorship is not that it's a two way road is to also there is an exchange of advice about how, what is worth dying for, and somebody what is worth living for.

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That's it exchanging is something that goes back and forth. You learn more by role modeling than you do from any other activity that you will ever, ever engage in within your life.

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When you role model for people, when you try to mentor individuals, you learn more than they do. By far, by far, I've been doing this for a long time you learn you are the winning side within this, within this equation. You're definitely winning. It's not the people that you're mentoring. It's the people that you it's the one who is mentoring others. So the question that I'm gonna leave with you, at the end of this first half of the whole demo, is who is your mentor? And who are you mentoring? If you have no answer to either of these questions, then that's one of the main causes of where we are right now. And this is one of the main causes, because that question does not have a immediate

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answer. Or immediate I know, these are the people who have mentored me, this is the person who is still mentoring me. And these are the people who I'm taking care of who I am taking care of who I'm observing and following along. And I'm offering them that advice without any form of judgment, because they're safe with me, because I care for them. Because I'm coaching them. These concepts are so important, so important.

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As he moves out instead of when you're hurting yourself. When he heard that someone had he went, he went to Costa Rica, I learned to eliminate minima or limitado. Stick I follow you. He didn't say can you sit and teach me? No, can I follow you have a walk around with you? Wherever you are? Wherever you go, Okay, walk around, so I can learn from you. So he said, Yes, he had to ask for permission, because it is not open that open source, you have to ask for permission in order for that to actually happened. So he said yes. And then the story as you know it.

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When I grew up, it was more possible to actually do Buddhism and Sahaba. I was able to do that with scholars, especially those who are a little bit older who are retired.

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What is your projection, okay, a little humble.

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I used to wait for him to go and visit one of his family members, because he didn't take me with him, obviously. So I could eat a chicken and go to sleep. Because this man did not eat, nor did he sleep. He didn't do either. And I was maybe 18 At the time, and I was hit them and I was always hungry. And it was always tired because he slept at maybe 12 o'clock and woke up at four.

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And he didn't need anything. And today it was just like small nipa he would just like a couple of dates or a little bit of lip. That's it. I was starving. At the end of the day, I would make dua yada, he goes and he visits his daughter, I was sometimes even hinted, if you haven't seen your your son in law for a while maybe should go visit him only. So he would leave the house, I can go buy a Baton Rouge, eat it and then sleep for an hour. Because this gentleman had lived differently they were made from. But when you spend time with someone like that, when you spend, spend time with someone who starts his day at four, and continues to go and mentor and teach and work and do it

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until the end of the day, and you watch that for a while it changes the way you perceive yourself and you changes the way you perceive the world, the way your worldview completely changes, and your values change as well, because you can't help but to see if this isn't, this seems this is the right way to do it. This person is that more peace with himself, then the majority of all human beings put together on this earth. This person is happier this person has meaning within their lives that I don't even I can't even fathom I don't even have the ability to imagine. Because this person understands exactly how to live. It wasn't the knowledge. I honestly don't even remember learning a

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book from him at all. It was just it was just spending time and observing how he lived. And then doing that with others. We don't have the capacity to do that here. We don't, it's impossible. It's not gonna happen. So what do we need? We need the alternative. The alternative is everybody get involved. Everyone offers something. Everyone makes sure that they take interest and I'll give you a few points at the end in the second half of the clip but but everyone has to get involved. You don't have to teach them that but something you have some skill set, you have something about you. Everyone here has something to offer, offer it. Offer it why because unless we do that we're in

00:19:48--> 00:19:59

constant loss of time I walked down this road and I figured out this road is not doesn't work. So I'm on my way back. i My job is to make sure I let everyone else know this road is now

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worth it, or else you walk down that road and we waste time. We're waiting, we're losing time I just walked down, it doesn't take you anywhere, don't walk down that road if I can do that, if I can help someone not to walk down that road, they just one time. They just one time. They're gonna waste a lot of time walking down that road and coming back again. But I just won them some time. And if we did that, then every generation would win the other generation after a little bit of time. We're not losing it anymore. That's why Elodie not everyone's losing time now some people aren't

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those who do it right. I was talking with Allah Honey, we're looking for those of you who are very lucky. Yeah Fosun mustafina Unistall federal law.

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Hamdulillah he had Allah Allahu wa salam O Allah, Allah Mila and Abby yerba Hawala, early, he was so happy here, Manitoba, Anna hija. Who will have I had

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Abu Hanifa

00:21:06--> 00:21:32

Allahu Anhu used to take care of his to use to actually spend his wealth on his students used to pay for them to actually continue to learn. And one time one of the students I will use of came and said, Come on Monica Imam, how you're so generous, call it a case by Laura Etosha at home murder. How would you have said, if you saw my sheer Ahmed, who did the same for me? Is it not an issue of you offering something,

00:21:33--> 00:22:13

it's not paying it forward, it isn't just payback. You owe this, you owe this we all do. If you stand up straight with a sound mind, and something to show for the years you've spent, someone or many people have mentored you and stood by you and allow you to do so. Now it's your turn to do the same for others. If I asked each and every one of you a question about it, tell me a little bit about your life, what affected you, you will remember moments and people, individuals and situations and you'll remember things of sort of how you were affected positively by some and sometimes negatively by others.

00:22:14--> 00:22:48

That has to happen on a wider scale. That has to happen more often. We all have to be a part of that. I'm not saying that you can live like my ship did. And then do that for others. But you can offer something, some skill sets and I put up a couple ideas for you to talk about. I'm not gonna go through all of them. Just think about them. Think about them. skill sets, what do you know how to do you know how to publicly speak, help someone learn to do that not everyone know who knows how to do that? Are you someone who understands how to deal you're socially inclined, you're good, you're good. Ideally, teach people who aren't help someone who's academically advanced, you're world

00:22:48--> 00:22:50

renowned researcher, help someone who isn't.

00:22:52--> 00:23:25

Pick up someone who's walking down that road and mentor them help them achieve that for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala as payback not at paying it forward as payback, then you're up this was offered to me is this is this account of what was offered to me in my life, I don't know who exactly gave it to me, I can't remember anymore. So I just haven't, I know that I owe someone so I'm gonna pay it to someone else. And hopefully they'll do the same. And if everyone did that, within the fields that they're good at, and what they knew how to do, then a lot of the problems we have today will start to decrease. As mentorship is a beautiful, beautiful concept. It doesn't have with it,

00:23:25--> 00:24:00

accountability really has within it the concept of coaching. And if you've played a sport, you know that your coach can be very, very harsh with you, but you don't mind that you're okay with your coach yelling at you, you're okay with your coach, sometimes pointing out that you are not doing the job and you're not worth the air that you breathe, and you still get up and try again. Because you know that your coach cares about you and wants you to be the best you can be. It's hard to mentor and parents, I take that back. It's impossible to mentor and parents, it's almost impossible. It's very difficult. And if you're able to do it at a young age, and you're happy about it, let me just

00:24:00--> 00:24:29

get you give you a glimpse of your future very soon, they won't be your mentees anymore, your children. And it will break your heart as a father and a mother. It really will. Because you love them so much you want them to live, but they just won't. It's just not because they need validation of the things you've taught them from outside. They need someone to tell them that their parents aren't insane. All children need that. It's a very weird dynamic of late, but it is the way life works. You grew up in this bubble where it's your mom and your dad and maybe a few other people like Barrett grandparents, and they're all telling you the same thing. Now in order for you at some point

00:24:29--> 00:24:59

in your life, in order for you to continue, you need someone to validate that this makes sense that your parents are not all crazy saying things that make no sense at all. And if you're not exposed to the right people who will say that to you, then you will end up going in the opposite direction. That's why by that's my bad friendships and bad stuff. But that's what that's all it does. All it does is tell the child that No. So you're not know that your dad says, no, no, my dad doesn't do that. That's what your mom says that after a couple of times. He ain't like well, maybe. Maybe my parents are

00:25:00--> 00:25:20

They love you, they trust you. But maybe maybe you didn't, you didn't figure this all out. So you start slowly, just drifting away, slowly drifting. You can see them drifting away, you come to the pressure, my son is drifting, I can't help you. I'm sorry, you're too late. Where's his mentor? Where's her mentor who's the person who's taking care of this? No one? Well, sorry.

00:25:21--> 00:25:57

I'm so sorry. I don't know what to tell you. They needed mentors earlier on, someone, they can look up to someone, they can actually validate the values their parents are giving them through, they need that. I want to say that's almost in my opinion, a human rights Wallahi and a human obligation, you are obligated to do this for others. And as your rate going up to get to say, if you didn't get that, that that that means your society failed you. If no one did this for you, then your society failed you growing up, they didn't offer it for you. Very important, is not knowledge, I hope I hope I've been successful in differentiating for you lean education, which is very important. And

00:25:57--> 00:26:21

mentorship is different. This is different, there's some overlap, it's not the same thing. And know the amount of the city cannot mentor everybody, they cannot, it is impossible, it is not humanly possible for them to do that. That's why everyone has to get involved at a certain capacity, they have to make some time, you have to take interest in people, you have to role model, you have to spend time with individuals. Critical thinking, I left that at the end and end with that, because running out of time.

00:26:22--> 00:26:27

Critical thinking is not something that is taught is something that you are mentored to do.

00:26:28--> 00:27:06

I can't teach you to critically think, but I can do it in front of you long enough until you pick up how to do it. You want a critically a critical thinking society, you want individuals who understand critical thinking and the importance of it, and the value of it. A society that walks away from Kurakin who's that walks away from, from insane thoughts from mysticism and problems are you want us to you need to teach them critical thinking you can't teach it, I can't run a course here's how to know. But you can role model it. And people will learn how to do it after you. There's so much in life that is not taught by a through a syllabus. There's so much in life that it's just learned by

00:27:07--> 00:27:28

observing others by role modeling by following other people's footsteps. That's why that's how you build identity. You don't build identity through a course that is given at a school or a masjid or anywhere else for that matter. You build identity by being surrounded by role models who have the same identity, you pick up that identity for yourself. It's as simple as that. Or maybe as difficult as that. I don't know anymore. Oh, no, you don't.

00:27:30--> 00:27:44

But having a network, which is why we call this the Muslim wellness network. Having a Network helps with that. Because when people know each other and people are willing to help each other out, that's when we actually start lightening up. And everyone benefits.

00:27:45--> 00:27:50

It's very selfish. I need someone to mentor my children and parenting them at some point, I'll need a mentor for them.

00:27:51--> 00:28:28

I'll help mentor yours, you can help mentor mine. And if we do that appropriately, we're taking care of each other, taking care of the next generation. And with that, inshallah Tada I really think this is something worth investing in investing time investing, wealth, investing thoughts, because it's much we've been trying to do it here for the last few for the last year or so it's not easy, it's a difficult thing to do. It's hard to figure out exactly how to do this in a way that is suitable to be done in the context of this country in this time. A lot of the problems by the way that we struggled struggled with today problems of, of our values being basically opposite values being

00:28:28--> 00:29:04

shoved down our throats, values down your we're keeping kids from school for you want to you want to protect your society from that mentor mentorship will Oh mentorship will no problem. You can be living in the midst of the worst value based society in the world. If you have proper mentorship, set up no problem your children will be will be immune. And without that it doesn't matter really doesn't matter what we do. If it's not this problem that we're going to it's going to ruin our value system. It will be the problem number two or three or four something we'll do it because we're lacking a very basic societal communal function. That was a benefit to I don't want I'm not gonna be

00:29:04--> 00:29:19

a Marine I'll even fall in Allah How am I gonna You gotta who use Aluna Alain de Yeah, you will Lavina Emanuel Salalah he was certainly motors Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed them also later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim robotic Allah Mohammed

00:29:21--> 00:29:28

Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Amin in Nica Hamid Majeed, one of the lava mining or bottle holder as

00:29:30--> 00:29:43

well Omar man Awali what Allahumma is oh god he hurt me one early HIPAA up and upon hearing one Sahaba till we're in Miami one it'll be in elementary, Eastern in Isla yo Medina one

00:29:45--> 00:29:53

or hamara Haneen Allah in love with your little Muslim Nina was a Muslim man Well, meaning you know what I mean? Allah here in in Ramallah and what Allah

00:29:54--> 00:29:58

Muhammad mean whenever we screw but in a cruel mean, what vile

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

In what very volatile man in love looming what happened Dima and oedema and Mussolini along amongst one another more arguably in MSG de la casa

00:30:10--> 00:30:26

de la parte Mia or El Amin, Allah wa Modena. Juma eco Edo de Nicola den Jimena. But to Bahrain I mean Jimmy Edo Nobita Tolbert and national party here now we have called Anwar just had an Aha mama daddy garlic Allah who maybe disease What are hola what up or what

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about Allah in Allah yet moral being ideally Well certainly we eat evil orba when Russia evil Moon curry well doubly evil come on to

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think the salah