Haifaa Younis – Ramadan The Long Awaited Guest Get Ready! #03

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during quarantine, including during traveling and during busy times, is discussed. The speakers emphasize the need for practice, having the intention to practice fasting, avoiding drinking and taking medication, and avoiding crowded social media. They also emphasize the importance of regular meal prep, praying ahead of potential emergencies, and not giving up during the fasting process. The speakers stress the need for regular practice and practice being a habit.
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So today is our last and the third third and the last part of the series of Ramadan inshallah Allah sponsor me in sha Allah within two weeks Today is Tuesday to not next Tuesday the Tuesday after by Allah grace, it's Ramadan, whether it is the second day, whether it is the third day of Ramadan because there's a possibilities either Sunday or Monday. So Allah knows whichever he chooses for us. So we have basically about 10 days 12 days left from Ramadan. What I'm going to do today is actually since we finished at humbler, the last two weeks we covered the spirituality and the virtues of Ramadan, I'm going to come to the fifth part of Ramadan and you will be so surprised. And you think

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you know, and we all think we know and it's the same questions comes in every year every year. The good news is people ask and I really feel this way because people are really

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I would say glorify Ramadan, they really worry about the fasting in Ramadan and they really want to make sure it is right correct what Allah wanted me to do that's beautiful and that's why these things needs to be memorized I mean hamdulillah one of the easiest I think

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for key wise one of the from the obligations of our last panel is actually fasting because it's very simple. It's only to two things and then that's your fast there's still people out of their love to Allah out of their glorifying Ramadan exactly what this question you just brought in before we start why you're asking this question because you really want to fast and it's hard not to fast and everybody's fasting the spirituality of Ramadan and all this so let's start first by simple question is fasting Ramadan is an obligation The answer is absolutely no question about it. Not a single scholar is panela when you go and look and look not a single scholar from the time of Rasul Allah

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saw to a serum including him Allah His salatu salam and the rest up till recently no one came in and said the Ramadan is a choice. In general, Ramadan is absolutely and an obligation and not fasting is a major sin. One of the major sins actually and there's even different opinion about how big is a major sin but it's definitely a major sin and it is one of the pillars of Islam. How do we know that Allah Subhana Allah so this is salted bacara which you all know or you can you can remember the iron shahara Madonna lady on zelophehad or on even a lot put the name, the month of Ramadan is the month the Quran was revealed in it. But then comes the obligation for man sure he didn't come shahara

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folio some whomsoever lived seen the month, let them whomsoever seen the month, let them fast them that's the obligation and then show you them in coma Shara for your son, meaning the person who lived share he don't mean he saw he's alive. He know it is on Milan failure some That's an order, you need to be you need to fast it's an order then came in the same idea. The person who was sick, the person who's struggling, that's what we are going to talk about, then Allah Subhana Allah gave the option but and then you can do it later on. And the reason for this is because this gene is your sir This is here is where the gene is easy, because you don't want to really push yourself too fast

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and it is hard for you or you're not supposed to fast. So that's number one for the sooner.

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Ramadan fasting became obligation in the second year of ijarah. So when the rusada sought to asstra up till he migrated to Medina, fasting was not an obligation. When he came to Medina, second year it became an obligation and He fasted nine automobili his autosar nine Rama bonds He fasted and then he passed away and then one of the

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Hadees Saraswati in salatu salam says which is more generic by Satan or more this gene bonell istan Islam is build basically build on five exactly that's basically very easy. This Deen build so think of it as a home build on five whereas the five you declare that they don't know god but Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen performs Salah you gives a car and then you fast Ramadan and then you go to Hajj, if you can do that. This Hadith is actually in Bukhari and Muslim and this is one of the proof is from the Sunnah. So the first one was the action of roswaal A salatu salam he did it, he first nine months and the second one is from what's he said alayhi salaatu wa Salaam then the timing

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When do we fast from what time to what time? We all know that from dawn to dusk exactly dawn to dust. And why is that? Because people would ask you especially us living in a non Muslim country because it is in the Quran

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if you go to the source abakada and you go to it

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after you read the the verse of the obligation of the fasting and the fasting of Ramadan Allah brings the timing and he brings the time for kulu was trouble had dietary you know como hypo

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sodium Alfredo, eaten drink till you see a lot of the translation is to see the white line, or the white thread actually from the black thread and there is a commentary on it. Basically, it's what we call these days and we have an umbrella, all of us the calendars it's basically when it's time to stop eating and to muslimah eerily that's what it comes then keep the fast till the night The night is actually explained in the Sunnah and we'll come to it is when mother uptight so timing so it's basically I'm not going to eat I'm not going to drink and I am not going to have or the Muslim person will not have a marital relationship and the time is from that time to that time. Now, two

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pillars, two pillars only two pillars only four there are multiple fasting and this is in general. Number one, you have to have the intention in normal one, you have to have the intention the night before. This is this is the difference between fasting and other non obligatory extra fasting you can make the sooner you can make the intention during the day and accept the Imam Abu hanifa who says the intention has to be before noon. The other school of thought they say you can do with intention anytime during the day. Because Rasul Allah sought your son entered his house, and he said any food and the wife said, No, we have no food. He said, Okay, now I'm fasting. As simple as this.

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Nothing Ramadan. in Ramadan, you have to do it the night before. And there is two ways either you do, are you going to say I'm going to my intention is I'm going to fast the whole month. You have to say it. This is your intention. Once you said this, you don't have to do it every night. But the fact you wake up for savour, then that's your intention.

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Like while you are waiting for support, because you're fasting, like when people say Do I have to say the media for solo? While you're going to do all the while you're doing Whoo. That's your intention. So you have to make the intention, but you don't have to say it. You can do it every night. Or you can do it from the beginning of the month. And then you have to stop eating and drinking from certain time and there is actually the reason of Ramadan. The intention is in the night, because that's the hadith of roswaal de Soto's Ron, he specifically said, If you did not make the intention before fudger, there is no so yeah,

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for a while, so you have to hamdulillah we all again, you wake up for

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the whole, your fasting. So the first thing is intention, second Rock'n second pillar only two, this is the easiest one actually. The second one is you're not going to eat and you're not going to drink and there is no marital relationship in that time period. That is it. So now if I do this, and we all do this, and all the Muslims that hamdullah do this, then our fast is correct. And you have to differentiate between two things. My fasting is correct, I'm going to be rewarded. And then there is the extras where the car of the 1.7 billion, let's say 1 billion will fast. What is the difference between them, we'll come to how to beautify your car. But in general if all this 1 billion, made the

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intention and did not eat or drink or had a marital relationship from this in this time frame, they have performed Sam meaning when I going to meet a loss hunter we will meet a loss handler when he is going to ask us and we'll read my book I have performed I have done done my as we say my duty, how much he will reward me It depends how much I've done better than other people. Right? So

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this is a clear. I want you always to remember throughout Ramadan specifically specifically when we get becomes difficult it becomes challenging, it becomes not easy. It's a long time I get thirsty. I get tired I need to control my temper. I don't have to. I want to make it perfect. So I need to control my what I say remember this had an absolute in the last two weeks or so. maliwan Ziva, this really makes it easy for you think Allah Subhana Allah is saying this. It's a hadith watsi fasting is for me, for Allah and I will reward for it fast.

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thing is for me and I will reward for it. This will make me make it easier because that makes this personal relationship with Allah pantile fasting is for me and I will reward by now who should fast

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and this is in general oh shoot fast.

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Adult sane meaning and state of mind did not. So yeah, not menstruating or no blood after delivery. Okay, number one Muslim. Exactly right so number one is a Muslim cannot tell your friend or your neighbor while it's Ramadan you have to pass even if they do is not accepted from them. So number one has to be she are here Muslim and number two adult meaning reached the age of adulthood puberty had her period or age 15 in most correct opinion. So if your child is 12 or 13 Yes, you train them, which we all do, but they don't have to fasten, you don't get so upset when they don't. But at age 15 or if they are reached puberty, or the girl had her period, then it becomes an obligation and

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right state of mind meaning

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saying they're not they're not crazy, they are not under general anesthesia. They are they know where they are, they are sane, absolutely. And not in a state of menstruation. Right? And why is that only because Allah Swati salatu salam says will offer your health column there is no

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accountability in three condition. no accountability in three conditions. This really helps especially a normal one, the person who sleeps till they wake up when you sleep, you're not accountable.

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Number one, and number two,

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number two, the little are the young or the baby till they become an adult. And the insane to learn till they become seen. So three conditions don't look at them says why you're not fasting. young child, person who's not saying nothing this right state of mind. And the person is sleeping. The sleeping for example, in in case of, for example, missing fudger sleeping not intentionally, somebody when not usual, but wake up one day late, right? Almost pantalla give them the extra hour. So it's not an obligation as long as I am sleeping hamdulillah here on land. Now come to the usual this couple of questions, which is very common, and it will answer a lot of questions. So I'm

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What should I

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write? So number one, number one, the essence the like the base of it, because this is very common, especially for us lives in the States. You know, you travel you go for a weekend, I mean, that's the travel for us. For other people, they cannot do it. But sometimes people throughout their work, they really have to travel. Right? And the travel is what is more than 83 kilometres when you are traveling. So this is can be more than 50 plus, so almost 57 miles 57 miles with the intention of traveling. So what should they do fast or not fast? It's always the question too fast or not too fast is the question. Base, the base the base. Now don't say what I do on your do that's different.

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What does it sound tells me? Like when people ask me, should I fast? I don't say I fast or I don't find that sweet? What does my religion teaches me? base the base that it is also it's a permission not to fast. So don't look at people who are fast, not fasting in traveling. So you know why they're not fasting. Marshall, North America, they are healthy, they are young. They base the essence it's a permission. Because Allah specifically said that in the eye. Herman Carmen Kumari, Allah suffering, whomsoever was sick, and he did not define what sickness, Allah? And that's the answer to your question. And he didn't say suffer. Right? So the essence is, it's also and then you come and see

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what happened at the time of Rasul Allah saw it was. So here you go, that's one of the ones that I'm looking at. group of the Sahaba companion traveled with the roswaal, a Software Center, and they, some of them are fasting, and some were not fasting, the Sahaba companions, right? Those who fasted did not criticize those who didn't fast and those who didn't fast, did not criticize those who first. Basically, it is

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a choice. It's a choice. So you want to take the choice. You don't want to take the choice. However, look for the travel you have to make it up. So some people really come and say, You know what, it's really hard to make up the fast after Ramadan. It's just hard. There's a panda or

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Almost all of us say this right so in this case I feel much more easier for me she or he when I fast and I'm traveler Some people say the other way around they say travel and to me is very stressful A lot of people say this travel is very stressful I really cannot I get very dehydrated I may get headed wherever they are even if they are traveling from here to Chicago which is less than one hour it doesn't matter right that's the choice they can make an even they usually teaches you if traveling fasting with the travel is this comfort for you you should not fast and if it is the other way around it's better to fast

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so again, choice is yours yeah and this is beauty when you read about Ramadan and and all the obligations in it or all the things that happens with a lot of choices for example this is a man asked Saraswati Sato sir and he said also movies suffer

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do I travel do I fast when I'm traveling and look at the next word. And this man cannot kathira song this person used to fast regularly meaning fasting is not an issue for him not like he fast from one normal one to the other. So what did you think Rasul Allah saw to Assam acid

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This is an A specifically this man traveled a lot faster a lot throughout the year and he asked him Should I fast in traveling what was the answer? Exactly? Absolutely. He gave him the choice and he said initiator for some way shape or form. If you want fast and if you don't want don't fast so Pamela beauty any This is yeah I wish we all have this this heart where we you know what just accept the other people as long as what they are doing is within within this the permission of this D so they can foster from you cannot even sometimes you see the one family traveled together. Right? They traveled together the family and one person can fast the other one cannot fast. And this is what's

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happened when the Sahaba all traveled together. So it was like all I'm fasting usually fast. No. You have different body than I do. I may not be able to take it you may be able to take a second person who should not fast

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at all. Who's that?

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Are us weak? No. Absolutely not. It's wrong. And if they did it, it's a sin.

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Yeah, Bismillah not the pregnant isn't a choice also.

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In general, but what if it's a he he can walk? He can take the Husak you're getting close, but you know

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there was a woman who was having her period. Oh, of course you ever didn't tell me earlier? I know. This one no choice? Absolutely. Because this Subhanallah sometimes you see it because the same thing is like it's much easier during Ramadan it's much harder to make it up later. The answer is absolutely no. And actually haraam it's a major sin all the scholars from before till now they said up it's not a choice it's not like the sick person pregnant woman is actually like the sick person it's a choice but the the woman during menstruation and the woman after delivering your baby because that's even harder. I see this all the time it's like the whole month I'm not gonna fast I was like

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supine to breastfeed also goes with it so delivery or breastfeeding

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that's your happy buddy but that doesn't mean everybody I need you all to know this doesn't mean you cannot do I can I cannot I may be and I could be doing something and you cannot This is choice leave it to people.

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Not necessarily absolutely it's actually a choice. If she feels tired then actually she should. Yanni I always pick my patients ask me I said it is you you know your body don't push it because a lot of us push ourselves because again it is Ramadan I it's hard not to do it. But don't push your body so the only one that is absolutely horrible. absolutely horrible. Is the woman during her menstruation now scenarios in this and I'm going to quickly go this because as the usual questions, so she fasted from 4:30am right 735 she got her period. So there's only about 20 minutes left for her if she needs to break her fast and that day is not accepted.

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She has to make it up yep that's how it is even that's you know what i this is you know when I tell you I absolutely used to listen ladies remember if you remember three weeks ago when I first started if you remember what does so young teachers me and you not only some of his submission to the will of Allah can remember when I told you why it is 430 not 5am and why it is I eat at for example today 755 not 756 why

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because that was the point I'm trying to make a Ramadan or actually fasting in general teaches you and me submit to the will of Allah This is how he said it so when the woman which is I feel for her so power law it's all the 16 hours but you're really bad that this is what we all have to remember my act of worship that Allah will reward me is what I when I do what he wants me not what I like this is hard for us but this is how it makes it easy because I turn to online says your luck you know I want to fast and you know I fasted 16 hours and the intention everything she didn't plan it has no control over it right. So here you are and if she is clean one minute before fudger so if she

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as a woman hold for example sees the wide discharge one minute before fudger then it becomes an obligation even if she had no time to do that also she can do that also after fudger so the two extremes are there. Okay. So however if if you are not fasting because of menstruation is not an obligation, but the school that Allah teaches us scholars that it is out of Adam etiquette with a law and art of glorifying the month and for the feeding of everyone else don't publicly eat

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but you need to eat something and you cannot fast so even if I drink a cup of water right in the morning but don't eat publicly they say out of respect to the month out of respect to the people who are and glorifying the month and respect to the people. Now when do we make the Miss days that's another common question. Very common question because after Ramadan comes show well and then show while is the month where we are highly recommended to fast the six days So assume the woman has 10 days during Ramadan and then there is six days of shaohua not including the day of aid. So there's another 16 days she is going to fasting show one when does she make it up? Anyone knows

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Shabbat anytime number one the the essence again the base you can make it anytime because a Seder Ayesha she used to make it and in Sharma is it recommended now remember this is it recommended to make it sooner in case what

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the woman dies right and then this is something some score tells you you have to make it up somebody the person has to make it up so it's recommended you make it up as soon as you can but you don't have to.

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They can make it

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anytime during the year Absolutely. But just before next Ramadan right because it's a dice I made it up in shaba for those who usually do shawal the six days and do Rama do making up then the question comes in which one you will do with first do you do the obligation and then the sooner of the six months the six days of chawan you to make the six days first then you make what the the what you are making up from Ramadan. There's different opinions some scholars tells you making up the forum the obligation comes before the sun. The other group says no. Because the six days of chawan is actually limited time. It's limited time she only has the month of chawan to do it. So if she has a 10 days

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of period 10 days of fasting to do right and then assume she's gonna get her period ensure was 10 days the days of aid what's left?

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Right so you really have to so I always want I get this question very common. I say you know what each woman is has individual case. You see your in your case you see your life you see your situation, your home your husband and decide if you can do them the obligation first and then the show will all in the month of shower. Perfect. But if you cannot don't don't worry about this

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Do the show well, because it's limited time and make up the rest as the time comes in.

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Yeah, exactly. Yeah, because I didn't get that last year and a lot of details. Now the pregnant and the nursing woman does the other common question. Should the pregnant woman fast should she break her fast? So which one?

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She shouldn't fast at all. You're on Zubaydah Vega? Why? No, what I will usually tell patients, it's a choice. Absolutely. It's a choice. However, same as a sick person. Same like somebody has a HELOC. And by the way, sickness doesn't have to be something major. It's somebody has had a wake up in the morning with maybe beginning of a flu. Not feeling well. Right? This is sickness. I said this in the beginning, Allah subhanaw taala said sickness. makara Mariela. So the pregnant woman is a non blocking that bus actually regarded her as a sick person. It's a choice, unless her pregnancy is high risk. The physician says, like I always tell my patients, some patients I said you cannot fast.

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You cannot because your condition will get worse, or it's going to affect the baby. That's a different story. But in a healthy pregnant woman, the choice is hers. She can without difficulty without affecting the pregnancy. That's fine. Have I seen pregnant ladies fast all month of Ramadan? Yes, I do. Absolutely. I have. Have I seen pregnant ladies after two days? She cannot. Absolutely obscene. So it's up to them. Same thing with a nursing now come the question.

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Should she make it up? Should she pay? Should she make it up and pay? What's the cafaro? What's the atonement for not fasting in Ramadan for the pregnant lady? And there is a three opinion here, depending on the school of thought, if that's what your mom about hanifa he said she makes it up only

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at all. Lima Malik she said he says she pays only and in an email Shafi. He said she does both both make it up and pay money. So again, it depends who you are. What do you do? And which school of thought you You follow? So easy. Can she take birth control tablets? The woman? Can the woman take birth control tablets? So she does not get her period in Ramadan?

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No, at all Alhamdulillah you're not

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you make things very hard for people.

00:27:42 --> 00:28:24

What is the answer? Usually, if it does not harm her, it does not harm her because there's sometimes birth control tablets can harm the woman in certain cases, if there is for sure. No harm on the woman. Absolutely. She can't. She can't and she doesn't want to get her period. I mean, lots of people says I'm going to get my period in the last 10 days. I took time off I took vacation because I really want to focus on my last 10 days. I always say to her it's allowed you want to be even higher level and submit to the will of Allah that's even better. But if you cannot you want to you can use work in total which as long as it does not harm you. You can use it to delay your

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period to get it later on. Who are allowed not to fast now remember the words I'm saying this is who are allowed. It's okay if you're not allowed not too fast. Number one.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:50

Allowed not exactly pregnant, breastfeeding and the traveler to say no, not saying saying that's not the obligation to start with.

00:28:53 --> 00:29:45

Not in the gym. It depends what do they do if they work? Hard work long hours, that it really difficult for the imagine people who are in constructions, right? And they they start from like 6am till three. And then imagine sometimes I mean, last week we had a day where there was it actually today I think was not yesterday was 82. So imagine this person outside. So they say long, hard work long hours, they are allowed not to fast. Make it up later on. Yes. You see come to December. You've come to December here especially for us, the days of the day will be very short. So they can not they have to but it is allowed and old age people are old. Yes, chronic disease and old age people.

00:29:45 --> 00:29:59

So somebody 75 somebody at they are healthy, but it's harder for them. You don't push it, even if they want was coming to that we're coming to that don't don't rush. I hope I have enough time to cover this. I'm sorry.

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After coming I'm coming to all this I'm coming to this but I'm gonna I'm missing somebody because of the of the time so profession if people so whatever work you do profession if it is somebody is in jihad in the sake of Allah subhanaw taala or they really get exhausted from hunger they get exhausted from hunger and from

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thirst than they are okay not too fast then you can they can make it up on the days this is especially in the summer days I still did this year for us is still a long day right now I'm going to come to the because I know what your questions What is the things I can do

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and will not affect my fasting so follow remember this swallowing swallow my saliva absolutely fine tasting the food for I need I'm cooking I really need I think I missed you know sometimes you're tired that did I put salt I didn't you know, I was like, Oh, you can that's no problem. Smelling perfume. That's absolutely fine, right? Having intimate relationship between the husband and and the wife but not the full intimate relationship. For example, in the higher of kissing between the husband and the wife is allowed as long as it's not going to lead to something more. Also, if they if they want to state of Geneva back to your state of Geneva or they were in state of Ohio, where

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they have to take the also there's the stomach bath, then they can delete the laughter further. Now you have really to think of these situations. Right? So the woman wake up right at 4am right 4am and she has to prepare food for everybody. If she goes into the hospital, then then the family will not have their Soho and it's one of the sooner so she will prepare vajor comes in after fudger she goes and take her water that's absolutely allowed taking a bath in general washing. Absolutely just one things and I'm going to specifically say this give this very common questions comes in things that will not negate the fasting. Talking about medicine, eye drops.

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under the tongue can medication so if you put under the tongue, vaginal exam, Vaginal Cream, urinary catheter, dental work, mouth, gargle intramuscular subcutaneous injections IV is a different story. Okay, oxygen therapy, general anesthesia. It does not break the fast but the person will be not same but the the anesthesia itself. The anesthesia itself. Okay. Skin creams, ointments, right. endoscopy biopsy. Okay, unintentional vomiting. That's very common, right? unintentional intentional vomiting, negate the fasting, but unintentional Subhanallah you passed, and then you add a smell and then you know, sometimes people from the smell they give this? That's absolutely fine.

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What are the things that will beautify my fasting, so we agreed, I made my intention hamdulillah I refrain from food and drink and the amount of toleration from this time to this time they don't dawn to dust, what is the things I am going to do? And we have to compete in these to make my fast better than yours, or your fast better than me? What is the things and I'm going to give it to you again because of the time number one

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hastin your F bar break your fast cokely don't delete. That's actually very much similar is a hadith about the right number to make dua at the moment you break your fast and as you are breaking your fast that da is accepted. There are two lateral do that our Tama three

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human beings, their supplication will not be rejected, meaning which will be given right away. And one of them is the fasting person, right? control your anger. Your manners. What do you speak? What do you say? Which is anatomy? This is the hardest one for people. It's actually not the food and the drink is changing a normal one. That's why when I first started, I asked you Are you ready? It's not about coffee. It's not about the decaf Paula one day or two or three. And then everyone gets used to people who smoke heavily. It's panela they can do it. It's the control the habit, the the talk, the look, what do we feel what do we think these things which because we don't think this will do

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anything to our fasting Subhanallah so who don't say I cannot eat at 4am even if it's a sip of water, even if it's a piece of date, anything, anything not because only it will make my fasting

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Easy, it's a sooner This is what I'm trying to keep reminding myself and everybody, it will beautify my fast. This is how I think of fast you're baking a cake. So you bake the cake cake is ready. This is everybody. This is the 1 billion people around the world bake the cake, and everyone will will will bring the kick Tomas pantile. Give the kick Tomas pantile. What is the difference? What I am going to put on the cake? Right so imagine when you go and buy a cake your first thing we do Cipolla, we look at the look. So here you are. I hastin my if part I for sure during my sophomore, I do my job. I absolutely do my best struggle to beautify me during fasting, my tongue my my feeling

00:35:47 --> 00:36:33

my temper when I say all this reading Quran. Now look at the Quran as a strawberry. Right? The more you put strawberry, the more beautiful The cake is. So look at it this way. And we talked about this last week, reading the Quran understanding reviewing all beauty, charity, and charity, not necessarily only Zakah hamdulillah. In fact, I am with the opinion that we need to give the car not only in Ramadan, because there's times in the year when it's dry. It's like desert, but be charitable, charitable meaning you give even $1 a day, charitable when you come for taraweeh and give your place to somebody else. Charitable is when you cook Sunday to someone else. Right? donate

00:36:33 --> 00:36:52

to the masjid here to hamdulillah or to the jail. They wanted the date any to be charitable. And remember last week I told you this or soiree salt or Sarah was more charitable, that he was always charitable, but was much more during Ramadan. And one of this one off Ramadan. Is that decaf?

00:36:53 --> 00:37:37

So for the woman, for the woman, if she cannot do it in the masjid, and I fully understand and you cannot do the whole 10 days. Absolutely understandable. Can you do one day? Can you do the odd nights? Can you do maybe only the weekend? But don't look and say you know what article is only for the man? No, no. And exactly can I do within the house? Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Especially if you're it's preferably in the actual article. Some scholars will tell you it covers in the masjid because Allah said isn't the I would like to know and Tamaki for a famous surgeon. But also, the scholar says that T calf itself is not only that, because it's what you get out of that ticker is to

00:37:37 --> 00:38:20

be disconnected from all the juniors and what basically distract us. Can I do this in the house? Yes, you can. Some some many scholars, they say yes. Hanafi school actually says it's only in the it's only in the house. Yes. No, I've been reading and of course so yes, most of the scholars that I will is to do in the masjid even further. Well, that's what I'm telling you. It's people will say this a school of thought. A group of scholars will tell you there is no article outside the masjid because Allah said it in the Quran. Now scholars came in and looked at, for example, Imam Abu hanifa and the Hanafi school of thought that the woman don't go to the masjid. Right. And she actually she

00:38:20 --> 00:38:55

prays in her house. What about the woman who really don't go to the masjid? What about the woman there is no Masjid in her and she lives in this small town. We have to be really realistic. There is no How about there is a must but they don't allow the woman to do it because there's a lot of Masada Duda, they don't allow a woman to do a ticker for whatever the reason I'm assuming this year maybe because of security because you have to live your day in life. So what should I do my Roku cooler lights are cooler if I cannot do it all I'm not gonna leave it all. By the way me doing get the cabin The house is much harder.

00:38:57 --> 00:39:45

It is much harder. It's much different because this is your comfort zone. I was like let's go to the kitchen and get her whatever. No, you're in Attica. You sit in that yeah, that's what it is. You sit in that place you do nothing. You rest. You read Quran you do. Do you do Salah that's Attica, so much harder and the phone is dry there was somebody will knock on your door. So honestly any practically it is much harder. So don't forget these ones. Yes. Somebody was asking for Dharavi and state and Patrick Can she have Nia? This is also different opinion. Can you do part of that decaf? different opinion people said roswaal is salatu salam did it for 10 days 10 days and you do not

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

leave the masjid unless for need. Right. Some scholars allowed it and they said you know what, you can do that ticket for a short period of time. However, I will say this decaf in the massage that these days we see it this is not practical for us.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:08

santosa attic oven the masjid is not bringing your phone and you're taking a picture and you put it on Instagram, I have an article. That's

00:40:09 --> 00:40:52

why unfortunately, all your texting all your family or your in that group and checking your own message that's not Africa. erotica, by itself is actually a complete disconnection from the world. And you're focusing on last part and it's your hallway. It's your only, I will say the allowed socially halwa and no one will say something is in the last 10 days or from a while. So I always tell woman, whole 10 days is not easy for a woman. I mean, you have a lot of responsibility, and Allah knows our ability, but can I do one day can I do the odd night again, can I do but I if I'm gonna do a few hours in the masjid but I will do it the right way. Because doing it the right way is

00:40:52 --> 00:40:56

the problem is it's not really not easy to do that.

00:40:57 --> 00:41:02

Now, one of the sunon which a lot of us forget, is swak

00:41:05 --> 00:41:38

swak swak. It's a sooner before and in fasting. Actually it is really I tried that. Someone taught me this and I tried it. If you do not use toothbrush, especially you let's assume you're in a doing proper attic up in the masjid. Right? And you cannot go there is not available. This happens usually in the home. And if you do your miswak I can't tell you how healthy it is for your teeth. Subhan Allah, literally you don't feel anything. You don't even need to do flossing.

00:41:40 --> 00:42:12

So do that. The best way also to remind yourself put a miswak on your Sajad. put it next to your suggestion where do you pray normally put it next to you. So once you sit, because the problem is we don't remember it because we don't have the habit. So put it next to your agenda, the place where you pray for one year. So you will remember at least do it before every Salah because that's what he did. Lola Ashoka Allah Almighty, not only super popular Kula Salah, if it was not hard for my oma, I would have ordered them to do sewak

00:42:13 --> 00:42:37

before every Salah. Absolutely, yes. So don't forget this be generous. This liked action, so don't beautify your cake and then suddenly the cake will be messed up. Don't mess up. mess up, meaning the beauty if not what will negate but the beauty? What is it? Number one? Don't God go too much.

00:42:38 --> 00:43:05

And don't taste the food too much. Allah knows, unite and gualdo specially when you are in the bathroom, and when you're taking a shower, and it's very hot. Don't keep putting this especially or when you're doing oldu Allah knows. So these are disliked. It's just like you put a strawberry or you put the chocolate and then took it out. This is how you you will look at it also what will completely negate the fast what will ruin the cake.

00:43:06 --> 00:43:17

Eat and drink intentionally. If you ate and drank unintentionally, Allah made you remember Allah subhanaw taala made you

00:43:18 --> 00:43:37

fat Jew as I say, men occur the meaning of whomsoever eat and drink without knowing I was pantalla made him eat and drink and continue your fast your fast is valid. If it if you did it out of forgetfulness, but intentionally it will break the fast. Of course marital relationship. It will, okay.

00:43:39 --> 00:44:05

vomiting intentionally. As I said just right now, my situation we talked about that knee fast so she delivers she was fasting then she delivers then it will negated Why? If you made the intention to break the fast, the fast is gone. So if you're for example, you had let's say a headache. And you say you know what, I can do this, but he didn't eat it. So I can't I'm gonna go and break my fast the fastest guy.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:36

Yeah, because remember the two ARCA Yes, because the two are kind of the two pillars we said about fasting is what is the knee, you broke the knee. You change your knee, you made an ER fasting now you made any during the day that I'm not going to fast. So be careful. Once you say I'm going, I'm going Gani. Not saying necessarily but in here, then it is actually and my last pantalla not at all if somebody rejects us now

00:44:37 --> 00:44:42

and they may Allah subhanaw taala protect us from from this European.

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

Now I want to come dilemma because I wanted to leave some questions. It's only 10 days left and the Sahaba used to do six months before Ramadan. They pray that Allah Subhana Allah make them live to Ramallah. Yes, there is only 10 days but I can die.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00

If tomorrow

00:45:02 --> 00:45:40

any one of us can die tomorrow if not tonight so we keep making this draw alarm of a living out on mobile. They'll Allah make us live till we see it on mobile and then I will add to it your lawmakers live not only to see it on my blog, but make us live throughout Ramadan. So at least as much as good deeds we can we can collect and then after Ramadan Subhanallah we have to make the dua to Allah accept from us USAID and Abraham but but after availing the contest similarly to Ballina in the world because we don't know for luck so as I said, a lot accept the action. But what kind of a cake I gave a last one Tyler. So how am I burned?

00:45:41 --> 00:45:53

Right? nice, beautiful, amazing. No one else have ever done it at all. No one ever had baked like a cake like that. This is the kids I'm so proud.

00:46:51 --> 00:46:51


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Swami Allah subhanaw taala because lifta we see them along it'll be I mean Allah subhanaw taala make us make this Rama one as the sister just sitting that when we start the best ever that's I feel it is the best ever. I think we need we need to live they can walk at any question. Yes, please.

00:49:15 --> 00:49:19

Some people of semester change the hours for budget.

00:49:20 --> 00:49:53

If we follow the phone? Yeah, that's true. That's very good question because the time of fudger if you look at the times of the Federal in the calendar, right, there's a difference. If you look at even now like you follow yours, look at the other one. There's a difference. Right? So which one is right? We don't know. So what do they do all the masajid for the support, they take the most cautious one. So they take the earlier one.

00:49:54 --> 00:49:57

And for the fudger they take the latest one

00:49:58 --> 00:50:00

for cautious Did you get one

00:50:00 --> 00:50:54

Point So assume in the five calendars the earliest support time ends say 430. Right. And the latest Federer start is 515 so there's about 45 minutes difference and you'll see this in London specially because it's amazing the differences. So the scholar says to be on the safe side, be always cautious. Take the earliest hole because if you ate after that, then you did not fast and when for your time you cannot pray unless the fudger time starts. So you take that so that's why they change it out of precaution. What should I do? Follow your Masjid. Don't Don't make life easy. Allah is not gonna ask me since I am not the Imam of the masjid. He's not gonna ask me why you're fasting. I like

00:50:54 --> 00:51:35

I fasted with my Masjid and that's what all the whole hamotzi same thing and I hamdulillah you asked this because Allah made me remember what day we start fasting. Do we start with the seeing of the healer with the moon? Or do we start with the calculation and then all this different opinion and maca started yesterday? Oh parkstone started this day. Who was the what is the answer? I don't live in Makkah. I don't live in Bosnia. You pray you fast with your local with your budget and your follow your budget. That's easy. Easy. Does that come along here? We just have to go Yes.

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