Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – December 4, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the creation of culture and how it is linked to various aspects of life, including businesses and the creation of human beings. The speakers touch on the concept of "by the way" and how people with disabilities see and speak people who cannot walk. They end with a promise to return soon.
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VR and AR the form will see kimonos see the world

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that will be learned umina shape on 14

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what tabula rasa.

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In more How can I make

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my brothers and sisters

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today we break up our football into two important parts. And they are both links to each other. So the first half, we will learn about the names of lots of cannabinoids,

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and high neck and body animals.

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And we will tie these three names even to each other or together. And we will also learn about how they apply to us as human beings in the second half of this short amount of time. So to begin with, we look at three of the names of a ball and also kind of a data that brings them together or connected with one another or I should say,

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after each other in the sort of

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Medina says move on under the quality

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So who is a client? Who is bad? And who is an imbecile? Of course we know that it is a lot. But what does that mean to us? Some of us know that we hear

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that a lot is the creative. And that's a given. That's understood. We were taught that as children. But what about the creative Do we need to know unless some kind of words out of that as a comic is the one who created everything and who creates everything. So a lot doesn't stop in what he is doing? A lot so a junk can make things happen and has written and decreased

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for things to happen, and he has ordered the pen to write, and the pen wrote, but as time goes on, things continue to be done by Allah subhana wa tada as in, he makes it such that they follow through things happen based on how he wanted it to happen. So Allah created everything. But not only is he the creator of everything, he created everything from nothing.

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So it is the one who has the ability to create

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and create.

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Now in modern times, when we hear this term, we will create something from nothing. And as someone who establishes something from nothing, that is usually known as the entrepreneur, the business type person, that business minded person who started up his business venture or her business venture out of nothing, they were poor, they didn't have money, they didn't have resources, etc, but they still use something to create what they have, they may have borrowed money, they may have you know, invested in something their time invested their time instead of money and so on and so forth. For you and I when we want to make something or human beings tried to clone the human beings, right,

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what did they do, they took from the human to create what they think or are trying to or attempting to create as another human. So they took from the human to add to resume, but also candidate Allah as a Holic doesn't need anything. What does he say it

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be, and it will be, in addition to this, as I'll call it, he requires no effort in order to do what is needed. And I just gave that example almost kind of data says could, and it would be B and it happens. So it also kind of kinda doesn't need anything in order to create something, and he doesn't even need to put effort into it, in order for it to come to reality. Also, in addition to alcohol, it also kind of go into and it creates what and how, and when he wishes, what and how, and when he wishes. And so at times, we think to ourselves, we'll see a husband and wife trying to have a child, and they can't have a child, the other froggit is the one who blesses them with the child. Right.

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But along on the chronic is the one who will decide when they will get the child and how the child will be and who the child would be, and how many children they will have in that pregnancy, and what the child would look like and what the child will be when they grow older, and what their financial situation will be, etc, etc.

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So there are so many things linked to chronic, but now we move to that, who is Alabama, and man it is very simple to understand, really, it is to bring the creation into existence. So when you think back of the creation of Adam and Eve is set up, almost kind of molded either at the center, and then he brought him into existence, he made his life come to life. So it's like someone who's executing a plan that was made, for example, the parking lot the drawings were done. Now the construction workers are making that a reality. They're bringing that project that's written on paper into a reality. And so also kind of want to add that is the one who can do this with nothing.

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And he brings life into us from nothing does He say in the form that he created all of us from water from water.

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When you look at water, you would think to yourself, there's no way this can be a human being a droplet of fluid on a Bosu cannon with adequate starts in the baby in the womb of the mother and puts the eyes and puts the spine and puts the hands and the arms of their head in the back in the legs as it starts to form and grow and blossom. As the soul placed in

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the command is given the soldiers and animal suffering to end these three names a loss of habitable which either says that he is a highly adapted animal soul with and we know is the one who when we think of it in English, we say the one who draws but really the one who shapes the one who shapes with designs. Everything is designed by a loss of having more to happen. And this is really a hashtag I've been using on social media for the longest time. Anytime you see something, it is designed by our law, someone who reaches a certain status in life or is removed from a position that is the design of a law and also with

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how you look, you are designed by a wall. How things happen in function, the random

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falling from the sky instead of going up from the ground is designed by law. I remember when I was a student in Medina at a class, I had a roommate from India. And I showed him a picture of Montreal in the winter. And he was shocked. He had never seen snow before in his life. And when he asked me, How does this happen? Where does it come from? I said, it falls from the sky, he says you're lying. So no, I'm serious, loving and close on the sky. He says, No, this is must be so cold that it comes out of the ground like plants grow from the ground. That was how he thought he never saw anything before. And the most someone was the one who designs everything. In the best and most perfect ways

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of going about stuff, or something you

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can be loving and beloved me in

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some books, and while

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I may be a father, so that was

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a brothers and sisters. The fact that I was born to Allah is a part of that. And he's the one who creates and the one who designs and fashions and the one who brings everything to life.

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Yesterday was the International Day for people with disabilities.

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December 3, every year, we talk about people with disabilities. Some of them may be blind, someone who can't hear someone who can see someone who can speak someone who can't walk, someone who can move someone who's who is going through some sort of disability. And we see that every single year on this Friday, and usually the first Friday of December all the massagin across the GTA to try to unite in our message. And today on hamdulillah. The fact that we learned about our father, the one who creates almost kind of more data creates those with abilities, and those who we say have disabilities, but really that is the beauty of the ability of us.

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Omar has the ability to make someone not see but memorize the Quran. Allah has the ability to make someone not here but able to communicate with others. Allah has the ability to make someone not walk but still stand in prayer, even though they're sitting stand in prayer. But yeah, they are able to establish their prayer in their life. Almost some kind of want to add that is showing us visibility's through people who may have disabilities in their life. And we need to be more understanding of this until someone is the one who designed every single one of us and designs people with disabilities. So the next time we see or we hear, or we speak to someone who has a

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disability, remember, that is the plan a lot. That is a phonics work. That is embedded work that is helpful. So we designed this person and brought them into this life so that you and I can recognize what we have and what we don't have and how we may be achieving

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less than those were achieving more than us and are not able to do things as smoothly and fluidly. As you and I we asked for lots of hands. To make it easy for us to understand all the attributes of almost all the most valuable Barack

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Obama is not me, along my feet in our

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allotment center center.

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We have ample time to shower these questions and mercy down upon us. Yes, the loss of kindness and it's open his doors of mercy and Father and to shout him down on every single one of us has colossal desire to remove this pandemic from upon us as parents and keep us among them and even always, to allow us to live to die

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as possible, to open our hearts to one another, to make it easy for us to be understanding of each other to allow us to be a means of spreading this theme from house to house and country to country and continent to continent as possible.

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To give

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you an example of some or all of our patrons and we will have access

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when you

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log in

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On the wall

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he doesn't

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the cell

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count was

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Sit down we're at a law center

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All righty

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sisters for your cooperation outside I know it's a mess we use do not spray your son that here we need to

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help the parking lot as well as make space for other people coming

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up alongside them for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Foot before

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a lot you

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know what I love

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memorials Canada I shall

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be back is

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