Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #05 – Wisdom

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Of the characteristics of the believer is wisdom (ḥikmah). The believer acts with wisdom, and is eager to gain more of it. The Prophet Ibrahīm prays to be blessed with more wisdom; our Prophet Muḥammad (SAW) asked Allah to grant wisdom to Ibn `Abbas (r), and he told us that wisdom is the lost-item of the believer, wherever one finds it, one should benefit from it. As with all qualities, one part of wisdom is innate and Divinely gifted at birth, but another part is acquired and can be learned. So the one who is sincere, and humble, and acquires knowledge, and implements what he knows, and learns from other’s experiences and his own experiences, shall continuously be on a path to better his wisdom.

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Spill Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was a happy woman well I'm about yesterday I mentioned the story of a church of the place and in it our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praised two characteristics. In other church he said, You are a person whom Allah azza wa jal has given a hill mu Well, Anna, yesterday we did an hour today we'll talk about the concept of hidden. What does Hill mean? Hidden is a very comprehensive word and it has two primary meanings. Therefore the concept of hidden will actually be split into two lectures. Today we'll do one half tomorrow we'll do the other half. One meaning of hidden the primary meaning of hidden is

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wisdom, intelligence. The second meaning is to control anger. And the two meanings are related because the essence of wisdom is to control your anger. And our Quran has two terms and hikma and columella. So we'll talk about two different concepts. Today we'll do the first half of L, which is wisdom. When our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praised as a church, he said, You are a man with wisdom and you act with foresight. So wisdom is one of the characteristics that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala loves, that is praised by our Prophet salallahu it he was seldom and that is one of the laugh of the movement, to be wise. And of course of the names of Allah is Al Hakim, the one who has

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infinite wisdom. So what does hikma mean? What is wisdom? The Arab say that hikma means you put everything in its proper place. This is what hikma means. Other scholars have defined hikma to mean, you act in a way and you speak in a way that maximizes the benefit and minimizes the arm. So what is wisdom? Wisdom is to act and speak in a way that maximizes your benefit in this world and the next and minimizes your harm in this world and the next so the wise man has the most benefit and the least harm. That is what a wise man is. And Allah azza wa jal praises hikma in the Quran, and mentions that he is the one that gives it up till Haik Mehta mania SHA, Allah says, I give hikma to

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whomever I please. Woman You tell HC Mata *a udia Hi, Ron, Kathy. Rob, whoever has been given wisdom has been given a lot of good. So Allah calls wisdom, a lot of good and ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. Praises Lokman in the Quran. Welcome, Tina Luqman al hikma we gave Lokman wisdom and Allah praises Allah praises. It's my aid in the Quran. We're Bashar now who Bill Holderman Halim, we gave him glad tidings of a wise child. This is what he means wise child. So Allah praises hikma and Allah subhanho wa Taala grants hikma to whom He pleases. Now question. If Allah says, I give hikma to whomever I please, then what if somebody says I haven't been given ACHEMA I'm not that smart. I'm

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not that wise. We say just like every single Alok one part of it Allah gave you when you were born. And the other part Allah azza wa jal allowed you to acquire, so to his wisdom. As we said from the beginning, some people are born with a short temper, some people are born higher level of of patience. It doesn't give an excuse to either one. Both of them have to strive to be better. Allah gives strengths and weaknesses and disperses them amongst the creation. Every one of you has talents and strengths and also weaknesses. So it is true, nobody, nobody's denying this, that some people are born with more wisdom automatically than others. This does not mean that the one who doesn't

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have it shall remain a fool for the rest of his life. No, the person who has less of any o'clock must strive must put in some effort and you can acquire every one of these o'clock with effort. How do we know this? The Quran itself says the Quran has a commandment Allah tells all of us in the Quran. When we give Dawa. How should we give Dawa Udo Illa Sabirah Becca how Bill Hicks

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committe call to the way of Allah with wisdom. Now, if wisdom were beyond our control, if wisdom were something we're all born with and we cannot change, then this verse means nothing. It's as if Allah is telling us to do what we cannot do know what Allah is saying. Every one of you learned wisdom, every one of you acquire some wisdom and then use it when you give Dawa. So Allah azza wa jal is demonstrating that yes, indeed, hikma is something that can be learned it can be acquired even if we don't naturally have it. It is true some people are naturally more wise than others, but even those that are not they can still acquire it. Now hit come up or wisdom has many categories and

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of the categories number one is religious wisdom, wisdom in deen and this is the most important category what is the wisdom in deen the wisdom in Deen? Remember how do we define wisdom? It is to put everything in its right place so the wisdom and Dean to act according to the Shetty, you put yourself in the shadow of Allah subhana wa Tada. The highest wisdom is that You Yourself Your Lifestyle conforms to the Shetty and hustle bustle he said so Hekmati. Makaha to ALLAH, the essence of wisdom, it is to fear Allah subhana wa Tada. There is no wisdom that is more wise than the wisdom of fearing Allah. When you understand who created you and how you live your life. That is the

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ultimate wisdom. And that's why when we don't obey Allah, then Allah azza wa jal describes disobedience as acting like fools foolishly, and that Allah says in the Quran, that Allah says in the Quran, in Medina Yamuna, so a big halogen, what is the Yama, Luna sewerby gehouden those who commit sins in foolishness? What does it mean to Johanna while you commit sins? Even Abbas said, everybody who disobeyed is Allah is a fool. He hasn't acted with wisdom. Everybody who disobeyed Allah is acting foolishly. So the essence of wisdom is to obey Allah. This is religious wisdom. That's the most important wisdom. A second category of wisdom is wisdom in dealing with mankind. How

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do you deal with your boss? How do you deal with your enemy? How do you deal with your spouse with your child and you can make or break a relationship with wisdom how many marriages have been broken because one of the spouses was not wise? How many jobs have been lost or been fired? Because the person did not act wisely. So this is wisdom in terms of dealing with other people. A third type of wisdom is wisdom in your trade, also known as a skill. So your wisdom in buying and selling your skilled trader all of these wisdoms as we said, some people there is a natural talent and others you can acquire them question now how do we acquire wisdom if we don't have it? What is the methodology

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to increase our wisdom? Number one most important number one, everything always begins with a class with wanting it you meet you need to desire it, or else you're not going to get it. So we desire to have wisdom and we're allowed to make dua for wisdom. Our Prophet sallallahu it he was said it would make dua for Eben Abbas, Allah Houma Lim will Hikmah Allah teach him wisdom, if an advice is already a young boy, it's not as if he's already born. That's it? No, now he's a young man who's growing up and the Prophet says and says, Oh Allah increase him in wisdom. Ibrahim in the Quran, he says, Robbie Hubballi hookman give me hikma, give me as an adult, he's making dua to Allah increase my

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ACHEMA. So if you want to be wise, number one, have the intention and make dua to Allah. Number two knowledge knowledge is the essence of gaining anything. And so when you want to gain in any knowledge in any field, you start with knowledge. That's why Allah says in the Quran describing our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yet to do it. Why you Allah Mohammed Al Kitab al hikma he teaches them hikma so teaching wisdom. So by studying the Quran studying the sooner we will acquire wisdom that is religious by studying other sciences will acquire wisdom of those sciences. Number three, experience living life more are we are the founder of the Maya dinosaur, the Allahu and while

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we have said, there is no wisdom without experience, beautiful statement, there is no wisdom without experience. And that is why, sorry to say this, but a lot of times teenagers, they act like teenagers, right? cut them some slack, why? They don't have wisdom. Why don't they have wisdom? Because they're teenagers, they don't have the experiences of life. Generally speaking, when you're 1920 you don't act the same way then when you're 4050 or 60. That's why we see that type of rashness from the youngsters we cut them some slack they don't have wisdom. Why not? Because life teaches you experience teaches you what books will not teach you. So wisdom is learned by experience. Number

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four wisdom is learned by observing the people around you having an open mind

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being sincere, being humble, being patient and observing. If you are sincere to learn wisdom and you have an open mind, you're observing society around you, then you will learn a lot. But if you're arrogant, if you're closed minded, if you're not willing to learn, then experiences of mankind will not benefit you. Our scholars of the past said, the wise one learns from experiences of others, rather than people learning from his own experiences. You learn from other people's mistakes, rather than people learning from your mistakes. So studying the world around you observing being around wise people of all disciplines, you want to be wise in religion, be about around religious people,

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you want to be wise in a business be around successful people in that business, observe what they're doing. And this leads me to the final point of the ways to increase wisdom is to study history, believe it or not, because history teaches us the cycles of life history teaches us the mistakes and failures the success stories of other people. So the more one comes across history, the more one studies previous civilizations previous figures from a religious perspective studying the lives of the Sahaba studying the lives of the great scholars of the past. The more we study, the more we will acquire wisdom. So brothers and sisters, aim to be wise desire to be wise and realize Allah subhanho

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wa Taala loves the wise person and the essence of wisdom is to fear Allah azza wa jal and act upon that knowledge. May Allah subhana wa Tada give us all that wisdom will continue tomorrow in sha Allah, Santa Monica Monique was able to catch

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