Ramadan Series Day 18 – The Month of Protection

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AI: Summary © The concept of "weekend of protection" is taught in Islam's course on achieving success in daily life. It is taught in a practice called "by the way" that involves practicing behaviors like obeying Allah's advice. It is crucial to practice these behaviors daily to achieve protection and build a habit. It is also emphasized the importance of protecting people in a daily and weekly manner to build a habit and protect the planet.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh The month of protection is the 18th name that scholars gave to Ramadan. Basically 18 days in Ramadan, we have spendid al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen, obeying Allah fasting, standing up in the night reading Quran What do we start treating? specially getting ready to the last 10 days to the finale and what's the finale? The month of production? And what is the soul? soul is you're protected, you're preserved. You will you don't feel afraid. It's related to the name of

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the safety

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shuffle alone, but this one is a little bit deeper again. Again, it is related to my relationship with the last panel with Darla and my relationship with the people and how will I applied

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and we have put it in your planner this verse for Lucy burner yamaka tabouleh Halina hormone Lana, while en la jolla, tawakoni Moreno. See, and this is insource tober and the vs 51. Se meaning Allah so Allah Allah told the roswaal ASR to tell them nothing will be for loss except what Allah has decreed. Who am Alana Mola Mola? When am I not see, he's my ally, is my protector. He's the one I rely on. He's the one who will never let me down on an oil, cooler, mowlana. Wildlife I get to work with him. He is my ally. He is my protector. He is the one who is going to give me victory. He is going who's going to protect me and upon him. And that's the order comes in now practical for us.

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upon him, the believers should rely.

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So the month of a soul, the month of production, what does it teaches me? What does it teaches me and this is something we Muslims need to work on ourselves. I need to work on myself to improve in this category. *hole a sown when I am being protected. The Ramadan itself protected me by the fact that I am fasting and with the blessings that to bring it's protected me It protects me from disobeying Allah.

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We definitely most of us, this obey a lot less in Ramadan than outside number one. And number two, this obedience to Allah is more difficult. And obedience to Allah is easy. Alhamdulillah This came in from the fact that again by me, ob obeying Allah, I'm closer to him. So let's connect the verse I just shared with you in the beginning. That verse teaches me and you rely on law or rely on Allah, Who else? Or Kapha biLlahi wakita enough is a law for me as my protector. But how do I achieve this? How does this come as my daily life? Number one, by taking advantage of the opportunities that Allah give us to obey Him? That's Ramadan. Every opportunity Allah gave us to obey Him and He makes it

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easy take it Don't let it go. What you normally cannot do outside Ramadan you can do it in Ramadan, then do more. It becomes easier do more externally. The more I do externally I'm closer to him suparna and I'm closer to his name and workI Ramadan by the fact that it the devils are chained I am more protected from this obeying Allah shadow sown. I am protected the fact I am fasting I don't even sometimes have energy to disobey your boss pantalla part on the protection what hamdulillah now this is with Allah subhanaw taala I need to know about him more than what I read Quran I know more about him. The more I know about him, I'm more reliant on him. Let me practice in Ramadan, the real

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feeding I am being protected by Allah. Let you see when I Isla Kesava la hula meaning when I go through a difficult time during the day of Ramadan. Normally we pick up the phone, we look at our phone who I'm going to text who are who I am going to call in a mobile let's split train ourselves that the first thing comes out of my mind y'all help me.

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Y'all love me make things easy.

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And then I'm going to go and ask others whether this is in difficulty or even in a question related to the fasting or in any situation.

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What I need help, I need to remember I am in the month of Ramadan, the month of protection who is going to protect me Allah. First thing I want to do, I want to turn to him first. Change my focus from thinking of my ability and my planning and the people planning to Allah is planning and to Allah production Lucy burner Ilana cassava, Lola, nothing is going to be for me, except what Allah has decreed. And

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and I say, okay, but I don't know what Allah have decreed on me, I'm still worried, whoa, whoa, mowlana see how Allah said, he is my protector.

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He is the one who will not let me down. Even if it is very difficult, he'll make it easy for me. That one meaning of protection, another meaning that we can apply protection.

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In euro mobile, and practice the protection in Milan is environmental protection. This is the word we use, what is environmental protection, there's even an agency in the United States about that. It's when I buy my practice, protect this earth. And this earth is the creation of Allah and he put me here as a steward, to take care of this earth not to ruin it, let alone not to waste. Let me practice daily practice in my fasting. And especially when I break my fast, not to ruin this earth, not to waste, not to waste resources, not to waste water, not to waste food. Absolutely. And keep reminding myself that this is part of the month of production, that I will train myself to protect

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this earth one. Number two, it's an act of worship, I am obeying Allah by being his halifa on this earth, and I am not wasteful. I am not wasting. And if I practice it, the people around me in the house, for the for the sisters, when you are cleaning the dishes, don't let the water run. This is waste when we do we'll do when we do we'll do and we are in a state of fasting or we just broke the fast or we're going for taraweeh Don't let the water run. Because that's waste of us. What is AutoSum used to make horrible in about a cup. Perfect, horrible production. So three things the month of protection. Number one, let's build this relationship with the protector, ie to rely on

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him. The more I know him The more I obey Him, I'll feel it and this will come with me till after Ramadan. Number two, lets people around me be protected by my presence. They feel I am here for them. And most importantly, most importantly, is let's protect this earth. That's every act we do. Every act we do in my daily life will be an act of worship, Allah will reward you so when I see the water running, I turned it off. It's an act of worship is I'm not wasting now. 234 in the whole area of Hebrew must reefing don't waste he doesn't like those wastes are wasteful. I leave I'm leaving the room, turn off the light. Turn off the light with the media and protecting the earth. Not Allah

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Mr. Lucca equally something like I asked you with every name your Allah Jana min and Miko Vina Vic make us protected by your law. Teach us how to rely on you. Teach us how to feel that you are the protector and tamo learner and teach us to take care of your earth your obeah me