Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 15

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear brothers and sisters Welcome to tarawih reminder day 15 we're talking yesterday about three company for a new sermon for that, who are the three Allah His messenger? And Dr. infeasibility? come before eight who are the eight? Those three? First they constitute what the actual

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eternal, the real life but the eight

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about your your parents or your children? What if one of your siblings was logical, your spouse's, why she allowed to come?

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meaning your folks, your kindred, your kinship, one one and a half to move her wealth property have been accumulating? What is Jonathan tuck Shona casada? a business that you feel decline in my second thought? How is this really elite? You feel happy when you're living in these houses? What do they constitute the dounia, which is temporary and ending?

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So I promised you last night, we're going to be talking about how the Sahaba interacted with this.

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How they made the Koran, a way of life. Because the Quran to us as Muslims is a comprehensive wavelength, it covers every aspect of life. So let's think of the first one going in Canada, we said there is a conditional F. And there's the results. So the conditional F is if number one your parents. And then if we fast forward, we're going to say more Beloved, your heart if your parents are more Beloved, than Allah, His Messenger and charity. So now

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let's see the Sahaba, who is more beloved to their hearts

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during the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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and during the Battle of better after the battle was over, you know, the son of a worker of the alarm came to me said that he said, Yes. He said, I used to see you on the battle because he was fighting with the disbelievers. He said, and I used to avoid you because I didn't want to kill him. You know what ibaka said to him? I said, Well, ally, if I saw you, I would have done it. Why?

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Imagine now the sun is fighting his dad because he says La la la cama de la.

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And it was the Michigan her coming to attack the Muslims. So he said in defense of myself, if I have seen you, I would have done it because Allah is more important to me than you.

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If you choose that.

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that's an example.

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Another example, the last part that I said in the second one, he said, Well, I've been at Oakham.

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So this is the example of AB net. Okay, I'm sorry, the one that I gave you now, look how the work could have felt towards his son. But about accom. Let me give you one example. Saudi Arabia focus on the law on one of the 10 promised gender while they were still walking on earth, He accepted Islam.

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And when his mum knew about that, she got so upset. And by the way, Saudi Arabia plus is the uncle of the processor.

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The maternal, not the paternal and the maternal uncle. So when when his mother knew about this, she told him, listen,

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if you don't stop,

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and come back and build and believe and submit to the idols that we worship,

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I will do two things. I'll go on strike, I'm not going to eat. And I will never take about until I die and all the Arabs will blame you for my death. You will live with this disgrace for the rest of your life. So you went to the Prophet Solomon said, Prophet of Allah, I love my mom.

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But I love Allah. He said, then you have to make a decision, who's more Beloved. And that was the decision. He went back to his home he said, a man, Mom, one lady in fcbd by the one in whose hand is my soul. Lo, unlucky me at nefs surajit. Amanda Nuff said Nuff said Allah and Africa de matar. If you have 100 souls, and I've seen you dying

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100 times in front of me. I would never leave. Just started eating.

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This is how Allah was more beloved to their house.

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Let's move to the third one. What if one

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and your siblings your brothers and sisters

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after the Battle of better again, massage

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Amir rhodiola, who is one of the great Sahaba, who died later on in the Battle of odd.

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He saw his brother

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and his brother was taken as a prisoner of war in the Battle of better. His name was Aziz. So when as he is so,

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Musab, he got so excited. Because he was a prisoner of war. He was locked within in fitters and shackles. He said, Musab, he said, What's up my brother, he said less than

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the ones standing next to you who's putting you in shadow in shackles. He's my brother.

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As if he's telling him Brotherhood in faith is more important than brotherhood and blood.

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So he chose not to submit to God, you're not my brother.

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And look at this. He looked at the Sahaba, who was, you know, holding him in captivity, said, Listen,

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is to

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make sure that he's fussing well, because he's a trouble is a troublemaker. wahala he fell for that.

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And when you ask for ransom asked for lots of money because his mother is very rich, she will pay. So Pamela whose was mother? It's his mother.

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You see, because Allah was more important to them. Allah was more beloved to them than their own siblings.

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and moving on.

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What is

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your spouse's handler or their loved one? He has the title of the serial melodica this hobby, his body was washed by the engines.

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Why? Because on the night of his wedding, can you imagine

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and he had intimacy with his wife and he heard al Qaeda come to struggle for the sake of Allah, he left without taking a shower.

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And Subhanallah he died in the battle.

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He died in the battle. And Subhanallah when he died in the battle,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was walking in the funeral. And he was walking on the tip of his toes. And there's a prophet of Allah, why are you walking like this? He said, there is no single space because the angels are everywhere. They're coming to attend the funeral of Allah.

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And his body was washed by the angels. Why? Look at the sacrifice is newly married. But when he was asked to give his son for the sake of Allah, He runs straight away. This is how they applied the Islam into life.

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I'm wanting

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to move on. I'm going to go back into a lot tomorrow. Talk about you know why she want to come. But I'll conclude with this one.

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One of the great Sahaba

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His name is Sahaba Rumi, so hype the Roman

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he came to Mecca, and he accepted this lamp. And he used to work as a blacksmith.

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And he was taught to so much when he accepted Islam.

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But then after that he made some money. And when the time for immigration came, and he was trying to immigrate from Mecca to Medina to join the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They caught him at the outskirts of Mecca. This is where are you going?

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I'm immigrating. I'm leaving the country for you. They said no, you have to choose between your faith

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or your money. You came here yesterday, you were nothing you have nothing. Now we made money and you want to take your money and your faith and go to Medina you have to choose.

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Now, if you were in this was a Muslim, no matter what would you do? You've been working hard for years, and you made some wealth. And now we have to choose.

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You stay with your wealth in Mecca. you'll agree to Medina with your faith. What would you do? Would you like to know? What's the high or the low? No Did I wish I could? Well my time is over. So inshallah tomorrow, we'll continue the story. We're also continuing stories of other Sahaba who fulfill this ayah so that we might start thinking, how could Islam How could the Quran be our way of life and all of its aspects? May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who listened to the speech and follow the best of it. Don't forget soda for your budget. And so the cuff on me, which is a smile, tomorrow inshallah we have the huddle

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At 5pm have beautiful patience that's usurious, Nancy also, Charla intertraffic reminder was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh