Mohamad Baajour – How to Catch Laylatul Qadr – Epic Ramadan

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of staying active throughout 10 nights in the first few weeks of the year is discussed, including the need to practice doing things like facial and praying with the holy water. The heart is used to improve one's life and practicing making things up all through the year is crucial. The need for people to practice making stuff up all through the year and not just focus on certain aspects of their life is emphasized.
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Tonight is the first night of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And tonight is an odd or even

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at night. So there's a hadith that was almost isolated specifically said that it could be the 21st any huge possibility that tonight could be the night of later. But in sha Allah Allah the plan for everyone here is to be active the whole 10 nights we're not going to be selective all of them in sha Allah Tala.

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So you walked in to the bank

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and when you first walked in,

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the manager came all the employees, trumpets, confetti, everybody's excited. What's happening is you are our 1 million customer and you want a huge price.

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What's the price? We're gonna give you? Huge

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55 gallon bags

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and we're gonna put you in the vault for 30 seconds.

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30 seconds.

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So you walk you walked into the vault you looked left you looked right you look up down everywhere you look at stacks of hundreds of 1000s of dollars, they already wrapped hundreds of $1,000

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so they gave you 30 seconds Bismillah Go ahead.

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How many of us would say 30 seconds is too much.

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How many of us would say

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Can I take a break? Need some coffee and rest a little bit?

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Allah if I know you're very well.

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We're going to grab left and right and up and down. We're not going to stop this is a lifetime opportunity. This is not going to happen again. This is it.

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30 seconds

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my brothers and sisters 20 seconds are gone. How much you have filled in the backs.

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20 seconds are gone.

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But from the realm of Allah subhanaw taala the last 10 seconds or the best 10

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or so allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam the Hadith we all know men kala Malaya little cutter Eman and what is urban warfare Allahu Mata caught them in them. Whoever performed pm on the night of the cover, all his previous sins are forgiven. And another Hadith which is very scary. He said.

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Man hurry Maha Faqad. Hurry mal hire coolly.

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But half of it not 30% Whosoever is deprived from the little cutter. He's deprived from all hail. All hail.

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Well, my room Allah

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called him my room. Yeah. And he deprived? What's wrong with you? Yeah. Wow, could you

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like an example I gave her the hope and the last hope. But if the boss tells you at work, you work for 10 days and you finish this project. I'm going to give you at three years salary.

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You make $50,000 a year, I'm going to give you after 10 days. You finish the project. I'm gonna give you $4 million

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we will sleep in the office right? We will make sure it's done

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Subhanallah I can quit the job after that.

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10 days.

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We want to do our best. We want to get out of our comfort zone. Like they say learn Oh my bad deliang

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No more sleep. Starting today. Just take the amount of rest that you need to survive just 10 days. Thank Allah they're not

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100 days, just 10 days just 10 days.

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And the reward is beyond the imagination beyond

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not at three years of living No no no. At three years of full from morning till night full of a brother Yanni all day fasting all night up all day donating at three years of that if you witness a little cuddle, so what should I do? I'm going to tell you about the minimum and then we're gonna go

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up the minimum the minimum in these 10 days then minimum the bare minimum

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who is attending Fraser and Aisha and Gemma? Why?

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Because Rasulullah cisilion said whomsoever attend Fraser and Gemma and Aisha and Gemma, as if he stayed up all night. Yeah and he has a few made TM all night which is the little cover this is the bare minimum because some of us maybe they cannot come to the masjid they cannot. They have some certain you know, necessities that they have to attend to.

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The Second best is facial and a shot in Jamara and praying taraweeh with the Imam till he leaves

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because of Salah salem said whosoever pray with the Imam till he leaves, it will be recorded as if he's up all night. So I prayed with the Imam and I left that is considered I am up all night and this is one of the night of the Laylat the last night it will be considered I am call him okay. And the third which is the best, featuring Gemma, Aisha and Jamar with the mantle he finish and then I go take a little bit of rest.

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I get up again and I put for more TM now the top of the top the best of the best is

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I divorce Dunia for 10 days.

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And I dedicate all these 10 Days and nights Yeah honey, there is no way later to cut there's gonna escape

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10 Days and nights I'm in the masjid in a bad five Salawat in Jana, and during the day and at night. The best thing to do is Attica if and I know Subhan Allah so many brothers hamdulillah May Allah bless them from the beginning of the year, they book those 10 days and they tell the boss these 10 days on my vacation days. These are the days I want to take off Allahu Akbar, the vacation is with Allah.

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So, what do we do in these 10 days?

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If you want to earn a little, little Qatar has a man has a dowry. The dowry is two things. Just call me.

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actions by your body and actions of the heart, the actions by the body we all know them the PM, the cin the Quran, the DA all of that. But the ones of the heart and that what really counts.

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That is when I'm doing the body ones the heart is present.

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When I'm reading the Quran, my heart is present when I'm performing the Salah, I'm not thinking about everything. I'm concentrating on that slot when I'm making dua, which is the most important thing in these days. My heart is in that too. I'm asking that that's why I always repeat please

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understand what you're asking that to add that you're raising your hand and begging Allah for know what it means. Because sometimes we memorize beautiful anatomy and we do not know what they mean.

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But you don't have to make too hot when you're out of the slot. You can make drown in any any of your languages Allah subhanaw taala understands all languages. But the only important thing in the DUA is that it has to come. Yanni, you are begging Allah for guidance and you are really making the intention that I want to start coming to facial from now on all the time. Not only in Ramadan, I am going to start reading the Quran I am going to improve with my parents I am going to improve with my spouse. Yeah, and that was with intention. There's no way I say yeah, Allah cured me and I don't go see the doctor. There's no way I say Ya Allah. Give me a child, go get married.

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You have to do something. You gotta do something what you're asking for put your heart into it. Or Salah say salam said, Allah does not answer the DUA from called Raphael in law. Allah does not answer the DUA that comes from a heart that is heedless and is not concentrating.

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So please, these 10 Days and nights, mixed the night

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between pm Quran and da

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third, third, third, whatever you want, this is what you're going to be busy doing. Now, what happens the first one or two nights? Allahu Akbar, everybody's excited.

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Then they die to the 27th

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then they get excited again. Then the EAD comes to no

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no, this is not gonna

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happen to the African brothers and sisters. We are going to come every single day and every single night try our best from the morning till the night in every aspect of my life even at work, I'm going to practice my bed by lowering my gaze by not doing anything haram by not cheating by not lying by not selling haram everything I'm going to be doing from the morning till the night all a bad

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all a bad. Now the last thing is

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which is something that many many people and I mentioned it to my brothers Halaqa on the site.

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Allah subhana wa Taala when he wanted to praise the people who do things at night, which one did he choose from all of the animal? The ones who do what

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Mr. Farr

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al Mr. Farina bill as

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well as Hurry home yesterday if you don't

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do whatever you want pm Quran to just at least dedicate a minute Yeah 35 minutes, literally only for the Stefan so you can be from the ones whom Allah praised at the time of Sahul whether they're doing after they finish eating, they are making stuff or stuffing stuff. And say it like you mean it. Don't make your Istighfar needs is the fourth a structural line of email at the La Ilaha will allow you to Willy or say the list of for say you the list of the master of a stuffer Allahumma Anthropy that in the Halacha 21 When I had Ikawa the camera started becoming shattered in Abu laka Mexicali what I thought would be them the fiddly thing now.

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He learned memorize it if you can just hold the book and read it from your phone. But leave some time just for this to fall. So you can fall under the category of Al mustafina bill as hard and this by the way, as it's not limited and restricted to Ramadan stuff as hard as hard is a pool of souls that are plural of Sahara. And Sahara is the last time of the night right before fissure two three hours before that. That's called Sol Sol time. So anytime that you can make stuff up all through the year does not have to be in Ramadan. So in sha Allah Tala lycra salatu salam said, you know, he used to tighten his belt and get ready on wake up his family and these nights. So inshallah Tada we're

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gonna roll up our sleeves. Are you ready? Insha Allah.

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Allah what kind of insha Allah is this?

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Are you ready?

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us the benefit of little ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada save our necks from the Hellfire Samadhi

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in Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning I will not mean it will quantity now look on it. The more slowly lauding Pina was flaunting bonds he wants long Dino a Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know wonderful she

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wouldn't call she mean I want to call she I think one downside btw now one downside the party was all me I was all in.

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When have you Lena photo gentlemen, one half of what it was good enough. Guess

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what the good going on? I don't

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why I lean

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