Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 16

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video about a person who is supposed to be drunk and fasting during a video chat. The transcript describes a group of people who are trying to convince them to stay fast and not die. The conversation then shifts to a discussion about drought and how it affects humans.
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This is extremely important this is going to put roses on your first on your

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is dwell.

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And it's amazing a wasp panel which if you read it the person sorted the three verses about Oman

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123 I already know I'm gonna

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come up with

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all you

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people who think in favor of people of faith so yeah fasting became obligation on you the same way as the people before you.

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That's the first time a few days how much at the coffee shop for those who will see a man fast on my camera you're gonna wanna suffer if you're sick or you're traveling by

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go die. Shoulder mobility was in a few minutes to be nothing that the month of Ramadan the month that the Quran was revealed as a way of guidance and to clarify things to show people being awake for much atypical Mashallah for the same thing, you see the month, touched on my calendar, you know, unless you're sick, or you're traveling, and

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you're ready to walk, because initially you need to be kudos among points easily. He doesn't want hard shift for you.

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Then to

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finish the 30 days, glorify, and last paratime. And you will be grateful and have the story right? This idea comes in

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this icumsa What's the afternoon,

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still about?

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to sound robotic? Now, the details of the past? Why this came in the middle? The most famous audio, you won't know, I don't think anybody in this room don't know this. I, when my son asked you about me, I am me. I am close

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to dying? Are you responding to the call of the one calls? Or calls upon me for calling me?

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You will notice. Do all notice. Yes or no? Yes, you will notice Have you ever thought Why?

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Why the middle person? Or a buck or 283? i? Was this in the middle?

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No, absolutely. No, to remind you, that part of getting louder. Also, one is

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Don't forget to drop

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and the drop while you're fasting. And then as you're breaking your fast, we're gonna come to it in a second. So make sure one of the I say this to myself before anyone, one of the most beautiful, one of the most beautiful acts of worship, for the most part, it totals one of the easiest acts of worship, what are those that require nothing, right. And the least practiced by us is, and we pull up a lot when we need to.

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But when we are in a state of prosperity, we don't do this look at us.

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And after I look at the audio, when I need something from a child is sick. I need this job. So I am in a really difficult situation. I want to walk toward it to make it easy. How is my job?

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Where is my tears coming from? And then a while gives me what I want. What happens after Salah What do we do?

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Everything is more important. So don't do that. And especially in the month of Ramadan, this actually this beautifies it beautifies it and there's no limits.

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You are from the monitor unit in a state of Diwan.

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And there is two kinds of drought which most of you know but it doesn't hurt to remind. There is a blog and this course teaches you how to evaluate the reservoir or to ask, give me I want I need anything. Nothing is impossible for little or big. That's $1 but there's another blog outlet the burden is there supplication when you glorify or more, when you say so how long that's a that's an act of supplication. When you say it's tough. That's an act of supplication. When you say

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that's an act of supplication, when you say

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out of supplication when you say Mashallah who would say love you? So because we are human beings by nature we get bored, easy way to change, move.

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Move from this to this always, always able to to beautify this

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