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The speaker discusses the allowed amount of fasting during fasting, and how it is not beneficial to eat too much salt during fasting. They also mention that people often avoid certain activities during fasting, such as washing their hands or drinking coffee, and that dental work is not allowed to be done while doing these activities. The speaker also talks about the benefits of using a brush and a dental pump, but warns of potential complications and the potential for bleeding.

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What is allowed 200. And now coming into the million dollar questions every year.

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Why? What is allowed during fasting? is not going to break your fast.

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Yes, tasting the food, but not too much.

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Right? And those of you which I'm sure most of you all, if not all of you, professional, not professional cooking, but you cook well. You don't need to taste anymore. What do you smell it? You smell it. And you can tell, right? Or if you really need to, for example, you have somebody who's sick in the house, and you don't want to make you want to make sure you don't put too much salt, for example, you get to taste not taste, taste.

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Smell perfume, is something that's very common question doesn't lead to something. Absolutely.

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Anyone know, you used to kiss his wife, and he was fasting. But he is. So this is one of the other things that you are allowed to do during muscle so the woman had her period, or they were in a state of impurity after the marital relationship. And she was very tired. Or she was very busy preparing support, and suddenly it's a bunch of tragedy. She didn't pay attention, the talking you can feel your muscle. And when you can, when you're fasting is valid. Can I raise my mouth? Yes. Can I brush my teeth? Yes, but not excessive. And fiber from brushing your teeth. Yes, you can.

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We can use a

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brush brush with one with only the brush like two spaces allowed as long as you do your best not too small, which we always do. Okay, so keep raising and throwing it throwing it to you have no taste anymore and you're absolutely now having some dirt and you are if you are in doubt, normally how often we brush our teeth

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in the morning after you do your settlement, and then after your break first before you go to bed and get out of this.

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No I'm worried just in case I swallow. Being here as we say be sensible, be smart, and do it in a way to play it safe.

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Please memorize this, this slide and you'll remember when we're thinking these are the things will not break your fast

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will not break your fast idle. dental work as gimmickry under the tongue medications. So people have chest pain and you put under the tongue. Aspirin did not break the fast mouth. gargle, cardiac cath, vaginal crease, vaginal exam, IV Iam injections, endoscopy, oxygen biopsies, catheter, general anesthesia, unintentional vomiting, and intentional vomiting. All the above especially I'm talking about the medical ones. As long as there is no IV fluid. There's an IV fluid, that's your fastest going, because that's food. So if you put an IV line you give them 5% dextrose or give the normal CT. This is food was the fastest book. They're not fast. But all these because this is the communist

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question. Oh, I cannot do pelvic exam because I'm fasting what is going to have to do with fasting?

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But it's a very common

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myth. Everyone, right? And even I always remember my friends used to say all the very few people are coming for the exam because they're worried.

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But in general, I would add for all of them, I try to avoid it.

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Try to avoid things that is not necessary.

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That's not right. Yes.

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Did you did you read

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the news rojo?

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No, throw it out. And again, it is not necessarily in your DNA, your

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blood to draw does not blood transfusion needles. Because it's a food blogging tool. It does not tell you what is nothing.

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chemotherapy. Very good question. What do you usually give licking with?

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fluid. They always put IV fluid because they are worried about the IV line because you don't want that IV line. So usually it is not an injection IV. Chemotherapy comes from the fluid. The fluid breaks your class not the IV. The IV medication is a fluid. So you have to know and I will say this pure on chemotherapy, your body will

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Not to be able to fast. So that's another and you have to, again, really conditions it's but again, anything that is worsening my state my status I should avoid