Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 11 – The Month of Charity

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The upcoming month ofusually fasting is a combination of giving and prayer, with Subhanallah Muslims often giving charity to feed their neighbors. The importance of generosity and sharing knowledge is emphasized, as it is used to alleviate sexual bias and avoid minor accidents. Visitors are encouraged to be patient and gentle in their behavior, as it is difficult to avoid harm. The segment also touches on the benefits of sharing good things and avoiding harm, such as forgiveness and avoiding harm.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We're continuing with our series and today is the 11th name of the month of Ramadan. Subhan Allah, and today's name that was given by the scholars is called the Chahal, Jude of Shahada, the month of charity, or the month of generosity.

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And what is the relationship between generosity giving and Ramadan? Not because we are usually generous Subhanallah Muslims, we give we help we feed. That's probably why you see all the fundraisings in Milan. But there is a principle it is related to the essence of this month and to the sooner off of our Swati salatu salam or swelling salatu salam month Assad Dhaka whosoever whomsoever will give as a charity basically

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tomra like a piece, like a date one date Minkus built by you from an authentic from a halaal income.

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This simple piece of date will equal to him or her on the Day of Judgment for the last pantalla as if it is the mountain.

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So one date

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number one, in general, giving mainly is not how much but it's number one is from the source to you. It's from Helen it's from lawful legal Alhamdulillah legal meaning legal and the sight of Allah subhanaw taala

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now let's connect charity generosity because there is two things we can do a normal one is always comes to our mind What about if I don't have money?

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And there's a lot of people believe they can support their family. What about if I cannot so we're going to talk about charity, giving its money, but also generosity giving up or giving in or or giving others than money. So let's connect first giving charity with fasting and the month of Ramadan. And that was what he thought was Ron said this to a companion and Luca wobbly, Jana. Do you want me to show you guide you to the doors of Jannah your law doors open doors of heaven, what are they and he said the following number one or so majan fasting fasting itself is a shield that's what we are doing a normal one was sort of football hobby and charity giving will extinguish since come I

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thought we might we know just like water, extinguish fire. So every time I am giving something I need to think of my sins and if I just can close my eyes and think of the sins I did today

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and since we don't have always to be making major ones but all of us sin kulu other hapa all the children of Adam sinners are sinners and the best among them are those who repent so if I just think about my sins my delay in Salah the way I looked maybe I felt something I looked down at at some and somebody listened to something I shouldn't minor ones there was an opportunity to do good I didn't do it I hurt somebody or these minor ones right? feelings or action. If I start thinking of this and then comes to my mind a sort of adultery or have a charity giving extinguish since like, water, extinguish fire, I will be more giving. So this is the combination do I want roswaal ASR to

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ceramsite? Do I Do you want me to guide you to show you to direct you to the doors of Jana? Yes, Yara so a lot ECOSOC was salam, of course we all wants to go to Geneva and he said the following number one of Sahaja fasting is a shield Alhamdulillah we are doing it or soda coffee or hoppy and the charity giving basically extinguish since like water, extinguish fire was allowed to Roger leafy, jiofi Lane and the night prayer in the middle of the night or when the night cuts late. What do we do these days? What do we do? So they are conducted? The giving is connected with fasting is connected with the prayer that's the landmark of Ramadan plus the Quran will we'll come to it later

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These are the gates of my gates.

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Your gateway to gender or this is my actions to the gates of gender. But why Ramadan is Shahada dude Why are my wife specifically is the month of charity and generosity because that's what he was alayhi salatu salam and so you know Abdullah have now bass he said

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can have a sudwala hisako sam Callen Nabi Alayhi, salatu salam, ala Jordan Naseby the higher

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your rusada Salatu, WA Salaam, he was the most generous man, or amongst people, the most generous in general. What do I do my akun fishery Ramadan, and much more generous, or the highest state of generosity is a normal bar. So usually his generosity hisar to Sarah, but in Ramadan, he is absolutely more generous and a man with no pain, said the same thing kind of enjoyed in us. He was the most generous, much more a one or during Ramadan. And then the scholars at the moment when he was explaining why, why in Ramadan, specifically our soiree Sato Salaam was very generous. They say because Subhan Allah, He said that every night or Swati salatu salam meets a major breed. And they

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review the Quran and the presence of Satan legibly the presence of the Quran, make our Swati hisako surah way more generous, he wants to even please Allah subhanaw taala more remember our southern thought we all have a another Hadith charity extinguish since another Hadith or saw the autotrader audible Rob charity, extinguish the anger of the Lord. hobble Rob So giving this is my opportunity and yours to give and be generous, very nice point to look at. If I don't have money, or I paid my money, but I want to be very generous. I want to be like have a Swati site or set up. But I don't have that much. Right. So is there other ways I can do it. Other things I can be generous with other

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than money and wealth. And scholars literally looked at it in numbers and I'm going to share with you a couple of them. Number one Subhan Allah and Julio varaha It's so beautiful, you're generous by giving up your comfort.

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So when I and you struggle to go to town, at 930, or a turn, or stay till the end, or I want to do the 20 and it's becoming midnight, and I'm so tired, and tomorrow I have to be taught at work. Let me remember. One of the ways of generosity is to Allah pantalla is to give up my comfort to Allah to give him and I want to be like Allah Swati salatu salam, in another Hadith he was described can enjoy your mineral masala, he was more generous than the wind, continuously go, going and flowing. So number one, let's be generous in our comfort. It's Ramadan, I'm going to sleepless, I'm going to stand longer. I'm going to pray more. That's number one, number two, generous acknowledge whatever,

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you know, whatever, you know, teach people around you one verse of the Quran, one heavy, one meaning one good deed, one good manner. And scholars even stated, generosity in knowledge is better than generosity in money. So Pamela, and they and they put the reason for that. They said, Because knowledge is way more virtuous than money. So giving up being generous in knowledge, you learn something, you teach it, or you share it with people, you're more generous. And now having said that, we have to make sure especially when we share knowledge that what we are sharing is authentic, and it's correct. So generosity with knowledge. teach somebody the simple Ayat of the Quran, how to

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read properly, right? Or if they want to memorize help them generally just be given two, three

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generous generosity, what benefits people, generosity, what benefit people somebody want to apply for a job. This is his first time for example, a normal one gonna take the opportunity and take off your time and teach that person give him the tips how to put the CV properly if he or she is very important interview how to conduct themselves and do to be enough, be generous in things benefits people. And by the way, not necessarily only a Muslim, anything benefit your neighbors generous, something that you have found is good for the house. Tell them about

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It something beneficial to other people. Number four,

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but generous in your body, in your body to help other people. And they give an example is like when somebody at that time they had they, their method of transportation was through animals. So they say you help with your body to push his animal or to pull his animal or to put his stuff in on his animal. What we do these days. So how long you go to the grocery shop, you're fasting, it's Ramadan, you're a Muslim, and you see an older lady. And we see this very common. All the lady putting her grocery in the car, jump and help her. And this is generosity. This is generosity in my body because I'm younger, I have more energy, I can do this. Then I help her or somebody is a struggling for

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example to get something help them. Don't wait for people to ask and this is basically sign up generosity is you don't wait for people to ask you do it. You are a giver. They asked or they didn't ask. And Allah Swati has salatu salam. So this hadith that was probably helped us to understand more and share more the generosity he said kulu salaam Amina nursey. In LA he saw the Akuma Yeoman flower shams, he said the following are a Swati santosa this is narrated by Lima, Bihari, every joint of the human being every day, every day that the sunrise there is charity on that joint. And we all know about serrato Baja, but this is the front one. And he said

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judge with judge between two people with justice, that's a charity

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to people, they have an argument they are if something is not the best between them, you will come in you judge justly bring them together. That's a charity to your enological Allah that Betty as we said, You help the person to put their to put their things on their mount on their mount or their anamorphic these days and the car. That's a charity, right? I'll carry my favor so that we all know that good word, charity, good word. You know, like, especially if you're going to the masjid and you meet people say something nice. somebody tells you it is very difficult to fast. It's becoming so hard. You make it too hard for them. May Allah make it easy for you. And hamdulillah just keep going

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ask Allah, that's charity. You're not only making somebody happy, and you're helping you are doing a good deed, you will be rewarded. And Carrie Murtha. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Ha, ha, every step to the masjid. To pray. Every step. This is a charity. So so it doesn't matter I have or I don't have money. So here I am. I'm tired. I'm lazy. I don't want to go for therapy. Think of this one. Think of this.

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I put myself in the car. And I'm driving. But imagine if I was walking, how many steps and how much rewards I will get. And you need to add an apostrophe so that you remove harm from the pathway is charity.

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Again, the pathway doesn't mean only anywhere that people are walking. And this is commonly also in the masjid. Right? So people and I'm gonna say I'm not going to stand here and talk with the others because this may harm people. So I'm going to move to the site or I see people I said, Let's come and talk on the site. Let's keep it free for people to walk. That's an act of charity Subhanallah

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when you're off one measure Tama

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so this is the Hadith. So the author of swatting saltos, is you judge between people with justice, you help people on their mount, and every step you take to the masjid that's charity and remove the harm. Another way of generosity and this cost us nothing at all, neither our body nor our money, nor even physical or monetary, but it's very difficult. SubhanAllah for many people, generosity, in pardoning, I laugh and jujubee laugh they call it your very generous and fully giving everybody just forgive. Don't let yourself think when they don't know what they did what they said they don't worry about that.

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Give yourself talk to yourself. generosity, Teach Yourself generosity pardon people, you will be rewarded. It's the month of charity. It's the month of June.

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eurocity like it is the month of fasting, like it is the month of Quran and the month of my Salah, it's a month of giving. And when you forgive someone, it's an act of generosity, it's extinguished. Allah has that Allah has anger, and it's extinguished my sins. Last but not the least,

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generous and being patient, meaning generosity is difficult. And being patient is difficult. Now you combine them, be patient, and be gentle in generosity, meaning, especially with the children, and when we are fasting, right? I want that to I want this, Oh, you're so busy and doing this and doing that, and you are almost about to lose your patient, hold it and say, holding my patient, or holding my temper and being patient act of charity as if I just wrote a check.

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So that we have so many things to do in this beautiful month. That's one that every good deed is multiplied. And Allah subhanaw taala is waiting for all of us to do good deeds so we all will be forgiven and things that is not too difficult to do. Fasting is not easy, but helping someone is easy.

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forgiving someone if we train ourselves to do it on daily basis is much easier. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us Minamata Sakina. Well matassa de corte as Allah Santana described them, he puts a description of characters that Allah subhanaw taala love those who are and here he divided man and woman, believing man and woman, Western man and woman, quantity those who are submitting to Allah subhanaw taala ha ha they have ought to Allah, man and woman saw between those who are patient, man and woman, those who are generous man and woman, those who are patient, man and woman, those who remember Allah a lot man and a woman and those who are chaste and protect their private parts man

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and woman. What is it your Allah? Allahu Mo Farah? What is your honor Halima Allah prepared for them molfetta forgiveness and a great reward. May Allah subhanho wa Taala your lagenda Mimosa decklid Allah make us of those who are very generous. We don't think twice about any step. Any action that will make us among omotesando clean. Your biani salamati Kumara La Habra cat

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