Yasir Qadhi – Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #21 Being Easygoing and Gentle

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The New York Times' " Hot in Serbia" edition is discussed, including the use of "overall massage" and " Hot in Serbia" meaning "overall versions of the New York Times". The speaker emphasizes the importance of adapting to circumstances and breaking friendships, citing examples like the Norfolk and Hadith in Sahih Bukhari. The importance of being gentle and easygoing in order to achieve success in life is emphasized, as well as the use of a symbol called the cedar tree in the Prophet's teachings. The transcript also touches on the importance of giving back loans and being generous in order to avoid getting forgiven.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Mallanna via by the Hammerberg SubhanAllah. Brothers and sisters how quickly time flies one week from today inshallah we're having our autumn. So literally just one week left alone was done. Today's hola today's characteristic of the believer is one that deals with an overall massage and overall way of dealing with people. It is the characteristic of being gentle and easygoing. The Arabic word used is lean or riff of the rock of the movement is that the movement doesn't cause a scene. He is not somebody who's petty, you know, there are some people that you're worried to interact with them to deal with them. They're going to make an issue, they're

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going to raise their voice, they're going to be very, you know, following the letter of the law, let's say and there are others that are they're easygoing they're gentle to deal with. The movement is Halion he's easy, he's lazy and he's gentle. Allah azza wa jal praises the Prophet system in the Quran by saying Furby ma Rama T min Allah He linter the home. It is Allah's mercy to you. This is an emphasis for the mount Rama. It is Allah's Rama to you ya rasool Allah, that you are gentle with them. It is Allah's Rama to you that you are gentle with them. What Oh, Quinta for one Khalifa, Albanian folk Domon Holic and had you been harsh, sharp tongued, the own Sahaba would have left you.

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So Allah is saying Ya rasool Allah of my Rama to you is that you are gentle, and you are soft, and you're easygoing, and he is our role model. So we too, should be gentle with everybody. We don't choose who be gentle with the default you be gentle and easygoing, when Musa is sent to fit around. What does Allah say? For Kula Allahu Coulon, lay in and give him gentle speech, Musa is going to fit around and Allah says to Musa when you speak to him speak in a gentle manner, perhaps that might cause him to rethink through the default we deal with people in an easy in a gentle going manner. Our prophets have said he doesn't tell me the beautiful Hadith listen to this. He said, Do you want

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me to tell you whom Allah has made haram for Jahannam and whom Jahannam has been made haram for he emphasized both ways. The man is haram for Jen Jahannam and Jahannam has been made haram for the man. They said who is this? Listen to this Kulu Hainan Lai Yunnan Sal in Corrib beautiful Hadith and it's an easy Hadith as well. Kulu Hainan lay in in Sakhalin, Karim, every single person who is gentle, easygoing, Sahel, just get by no problem. Cuddy, he's close to the people, he's somebody whom you can interact with in a nice manner, the one who is gentle and soft, that person has been made haram for jahannam. And Jahannam, has been made haram for that person. And subhanAllah This is

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the reality there are people in our own communities, they're so easy and gentle and soft, everybody loves them. And the other people, you just don't want to cross paths with them. We want to be of the first category. And in fact, this is demonstrated in something so simple as keeping the rose straight. When our Prophet system would stand up as the Imam you know, there were no you know, markers on the carpet, so he would say so, so fufa come, well, Lee knew the ad when they come, keep the row straight, and be gentle in the hands of your brethren. What does it mean be gentle? It means when somebody says, yeah, he come forward a bit. Yeah, he go back a bit. Don't become arrogant. No,

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this is my spot. I'm standing here. You know, well, like, we have seen people like this after you know, like, just because you're standing here, you want the whole line to follow you. And in the time of the process, and there was no actual line. Imagine now there is an actual line and people like no, I'm standing here

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Soft is going to be where I'm standing toe. That's not Hey Ian Lee and that is arrogance right lino be 81 they can be gentle in the hands of your brethren. And our Prophet system told us that you know, people are created differently. Some of them are soft, some of them are hard. The hadith isn't the hadith of Buddha with that her prophets have said, Allah azza wa jal created Adam from a fistful of clay that he gathered from the entire world. So some of the clay was soft. And so some people are soft, and some of the clay was hard. And so some people are hard. He said this in a hadith, so some people are soft, and we come from that soft clay we want to be from the soft people, and others are

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hard, they don't do anything, and we don't want to be amongst them. In another Hadith. in Sahih, Muslim our Prophet says some said, the example of the believer is like the date palm that bends with the wind, that bends when trials come. So whenever a fitna about that comes, it is able to bend with it. And the example of the Norfolk is like the cedar tree. Sorry, chef is Lebanese Lebanese with us, okay? Because the cedar is the symbol of Alabama, but they chose for other reasons. The example of the one outfit is the cedar tree. Why did he use this example? It doesn't budge at all until it breaks. That's not the movement, the movement lay in the movement, you adapt to the circumstances,

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if situation becomes difficult, you will change with those circumstances as for them when I felt because he never ever, ever changes. when anything happens, the only change is to break. And that's not the way of the believer. The point here is that the relationship will break. If you don't go with the flow, the movement goes with the flow. There is a gentleness with this regard. So our profits are some compared the believer to the tree that is able to adapt and so to the believer situation becomes difficult. The believer adapts with that situation rather than making it more difficult because when you're stubborn because that's the example given of that cedar tree when

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you're stubborn. You can only remain stubborn for so long then you break and breaking here means breaking friendship, breaking ties and decompensated divorce and that is not the way of the believer and once again we do this with everybody. Hadith in Sahih Bukhari the Prophet system was sitting at home and one of the leaders of the hypocrites asked permission to come inside and the process some said to himself beats a hole Shira, what's an evil man this is but give him permission. I issue overheard when the when the man came. Aisha says Hola Hola. Hola Callum. He spoke to him gently nicely, then the man left. Then Aisha came from behind the curtain said Yato Sudha la I heard you

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say he didn't say too much. Are you speaking to him? So I heard you say what an evil man. But then when he came, you were gentle to him. You were soft to him? The Prophet system said Oh, Isha. Have you ever seen me to be harsh and vulgar? Never is gentleness added to something except that it beautifies it and never is harshness added to something except that it makes it evil and disfigures us. So of the lack of the movement to be gentle and easygoing, to adapt to the circumstances to not cause a fuss or a sin or be petty. And this is especially true when it comes to buying and selling when it comes to transactions. The prophets have said Hadith isn't Behati Rahim Allah but in some

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honey, they're bad. Some have either started some honey Dr. Dog, may Allah have mercy or Allah shall have mercy on the one who was easygoing when he sold things and easygoing when he buys things, and easygoing when he gets his loans back, just be gentle and easygoing, go with the flow and allow people a little bit of laxity and leeway. Hadith in Sahih Bukhari as well. The prophets have said, There was a man of the generations before you, he had no good deeds. He had no good deeds, but Allah gave him a lot of wealth, and he would give loans to people on the Day of Judgment. Allah asks him, what good deeds Do you have? The man says, Yeah, Rob, I don't have anything to show. But one thing,

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I would give loans because I was wealthy, and when a time came to get the loans back, I would tell my servant, I would tell my slave that if they don't have the means to give it back, don't be harsh, be gentle and easy, and wait till they have the time. Be easy with them. That's the only thing I have. Allah says the Hadith in Bukhari, Allah says, I have more right to be easy with you than you had with those people go for you are forgiven Subhanallah just gentleness, just giving them some slack, cutting them some slack. And being generous in this regard was enough to have this man forgiven. And this was the clock of the Prophet system as well to be overcompensating and easygoing,

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once he took a loan of a two year old camel in Arabic, by the way, every camel that is in every agent has a specific term, you have a term for one year old camel, two year old comma three comma four year, five year literally they're different.

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words in English we have camel, but in Arabic they have different terms for every age. So he took a loan of a two year camel and he said to the man, I'm getting a, you know, the sadaqa I'm getting you know the amount coming in soon when it comes from that quantity of camels, I shall return your camel to you. When that quantity came back when the Campbells came. He said to Bilal, go find a two year old and give it to the man. So Bill Assad Yara surah Allah, there is no two year old, the youngest is four years old, which is double the price much more expensive. The youngest that I found is four years old. So the prophets have said, Go and give him the four year old for the best person is the

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one who's easy going when it comes to loans. The best person is the one who's easy going, I'm not going to be stingy. Oh, I have to find a two year old this is the Profit System. And in another time, he took a loan of amount of barley from one of the Jewish merchants. Then when the merchant came to take it back, the Profit System said to Bilal Xin what RJ, give him the amount and throw in some extra as well be more generous with him. Don't give him the exact same back by the way, this is not Reba. Reba is to put a condition in the contract, I give you 100 You give me back 110 Sooner is I give you 100 And in the contract, I give you 100 back but without any pre agreement. I should give

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you back more. This is sooner, it's sooner to give back more but it is haram to put it in the contract. You get the point here right. So our profits are some when he would give back he would give back more and he would be generous in this regard. And this is the o'clock of the Sahaba as well. Earth monument I found out the Allah had this also in Makati Earth might have been a fun, he purchased a land from somebody. And that man disappeared and didn't hand him the keys for a long time. Once done Earthman tracked him down and he said you know what happened? We signed the contract. I gave you the money. The man said as soon as people found out they made fun of me and

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said Ruth man cheated you governor he cheated you it's too cheap. You sold the land for sort of mindset is that the way you feel by the way Hello, transaction, whatever you offer, whatever you agree to witnesses is was all done. So the deal was done and signed. But the man later on felt that you have cheated me meaning you have given me less than the price. Earth man could have been. You know that we agreed we signed the contract. But that's not Earth man or the alarm. He said, that's the way you feel, then call us if you don't want the transaction, take your money, give you an or take your money back and the transaction is null and void hellos. Don't worry about it, we canceled

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the deal. And then he said I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say the best of people are the ones who are the most easygoing when it comes to buying and selling. And that's why Earth man was the multimillionaire because when you are that way, Allah will give you Baraka, if Earth man wanted to, you could have taken him to court, he could have said law, we signed the deal. Now there are two witnesses and you would have been right and the hackers on his side. But with Monroe, the owner said I heard the prophecy some say hey, you don't ask the best of the people or those who are the most gentle and easygoing when it comes to these types of matters. So dear brothers and sisters of the

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clock of the believer is to be gentle and easygoing. And I conclude with this beautiful Hadith, our Prophet alayhi salam said, in the law, ha Rafi, can you help bereft? Allah is raffia. Gentle, Allah is one of the names of Allah is Allah. Allah is gentle and easygoing, and he loves being gentle and easygoing. And then he said, what he said to our mother I Isha. That never is gentleness added to something, except that it beautifies it and never is harshness added, except that it disfigured it, so be gentle and be easygoing, and Allah azza wa jal will be gentle and easygoing with us and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow with Santa Monica when I have to tell you what to catch up

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Of the manners of the believer is gentleness (Episode 21 of our series).

Allah reminds us that the gentleness of the Prophet (SAW) himself is a Divine Mercy and gift from Him to us: فَبِمَا رَحْمَةٍۢ مِّنَ ٱللَّهِ لِنتَ لَهُمْ (آل عمران – 159)”And it is Allah’s Mercy that you are gentle with them…”

And the Prophet (SAW) said, “Do you know the person whom Jahannam has been made ḥarām for? Every humble, gentle, easy-going, genial person” [Tirmidhi].

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