Haifaa Younis – Q&A – Pain when the Soul Departs

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remembering the principles of death and Roswaal in life, as well as the struggle of death itself. They emphasize the need to live with the obedience of Allah in every moment of one's life, including when it comes to eating, dressing, and interacting with others.
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Miss Smith,

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what should we do to take away the pain of the

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taking the soul out of the body and the time of death, we have to remember a couple of things. There's a principle says, When ATIA Allah shaped matauri, the way we live, it's the way we will die, to remember this, so I would like to live my life as much as I can. And I strive to live with the in a state of obedience of Allah. So when the death moment comes in, I am in a state of obedience to Allah. And then there is a hadith of roswaal, as AutoSum, I'll share it with you later, the meaning of is that the soul of the believer when it removes, or when it I'm sorry, when it leaves the body, leaves it with ease, and with joy, and smiling and happy and the angels are waiting for the soul to

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move, to come back to Allah versus the soul of the capital of the disobedient. And the cat for the person who does not believe in Allah will be very hard for her to leave the body and it will be very difficult and painful. Having said that, still, the moment of death has its own struggle, and its own pain and its own difficulty and the roswaal a thought was when he was dying in his era swallow his soul to a sinner. When he is dying. He was sweating very hard and say that he was looking at him. And he said in the matsusaka, right, the the death moment has moments of Sakura Sakura is actually the way the person is intoxicated, meaning you will be so overwhelmed, overwhelmed with

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what he or she is feeling that if they are intoxicated. So the advice to my beautiful sister What should we do in our life is in every moment of our life, let's live with the obedience of Allah with the code that he wanted for me in everything and the way I speak and the way I dress and the way I interact with people and the way I interact with the non Muslims, with the animals with his creation. Everything has to be a state of worship to Allah. So when I die in that moment, that we all don't know when it will come. I am in a state of obedience. I am a believer and my soul would love to go and meet its creator.

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