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The speaker describes a situation where a dog has a history of missing people and causing chaos. They also mention a woman who claims to have a dog in her house and a woman who claims to have a dog in her garage. The speaker warns that there may be a bar solic in their environment and that people may not recognize the presence of a dog.

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Miss Smith

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Why can't we have a dog in our house

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and some who have more knowledge said Well Mr. Malik said the dog is not going to just the dog is not does not have no justice doesn't have impurity. And this is the opening up an Imam Malik.

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So one of the reasons that there was a dead dog under the bed of Rasul Allah

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and the why he stopped.

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And then he talked to Allah.

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When he came after me said, the meaning of We missed you.

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And he didn't say that you believe responded, I missed you too. But I am a slave follow orders.

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Allah told me there was a dead dog under your bed and the house that has dogs, the angels does not enter.

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That's what I tell people all the time. Because they that the fact that it is not just that he is impure, my booboo is going to be negated. That's actually three opinions. But he says no,

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but nobody disagree on this one. Absolutely. And this is actually in a hurry. Personally, as a believer, this is how I always act in my life. Does it work?

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Will I die? It's all I say much myself. Will I die if I didn't have a dog in my house? is a tricky word that there is a possibility and this is for sure. But people who will question everything. There's a 3d word that there is no barakah in my house, no angels comes to my house for a dog. birth in the garage. Have a house dog outside

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and then go out and walk with a dog. When I walk in, there's a dog I always pick the dogs