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Okay everyone for wave without the paper, we have Dr. Hayward joining us from from St. Louis, Missouri

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a surgeon. She's easy as a physician. He's a gynecologist, and she is a young startup who has studied in Saudi she has studied in Jordan. She's running institution called gender Institute in St. Louis, Missouri, which serves the the sisters all across the country. And I visited St. Louis many times and multiple occasions I've seen the fruit of the efforts and the work that she is doing in St. Louis and we are the beneficiaries of their work and other efforts. We are honored to have him here by joining us from St. Louis and I hope everyone can benefit from our lecture she's also a physician So please, if you have any questions you can ask in the q&a section and he shall up and

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electric we will ask Dr. haber those questions and so that you can ask them for us.

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Electric Zakouma here in Santa Monica Martin global occur to smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Juana AlLahi wa sahbihi woman Wanda started the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the gracious and Peace and blessings upon His Beloved. And most beloved creatures Rasul Allah salatu salam and his companions and I asked Allah, The Merciful, the great, the capable that Allah subhanaw taala take us away and remove this test. And this difficulty in this hardship that all his creation and the earth in total is going through your biani I want to thank Of course miftah Institute, Sheikh Abdullah hidden Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala always teaches us it was November when he

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visited St. Louis, and we met and he was so excited about the new place that they purchased. And he showed me a video and it's amazing, beautiful.

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After going a little bit this time, sure.

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Can you hear me better now?

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you can avoid pirating your computer? Yes, I should be able to hear. Yes. So basically, when we were in, in St. Louis, there was a beautiful discussion in which we were also excited about joining this conference. And it's going to be in April, where Detroit is usually not too cold, for people are joining us outside the United States. You know how cold Detroit is. So it hadn't let her blind. I mean, and we planned and Allah teaches us he's the best planner, Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us He is the planner, Subhan Allah. So hamdulillah and I'm so grateful to Allah, that we can at least still learn and meet each other, and throughout the internet and I make a dua and some some of you

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may find this little bit, and not the usual that Allah subhanaw taala does not allow the corona to come and attack the internet, because this is what is left for us now to communicate, to learn and to

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get in touch with each other, as you can see, so so Panama, we are Saturday, April, the fourth 2020 and we are going all of us through this difficulty. So when I was thinking about what should we learn, and how can we go through this and what's what's the things that will help us go through this. So I'm going to take you back from April, the fourth a Saturday in St. Louis, to back to Medina, the blessing of Medina May Allah Subhana Allah keep blessing that city and open the mosque of Raja Swati Sato Salaam for everyone to go and visit again your ob me and this is the time is about five years after our Swati Sato cinema migrated to Medina. In that time, in that city, there

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was a woman

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and what a woman

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not a woman only she was a companion and what a companion and she was not only a woman and a companion, she actually was one of the mothers of the believers. And what a mother of a believer and her name or what a mother is of the believer.

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And her name is which most of you probably all of you know the Seder Ayesha Aisha bento Sadiq also the aka the truthful, a trustworthy and her father is the truthful that the one who is the first halifa came in

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and her mother is the name is Omar Oh man. So I have to take you through the story. Because this story has so much similarity to what we all are.

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Going through man or a woman, young or old, live wherever we live in, in life in the earth. So here you go. She was the wife of our Ross rally saw to Sarah, the messenger, the leader, the most beloved to our last panel Tada.

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This is not only what made her special, although this by itself is more than enough. And it's not the fact that her father is abubakr Sadiq made her even more special, but she herself had certain characters. And I'm going to take you through this because the introduction to the story will tell you and will take me and you through the difficulty she went to through and how Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end, changed things completely eternal.

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So what was Who was she? Again, her father is Satan Abubakar, younger. She was fear, fear, color. She

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fear color. And our Swati sought to surround us to call her with a nickname and homey are all meaning she's not fit very fear fear with a little bit of a darker complexion. She was tall.

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That's as an external. Let's come to the more of that she was the most the most commonly said she was the most knowledgeable woman in the matter of the

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enough she narrated from Rasul Allah, his Salatu was Sarah 2210 handy sayings of our Swati hisako Center. As a woman, she was the most beloved beloved wife to Rasul Allah hisako Center.

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The companion meant more than one asked of us what he thought was Sarah, who is the most beloved woman, I'm sorry, who is the most beloved person to jasola

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and he said I Isha public, in front of everybody.

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So the man wanted, and that will mean that one of the comments on this is like the men really wanted to hear their name that they are most beloved to Rasul Allah hisar to set up what the answer was Ayesha, so that was a woman. So immediately they respond or that Sahabi that companion responds and says, What about from the men who is the most beloved to you, and are Swati salatu salam responded her father. He didn't say the name of Abubakar, probably Allah one may Allah be pleased with him. Rather, he referred to him as her father, out of the love.

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And the men described her companions described her that she was most knowledgeable, most knowledgeable in the matter of deep and she has the most inner intuition about people. And one of the companions exactly described her saying, I have never seen a person more knowledgeable Indian, in medicine, in poetry, like Ayesha

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as we are saying this, she was absolutely extremely also devoted to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed in the Quran they call it Iota here, the verse of choosing in solar hub when Allah said to the wives of Allah Swati salatu salam Yani sir, and maybe the wives of the Prophet, if you want this life of meaning or Swati sartore cinemas, telling them and Allah revealed it. In Surah Taha, you want this life, come on, in, I will let you go and go and enjoy life. But rather, if you want the Hereafter, then Allah Subhana Allah has prepared for you in the hereafter. Meaning you will stay with me with with everything is happening with me. And you stay

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with me and Allah will reward you amazing reward in the hereafter. That was the choice. She was the first one who said I choose rassada hisar to Sarah.

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Also, she was a woman who any of the companions, the major companions, if they had any dispute about a matter of knowledge, the answer is usually with a say die shot. And she described herself I mean, when I was preparing this, I mean I always loved to say dies, because I looked and especially these days we all talk about empowering women and giving woman rights and all what we are hearing and I always say the first woman

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That's a lie in Islam that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us an example of empowerment of a woman was a say Dinesh and of course before her was a Seder leader, but the Seder heisha her empowerment was in her knowledge. And in her personality, as I am going to take you through this story. And she talked about herself and she and she said, I was married to Roswell, he sought to surround by the order of Allah, by the order of Allah gibreel came down, sent down to the Swati Sol to set up with my picture, or sorry, sorry, to a Salaam saw a dream about marrying her. I was the only version that Saraswati is thought to sit on, married, he died, and he was on my chest. And he saw to set up his

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grave, in my home, his grave, in my home.

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The in the gibreel, the angel used to come with the Quran, the wahida, Revelation, Torah, Swati Salatu was Salam. And he was with me in my room.

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And I am the daughter of his most beloved friend and his follower.

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And my innocence came from the sky from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I was given the glad tidings.

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Not only that, she was a woman of sport. So Palawan and this is a hadith that is a saying that by she narrated it herself, and it is in Abu Dawood. And she said, I used to race with our Swati site of Sarah, compete

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and running. And then I used to win. And then when I bought a little bit older, and again, little bit Wait, one time we did it, and he actually won. And he smiled. And he saw it was Sarah Mayer, lobby, peace and blessings upon him looked at her and said this one by that one. So when she was younger, she won. When she was a little bit older, he won at a Software Center, and out of a joke and beauty, and love. And he said this one, I won, because you want the last day,

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she was extremely as I said, smart, the word and these days we say and look at this saying of roswaal A Salatu. Salam he used to tell her, yeah, I know, when you are happy and pleased with me. And I know when you are not. And this is a very good lesson for all of us how to deal and how to express our feelings, when we are happy. And when we are angry, and how we express it in a way pleasing to our last panel. We're tired.

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And she said How? He said, I know. I know you're happy with me. And I know when you are not. And actually he said when you are vulnerable when you are angry with me. And she said How is that? He said Ali Hassan said I'm also I decided to set up this is a wife and a husband. So now the husband or a soiree site was telling her, the wife say dies. If you are happy with me, you are going to say what are boom hammered by the Lord of Muhammad. So she say his name. And if you are not happy with me, if you are angry, she said, You say by the Lord of Ibrahim, meaning she's not saying his name. Look at how intelligent and smart she is delivering her message in a very nice way but delivering

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the message. And then she said again, look at the love and the beauty. She said well nahi By Allah, yada so Allah, I do not leave. I do not neglect except only your name, but the feelings is there panela

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out of her

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action, an important permission, or wasa that Allah gave us Muslims. When we don't have water, what do we do? Or we cannot get to it or we cannot use it because it is harmful. We do something called to moon meaning we use the sand or the the dust and basically we wipe the face and the hand and that will replace the water. Where did this come from and why? It's because of a seed Asia and also in Hawaii that was widely sought or said I'm certain This is in Muslim. She actually said we went out with a Rasul Allah

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Salatu was Salam and I was waiting a necklace and pay attention to the necklace. necklace in her life is so important and had so much impact. It reminded me of the short of syedna use of in the story of say evening also meaning is not just a necklace or just a short are either had brought a lot because of it brought a lot of actions and rulings. So she said I was with Swati Salatu was Salam and then my necklace fell

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I start looking and the companions are start looking and the time of Salah came in and we didn't have time. We didn't have water. So they we prayed without water.

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And then they went back to the Swati site or Salaam and they said it's a Isha. And they said it's because of her we couldn't find water and we prayed without water. And Allah Subhana Allah revealed I have to tell your mom as they say, the verse in the Quran, where Allah taught us and it is in Surah to made and in samsara to Nisa. But lump did you do math and fatigue, your mom will say don't buy yoga, if you cannot find water, then use dust and use tm. This ruling came is because of her.

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So let's go back to the fifth year. And we are in Medina. And let's see the test. We all going through a test everyone wherever we are now, we are going through the test. The test is we are homebound. uncertainity anxiety, fear of the unknown, fear of disease or illness, sickness, may Allah protect us that loss of resources and loss of or financial loss. So we are going through a tough test. And I'm going to take you to Medina in the fifth year of hydro of migration where the biggest test that happened in Medina in the city all the city involving Rasul Allah Salatu was sent out, involving his household and of course it is about to say that he and see how they acted or

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reacted. Some made mistakes, some stood up the way Allah wanted them. And how our last part eiler at the end showed us all in the molosser Yusra with hardship comes ease with hardship comes ease. And this actually story is narrated by her. She Remember we said she was knowledgeable, and she was one of the companions who narrated the Hadeeth or the scenes of Roswell, a site was set up. This story is narrated by her and it's an unimaginable horror. And it starts like this. She said usually are Swati salatu salam I'm gonna try as much as possible give you detail, but not too much detail, but we keep the excitement.

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So I was she said I was I'm sorry. She said Laura, Swati. Salatu was Salam. Whenever he lives in Medina, whether for an expedition, he usually take one of his wives with him. And how does he choose the wife, he actually do like a lot and put their names and then whoever the name come out, he takes her with him. And she said, this was in the fifth year, the expedition. It's called elmora, Isa.

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So he, her name came in

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and she went with him.

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Now this happened, the timing after the verse of hijab came in where Allah subhanaw taala ordered the wives of Swati salatu salam specifically and all the believers to cover and photo rustle the wives of roswaal Esau to Sarah to cover completely including their face. And I am saying this because that's important in the story.

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So she said I went with them and I was very thin. Remember we said she was very thin, lightweight, and they put me on a camel. But then they did not have the woman ride on the camel right away. Rather, they put like a small like a carrier. They call it in the Arabic language holder. It's a small like a carrier. It's like a small house but it's a very light and usually it's covered. And then the woman covered like a curtain and the woman goes inside and sit in it. And she said they put me on this and we want

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as we have done and we are coming back to Medina. It's became night and I was what he thought was said I'm said we will continue to go. We will travel in the night.

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To reach to Medina. So she said, we took a little bit of a break before continuing to Medina. So I was I needed to go and please forgive me use the bathroom. Now those days, they did not have a bathroom, right rather to relieve themselves, they usually go for.

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And she said I went and I came back. As I came back, I touched and I cannot find my necklace, necklace again.

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And she said, I wanted to go and look and see if I left it there. So I went

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locked, found it came back. Now remember, she was very lightweight. And she was in the

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carrier that is covered.

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I come back and what do I find? I found the whole caravan left.

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And what she said is that I was very lightweight. So the people who were carrying it who were riding my camel having the carrier on top of it did not feel the difference. Because I was very lightweight. They left

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and she was alone.

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She said I stained. I said to myself, they will come back for me. So I'm not going to move anywhere. And then she said as I was sitting remember it was night, I slept.

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Then I wake up and I hear someone saying in Nat ilahi what

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she said I woke up and I found soft one Numark been a companion. His name is soft one of Swati Salatu was Salam out of his wisdom. And it's amazing planning that always when he go in a caravan, he asked one of the companions to stay a little bit behind and follow them but with a distance. So if there is anything they need, here we go, someone gets lost, or they need something or somebody left something, he can take it and bring them. So she said he came, I knew him.

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And he knew me from my finger and he used to see me before the verse of the hijab cover my face

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was revealed. And she said by Allah, He did not say a word. Other that Inari loving what they say Raja

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and he brought his camel asked and then put the camel down. I mounted the camel, and he pulled the camel.

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Pretty soon, we reached and we cashed with the group, and I'm going to read to you what's what's what's there.

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And then she said, the people, the people who the people who did said things that will make them sin, start talking, but no detail.

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And then she went back, went to Medina they arrived

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and she said once I arrived to Medina, I got sick.

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And she said I stayed home. stayed home. Look at us. did not go out.

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I have no idea what is happening in there. The only thing I see different is that are Swati salatu salam, normally when I get sick, he is even much nicer and much sweeter and much kinder. This time I didn't. I found out that I am feeling his little bit different. He changed and when he used to come and visit to me, only thing he used to say he you say Kiefer t calm How is the woman? How was the lady and I found it very strange. But I didn't know what is going on. I am home bound,

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disconnected from the world.

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Then she said after a month, I start to get better. Now remember, there was no hospitals no medicines, so they stay home take care of themselves so they get better. And she said, I went out to go to the again to relieve myself with me. A woman named almost like the mother of Mustang. She's a relative of her from her mother's side to Satan.

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And she said we went and

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Then as we were coming back, almost have that companion with her tripped.

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And then as she dropped, she said, may Allah curse must curse upon must die.

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She said, How can you do that? How can you say something like this, about a man who fought with Swati salatu salam in by the

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the woman answered, don't you know? She said Know what? She said Don't you know what he said about you? And what the people are saying about you? And she said what they are saying.

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Imagine this.

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And the woman said they said that when you were alone with soft one, when he was pulling, and he drove you that he guided you to the group and you were on his camel, something happened.

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So Han Allah Subhana Allah.

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And she said,

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they are saying this, Chapin Allah, and people are saying this.

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Went back to our home. Our Swati site was set out come to her.

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And she said will you allow me to go to my parents house? I want to visit them. He said yes. Go. She said, this is all the story. She is narrating it. She's saying it. He said I wanted to go to my mother. And make sure

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that what almost I said is a true. It's not exaggeration. So she came to her mother and says, All Mother, what are the people talking about? What they are saying? And mom and her mother, mother. She said, Oh my daughter, any woman loved so much by her husband. People will be jealous from her. And they will say things about her.

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And she said Chapin on law.

00:27:13--> 00:27:17

Did the real the people really talked about that.

00:27:18--> 00:27:24

Look at her response. Chapin of law. They are really saying this about me.

00:27:25--> 00:27:40

And she said that night. I kept crying and crying till the morning. And my tears never stopped. We never stopped the nor I slept all night.

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That time Allah Swati salatu salam, I want you to feel the test and the trial, not only with a Seder Ayesha

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with her, but I want you to see our su alayhi salaatu wa Salaam. What a test for him. This is his wife. This is the most beloved wife to him. This is the daughter of his best friend, and Hollywood's most beloved one. And what are they talking about her Chapin law and who is stalking? There were some of the Sahaba got involved in this. Most of the one. Her relative was also involved in spreading the rumors. Of course, the main guide or leader of spreading the rumors were Abdullah said, the leader of the hypocrites, but some Sahaba were also talking about it. So Pamela, so let's go to our soirees thought was that, um, what was he doing? Look at this turmoil. Look at this test

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and trial and tribulation. She's saying I was what he saw was called two people.

00:28:54--> 00:29:10

One of them is awesome of New Zealand. Who is his, his servant? And so you'd not even be upon him. He called them both. And he said, What do you say? What's your opinion about this?

00:29:12--> 00:29:52

Sound of news aid he said, Well, why he oughta swala. When you nothing, not good about your people. We know nothing. Not good about your wife. So you'd naughty. Beloved Torah, Swati Salatu was set up, wanted to make it easier on roswaal. He sought to sit down and also wanted to advise him. So he said, your roswaal law, Allah subhanaw taala gave you options. You can go and marry someone else. There is a lot of other woman, however, look at the way he's saying. However, the best person who knows about her is her servant.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

Go and ask her servant. Hold if she had a sheet sermon. It helped her

00:30:00--> 00:30:14

what she thinks of her what she thinks of her. Saraswati sought to sit on came to her to the servant, and her name is Bora euro. And he said, Yeah, Bora Bora. What do you know about Ayesha?

00:30:16--> 00:30:42

Pamela, and I'll read to you it's very nicely said and beautiful. She said, by a law, the one who sent you with the truth. I have never seen anything regarding Aisha, which I would not which I would blame her for. I have never seen anything that's worth blaming, except one thing.

00:30:43--> 00:31:00

Except one thing. What is that? Except one thing she said jasola. She was younger, and not really fond of cooking. So whenever she makes a dope, whenever she makes a dough, she leaves it too long. That the chicken the

00:31:01--> 00:31:06

chickens comes in, or the goats actually comes in and steal it.

00:31:08--> 00:31:09


00:31:10--> 00:31:37

or Swati saw to sell felt better. Again, this is all Sade Alisha saying, he felt better. Now you have to inside her house, who is witnessing and now remember, they are saying this to roswaal Xr torsina. No way that is not the truth. Whatever they love to see dice and not as much as they love or Swati Salatu was set up. Saraswati inside to Assam immediately went to them as did.

00:31:38--> 00:31:52

And he stood on the member, he stood on the pulpit, and he gathered the people and there was two main tribes in Medina and also 102 tribes. And he says people who will defend me

00:31:53--> 00:31:59

against a man who attacked my household and my family.

00:32:00--> 00:32:44

Who will defend me imagine this is a raw Swati santosa in the masjid saying who will help me? Everyone will jump. So the leader of a house and the leader of the hazard stood up first. And then 100 we will you tell us who is this man, we will take care of him. If he was from us. We will take care of him. If he was from the other tribe, we will take care of the other tribes stood up said the same start. Their voices starts getting louder. You can do this. You can do this. He's our person. He's our person. There was unrest. Imagine Rosado said I'm standing there, and there was unrest. And finally he said, don't worry.

00:32:45--> 00:32:53

It's fine. I'm just giving you a little bit commentary. He said, just stay quiet. Just take it easy.

00:32:54--> 00:33:02

And he went back to the house. Nothing happened. She said I stayed in that day.

00:33:04--> 00:33:24

I did not stop crying. I have not seen the sleep. And in the morning, my parents came to visit me. My parents came to visit to me and I was crying and crying and crying. The door knocked.

00:33:25--> 00:33:39

A woman came in. And she said she a woman from an ansara from the people of Medina. And she said I heard and I'm going to come and comfort you and she starts crying with a say die. Both

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at this point. Now come to even more test for a woman for a companion for the mother of the believers. She said as we were there are Swati hisar to sit down and turned

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and he sat

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and she said all this month, he did not sit with me. He comes ask about me and leave this time he said

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and he said

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he said first he said eyeshadow and bla bla bla wash iguana, Mohammed Rasulullah. And he said and then he said Ali Hassan El Toro sinner or Aisha

00:34:22--> 00:34:28

I have been informed such and such. He told her the story. Remember there was never

00:34:29--> 00:34:29

in there?

00:34:31--> 00:34:46

discussion, clear discussion between them. No, there was no talk. Now he sat and he said, I heard this, this and this and this. This is exactly what you said such and such and such about you. And if you are innocent,

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if you are innocent, Allah will reveal your innocence.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

And if you have committed us in your life, imagine this, this sort of sweaty side to us, and I'm saying to

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Hold his wife, most beloved, she loved him like no one else. If you have committed a sin, ask Allah for forgiveness and repent to him. For when a slave, confess his sins, and then repents, Allah accept his repentance.

00:35:20--> 00:35:25

She said immediately, my tears stopped.

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I no more, no longer felt a drop can come out of my ears. See how strong this woman was? She said, I didn't answer. I looked at my mother. Actually, I looked at my father. And I said, Father, and so Rasul Allah

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Subhana Allah. This is a woman, not even 1617

00:35:54--> 00:36:04

and so was my father. Now imagine Satan, Abu Bakar This is his daughter. This is our Swati, his Salah to upset her. And he said, What will I say taught us a lot.

00:36:05--> 00:36:09

What will I say? No word. say, You know what?

00:36:10--> 00:36:13

She looked at her mother and said, Mom,

00:36:16--> 00:36:49

say something to us while you answer or Swanee. santosa meaning when our Swati salatu salam asked her telling me, if you are innocent, Allah will send your innocence. If you are not repent, and Allah will accept your repentance. So he was asking her no answer. She looked at her mother and says, Mom, you told us what he saw to us. You answer? And she said, my mother did not. My mother did not say she said, What will I say to her, Swati Salatu was sent out.

00:36:51--> 00:36:58

And then she said, say die. She said a lot. She didn't say it. She said in herself. Allah knows I am innocent.

00:36:59--> 00:37:01

And I know Allah will give me victory.

00:37:02--> 00:37:07

And I know Allah will take me out of this test. But I couldn't see a thing.

00:37:09--> 00:37:47

She said immediately, I turned my back to roswaal hisako Sara, and to my mother, and to my father. And I said the only one thing she's saying, I didn't know much of the Quran at that time. And I didn't have a lot of knowledge. I said, I'm going to say to you, what the father of us have said to his children, one day did not come back with use of Saba rune Jamil Allahu Stein, Allah matassa. One beautiful patient. And Allah is my helper. About what are you saying?

00:37:48--> 00:38:21

She turned her back. What a woman. What a strength. You need to feel. This is not only a husband and a wife. This is not a woman that is being attacked by her own honor. This is not a woman who her husband are Swati. Salatu was asking her Is this a true or not? And she said nothing even long past, then I could see and feel, or Swati salatu salam is changing. And I knew

00:38:22--> 00:38:43

revelation is coming. Because Swati Salatu was set on. When the revelation come to Him, they see the changes on his face. And sometimes he starts shaking. There's like an like an earthquake from the power of the Quran and Satan and you have readers coming in saying this time and she said, I could feel that revelation is being

00:38:45--> 00:39:40

said to him, sent to him. And then she said, at Isha, she said, I turned and he's smiling. And he said, Hi, Aisha Amar will lahia xojo Fechner law Hakan baraki she said I looked and he was sweating, called the sweat smiling. And he said, By Allah by Allah Ayesha, Allah has declared your innocence by Koran and he reciting the verses from Surah tonu second page of surah to north in Medina john will be if QiMing in Medina job will be if key also baton minquan those who came with the false accusation or group of you. Now listen to the next part of the latter. So boohoo shot one lucky

00:39:41--> 00:39:42

shot one lucky but who

00:39:44--> 00:39:50

don't think or feel this is bad for you. Nay, rather, it is good for you.

00:39:51--> 00:39:58

And this is a whole page of the Quran. he recited it to her and she said, By Allah

00:40:02--> 00:40:10

I never thought of myself have any value, or I have any words,

00:40:11--> 00:41:16

any words that are lost one of what I will send Paul Allen being recited till the end of this life, about my story and giving me victory. Her mother, you can imagine, her mother immediately looked at her and says, jump, go to LA Swati. Salatu was Sarah. Allah, look what she answered. She said no, no, by Allah. I will only only thank the one who sent me victory and that is Allah subhana wa Tada. By Allah. I will only go to Allah and thank him him capital edge, the one who gave me victory. What a woman what a test. This took 30 days the story 30 days there was no poor and revealed the Quran stopped coming to Medina stopped coming to Roswell is Auto Center. So the test and this is why we

00:41:16--> 00:42:08

need to look at these and reflect on ourselves and see how they handled it. Look at our Rasul Allah His Salatu. Salam to me his test was even way more than a Seder. Ayesha as, as bad as as big as her test. Is roswaal is Salatu was Salam. This is his most beloved wife. Now the Quran stopped coming. Now with Sahaba. Some of the companions are getting involved and part of the sin subhana wa. And then just to wrap it up, the one of the people who were spreading the news was mostly the mother who was with her when they went outside and say even Abu Bakar with his generosity he actually used to spend on him. And he said, that's it. I am not spending a penny on mostly normal. He talked about my

00:42:08--> 00:42:16

daughter, then Allah revealed also in Surah two news when I tell you rule for deeming como Sati a yoke tolian corba

00:42:17--> 00:43:12

when Misaki no way Mahajan enough, he said viola, don't your people who have wealth. Don't, don't don't stop giving your relatives who are needy. And then Allah said Allah to him for was for her, forgiven part of them. This is the ayah the verse forgiven Pardon? Don't you want Allah to forgive you? Don't you want a lot to forgive? You immediately say that Boubacar said yes, your law, you want to be able to forgiven and he send back. I started again what he was giving us to give him before test my brothers and sisters trials test tabulation is the sooner of this life. It's the norm of this life. This life will unlock went created. It did not was not created only for good times. It's

00:43:12--> 00:44:02

usually goes up and down. And everyone will be tested. Everyone and that's why I shared with you will this because the most beloved human being to Allah was tested in the toughest test. It was not Corona. It was not staying home. It was not maybe or maybe I lose my my income. This was a test him the most purified creation of Allah, the Abdi the servant, and his wife the most purified, and Allah Subhana Allah, let it go for 30 days and I always when I see this, or when I read about test and toleration. I say to myself, can't Allah subhanho wa Taala send the the revelation right away? No, we have to go through it. It will move it Bismillah Allah is capable, he will move it. But we have

00:44:02--> 00:44:50

to go through this phase, because we need to learn look at how much she learned. Look at her opinion, her certainty in our law has victory even roswaal A Salatu was Salam. When it came between Allah and him she turned to him when everyone did not give her victory or supported her. Neither the husband nor the father nor the mother, she turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala and she said soberano Jamil, this is what I tell everybody listening to me suborn Jamil Be patient, beautiful patient and and sovereign Jimmy is the act of patient when there is no complaint and there is no why and there is no if only thing it's higher, it's good. We are not seeing it but it's in it because Allah said

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

it repeatedly has certain Takahashi and you may hate or dislike something and Allah put in it higher and kathira and Allah will put in it a lot of higher

00:45:00--> 00:45:53

May Allah subhanho wa Taala and I implore him and I asked him and I supplicate to him by if any one of us listening to us one day any one of us have done a good deed pure to him Suppan and Allah accepted by that deed by our need. We are out chilly right now we are beggars to Allah pantalla yo Allah Allahu Allah lifted this difficulty from the whole earth. Now the Muslim only all your creation, your Allahu Allahu Allah, you are the capable You are the one you configure kwansei V and it will be your unlock not only lift us not only lift it not only bring us back to our life but bring us back better than when we started more closer to you more beloved to you more submitting to

00:45:53--> 00:46:06

you more and more and more obedient to duck Mullah hirens panicle amo behind the shadow Allah stuff we will cover today sallallahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was hydrotest team and Kathy zachman Well

00:46:08--> 00:46:08

thank you so much for

00:46:10--> 00:46:17

spending your precious time to enjoy your lecture replaced by the way this beautiful library

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like you preserve your May Allah give me Make me grateful for the name of knowledge era me.

00:46:29--> 00:46:31

Okay, but one thing that we're what's what's your favorite?

00:46:33--> 00:46:52

Oh la lemmya combi Cahaba buena de la Valley. If this is the DA Rasul Allah salatu salam said it's part of our PA, if he is if what I am going through is not because you are unhappy with me, then I don't mind. And that's what he said to Panama.

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We look forward to seeing you soon.

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And we hope to see you soon in Michigan.

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The background of his event is we were supposed to have a conference on April 4 and shutter loving, still have it shot but hopefully, July and August. But we'd have to do an online webinar. Paco was kind enough to join us.

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I want to just for myself, thank you. Thank you very much Dr. heifer and I don't know we ever met, but I visit St. Louis all the time to hear so many good things about you. acid and Johansson has always presumed so much and thank you so much. And since we're the only sister panelists ever women are so excited to hear you know.

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And and so we'll have more of you know, future events and so thank you so much, Amy allottee word you all accept from all of us.

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