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barnacle Moroccan colada 200 Euro banana mean, you see behind me I'm actually in the city of Norco. It's a city where the second earthquake epicenter was complete destructions you see it behind me Subhanallah so many people 1000s Where they lost their lives. Still there are people who are actually on accounted for.

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And then you see behind me, on my left side actually see this white tents. This is actually what is happening after a day or two, the people who are who doesn't have people to go to, they were actually displaced and are living in this handler brand. I mean, they're getting your meals daily. They're getting their cleaning, like hygiene supplies, but they shared bathroom, let's say basic needs are Hamdulillah. But the most important thing, especially in the other place where I was your see those children are so scared, and everyone you speak to adult and child, and they describe the earthquake I asked more than one person. And the answer was the same. It is like the Day of

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Judgment, which was a huge loud zoom, some described as a wind, some described as a thunder. And then they said the walls start shaking and we will start moving right and left and starts running for their life and took nothing with them reminded me of the worse, your wife will not only know he will only hear

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the day that the human being will run away from the parents from the

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children from his children and from the brothers. May Allah Allah make it easy for everyone. I really

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am appealing to everybody listening to this video. Don't forget your brothers and sisters in Islam, number one your DUA ask Allah subhanaw taala to your humbleness, and have mercy upon those who passed away. And may Allah make life easy for those who are displaced who went through this catastrophe. I spoke with some of the Syrian refugees Subhanallah these people within 10 years, they have been gone through so much and one of the ladies who didn't want to be on on the camera, she said Subhanallah just recently, we settled and we thought we're going to have a life. And then this happened again. Let's all go back to Allah subhanaw taala asked for forgiveness. Let's change our

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life. This could be you and me at any minute. So at least we tell Allah subhanaw taala that this message you sent to us. We all are reflecting or learning from it. And May Allah guide our users all to serve them and to serve his servants Zachary Laughlin.