Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #41 – Self Awareness

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how society is causing confusion and ultimately affecting one's ability to self knowledge. They highlight the importance of teaching oneself to be aware of oneself and one's actions to prevent this from happening. The speaker also emphasizes the need to teach oneself to be aware of their actions and actions to prevent similar negative consequences.
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This is the first quality and it relates to knowledge of the self and identity. Now without this from knowledge, we risk suffering from identity confusion. And this is what's happening. There's just so much confusion about who am I, what am I? Where am I going, what should I do? You know, and then the pressure, as I said, from society to conform to whatever society is dictating, and the these trends are constantly changing, you know, 1520 years ago, the discourse was very different, what was popular was very different. And so, you know, we're not, we don't have a solid foundation solid ground to stand upon, then, as this quote says, right, if you don't stand for something,

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you'll fall for anything. And this is what, unfortunately, a lot of our youth, what's happening to them, they're falling for, they're falling for the propaganda, they're falling for the emotional manipulation, they're falling for a lot of these messages, because they're playing actually on their vulnerabilities are playing on their fragmented, confused identities. And these people have agendas, these are very politically divisive times, and there's a lot of groups out there that have their own agenda, they don't really care about a person's individual health well being they just care if you are another, you know, if you ascribe to their to their club, quote, unquote, and so we have to be

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very, you know, aware of these things and realize that self knowledge is at the heart of that's why it's the first quality of emotional intelligence, of preventing this from happening to us and inshallah our youth especially. And so, you know, this, you may have heard of this, but this is one of the also, you know, points that we make that even in our tradition, right, this is a popular Maxim, in our tradition, and it's also a proverb in Arabic, man out of NFC, out of Arab, the, who we are taught this, and this is repeated by many of our alumni, as just an understanding that every believer has, if you don't know yourself, you cannot know your Lord. And so self knowledge is the

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starting point. And we have to teach ourselves in our youth to know ourselves again, through the correct lens because there's a lot of people who purport to know you know, about everything and they're you know, there's so much arrogance but if it's not knowledge that's rooted in what our Creator teaches us then it's it's empty it's it's without there's nothing to it. So we want to redirect our hearts and Charlotte back to Allah subhanho data and what he has to say about us he that's his his words, his prophets teachings are how we inform ourselves about who we are not what every other person out there says because human beings of course, are faulted. They they don't know.

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And so it's really important to understand this concept

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