How Muharram Marks a New Beginning in Our History

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and struggles of the Islamic Middle East and the migration of immigrants. They share their experiences of being moved from hometown and how they learned to be more-engaged to Islam. The importance of immigration and finding a place where one can practice immigration is emphasized. The migration of the first-ever-ever-ever-abouts to their home is also discussed, along with the importance of practicing their beliefs and avoiding harming their environment.
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Why this month changed history?

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Why Muharram and I'm not talking about Muharram itself. I'm talking about what happened. When when we remember Mohammed on the first day of haram, the beginning of the year. We remember the immigration

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whenever soiree sought wassalam decided to move from Mecca to Medina. And this is what I wanted to focus on more today and bring it to our life.

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Immigrant migration, this is something new. We see so many immigrants these days, these days, we see we see pictures, we see video clips, we're talking about something happened in this this country and this country, and people are leaving and leaving your place to another place is definitely in the Islamic history. And the best example Rasul Allah usato surah.

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Number one, number two is why we are migrating. Why. And if you look at the last one is salatu salam, and what Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, I'll share with you in a minute or a soiree salatu salam left Mecca to Medina, not for a better life.

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Not because there is a better education,

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not because there's more freedom.

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Not because I can do whatever I want. And nobody knows me.

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He left his home.

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He left his beloved city, he left his people

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because there was no more chance for him to spread the word of Allah subhanaw taala. And he said it. When he left Makkah, he looked back at Makkah. And he said the meaning of Annie salatu salam will lie by Allah. In Nikki Nicola hub, when Villa de les, you are the most beloved place on this earth. To me, this is a Roswell resort was around and looking at my car. And he said, You are the most beloved place to me

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on this earth, and if it was not for your people, when Ola lucky Rajani Maharaj and if it was not for your people who forced me to leave, I will never leave.

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So when I decided to move from one city to the other, as a Muslim,

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the Hegira

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the immigration of rasool Allah in Serato Sinha should be my example. Why did he leave? Why should I leave? I should leave because I can practice my gain better. I can be a better Muslim. I can spread the Islam more. My knee because the famous Hadith that we all know of Roswaal is salatu salam, when he said in them and Armand orbignya. When a man of Colombia in Manoa, from AccountEdge era to who it Allah he will surely Phaedra to Allahu Allah, surely

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deeds are judged and rewarded by intention. This is the basic, the principle one of the principles the deen Islam is based why I am doing it

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and why I will be judged and I will be rewarded according to my knee, not according to what I did.

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And Allah subhanaw taala reminded me and you, and this applies to you and me, and I'm going to come later in a second into where do we emigrate these days? Should I pack and go and where do I go? What is really immigration in this day and age? Allah subhanaw taala said Surah 27 When were you had your feasibility lie? You did fill OB Mohammed Cattier on wasa

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OMA, you Hodgman Beatty muhajir en el Allahu Allah surely to my recall Mt. facut wa jal one Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala said this verse Surah Nisa, Wilma you had your free sebelah who so ever you and me and anyone emigrate you heard your Allah use the word Hegira a woman you heard your he leaves, emigrate, what is emigrate, you leave your place, and go somewhere else. Definitely, permanently. Woman you had your whoever leaves

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piece of ILA that's the word for the sake of Allah. What will happen to Allah He didn't say going with it's the main thing is Wi Fi savvy.

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Allah for the sake of Allah, what would happen your Allah Yeji to fill all of the Mohammed Kathira wasa he will find on this earth

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you will find the earth expansive and he will find a lot of goodness and hire

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you even if I don't see it

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even if I think there's a lot of difficulty, I need to remind myself I am leaving for the sake of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala will make my place where I am going easier, bigger, larger, more welcoming. And then this is what I really love in this is you can apply it in everywhere in your life. When when you hold them MBT Mahajan Allahu Allah surely also ever leave his house. And he said specifically beta, his house Mahajan emigrating from to align his Roswaal in salatu salam, I am leaving my comfort zone. And I've come to this in a second for Allah because it's more pleasing to Allah. And then what happens when I die?

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And I die.

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What would happen Faqad Roger wall Allah if I couldn't finish it, but that was my intention. Allahu Allah rewards me as if I finished it.

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The concept of immigration is an Islamic concept. But the reason for the immigration, we have to look for the Islamic reason. Allah subhanho wa Taala have said to us why the salat wa salam. And this is actually for certain Muslim men and then Muslim and he said was to be Allah Maya Kulu be patient about what they tell you. Why your home hydron Jamila stay away from them. They emigrate from them. So

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and it's only it's not only Roswaal ASR to Assam who emigrated. So you know, Ibrahim also left and emigrated

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immigration so what the first day of the new year the standard new remind me should remind me of a couple of things but number one, the concept of immigration or migration, the concept of immigration is an Islamic concept. But why I leave is a different thing. Why I am leaving on a Swanee salatu salam immigration saying that you Brahim immigrated, say no Musa immigrated. Usually when you are in a place where you are in a in a in a place in general, that you find yourself you cannot obey Allah there is too much temptations. There is so much tests around you leave and go emigrate and that's what was widely sought was Sinha said. But then after you of course, you have praised the hara with

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Allah subhanaw taala and waiter Allah subhanaw taala show you but the concept that Mohammed remind me number one, number one that I need to be in a place where I can practice my Deen I where I can see that it is easier. It will flourish. It's much better for me. That's number one. Now comes to the fact that well, there is no more historical Idina. I cannot I mean, even if I want is not easy, this is not something I can do. And that's exactly another standard concept. Look at this hadith of Crusader. Aisha, she said lahij Rotten bad and she said I'm sorry, she said, are Swati salatu salam said and this is actually in an Buhari and Muslim. He said no more immigration physically. to

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Medina. La he just don't bother. Once they conquered Makkah, there is no more hijra, there is no Lord immigrating to Medina. So how do I migrate? What do I do? And look what says, Well, I can jihad on one ear.

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Rather, what's equal to immigration? What equals to immigration is the struggle that we go through for the sake of Allah and intention, struggle we do for Allah subhanaw taala and intention.

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So here I am, first day of this month. And I'll come in a second, I will end up with that it is a sacred month, shahada haram. But the first this day today reminds me reminds me that immigration is a constant concept is not only today is not only 14 400 years ago, it is a constant daily, if not every minute concept. And how's that? Look at this hadith of rasa risotto Sinha? Look at this hadith of rasa risotto sir. It's also an Mahalia and Muslim. And he said, and this is what actually narrated by Abdullah Muhammad

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In a house, he said a Muslim men said I'm a Muslim woman and Melissa Annie, who is the real Muslim. The real Muslim

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is not the Muslim who just say a shadow ally dialogue or just pray. Nope. And Muslim men Solomon Muslim woman ad he when he sang, the real Muslim is the Muslim who Muslims feel safe from his tongue and his hand.

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The real Muslim is the Muslim who the Muslims are safe from his hand and his tongue, meaning if I am around this person, or that person, I know that person, she or he, younger old, will not hurt me with their tongue

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and wassalam woman ad and I know they will not hurt me physically and Muslim, the real Muslims, the one who other Muslims feel safe from his or her tongue and from his or her hand. Where is the immigration here? And now he said, while muhajir men Hajer men, Hedorah mana Hawa one and the real one who emigrate

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then the immigrant, the immigrant, is not the one who goes to Medina Well, not everybody can do that. And muhajir the immigrant man hijama Anahola one. The Immigrant is the one who migrate away,

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migrate away from what Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it forbidden men hijo Romana Hello Juan. The the immigrant is the one who

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who stay away from what or migrate away from what Allah subhanho wa Taala needed haram.

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how we came to the schwa they saw Tucson later on in Medina. And he says you're so Allah, I want to give you confidence that I will migrate with you. This is after he migrate to Medina and also at a software center. He said in Hegira multi Alia the migration to Medina was done by its people. So you want to me this applies to you and me we cannot migrate to Medina who the Roswaal risotto Sinha but

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don't give me covenant to migrate to Medina rather give me covenant to submit to Allah subhana wa Taala to struggle for his sake, and to do a good deed and to get to do a good deed. What does that mean for me? In this day and age? How do I migrate? How do I struggle?

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Immigration leaving your place, going to another country going to another city is something not easy. It's something full of challenges. And a lot of people feel uncomfortable doing it. And it will take time to settle and feel at ease. So there is a lot of struggle.

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What Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from you and me when I left today, the first day of the new year. And I remember a soiree salatu salam. And I should remind myself, I should tell my family, 14 days are a dishonor to a sinner, when he and ova could only say now migrated and because of this migration, you and me now are Muslims, living safely as Muslims, there is billions of Muslims when the rasa risotto Sarang did his last 100 100,000 People were with him 100,000 People would with him after that, after in, in any

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because of the migration. This number when when the people migrated with him maybe 1000 before him and work with him is only here in Abu Bakr, but at the time of Hajj nine years later 100,000 Now we are 1.6 billion. Migration, Guevara soiree salat wa salam, the safe place. They start off the muslim nation for You and me, in my home, in the comfort of my home, in the comfort of my home, I can migrate to Allah subhanho wa Taala without moving without leaving without packing,

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my leaving, migrating away from two things migrating away from the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala in my own home, in my own small society, in my own small place, or, or community and number two, I need to my

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Great from my own, however, from my own desires, from my own, what I want, I migrate away.

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And another or I struggle for the sake of Allah and Bucha has been Jahad Fe that Tila, the one who struggle, the one who migrate, there's a lot of struggle and is the one who migrate for the sake of Allah Hijra. The New Year reminds me off my history.

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Whatever Suarez salatu salam went through, so you and me can practice my Deen

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with no problem. You and me can say I'm a Muslim, you and me can go to mosques can build mosques, especially for us living in in the West. He went through all this difficulty for you and me to to live as Muslims in comfort. So this Dean becomes the second growing.

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Or the second followers, number of followers in the world is Islam, fastest growing religion is Islam. He went through all this for you and me. The question comes to you and that question is to myself, number one, what did I do for this deal? What did I migrate for this deal? Did I leave my comfort zone for this deal? Did I sacrifice for this deal? So Hijra New Year, is the month that changed the world, change the world morality changed? Look at from the time also they sort of migrated to Medina, till the wee peak of the stomach civilization, you're talking about 100 years later, look what happened to the world. Look at the advancement in everything. Change the world.

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Many I'm not gonna go to this, but many of you know this, many inventions, a lot of things morality, worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, changed the concept, a lot of concepts changed, because of this move. Come to Me and you. And I will say he migrated for me are they have salatu salam. So you and me become Muslims, and live comfortable as Muslims. What did I do for him and his salatu salam. So another thing I need to remember that, yes, I cannot migrate. Maybe most of us can't migrate to Medina, physically. And it's not the same as they did. But I can migrate or integrate in my home, in my home. And I'll give some simple examples. When we are sitting in front of that TV, and most of us

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are that

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phone, and we are looking into the internet and looking at things and then things comes out and immediately comes to me it's the first day of the new year, he migrated for my sake he left the most beloved city for me.

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Can I just lower my gaze and turn it off?

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If he did this for me, what did I do for him? I think we Muslims need to go back. And remember these basics. Maybe what I'm sharing with you today is not something you don't know. But we need to remember the basics. We need to do at least minimum, what minimum from what he did for me the concept of a hero. So the first day of the new year reminds me of the concept of hijra, not only the Hijra the migration of a soiree salatu salam. But the concept of the local if you want to call it the local Hydra, the local Hijra inside me, the local immigration inside me as an individual and I am alone, when there's nobody else. I'm not moving anywhere. But it reminds me of me migrating from

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the disobedience of Allah to the obedience of Allah. Moving away from what I love and like to what Allah loves, and like, I need to practice as an adult than my, my children. The youth will know this. They see it on me and then they will do that. So my greeting, immigration, Mahara reminds me of this the first day of the new year remind me of this