Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #35 – The Choice

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the choice between the son of a woman and her daughter, and how religion and manners can influence one's choice. They also mention the importance of having a strong home, happiness, andenderous behavior, and the need for trials and tabulations. The speaker emphasizes the need for personal choice based on what Allah says.
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The strong home, the happiness, the tranquility starts by the choice. Who do you choose? Who do you choose to your son to your daughter, or the son? The Man Who do you go and look for? And you Who do you go and look for? And who do you say to?

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And Allah Suarez salatu salam, absolutely. explained it to us, the woman and and the other man and he said, either haba la comme Monterrey buena mentor alone, Dina Hello, Professor Wu Wei,

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Wei Wei will lead to follow the conflict that will fill all the facade. Kevin,

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if came to your mat for that marriage came to ask married marriage of your daughter whom you are pleased with two things, his religion and his manners.

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Say yes.

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Religion and manners suggests otherwise. There's going to be a lot of trials. A lot of tabulations and it's this hadith always makes me think isn't Deen enough? Isn't religion is enough?

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Because I A lot of us comments as well. There's a lot of people who they say they are religious or we see they are religious. But then when it comes see their manners and that's why he put this together because sometimes proper religion is proper manner, but everybody has their shortcomings. So we need to look at religion meaning fear of Allah, taqwa of Allah, the obligations are done, she or he, she or he achieved the Hadith is about he

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and his manners for Salvador, give him

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and what about the woman What? And he said, Our tabula rasa, the woman is usually the woman is

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asked for marriage for four reasons. Her beauty, her wealth, her family, or her lineage, and her religion.

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This is for reason she's pretty, I like her. She has money could be both or one and family, or religion. For and he said it could be that he didn't

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choose the woman of the religion. Because if I have a man whose religion and manners and the woman has religion, meaning religion means what makes connection with Allah pantalla I have a lot in my life. My decision based upon what Allah say, my not doing something based on what Allah told me not to do. The the building the house is a strong starts with a choice.

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