If you do not strategize, you sleep!

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Imagine you got a shopping spree you have like three minutes in this big store. I don't know Carrefour or, or Walmart or something like that or as wherever you are, and you got three minutes, you can take whatever you want.

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But you only got three minutes. And if you don't get to the finish line before the three minutes are over, then you get nothing. Now what if I told you right now, as soon as you walked into the store, as soon as you walked into the store, ding, ding, ding, you've got three minutes to take whatever you want. Starting now you just found out what will your strategy be? Tell me in the comments. What will your strategy be? How will you typically go about it?

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You just found out like you just walked in three minutes, Ding ding ding

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essentials smallest grab everything.

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Go to the gadgets and tech stuff. But the gadgets and six I was the at the back of the store.

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They have those security things, ATM made doll most expensive.

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Whatever I can get.

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Okay, so here's what I think you would do. I think you would be confused. I think you would be in shock, you would be confused. Your strategy would be very weak. You might try to look for the expensive stuff and waste a lot of time. You're like, where's the where's the TV section? Oh, I can carry the TV? Is this a prank? Yeah, that's one side, you might get some very cheap stuff, even though you got this opportunity of a lifetime. But you just basically got the things closest to you. The things that are in front of you like that you probably don't even need, you would grab, because you don't have a strategy. You get this opportunity of a lifetime, three minutes, take whatever you

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want. And yet you come out with very little. And everybody says, Oh, if I was you, I would have done this and this and somebody said I would have gone for basically what you said, but because you had no strategy and you're like just on the moment. And so this is where this shows up. Because this shows up in Dora as well. It shows up in DOD because we have opportunities where less fun time is answering like all the drawers. And yet because we're not prepared. We show up at these moments like on a thumb and we go to sleep