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A lot of other evil humbly low bid Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shanna phenom Gable, mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Steven Cassian cathedra. Brothers and sisters.

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I'm sitting out here

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by six bar on the clock in Florida, watching this sunset, and on this on the lagoon.

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And it's absolutely fabulous. The

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temperature is beautiful. It's about 19 degrees Celsius, and you can walk out the fire night.

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And there's a beautiful breeze blowing, and it's absolutely superb.

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And while I'm watching there's not a single soul outside because everybody is watching guess what civil war today is Superbowl night

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because I was also invited to watch Super Bowl and I declined because I have no interest in it.

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And of course I all power people want to watch it, they're welcome.

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It's just not my thing.

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And as I'm watching here, this sunset instead and glorifying Allah subhanaw taala I'm teaching myself

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that how wonderful it would be if people put as much passion into

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things that really matter.

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Things that will change the nature of the world we live in

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which our learners needs changing

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if they put the passion that they put into watching the Superbowl and to

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bring about positive change what a wonderful wonderful system we would have and what a wonderful

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thing that would be

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but instead we have people watching millions of people sitting and watching so ball

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sorry, was boiling, have fun, but the only people that Superbowl and such things benefit, truly benefit.

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When you sit there and watch them are the Media Barons, Rupert Murdoch and his ilk.

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They're the only people everybody else is a victim, including the players who get big money to play. They're all victims. They're all victims of manipulation are victims of finding a good business idea

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in something that people are willing to donate and hold your breath, their life spans,

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donate their lifespans, free of cost.

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Just calculate especially the football and basketball and this ball and that ball.

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Lovers, calculate the number of hours you donate to that time to that sport. Just sitting and watching it. I'm not talking about people playing football, playing football is a fantastic thing. It teaches you a lot of life lessons. It's good for your health, please, please, please go and play football. But sitting in front of the television,

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eating snakes. And I know you don't drink beer, but that's the other option. The other pastime, eating snakes and drinking beer.

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You're donating your lifespan to this.

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And Rupert Murdoch's of the world, and the CNN of the world, and the Fox News of the World and all the

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sports channels of the world are laughing all the way to the bank.

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They have monetized your lifespans because you choose to give it away for free.

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What is the value of your time? I mean, it's a completely stupid, oxymoronic thing to try and put $1 value on time, but I'm just putting it because here we are talking about big dollars.

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So my question to you is, what is the dollar value of your time?

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I know many of you can't answer that I can answer it because I have $1 value for my time from a consulting perspective. But that is that really, no matter how much money that is, how much how much money people like that make, is that really the value of time is is that the real value of time?

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You know, how to calculate the real value of time. Let me let me illustrate for you imagine

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and this situation, which I'm going to ask you to imagine is something which is absolutely, totally, completely certain. Without an iota of doubt. Imagine that you are lying on your deathbed.

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And believe me, at that time

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no matter how many people surround you, you will be alone.

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No matter that your family might be, and your loved ones might be surrounding you and weeping tears, you will be alone, no matter and may Allah protect us from that. If you are in a hospital, in a hospice in a care facility, or in an actual hospital, no matter how many doctors and nurses are milling around standing around, no matter how many of them are hooked you onto what they call life saving machines,

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trying to prolong your life, none of which is possible.

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No matter the situation,

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you will be alone.

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Now think about that. I think also that and this is not going to happen. What I told you is going to happen, which is that you will be allowed but what is not going to happen is imagine a motherboard motor will come to you and say

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I'm willing to give you as much time as you spent watching Superbowl now

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in good health because you watch Superbowl and good health. So we'll take you out of this hospital, we'll take you out of your if you are not in hospital, you're somewhere else and you're old and whatnot, we take you out of that, in good health. I will give you back all the time that you spent watching football, or basketball or whatever ball.

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And you would say, Wow, this is fantastic. This is the best possible thing. I couldn't even have imagined that this could be done but it's happening.

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Well, Malcolm would say well, you know, we are still in this world. And in this world, you want something you got to pay for it. So how much will you pay me

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to give you back all the time that you spend watching the game?

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My brother and sisters seriously sit down and do this exercise and ask yourself, what are you willing to pay? I know that diamonds I know the stupid answer which everybody will give, which is Oh, everything I have. What does that really mean?

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What does that really mean?

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Imagine the real value of time because at that time if you get back even if you get back five minutes, it is completely and totally, you know priceless because you can make a Safar on top I even asked you can repent you can ask Allah for forgiveness. But we're not saying five minutes I'm saying all the time that you spend watching a game you will get it back at the time of your death, which means your debt your life will actually get prolonged. As I told this is what doesn't happen in real life. But I'm just saying hypothetically, just to help you understand what you are giving to Rupert Murdoch for free.

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So if you are going to get get this time back, what will you are you what are you prepared to 20 items you will say everything what is the meaning of everything, please? What does everything mean?

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It's not even yours to give but even if you could, if it were What does everything mean? Just think about that. And then

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remind yourself that today, you have that time. Nobody's asking you for any money or any compensation or any return or any price for that time. You have that time it's free. It's yours. It's with you.

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What are you doing with it?

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What I choose into it,

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the choices are ours. Because what we get for that choice is also ours.

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If it is good, it is ours. If it is not good, that also is ours.

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We will not be able to wash our hands of this and say give me another chance. There isn't one other chance.

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That is no another chance. It is a one way street at the end of which is a one way opening gate that is called mouth that is called death

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and if you are I want this death and I certainly want it for myself and I want it for you. If we want this death where

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medical mouth will come to us and say

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yeah, I used to have enough soil most of my in ear GE Rob beaky loved the tomorrow the photo holy fee everybody word holy age and

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I wished this for myself and I wish this for you. If we want this to happen

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We got to do something now. We have to change our lives now.

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We have to do what we should do now. You are going to get this reminder after Superbowl is over.

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So I'm not going to tell you shut off the TV get off that and do something useful and worthwhile which will help you in the answer. But at least remember this for the future

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because the day will come when you will remember that you have been reminded and I hope you will give me the other time. Or Salalah Hara Nabil curry Murali he was named Brahma together