Ramadan Motivations 14 – Love & Iman

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The importance of praising individual's actions for their own safety and well-being is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to be aware of their own needs and interests. The importance of love for oneself and others is also emphasized, as it is crucial to building friendships. Visits to home, gifts, and sadaqa are also discussed, with a focus on helping individuals with their problems and finding people who can help them. Success in Islam is a combination of hard work and dedication, rather than just rewarding them for their actions.

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livina Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah how early he or Sahih was in them

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within as always with the name of Allah azzawajal with praising him subhana wa to Allah because mentioning his name brings Baraka and whatever we are saying, alright, Baraka in our gatherings protects us, we asked him to pan over to Allah from harm. So it's always a blessing, a good

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idea, better than a good idea, it's always

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recommended that you we mentioned Allah zildjian when we want to start, so that law blesses us and guides us and protects us a panel with data. So we'll begin by praising each panel what to Allah for everything that he had given and everything that he did not give. And we asked him subhana wa Taala, to continue to bless us and to guide us and to give us a panel with the other what benefits us in this life, that he answers his do our draw in the best of ways so that he gives us what benefits us and protect us from our terms as even sometimes when we want what's harms us and when we hate what benefits us May Allah azzawajal give us what suits us and what benefits us even though it may not be

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to our liking and May Allah is it will make it to our liking and show us the wisdom North he had given subhana wa Tada. We asked him to continue to give us patience and gratitude and thankfulness and to give us the RP in certainty in what he had revealed Subhana Allah, we asked him to send Salaam Salaam upon His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah teach us is soon on his way and make this beloved to us make it easy and easier to follow him some allow it you earlier you were sending them so that we look more and more like as her companions in his life. And we be his companions in the next one and mean and his neighbors in general meaning of an alanine. Allah is the

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deal except our fasting and the good things that we do in Ramadan and enable us to do even more of that. So hamdulillah isodiol Today we have a hadith from the messenger so the law it was sitting on this hadith is reported by and will hurry and Muslim.

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And this head says

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laomi No, I had to come Hector, you hit barrier Hema, you're a Boolean FC. One of you does not believe until you love for your brother. What do you love for yourself?

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Right? Or if you are a sister You love for your sister, what do you love for yourself?

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One of you does not believe until you love for another your brother, a Muslim brother, what do you love for yourself.

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So in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu I knew he was sending me here ties, amen.

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to how we feel about other Muslims

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and accordingly also consequently, how we behave towards them.

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And so he says here that a man would be missing a man would be lacking

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if we don't have love for other people, and not only love for them, love for other Muslims but we love for them what we love for ourselves.

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Now you think about it now in this month of Ramadan when we are trying and May Allah zodion make it so I hope a lot is it and make that a conscious effort on our behalf. As we're trying to increase our image and develop it, strengthen it forward is going to come after our bond

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and increase our Tacoma and maybe we are struggling sometimes with our fasting. And we're trying to push ourselves to be better Muslims. One aspect of being a better Muslim is how you feel about other Muslims and what you wish for them. And do you feel that they are like you meaning that you wish the same good things that you wish for themselves? wish for them and the same thing that things that you wish for yourselves and you also hate for them? That bad things that you hate for yourself? Now let's let's ask ourselves when we look at our hearts is that how we are really honestly

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that do I love for another what I love for myself and Someone may say I mean how is it possible that I could love for them what I love for myself because obviously I love myself the most?

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Like each one of us we love ourselves the most. We're constantly thinking about our own needs. I'm hungry, so I need to eat. I'm thirsty so I need to drink. I don't have this so I want you with things I'm constantly thinking about my own needs. So the question here Cal How can I love for them? What I love for them myself since even sometimes

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The court what makes this difficult is that we are sometimes in competition with each other.

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So if I have something

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that means I mean, we they may not have it or they have it That means I may not have it, how is it that I can look for them what I look for myself. And sometimes it may mean that if they have I don't have?

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Well, you see, and this is the key to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, it is all about email.

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And what that email leads to.

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Because if a person has email, it becomes easier for them to view the other person not as a threat or as competition,

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not as someone who needs to be miserable for me to be happy, not as an enemy or adversary. See, we usually look at people as competition and adversaries, even our neighbors, sometimes even family members,

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and maybe general the general population as meaning that if we get into a grocery store, let's say, and the resources there are scarce, and there are only few items on the shelf. If I get that item that can that package, it means that I will take it and deny my brother and sister. And if there is a possibility that I could hold meaning take as much as that as possible, just for my own self and my thought my kids and my my spouse and parents, if I can take more incidents more than what I need, I will do it, knowing very well I'd be depriving other people. I'll do this why? Because I'm always viewing others as competition. And I'm always putting my needs first.

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When even comes even asks us not to look at people like that.

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First of all, they asked us to look at people as what as all the servants of Allah xojo as I am, meaning as Allah greeted me and gave me needs, Allah greeted them and gave them needs. As Allah azza wa jal is asking me to take care of myself. Allah is also asking you want me to take care of other people?

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their misery is not my success. In fact, their success is mine. If I think of them as my brother and sister under that umbrella of email,

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you say, Well, this is fantasy. How can we how can we behave like that? Again, it all goes back to EMA. Now, why do we pray? Why do we fast? says I want a lot to be happy with me. And I'm afraid of it was anger if I don't do this?

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Why should I behave well toward other Muslims? Because it's the same reason for salah and fasting. Because Allah commands this, Allah loves this. And your Eman? Will this be deficient? If you don't do this, just like your email will be deficient. If your Salah is deficient and if your fasting is deficient. If you don't perform that, well, your Eman decreases. And if you don't wish the best for your brother and your sister your image decreases. So why is it that when I leave my house and I see this other Muslim, and this applies also to other Muslims as well that I cannot harm them, I also need to be you know, be kind towards them. But there's an emphasis on Muslims, because they have

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greater rights. So when I see this other Muslim, I feel that I have a command from Allah zoetis that I need to look for them what I look for myself, meaning that in the grocery store, and this is the height of email, and there are two items left. And that brother that sister is approaching. And I feel and I know that they need this thing we split that we split that One for me and one for them knowing that when I share that with them, I don't have less, but I have more because I have more because Allah is pleased with me.

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This was why the unsaddled the Hello I'm home, when they received mo hygine in an ad that cannot be replicated in this era.

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They offered to split half of what they have with them today, right in non Muslim countries. And in non in Muslim countries. In both when we receive immigrants or receive refugees, we hate to receive we hate to share, we shun them, and we want to send them back we can wait for the time for them to go back to their countries. We shamed them because they have migrated or they have sought refuge in our

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country in our city. So we shade them because of this. Why? Because we really don't love them as we love ourselves. We don't imagine that we could be in that situation. And if we were in that situation, how would you like to be treated, to be shamed, to be demeaned to be denied or to be respected, to be sympathized with and to be given.

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So because they love Allah azza wa jal, they could look at the mohajir who came as himself and herself.

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This is me. This is another slave of Allah servant of Allah xo Jamila wants me to love them wants me to be kind to them and my Eman is tied to this. So I'll force myself I'll strike with myself like we are striving with fasting. Is it easy i'd all time No, but I push myself and I strive to live within what I love for myself.

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And I strive to treat them like a treat myself. And I do that because I want Allah, Allah forgiveness. So when the messengers of Allah hodja was sent them says there you may not have to come Hector until you love for them, what you love for yourself, he means that

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it means your email is here, and will remain here and there was remain or remain gaps in it. Until you take the commands of Allah and you till you take the love of Allah until you take your Eva and you say this, a Berta will also force me to be a better Muslim so that when I meet another, I'm not always asking, what is it that they can give me? What is it that I can take from them? I'm waiting for them to grant me not for me to give. But rather, that question should be, I should give,

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I should assist, I should help.

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And that is our attitude. And that is if we want a man. And it's a beautiful thing, if we can Sharla start viewing each other other Muslims as well

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as your own self. That's when you see another Muslim, you sympathize with them. Because the same hunger you feel they feel the same thirst, the same agony, agitation, the same anxiety, the same age, everything that you feel, you feel they feel. And also eventually when you trace our lineage, we'll always trace it back to Adam. There's a common ancestry that its allies did, and it gave us common parents, because we are all one brothers and sisters, and we should treat each other as brothers and sisters.

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Until you love with them, what do you love for yourself? Now you say, and we can say, but isn't it true that

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if they have something, it means that I have less than before competing for the same position, let's say competing for the same item that if they have this it means that I have less

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if we look at it within that stingy lens

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of this world that's true.

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There is a for competing over the same resources that if they have something it means that I have less as they succeed means that their successes my failure,

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if they have more money than money only showcases what my poverty my inability with the stingy Island or lens of this world. Yeah, that's absolutely true. But with the lens of the Hereafter, with the lens of Allah generosity, this is absolutely false. Because if you look for them, what do you look for yourself, you have pleased Allah Zoda and if you please Allah, this paves the way for Allah to give you a more not less,

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to give you more in the hereafter for sure. And it gives you a more in this dunya when you ask Allah for it. So rather than the envious and envy is a disease that infects all of us, all of our hearts, all of our hearts without exception.

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So when envy wants to enter your heart, in my heart, when it says, Look at them, they have what you don't have say May Allah bless what they have. Allah does not want me to be envious because Allah knows where to put whatever he puts. May Allah bless that for them. And may Allah make it fitna for them and May Allah protect it, protect them from its harm. May Allah give them even more and more when you make your heart for your brother and sister like that. in absentia, when they are distant where they cannot even hear you. Allah will grant you the same because the angel will see well let her be missing. May Allah give you the same so their success is your success, isn't it?

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When you say you find them that they have Subhanallah something that you always want it you say May Allah give them more.

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You will feel better at that moment when you make too hard for them you will feel better May Allah give them more May Allah bless it for them. May Allah increase them in email increase them interpret increase them in bounties make dua out for them. At the same exact moment you will feel better and you will feel even greater and better. When you remember that there is an angel that Allah had sent who is making the art for you. Not this pie is Shay for this is email no an angel of Allah is making too hard for you. Well, it could be mithila May Allah give you the same way Allah give you the same Allah give you the same as long as you're saying this so I he does not have to lose for me to feel

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better. He does not have to be miserable for me to be look better. He

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I can feel better and I can feel better he can have an I can have. And that is the name of Allah. That is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the believers don't have to compete and wish the worst for each other, under the mercy of Allah and because of their email, they can look the same for each other. And that is one of the great things in Islam, and of knowing Allah and of loving Allah subhanho wa Taala that is when you love Allah, you can extend the love that you have for Allah to everybody else, and to everything else.

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So the next time in sha Allah were visited by envy. And as I said, that every single one of us feels it feels the burden of envy, the next time you are visited by envy, remember that? envy doesn't help doesn't solve anything. It just makes you feel miserable and worse about yourself and worse about what Allah has given you. So rather than surrender to it, remember that the messengers of Allah audio was in them said, No, you're not going to have email this way. It takes away your email, you're only going to have email if you love for them what you love for yourself. So wish if you see that they have something beautiful,

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thank Allah for it and make dua for them. And know that Allah Zoda is also going to grant you something beautiful too, as long as you're making data for them. And as long as you have these beautiful feeling kind feelings, generous feelings in your heart, then you have a man. And if you have feelings of jealousy and envy, the know that the shape pawn there is whispering into your heart to make you hate your brother and hate your sister because of this. Don't do it. Don't surrender to the shape and say, oh, that diamond shape on the rug, get rid, get rid of those feelings, make up with them. And know that you even will increase because of this. And if your demand increase because

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of it. Expect the work best in the hereafter and the best in dystonia. We need to ask Allah surgeon to make it so.

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So we have question here. Let me see. And I have one question I received through emails insha Allah if we can answer that. They have some questions on Facebook. I don't see them on YouTube yet. So let's see.

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So question says I have a friend who is becoming more and more dedicated to certain actions, not how long but he's disrespecting his parents more and more over it, and his parents are trying to keep him away from it, but he's becoming more and more aggressive. How do I

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act with that? Right advice and I'm very scared because it's separating him from the Koran. So okay, so

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let's let's think about it. What is the thing that is they're addicted to? So as you're saying, It's not how long right? So what is the thing that they are addicted to? So it seems that it is taking hold over their life? Is it a possibility? Now think about it. Also, sometimes you do get addicted to things that are not haram but addiction to them is haram.

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Okay, okay. So addiction to them is not

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let's let's say for instance, so playing games, video games.

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If you play video games, if the games themselves are okay, there's nothing come in the games, right? Maybe playing video games for half an hour nothing has come in the game at all. absolutely hate that game, maybe for half an hour. So it's okay to be addicted to it where you're playing video games for hours and hours that kind of crosses into the heart. Um, so first of all, we have to determine whether it's haram or not. Okay, so we don't have to know where this thing is haram but on your own with that person. Decide whether this thing that crossed into her arm or not. Okay, what you need to advise him and say is that your attachment to this thing? Okay, you're attaching whatever that thing

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is your attachment to this thing is causing you to commit a major sin. That is if you're make becoming more and more insolent with your parents, more and more aggressive with them over this thing. It is causing you to commit a major sin? And what causes you to commit a major sin like that, especially becoming insolent with your parents have to have the question mark over it, whether it is beneficial or not, permissible or not. So you need to review this. You need to really look at it again because maybe that addiction is not helpful at all. So think about it, rethink this and also remind them again of their beauty towards their parents. It's not an easy thing. And I know that

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Subhan Allah you know Allah as it says, We're done. no bother going live on the fifth now because we don't we may do to each other fitna. Will you be patient? Sometimes Yes. Your parents can be a fitna for you. They are sometimes

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Hard to deal with, they are too demanding. I'm not putting down parents, right? I'm saying that at times it Yes, your parents are difficult. Sometimes we as parents really difficult with our kids, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter there are no excuses here, even if your parents are difficult, is still a lot zildjian is self telling you even more in yada yada and usually can be, even if they are, you know,

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strive that you would commit shoot with Allah. Allah says What do not obey them, but you still need to be kind with them.

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So don't think your parents are asking you to do this. So just remind them of all of this. Remind them of all of this and remind them that the greatest people that they have rights on him are his parents.

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And you cannot find success in this life. Right? If you're so completely insolent with them.

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I mean, if they're asking you to do harm, don't do it. If they are harmful, avoid their harm, but they completely, you know, cannot attack and I'll be aggressive against them right or disrespected like that. So tell them that this is really scary and you need to review that and maybe there are some details that are missing because I'm answering a question that is very general. Okay, so maybe there are some details that are missing. So if that those details are significant, you need to share those details with someone so they're able to give you inshallah the proper complete answer can show.

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So I know that Juma is compulsory for men to attend, does this apply to those men that live in a non Muslim country that don't have the means to go for Jamaat, if you don't have the means to go for Juma? Then obviously, right, you cannot go to Juma. So I'm assuming right you don't have transportation. So I don't know what Muslim country and it doesn't really matter. But I don't know what Muslim country you live in. So maybe it is really far you don't have transportation, you don't have a car. You can't take the bus. So this is you know, for you to decide if you don't have transportation to take you to Jamaica and Jamaica is far you can arrange for right.

00:22:02--> 00:22:15

Again, the details are missing. But if it is really difficult for you to go to Georgia and the message is really far that you can leave alone absent in Llosa. If on the other hand, maybe you can take the bus I don't know if you're older or not.

00:22:16--> 00:22:28

I don't know if it's winter or not. But anyway, I don't know if you can take a taxi or not. I don't know if you can ask a friend or not but if you exhaust all the possibilities, too expensive, too difficult.

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Too physically demanding that I cannot do then it's not dry anymore for you. Right? You can pray at home but just exhaust the possibilities and shower was the so that you really have an excuse, including what including you know, asking a friend who's going to Georgia Can you come and pick me up? Asking the masjid Can you provide right?

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Sometimes you don't know just complete just ask called the masjid talk to the Imam talk to the

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committee people there and say mean I can't come to Dubai. I would like to come to Dubai Can you arrange for right for me? You don't know how Allah they can assist me Allah.

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So separate question says I've earmarked a portion of my incoming salary towards a charity during Ramadan. A friend with a young family has privately asked me for a loan. And the only way I can give the amount being requested is reduced my charity budget. I have tried several ways to improve the

00:23:31--> 00:23:33

Scylla to Raheem, or that Oh, that's it. Okay, that's it.

00:23:35--> 00:23:39

Okay, so even sha Allah. So he's at he asked you for a loan, right?

00:23:41--> 00:23:53

Just consider as a possibility, right? Can you show the two scenarios, let's say one scenario is, would you like to give him that as a gift rather than a loan?

00:23:55--> 00:24:34

Do you think right, that's a possibility. So rather than it being alone, can you take that and just give it as a gift for him so that he doesn't have to pay you back? So that is one possibility? Or if you think Normally he is well to do he's just going through some rough time right now, he doesn't really need that money, he can pay me back. It's fine to reduce that charity because when you give half when you give I'm sorry, when you give a loan, it counts as half a charity. So yes, it's okay insha Allah for at the time being reduced half or reduce whatever you want of that charity to give them to assist him in that loan. Once he gives you back then you can give it away in charity because

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you already have earmarked it. So kind of like this is an agreement between you and Allah a surgeon. So you are temporarily helping someone when they give you the loan back, you give it back to me you give it to a surgeon. So two possibilities to this a consider that that be a gift for him. The second consider that what consider that, you know, just as a temporary relief for that person. Even counts as half a sudden

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But then when he gives it back, give it to Allah zoji. So it's a good thing, Shawn. Either way that you decide this or that it's a good thing especially that he had come to you and asked you privately.

00:25:12--> 00:25:23

Okay, so I've tried several ways to improve silica by him among my siblings, however, it's not working besides the what how can I solve this, just try to be kind and persistent in sha Allah. So keep making them.

00:25:24--> 00:25:40

Give them gifts. Because he said some a lot he was sending me says when you give gifts, you will love each other. If that's the case, give them gifts. Give this is a silent message from you to them. This is well you talking you're saying anything, you send them something insha Allah to their home, if that's a possibility.

00:25:42--> 00:26:03

Something you think that they love something for Ramadan, especially for you just send it and slowly in sha Allah as they receive these things, they will begin to feel better and better, I hope in sha Allah. You can also mediate people, that's another way an elder in the family who's well respected and well loved, you can tell them talk on my behalf to so on. So see if you can

00:26:04--> 00:26:30

kind of soften their hearts find what they what the problem is try to say good things about me so that inshallah silica rahem can resume. Again, in sha Allah, you give it some time, because based on the problem and what have priciple precipitated in the heart, you don't know how long it can take for that, you know, 240 relations to come back. So just be patient in sha Allah with it and don't give up on making dragon show.

00:26:33--> 00:27:11

Says question if a person struggles in loving others a little self centered? How can a person close to that person advise them? And how can the person themselves? Of course, I mean, if a person is self centered, they selfish a bit. I mean, you have to be aware of all of this, to be able to fix it, if you don't know this, it's hard for you to fix it. So they have my half self awareness. And so maybe ask Allah zodion if they don't have that self awareness that Allah as a general, give them that so that they can try treating themselves? If you don't think that there is something wrong with you, how can you fix yourself? If you think that you're perfect, or it's always the fault of other

00:27:11--> 00:27:14

people, how could you fix yourself. So make, you know,

00:27:16--> 00:27:25

make your app for them, that allows them, you know, help them see what is wrong with them, so they can fix it, and ask you to help them fix it. So make that job for them.

00:27:26--> 00:27:33

They struggle in loving others. Ask them you know, from time to time to do things that are altruistic.

00:27:35--> 00:28:13

give more sadaqa ask them, give more sadaqa assist others volunteer, especially if you have neighbors that are just think about your context, where is it that you can help them assist others. And by assisting others maybe see their pain. So okay, we have a neighbor who needs we're going through some difficulty, rather than it being used, especially if this is a family member, that rather than it being you all the time who goes and gives them food, or gives them money or talks to them or counsel them, bring them with you. Or tell them go and give my our neighbor this food because they need it.

00:28:15--> 00:28:45

If you're going to go and assist them in solving a problem, take that person with you. So they can feel and they can see others problems, and they can sympathize with them. If there is a volunteer Association, they can volunteer somewhere, let them go and volunteer a day or two, depending on the age of that person, what they're willing to do and what have you, given sadaqa. So for instance, you know, going to an orphans house. So I mean, because I know that you have an orphans house where you where you live,

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an orphans house.

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Those are any association, any agency or organization that assists people. So you go and you give food, you give money, you visit and you see those who are in need. Seeing others who are in need may open the person's heart to

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Subhanallah reflecting on the fact that others also not just me, I need to assist and in assisting others, I also feel better about my mind about myself. So it's kind of like when when I assist so that they're happier. And also that makes me feel better. So I'm happy or lower and

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also, okay, also this is the number three sad person is one of the many people suffering the economic effects of the pandemic, but is in no way in the same category of hardship of the ones I intend to allocate my charity to. Now I'm in sha Allah. Yeah, I mean, so it's also the ones that you want assist with your charity or the distant and different I mean, in distant lands, because that also matters, right? Are they really distant lands or are they around you? Were as this person who has had asked for this loan

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Very close to you.

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So because see if people who are in distant land, right, there is a possibility, though, are they though they are in more need, that other people also could assist. Other agencies also could help, in addition to you, you're not stopping your help 100%, you're just reducing it, what as this person may have nobody else around. Again, I don't know the level of his need. So you ultimately you would have to decide which all right, while at the same time helping him I'm sorry, I keep missing that there are no kind of parts to it at the same time helping him will help protect his dignity as he will not have to turn to others for financial aid, and thus exposes current financial troubles. And

00:30:42--> 00:31:26

that's kind of what I'm thinking, because he's so close to you. And he may not have a lot of people to ask, kind of so so the possibilities for him could be exhausted, if you say no, he may have others allow them. But as he said it could compromise his dignity. And I don't know if there's a person who is well respected in the community and you don't want him to be exposed to indignity. So it may be also helpful and shall and beneficial to assistance so that you would hide his needs are not exposed. So ultimately, whether you mean you'd have to assess assess all of this, if it is better for you to assist him, because he is closer. And if he is closer, if he's a family member,

00:31:26--> 00:31:30

that is more and more so, but closer physically, right.

00:31:32--> 00:31:35

He is more worthy of your assistance than someone who is distant.

00:31:36--> 00:31:49

But those who are distant right, there are more in need financially than he may be. So you have to assist who would need it more and who deserves it more and also who where we gain the more than most benefit.

00:31:50--> 00:32:04

Right? Well, lo and so if you can do both and hamdulillah if you can assist him because he has has not a lot of options around him. And he is closest to you. I see he is worthy because of this right lower.

00:32:06--> 00:32:20

So I was told yesterday in the masjid by someone saying that you cannot pray any sooner Siva, after which a prayer with the Imam is this true, it is preferable and recommended in when you pray with it, that that'd be the last thing

00:32:21--> 00:32:26

so that you plan that in your plan. Let's say for instance that

00:32:28--> 00:33:01

you're praying with the Imam and it comes with time. And if you you have in your plan in Sha one that I'm going to pray be praying at home when I go home, then you have a possibility here either you don't pray with it with the email, you withdraw or you pray with it. And when the man says Salah you stand up and you bring another car why you're doing this because you had in your plan. When I'm going to go home later that night out pray see your make the last Salah in your plan which

00:33:02--> 00:33:10

you will create with the Imam you prayed at the end of your salon you could get back home. This is why because you already have a plan to pray at home.

00:33:11--> 00:33:28

So what do you do? As I said either withdraw you don't pray with it with the Imam or you pray with it with the Imam and then when you rise. I mean when he says said alikum Santa Monica we don't follow you rise and you bring another rock as you pray to the man prayed when you pray to God.

00:33:29--> 00:33:36

But then oh no but possibility. Another possibility. Another scenario you prayed with it with the email. And you have no plans when you're going home to pray.

00:33:37--> 00:33:48

No plans. When you go home, you find that hamdulillah I have more energy, I can't sleep whatever or my family wants to pray more records. I'll pray with them. Go ahead and pray.

00:33:49--> 00:34:12

Go ahead and pray you don't repeat your wizard again. You already prayed you're with it. Go ahead and pray why is it that we see you can go ahead and pray because he had no plan you had no plan to pray any any additional records, you just changed your mind. You're allowed to change your mind. It's not how long or disliked to pray afterwards. It's not how long and dislike it is recommended to make the last Salah with it.

00:34:13--> 00:34:41

But sometimes when you decide to do so but then change your mind for whatever reason insha Allah you're allowed to pray more records so you're fine. So don't worry about it in shop. So I can't use it's wrong to say you're not allowed to pray afterwards. It's wrong to say it so what we say is that if you decide it's like if you decide after you prayed with her to pray more, go ahead and pray. If you're still right in the process and you're think I think I'm going to pray more when I go home. don't pray with it now.

00:34:42--> 00:34:47

Make your return when you reach your house at the conclusion of your Salah.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

Like the last one shall light if we make do after others after other for others, the angels will make do out for us in sha Allah What if we give sadaqa

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Others do angels participate in this case, if we do so. So the Hadees doesn't say this, that is if you give sadaqa on behalf of others, that the angels will give stuff on your behalf, they, so the, the Hadees doesn't say this, but rest assured that Allah reward you for this, because this is a sound that you're giving to other people. So think would be in sha Allah, somebody had fallen on the ground, and you go on to assist them helping standing up, you know, I'd be you know, fix their, their clothes and collect their stuff

00:35:36--> 00:35:38

isn't a lot gonna help you for all of this.

00:35:39--> 00:35:46

So somebody you know who's dead, let's say, and they can't help themselves now they can give something up on their own behalf.

00:35:47--> 00:35:51

And you get sort of on their behalf. Isn't this ESA?

00:35:52--> 00:36:17

Absolutely. It's one of the greatest sn that you get, because that person cannot do any good deeds anymore. And you give them a son, this is a son, you help them in their grave, you help them with their sins, you help them with their good deeds, you help them with Allah. So this is son You don't think Allah is gonna reward you for it? Absolutely. And maybe Allah rewards you for it Allah as it is so much more so generous, maybe Allah reward you for it far more than the certificate that you gave.

00:36:19--> 00:36:43

So me Don't Don't worry about it in Sharla, don't worry about it, he just he just give like that and assist others. And that assistance itself could be so far greater and better than the exact you know, number of dollars amount of dollars that you have given. So absolutely, absolutely. Shall Allah reward you for when doing things in Islam. If you find that action harder than others, will you get more reward than others? Yeah.

00:36:44--> 00:36:47

One of the reasons inshallah, one of the reasons and

00:36:49--> 00:36:57

one of the reasons that Allah multiplies the rewards that you have for an action is that it's more difficult for you.

00:36:58--> 00:37:02

It's not the only reason. See, sincerity is another one.

00:37:03--> 00:37:33

So two salads, or two fasting, let's say to see him, one is more rewarded than others. Why? Because one is more sincere than another, or one is experiencing more difficulty while performing it while another or one is doing more soon as well doing it while others than others. All these are reasons for Allah to increase your reward for an act. So if you have more if last sincerity, you have more rewards in performing an app, if you perform more soon as with it, you have more sincerity.

00:37:35--> 00:37:41

If you have more forming more sooner in it, you have more rewards than others, and if it is harder for you,

00:37:42--> 00:37:56

so you're going for Hajj and Umrah it's really hard for you compared to your brother and sister. Allah rewards you want because of that hardship, because you're putting more into it. And you have to keep putting more into it to continue or as the other is just a breeze for them. It's easy.

00:37:57--> 00:38:32

So all those three are categories. How do you know if you are sincere? You keep asking Allah for it. And keep asking yourself, What is this for? Why am I doing it for Allah or people's attention for Allah or their praise for Allah or gaining something worldly? Keep asking yourself and kind of purifying that intention and say only for all i want to only do it for Allah, Allah make me sincere and keep doing that. So do an examining your intention, why? Why am I doing it? Why am I doing it and purifying it whenever you find an impurity, or lower?

00:38:33--> 00:39:14

As I said, I had a question about that I received from thread through email, but it's just I don't think we'll have time for it today. So we'll try and shout Allah for it insha Allah tomorrow, and we will protect you all from all that harms you And may Allah protect us all from Hellfire from the whispers of the shaytaan from the whispers of the purpose of the shade plan, from external temptations from our own weaknesses. We Allah as protectors in this life and in the Hereafter May Allah azza wa jal elevate our rank in gender and grant us gender and grant us everything that brings us closer to gender and protect us from anything that brings us closer to hell fire last a lot

00:39:14--> 00:39:20

better and amenia Allah re energize us in Ramadan to continue to worship you and make our

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

sincere make our bed upon the sooner we are messenger sallallahu and he was sending them reminders here as well as I mean if we if we forget to mention your name reminds us if we forget to make do and to ask you remind us if we forget to rely upon you, remind us you're up but I mean that death is coming and that the Hereafter is the truest life and that Jenna is dear and more lasting than this life remind us era but Allah mean to be kind to each other to love for for each other what we love for ourselves to protect us from envy and hatred and enmity our hammer raha mean, where's your bell Allah need to free us and our parents

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

spouses and children and the omo Mohammed solo and he or send them from hellfire. We ask you that you accept this engine or hammer Rahimi make this hold on a blessing for us and our families in the home of Mohammed salah and he was sending them and allow us to do even more and more in it. But a lot of people with to insha Allah the same time tomorrow, we Allah azzawajal preserve us and increase our email and soften our hearts mean Subhana calama will be handing a shadow either and I still feel good what I taught you they will help you to lay on will alameen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh barakato