Jannah Gems #18 – Why Do We Need Teachers

Haifaa Younis


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Why do we need teachers? We have a crisis of knowledge. We have a lot of people who are unfortunately, trying to do this on their own. And they don't have they don't realize that this is, you know, a very deep I mean, the whole, you know, tradition is an ocean, right? There's so much knowledge. And I think as they say the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know, that, unfortunately, it gets lost on I think a lot of people when they're just in the age of information, they think, oh, at the tip of my fingers, I can go and do a search. And I can find the answer from chef Google or chef whoever. And right away, they're putting out fatwas of their own or

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they're kind of, you know, cherry picking, right. This is oftentimes what happens, you take the opinion that suits your enough's your Hawa, and there's really no thought process, there's really no context, there's really no fact checking. There's none of that that can happen when you're with a teacher because the teacher that's what they're trained to do, they're trained to, you know, take the knowledge that you that is being presented, not only elucidate and explain it, but also point you in the correct direction so that you don't get lost with that knowledge. Of course, we know there are many concepts and ideas that can be you know, very, very, you know, overwhelming if you're

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not prepared for those things. And this is why, you know, let's pilot commands this. And the foreign right first chakra, chakra in kotula tala moon, what does that mean, you know, you have to first know what you don't know. And that's the imperative and that last part of the I asked people of knowledge, if you don't know but if you don't know that you don't know. Right, which is what can happen when you're in the delusion, again, of modern times with with degrees in academia and a lot of puffery around knowledge. Right. There's a lot of

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people who think they know because they've been told that they're this or that but so how long when you study with a teacher, it's very humbling and you realize right away how little you really know