Jannah Gems #16 – The Four Types of Good Deeds

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the concept of good deeds, including being a good deed and staying away from negative language. They also mention a book called "mediteral acts" that refers to actions taken by Allah, including a book called "mediteral acts" that refers to actions taken by people. The speaker emphasizes the importance of good deeds for one's personal well-being and hopes for a better life.

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Good Deeds either I'm going to do a good deed they call it bunny in my body, or I'm going to do a good deed with my wealth Malli with money, or I am going to good do a good deed. Only saying, or I am going to do a good deed. I'll be in my heart. So good deeds, my body, my wealth, my tongue, my heart, in general,

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my body for example, salah and also cm right in my body, but to add to it, walking to visit a sick person, or texting, asking about a sick person. That's that's a good deed. With my body. You look at everything you do in the day, and use the right media intention, it becomes an act of worship. And if there is nothing in your life, ask a lot of facilitated for you. Ask a lot of facilitated for be part of soup kitchen, be part of volunteer to help in the masjid volunteer to go and visit the needy people the less fortunate or this burden

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with my tongue, there's two things here. Stay away from this obedience of Allah. Make sure what I say please Allah spawn dad. What I say praise Allah pantalla it doesn't have to be or it doesn't have to be in general, something remind people of Allah punten of his creation, remind someone of the net they have and to be grateful to Allah. That's a good deed. That's a good deed called higher Bulava. Smith as also a result was taught or say good or stay quiet. cotija which means Well, I'm not going to use my tongue please obey Allah, backbiting foul language or lying or false testimony all these things, then I have merrier with money.

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Don't stop the good deal with Ramadan. That's it. I don't make it to every place ask me for donation and I don't do any more. Till next year. No, my email will go down. Because spending money for the sake of Allah is an act of worship. Look at it, it's an act of worship. I am going to keep doing this $1 a day.

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This place that place I go to the masjid anywhere I do it regularly, regularly. And remember this hadith of Rasul Allah Sato sir Hubble family the law at Duomo, incarnate, the most beloved deeds to Allah, the One that we do it constantly, even if they will little, and then all

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calvia my heart, this goes on and on and on. There is the act of worship of alvia with Allah subhanaw taala. And there is acts of worship can be with people, no hate, no grudges, no ill feeling towards anyone that's act of worship, even when, when it is very difficult, but you're struggling to please a lot, that act of worship.

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In my heart, I'm so pleased with our loss pantalla with everything he gave me, doesn't mean my life is perfect. But I'm so grateful to Allah. I'm so grateful to Allah, I'm still alive. That's a bad. That's a better story. Well, that's about the sugar. That's the act of gratefulness, act of being pleased with Allah. That's a huge act of worship. So good these look at everywhere.