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AI: Summary © The importance of being a good person to receive the most beneficial benefits is discussed, including trusting others, taking advantage of opportunities, and being aware of one's ability to take advantage of opportunities. The speakers emphasize the importance of gratitude, faith, and being thankful. They also use the examples of The Good Shepherd of the Andersen and The Good Shepherd of the Andersen movie, where a woman learns that she can live without her father and spend time together in prison. The speaker describes a woman who had a bad experience in a prison and decides to go home and spend time together with her mother, but the situation is unclear.
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Smilla hamdulillah

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salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy he was salam

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ala Hama alumna million fowl now and fat and every Maha limped. Inna was in their element orrible al Amin Lama in the Rika was shook Rick SNI balletic, a MOBA bad.

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Today's hadith is Hadith number seven.

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And in it, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And the title by the way of the chapter is Allah loves the benefactors. Those who are helpful and benefit people, Allah loves those. So in this hadith, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam says, A Hepburn Nursey in Allah He to Allah and Pharaoh homeliness, the most beloved of people to Allah azza wa jal are the most beneficial to people

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will have will family in Allah He to Allah and the most beloved of deeds to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and then the prophet is going to list them the most beloved of deeds to Allah azza wa jal he says sudo Quran 232 who Allah muslim a happiness that you bring to a Muslim? Oh techsci For Anhu kotoba or you remove his affliction I'll tackle the man who Dana or you pay his debt. I will talk through and who do or you chase away his hunger and also he continued Alayhi Salatu was Salam and he said well and um she and I agree if he had your team, a hub will Ilya mean an attack even if he had an MS GD Yanni masjid and Medina Tisha Hara. It says, If I were to walk with my brother, to fulfill

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a need of his it would be more beloved to me that if I did it calf in this masjid, he's pointing to his masjid, which is the message of Medina for a month

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and he said woman GIFa huset are Allahu our utter the one who withholds his anger Allah conceals his faults.

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Woman kill them arriva who will OSHA a new LEA who am LA, Mala Allahu Allahu Raja and Yamaha piano and the one who holds back his fury and his anger had he wished to, he'd be able to fulfill his anger. I mean, to take it to the end to do something with it, but he doesn't he holds it back. Allah will fill his heart on the Day of Judgment with hope. When a man Misha ma see if he had it in hot Dieter, hey, Allahu Akbar, Allahu wa Kodama who yo Mata Zulu, lock them and the one who walks with his brother, in a, an affair of his, until their thing is fulfilled mean in a need of his, until the need of that brother is fulfilled, Allah will establish his foot, on a day when feet will slip. And

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that is the day of judgment. So this longer Hadith

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tells us in the beginning, that if you want to know one of the things that will make you most beloved to Allah azza wa jal, because that is a question that we're asking in this book, and in every halacha and in every encounter is is how is it that I can love Allah as Odin? And how would Allah love me? What is it that I can do? So we're listing these things that we can do for Allah azza wa jal to love us and if you want to be among the best whom Allah loves, then this hadith tells you of a thing that Allah loves the most. And it tells you something about Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because Allah loving that tells you who he is. So if you want to be among the best, then you will be

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the most beneficial to people around you. And that makes you among the best and we will see why that is the case. But if we were to ask the question that we ask ourselves from time to time here, why is it that Allah azza wa jal?

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Why does it that he loves the beneficent or the beneficial? The most? It is because he Subhan Allah to Allah is the Beneficent. Allah azza wa jal is a nerfed. Allah azza wa jal is a Rahim meaning that Allah is the One who gives everything all the benefits that we have come from Allah subhanho wa taala. So as he blesses he wants you to bless as he benefits he wants you to, to benefit not to go against the orders of Allah or the intent of Allah azza wa jal meaning he blesses and you take it away from people. He benefits and you take it away from people that would be going opposite the intent of ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah which would make you among the people that Allah azza wa jal

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dislikes the most is Allah Who likes the most beneficial the most then the opposite is true.

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Those who harm people the most or least in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal. So if you think about it,

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who benefited among humanity who benefited people the most, or who benefited, benefited, and still benefits people the most who are those?

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The prophets, the prophets of Allah, Allah hemos Salatu was Salam from the beginning to the end, in terms of the revelation that they give to people but also in terms of all the help that they give to people in worldly areas and in religious areas. The so the most beneficial, were the prophets of Allah. We will talk a little bit about that Insha Allah, so that now we go back and we let's focus because the focus is on Allah subhanho wa taala. So why is it that Allah

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loves the beneficial because Allah azza wa jal blesses us with everything that we have. And that is something that we forget that all our newcomers, they come to us from whom Allah has voted exclusively from him. And so physically, visibly, you see them coming from somebody and through somebody and through somebody's help, so somebody went and they brought food to you or they cooked for you. And you need to be grateful for all of this, somebody helped you and you need to be grateful for all of this. But it is really short sighted for you only to see them and not see see the one who made that possible for them.

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Right. So if a relative of yours is good to you, he is good to you, she is good to you, because of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada if your wife, if your husband, if your kids, if your parents, if your neighbor, if a complete stranger is good to you, they're good to you, because of something good to them and hamdulillah but then who made that good thing in them happen and exist? Who made that a possibility? When Allah azza wa jal reminds the parents to take care of their children and makes taking care of the parents and obligation upon the children tells that the wife take care of your husband and vice versa, the husband take care of your wife, everybody take care of each other and it

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is haram to do this and this to hurt them. So who has done all of this?

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Allah azza wa jal, it's as if he had enlisted, every single person who's willing to listen because that's the thing, who's willing to listen, enlisted them to help you and to protect you from their harm. Every human being, that's the obligation, right? So, if you want to think about the gift of Allah has given us one of the earliest or the earliest gifts Allah had given every one of us is the gift of consciousness,

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the awareness, to be alive to go from nothing into something, and then the ability to learn,

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and the ability to grow, and the ability to love and be loved. Because without that this life would be unbearable, and to to go through life. Not feeling that anyone loves you, and not being able to love anything, this would be an unbearable life, but Allah xojo not only makes it bearable, but very desirable. Right? How many people want to live this life when they think that they're gonna die?

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Very few, because of how desirable it is. So Allah azza wa jal made a beautiful despite all the complaints that we have about my life and my lot in life and what I have missed and what I wanted to do, but it was not a possibility, despite all of this, but when you realize it's time for you to leave, you don't want to leave. Why is it that you don't want to leave? Because you've seen things in this life that are attractive? You've felt blessed in it. And then if you ask yourself, despite all the complaints that we have, if you ask yourself, Who is the one who's behind all of this is no other than Allah subhanho wa Taala so the beauty that you see around you, in animals, humans, right,

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the planets and the stars, all of this who's behind it, Allah subhanho wa Taala right.

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And there is a code here that is beautiful and it's good to remember. It is a good message page 73 He says up with that there are all the Allahu Anhu he said, come in yet admittedly Allah He to Allah He said a pin sacking

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can mean Namath in the later ILF European second, how many blessings of Allah are there in a dormant vein?

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In a vein of yours that is dormant that is quiet that does not bother you. So in every piece of your body that at this moment is not bothering you. That is an AMA from Allah xojo Right. So me say okay, this wrist of mine, these joints, my eyes, my ears, right

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Okay, if you're not complaining about them, they're not hurting you. So every single one of these things is a NEMA. Right? So when do you realize that it's a NEMA? Not when you're healthy? When do you realize that it's a NEMA? When they start hurting? And he said, Oh, oops, I can't sleep My knee hurts so much my back hurts. Have you seen people with back pain? Or a person with a headache? Who cannot sleep?

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Or a person who cannot walk?

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You mean that you think that you know, I'm walking and walking, I'm great and I'm healthy. And you see somebody having difficulty to work and you know that at one point in their life they could. Now they can't

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and you realize Subhanallah that's an AMA that I forgot to ask Allah azza wa jal thank Allah for. Well, I woke up today complaining, right? I woke up today.

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On unaware,

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all I can see is darkness and you know,

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what is absent not what is there?

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So these Nanos, Allah azza wa jal need to be realized. You don't have to wait to be sick in order for you to see them. But remind yourself of these netmeds of Allah azza wa jal, simply at times by visiting the graves to see who's dead to realize the NEMA of life or being around those who are afflicted with certain types of sickness for you to realize the Greek name of Allah zoldan inhealth. The glory Name of Allah zodion in clarity or in having peace of mind that I'm not agitated today. I'm not depressed today. I'm not anxious. I'm not worried you woke up today one of the greatest numbers is to wake up today or in day and you feel happy.

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And you haven't done anything visible, discernible. To earn this, you just wake up and you're in a good mood. You realize how beautiful that is to have a good mood. Because you could wake up another day or you're in a terrible mood and you don't know why. And it's hard to bring that good point back. So this is a nettement from him, Subhan Allah to Allah so we don't want to wait till we lose to realize the name of Allah azza wa jal, but let's thank him for all of this. And one thing that this brings, is that it makes us love Allah subhanahu wata ad the more that you think about it, the more that you see yourself immersed in the Name of Allah, you'll appreciate every and each one of

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them and it becomes big in your eyes, the NEMO being able to see when you really thank Allah for it, it grows in your eyes, the NAM of being able to hear the name of being able to go you can you know, go into your car and drive for many kilometers. And Allah azza wa jal could send a you know, you could go from this area to that area with ease, you could afford to do so and you have your own vehicle. Isn't that anathema? Try taking the bus.

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To realize the name of that, try walking to realize what that NEMA is. So the more that you realize it the more that you love Allah azza wa jal So on page 75, Abu Sulayman Awasthi Rahim Allah said, the Quran near Marathi urethral Hubballi Allah, the Curonian Mati you refill her Balilla he says, if you remember, or if you mentioned these two things are related, if you remember or you mentioned the name of Allah zodion This brings or will grow the love of Allah azza wa jal. So, a vicar means two things to remember and to mention is sometimes you do not remember until you mentioned, because people around you do not remember it until you mentioned it, then it becomes the Kra.

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So sometimes zikr is what remembrance and sometimes dhikr is what

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saying it right and hamdulillah for this so that the rest of the body remembers that there is a nightmare, but this is a practical way for you and your children. If somebody were to ask, How do I make my children love Allah zoton Let them see all the netmeds of Allah azza wa jal talk about Allah zodion as the creator that you love, as the one who had given them not you, thank Allah for this. thank Allah for this ice cream for this cake for this trip, for your favorite food. Allah azza wa jal made it possible Allah made you made it possible for you to enjoy it. So you direct them to Allah and they will be connected to him and they will learn to thank him Subhana who were to Allah.

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But the more that you mentioned, Allah as Nima has, the more that you will love Allah and you will see by the way in the Quran that Allah brings or mentions his name as often because when you do this,

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what happens is that you will favor Allah above everybody.

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else and then you will worship Allah as though did not anybody else. And then when you need something, who do you ask? Allah is urgent but it has to be what a practice. Because when you're in distress, you will turn to the one that you really trust and rely on. There is kind of mean absolutely no pretense there. Because we can say now sitting down, right? We should take a call on whom we say hola because we know that that is the thing that we need to say. Right?

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Right. Like as children you even rehearse it, who is this Allah azza wa jal who is known created you Allah so we know what to say. But in moments of distress, who is the one that you actually call on? And who is the one that you rely on? And hopefully that one is that that you trust, this cannot be rehearsed? This is a reality that reflects what you love, and what you hate what is close to your heart. So the more that you mentioned, Allah's Nima and you remember them, the more that you love him subhanho wa taala. And also, you should also start seeing as we, as we said before, that humanity and creation are only conduits that bring them as for Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So that your heart is not as slave to human being. It's not Yes, sir. Yes, ma'am. Thank you so much for this, thank them, but your heart is not enslaved to them because you see what who's behind it? Allah Xeljanz so the one who employs you, is not what not the one who gives you money for hay is not the one who gave you zero money who is the one who is giving you that money? Allah azza wa jal. So if you believe that, that Allah gives it to you, you could go against your employer, if they upset Allah azza wa jal, and they could sack you, they could fire you. And you still believe that Allah will give you something better because you don't believe that they provide. Allah provides. But if

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you believe that they are the providers, you will not be able to stand up to them because your soul is in their hands. If they take this away, there was no way that another would provide for me, so you will

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submit to them. That's why the some of the olema have said do not submit to any human being except Allah xojo Respect is different.

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revering people is different. We owe that to people. Gratitude is different. But he says not submission based on believing that they are the one who gives you the namah Allah is the One who gives you the Atma, and the more that you believe that the more free you will be. You'll be freed of servitude to humanity, and you'll leave servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And

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in also in recognition of all of these numbers, realize also that you could not thank them.

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Right? You will not be able to thank the netmeds of Allah subhanho wa Taala so you're always in debt. No matter how good you are, how many sins you avoid, you're always in debt to Allah Zoda so there is no room for pride and arrogance and self admiration whatever I do is nothing compared to the name of Allah azza wa jal there is here.

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An interesting story and this stories are these the likes of these stories. They don't need to be 100% authentic stories for you to learn something from them there is benefit in them regardless. That's why the Scholars right when they write, they will bring these stories because he could learn something from them. Right? If you can learn from fiction and parables, right? You could learn from these stories because it could have happened and if not exactly there's something to learn from them. So why would normal not be Rahim Allah He said, Abbott Allah I'll be doing this is on page 75 Abdullah we don't have seen a sunnah he says there's a person who worship Allah as the period of 50

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years. Five zero 50 years for Hala, who lay here in Nicoletta referred to Luxo Allah revealed to him I forgave you. Meaning you are now a forgiving man. After how many years of worship if t you are now a forgiven man, so this man wondered he says you're a big metal if you really well I'm oh the nib is here. Allah What are you forgiving me and I did not commit a sin. Meaning in his head has he as he looked at it for 50 years I was what devoted in a bad

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this is not something like what we do today. What is devoted in a bad think about a person who is in domestic 24/7

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with me 24/7 In domestic Can you do that? Okay for 50 years. That's what we're talking about that

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Ask the kind because what motivates him to ask is slug what Have you forgiven? Because he's thinking, what is it that you forgiven? And I'm 24/7 in the house of Allah azza wa jal, Quran and Hadith and Eva and vicar and so on. There is no sin. Where's the sin over there?

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So Allah azza wa jal here he is the lesson Allah for Eddie Inelia. Edwin fear Onofre he forgot about I lay here for them Yeah, and um would amuse suddenly. So Allah azza wa jal permitted a vein in his neck to start it to throb. So he couldn't sleep and he couldn't pray

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for my second then it quieted that nerve, then he could quiet it at the end of the night, so he slept for a Tahoma luck. Then in angel came and visited him and at the time of Benoit Salah El that used to happen. So an angel came to this man so the man saw it as an opportunity to tell him to complain and he said Hyla for Shaka na for kolomela Peterman barraba annual. He says, If you could see how this vein was throbbing last night, I couldn't sleep I couldn't pray for Colin Melaku nada que AFOLU a brother to come Cena Cena Tadeusz, hakuna ha.

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He says your rub is telling you that your worship for 50 years is equal for quieting that nerve of yours. Right? That one That thing that you've done for 50 years and you saw as plenty that is equivalent to making you healthy. You haven't repaid me for the rest. I for life, you haven't repaid me for food. You haven't repaid me for protecting you. You haven't repaid me for anything. So thinking that right our A badda is something is a disease.

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And the cure of that is to see the blessings of Allah azza wa jal and his Nima and to believe that when we're doing it, we're doing it meaning a badda ingratitude to Allah azza wa jal to fulfill an obligation so that Allah has served and would forgive our shortcomings. Not that because I've just finished my salah. Now, I think Allah for the NAM as of that day, or because I said Al Hamdulillah, after a meal that dad was has sufficiently thanked Allah for all the things that I ate today. It's impossible because if you just think about it, if you just think about it, you know, if you ate rice, if you ate bread, think of the many people this is what earlier himolla said, he says, Think

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how many people were involved in making your meal.

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You think about it, how many people just for the rice to grow it and harvest and collect and transport and how many people transported that until it came to you count the many people

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right? Or if it's bread, wheat, how many people and if it spices, how many people? So think about it. Just the mere saying of Al Hamdulillah you think that that is it, you've actually thanked Allah for it? No, we haven't really. But saying Alhamdulillah is a good first step to recognize the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. So in general, in an insanity there'll be Hila canwood. We are thankless when it comes to the name of Allah and thankless when it comes to humanity as well. So our motivation should be or you know, our

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plan project should be to become more thankful. And to become more aware of the netmeds of Allah subhanho wa Taala so that we could love Allah more because the way that we live today in general, we focus on the bad, not the good, on the loss, not the gain on the negative, not the positive. And then we say because of that Allah did not give us an Allah did not answer our dua, we need to revive in all of us, us first and then others around this and appreciation of all the Netmums of Allah xojo sewed we do not look with discontent and all the problems and magnify them and ignore all the good things that Allah had given to us. So contentment is never a necessity today, rather than the state

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of discontent that all of us are in, and modern life breeds discontent, so we need to kind of withdraw from that from time to time and again contemplate them in Indiana zoo, Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So, being beneficial, is the natural consequence and should be the natural consequence if Allah azza wa jal created all of these people and he feeds them, and he protects them and he gives them health and he keeps answering their DUA and and and and he sends all these blessings to them. Then you also should become a channel and a conduit for the blessings of Allah zodion Because that is

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As his wish this is why He created them, even those who disbelieve in him, he stills feeds, and he still gives them children and shelter and health. And they, he cures their illnesses, he still gives them all of this. So more so for those who believe in Allah as origin, you need to do what you become a conduit for these blessings as well you need to become beneficial is Allah azza wa jal. That's why he created humanity to give them these blessings and he wants to give that to them. And you should become a person who's a, as we said, a conduit for it. So be beneficial wherever you are,

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as much as you can, wherever Allah places you, in your family, in your neighborhood, in places that you visit in the masjid, next to this person next to that person, they always should be better because of your presence. So a couple of, you know, here are some a hadith to

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illustrate and emphasize this. So here on page 76, where

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isa Ali Salam and he says in the Quran, where Allah says that ASA said would you Eleni mobile, Allah can a nama come to, and he made me blessed wherever I may be. That's beautiful. Really, if you think about it, you know, Isa, Allah, His Suriname, wherever he goes, blessed, then the place is better because ASA, Asa Alia, cinemas sitting the places better, that market is better because he walked there. Right? That gathering is better because he sat there. Right? The food is better because he's eating is like, wherever he is. It's better because ASA Allah has cinemas there, of course, where's that? Where does that come from? First of all, because he is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal. So where

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do you get that power to be better? Or to share these many blessings? Where does it come from, you don't just simply wish it, you have to be better. Otherwise, you're going to run out of fuel. Right? Because if you try to be nice to this person, to that person, to this person, and this person meets you with some ingratitude, this person meets you with some hostility, this person meets you with some indifference. And this person is grateful. But you repeat that again, and most people meet you with indifference or a negative response than a positive one. What happens to your desire to be beneficial and helpful?

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It shrinks, right? And it just goes away. It says, I don't care what happens to those people. They're not worth it. Right? That's that's a very common reaction. And if you felt it, you're not alone. These people are worth it. But I'm, I don't want to like spend my time it's I'm trying to save them and help them look how they behave and look how they react to me. So what helps him be beneficial wherever he may be? Because he is close to Allah azza wa jal. So that gives him the fuel.

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And he does not need from them they need from him. They need him, he doesn't need them. So he doesn't want anything from them, and also an intent to be beneficial.

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That is, wherever I go, I'll teach. I'll remind them of Allah and the insignificance of this life. Now, I will tell them, what benefits them and I've told them about what harms them and I'll tell them about how they can get what benefits them and how to protect themselves from what harms them that is what makes them beneficial. And then a famous Hadith

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where Rasul Allah is Allah Allah, Allah you earlier wa sallam said menos Bahaman como yo Messiah Emma, who today is fasting, and the Rebecca said, I am Hala fermented beer I'm in como yo ma Janessa who follow the funeral today and Rebecca said I am I did. Allah for monatomic Komiyama Myskina who fed a hungry person or a poor person today. So both could have said I did. He says from an either mean Kumari those who visited a sick person today. Well, like I said, I did call a Mr Man of humor in India, the halogen naces of all of this are combined in one person he enters Jana.

00:29:31--> 00:29:35

Again, the question is where do you get the energy to do all of this in one day?

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Right? Like you basically do one and you think either just that said I have no energy to do anything else today. Or you think to yourself, Oh, my goodness, I've been a very good person today. Because I visited a sick person or follow the funeral and n n n right. But he did what all of them

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but that is the nature of the Sahara.

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over the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, which they've taken from the Prophet himself, meaning that whenever you see an opportunity to do something good, what do you do?

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And no one needs to remind you now,

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because you already are self motivated, when you see an opportunity to do something good. What do you do? Is it That's mine, no one is gonna get to it before me. You see, the attitude is very different. It's not somebody else will do it, somebody else will take care of it. No, this is mine. And no one will get to it before me because Allah azza wa jal made that available. And it may not be available later. Right? There's a hole in the street, right? Or there's a branch that is blocking people's way. You could say, somebody will fix it, it's not my problem. I know it's there, I can avoid it. Or you can say, what an opportunity. The law had given me something that I do, it could

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take me to Jannah. So when you have that which is loving Allah azza wa jal, they are truly to be loving of Allah. And also to channel that into loving the Muslims around you, and wanting the best for them and wanting the best for non Muslims as well, which is, you know, natural and you know, praiseworthy. So when that's the case, when you see that you're able to do something beneficial, helps them pleases Allah brings you closer to Allah, you say that's mine. No one gets to it before me. So no one then needs to remind you Solon so sick, visit them and take care of them, or feed the hungry or follow a funeral because you saying that is a NEMA from Allah azza wa jal, somebody comes

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and asks you for money. And you see that is an AMA from Allah as well as some of the stuff have said, when somebody came was begging him for money. And he gave and he said, I need what he's offering more than he needs what I'm offering.

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Right. I need what is always offering what is he offering an opportunity to please Allah azza wa jal What am I offering money.

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So I need that the pleasure of Allah more than he needs money, because money is for the dunya that thing is the thing that lasts for the earthhero so even retain me or him Allah has this beautiful sentence. And he was like that meaning even though Tamia in his life, he was like that. He said, When a habit and yell Huckabee Dadaji bedarra GTIL. Abroad waiata Chabahar Bill fer Filion with equally aumentado V Hisham su nephrol. Healthy. So he says meant by the one who loves to reach the rank of the pious and imitate the righteous should intend to benefit creation every single day when they wake up.

00:32:51--> 00:33:35

Like it when you wake up. Equally aumentado fie shims. And you could ask yourself, what is your plan for today, when you wake up. So today, I plan to go to the market, I'm going to cook this, I'm going to go to work, I'm going to exercise I'm going to watch my diet, you have a plan right for yourself. And maybe some for some days, you have no plan to sell, see what happens as it goes, parts and also a possibility. But part of the intention he is talking about is when you wake up and you say Alhamdulillah that Allah restored life and gave it back to me and allowed me to remember him. And you say my intention now is if I can help someone, I'm going to help them. I'm going to look for

00:33:35--> 00:34:01

that if Allah send someone my way to help, I'll help them or I will look for them to see if I'm able to help them. So okay, why why is it? What are you trying to do even Potamia when that's the case, this is that's how you become righteous. That's how you become really pious. That is the difference between the prophets of Allah and those who imitate them and others because the prophets of Allah, they benefit you in every possible way.

00:34:03--> 00:34:11

In Sharia, in Islam, they teach you this, but also, if you have a problem, they seek to fix it for you.

00:34:12--> 00:34:16

And so if you want to become someone whom Allah loves, if you want to become someone

00:34:17--> 00:34:21

who benefits the most from this life and in return

00:34:22--> 00:34:37

reciprocates that benefit when you wake up you say, if I can find help find anyone to help, I'm going to help them online or physically around you or distant. If we just have that intention

00:34:38--> 00:34:49

that near it not may not materialize that day, but you have that near because then when it presents itself to you, you'll take advantage of it. You're not blind to it

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

and you will not dismiss it or send it to the next person you will be the one who says let me guide them let me take care of them. Let me remove their pain their hands

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

Group their distress.

00:35:02--> 00:35:05

So the types of benefits that

00:35:07--> 00:35:20

that we can offer and what is the greatest never. So I have been Nancy Ilahi. And for Ohio, most beloved to Allah azza wa jal are those who are the most beneficial, what is the greatest benefit that you could give people?

00:35:21--> 00:35:22

If you think about it,

00:35:23--> 00:35:44

the greatest benefit is the benefit of Islam. And the benefit of Iman and the Quran and the Sunnah. Because that is the lasting benefit. So if you could teach it, you teach it. And you don't have to be a scholar to teach what you know, but you basically need to be what, limit yourself to what you know, but they were unable to

00:35:45--> 00:35:57

transmit or convey from me even a single area. If you're, you know, an area don't go area, and then a little bit of my own interpretation of them. I know.

00:35:58--> 00:36:38

We don't need individual interpretation, if you know, when I transmit an ayah, you know, Hadith, transmitted Hadith, if you know that it's authentic, you know, a benefit that could raise somebody's Eman, you do that it protects them from doubt and harm you do that it benefits them in the AF era and in the dunya do that, but the most and the greatest benefit is the benefit of Islam. Okay, so that is something beautiful, and you could be the teacher, or you could reflect what people are teaching shows. It's like the moon, does the moon have its own light?

00:36:40--> 00:37:30

It reflects, but because of how much light it reflects it overshadows right, all the other planets and stars, you don't see anything besides the moon on a full moon, because of how much it reflects. So you may not be the scholar, but you reflect so much goodness in what you teach or what you can redirect and also in how you behave that Allah azza wa jal, you know, could bless you with so much and you would be a source of a great blessing. So your behavior matters, right? Your model matters, your good luck in dealing with people matter, because that is going to teach them Islam. Right. So behavior, so calling them to Islam is the best. And also with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam

00:37:30--> 00:37:45

here listed in the Hadith when he said Surah 1232, who Allah muslim, you bring happiness to a Muslims heart, how do you bring happiness through the things that he mentioned, but also sometimes two very simple acts.

00:37:46--> 00:38:28

One of them which we will talk about later, insha Allah is saying, salam, Salam Alikum walaikum salam with a smile. How are you doing today, asking about them worrying about them. And if you miss them in the masjid, you call them and inquire about what's happening to them. So that is a pseudo happiness that you bring to them. If they're going through some problems, right? You bring to them and you Bri remind them of that enamal or Sri usara indeed, with hardship, comes ease indeed with hardship comes ease. And that is that comes from Allah azza wa jal is not far away, but it is with so expect the best from him. subhanho wa taala. So when you raise hope,

00:38:30--> 00:38:31

and you chase away,

00:38:33--> 00:38:49

hopelessness, then that is a pseudo happiness that you bring to their heart. If you counsel them, if you give them advice, that is sort of also what he said that he is Salatu was Salam techsci For Anoka, you remove their hardship, right?

00:38:50--> 00:39:05

They're fighting with so and so you mediate you resolve the problem. They don't know how to deal with their spouse with their child, you tell them and they follow your advice, and you remove that hardship. Or as he said, Ali salatu salam Tato and who do

00:39:06--> 00:39:08

you chase away their hunger

00:39:10--> 00:39:49

that they're hungry and you give them something to eat. And sometimes it's really beneficial. There's sometimes you come across randomly videos that teach you something, a video that I saw today, very brief of two young poor children. I don't know when that video was taken. And they're fighting over it's just one plate with a little bit traces of rice and they're fighting over the rice, who is going to finish it because of hunger. And the comments were saying this is really humbling, right? It's really humbling, right? When you see them, they're young. And this kid was really upset with the other kid because he's finishing all the rice and he's not leaving some for

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

him. But there's not much much on their plate. But it is really humbling because you think to yourself, I could cook three, four or five plates of rice easily

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

And I would not feel grateful at all for that. And these are young kids who can't find enough to eat.

00:40:09--> 00:40:51

And you feel I could do something to help $1 $5 $10 And they could be eating well for a day or two or a week. So when you know the NEMA the extent that the NEMA Allah had given to you and others don't have it, and then you say, I'm gonna help, and you do, you, and then the and then you are a person who had helped and become beneficial, and chased away hunger, and Allah says, We would love you for that, because you don't want to see that. Because you also don't want to see it for yourself, and for your own kids. And you see, if I don't want my kids to eat like this will feel like that, then I don't want them also to experience this. So he understand the extent of the agony

00:40:51--> 00:41:22

when somebody is suffering, as somebody feels helpless, or they've lost hope, around you even they've lost hope. Right? The only thing, it's just closing, the world is closing in on them and they see no exit, and you will be the person who comes in as he says here, You take him by the hand and you grab them, and they see the light again, just imagine when he can save a person like this of Allah's reward. So if you're willing, and if you want it and if you're open, Allah may give that to you.

00:41:24--> 00:41:48

Not necessarily that example. But other things where Allah azza wa jal could utilize the gifts that you have totaled and who you are, or you pay his debt. Maybe not all of it, but some of it, maybe you can't, but you make dua for them. And there is a draft from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. That if you have debt, Allah azza wa jal will help you go to Islam Muslim, try to find it.

00:41:49--> 00:42:15

Because if you can give them nothing else, you say, I'll teach you this dua. She could say it. So just imagine that you're just beaming with benefits to everybody who's around you. They come and consult and you help about this hadith and you help about this and you link them to someone who can help them. And this beautiful thing when he said Ali, his Salatu was Salam. What an am Shia Ma, if you had a had Baliem in an attic if if he must be the other shahada

00:42:16--> 00:42:20

that I walk with my brother to fulfill his need, meaning he needs something

00:42:21--> 00:42:33

and it does not happen unless I go with him mediate or talk on his behalf or help him and then it happens. And the other option is what at cuff in the masjid and Attica Finn what Masjid?

00:42:36--> 00:42:38

What Masjid we're talking about is not dismissed it

00:42:40--> 00:42:49

there in Medina. So think about it now. How much would you pay in order to go to Medina and duetica for one month?

00:42:50--> 00:43:09

Or at least stay for a month? If it's a decaf is too much, right? But how much would you pay for that? How much would you not normally pay in the 1000s? Right? Right. And you consider yourself the luckiest person like I could do a month meaning afford it and do a month in the masjid and live in Medina.

00:43:10--> 00:43:19

So you hear the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is telling you what walking with my brother to fulfill his need is better than a month. So at the caf in Medina

00:43:20--> 00:43:30

if you say I cannot do a month of Attica and Medina because it's just simply not possible for me. Is it possible for you to walk with your brother or your sister until their need is fulfilled?

00:43:32--> 00:44:03

Is it thus within means, but see how much Allah had given you. So rather we would go and we lament our you know, luck and you say Oh, I can go to Medina. I cannot pray in the masjid i and this and I that and you realize that Allah azza wa jal had given you something that could exceed that right next to you. But we are sometimes one ICT we see one day badda we forget about another Eva, you have to see the full Grace of Allah subhana wa Tala that is available right next to you,

00:44:05--> 00:44:30

in the person of your brother and sister, your neighbor or your friend in your neighborhood. And also he said la Salatu was Salam. If you hold back your anger and you hold back your fury, this is beneficial by the way because if you can't help people at least do not what harm them. They say today I'm not in the mood to help anybody too weak.

00:44:31--> 00:44:39

Don't have the energy. That's fine. It happens. But at least you do what what's the minimum here? You don't harm that is sadaqa

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

that is sadaqa that is protection. So you know don't get not gonna back by or ridicule or put down or suspect or spread rumors or you're not going to do this you're not going to be unkind you're not going to talk back in other gonna insult you're not going to do this but you say to yourself again, what

00:45:00--> 00:45:32

motivates me, when somebody yells at me not to yell back when somebody insults me not to insult him back not to put him in their place, not to go and simply unload all my anger on them. If I'm having a really bad day, see if you know that what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had said mecca for haba says that Allahu Allah, that if you hold back your anger, Allah conceals your mistakes. Because you've protected this person from your anger, Allah protects you.

00:45:34--> 00:46:05

And that concealment could mean the dunya, or the dunya. And the archaea. Meaning Allah hides your mistakes. Why? Because I could in anger, and you know how sometimes an angle, you start pointing people's mistakes, or you attack them, but you rather say, I'm not going to attack him, or Allah, I'm not going to expose their mistakes for Allah. So I'm Tom, I'm just going to be quiet. And it's not an easy pill to swallow. But you do this. And you'll remember Allah will conceal my mistakes if I do this, so it becomes easier to do. Right?

00:46:06--> 00:46:12

So that is a benefit that you're giving this person and in the other one, he said,

00:46:13--> 00:46:56

if you hold back, a love, hate, light and anger are the same. If you hold back your anger, and if you wanted, you could have done something, I could have hit him, punched him, or said son said something that really hurts or taking something from them that they like, meaning that he has the anger. And I'm not holding him back because I'm afraid. It's not fear of people. Right? Because sometimes, you know, you don't do something because what you're afraid of them, you're angry, but I'm not going to do this because they'll retaliate. I'm not going to do anything. But imagine a scenario where you're not afraid, and you could do what you want. And here we're Prophet alayhi

00:46:56--> 00:47:34

salatu salam says, but you don't because of Allah azza wa jal, then he said, Allah will fill his heart with hope on the day of judgment, because your heart at that moment is filled with anger. And you keep it and you hold it in. So as a reward, Allah Azulon does what replaces it with hope. And the last word last of it again, walking with your brother, that is if you walk with them until you fulfill their need from you, Allah azza wa jal establishes fixes your gait, your walk and your stand on the Day of Judgment. On a day when

00:47:35--> 00:47:39

the feet slip, where do they slip, by the way

00:47:40--> 00:47:45

on when they're walking on what? Sit up the bridge, right? When you walk, you slip.

00:47:46--> 00:48:12

But if you don't want to slip, this is one way of doing it. So when you're walking with your brother, you imagine this and walking on a sit off right now. So you want to tell them thank you for asking me to help you. Right. Thank you for asking me to help you because now, if Allah accepts this from me, I'm working on ansira and it will be affirm, gate, that affirm, walk, be the last.

00:48:14--> 00:48:15


00:48:16--> 00:49:01

Allah azza wa jal teaches us right to love, or people that we love for ourselves, and we are going to visit that concept in Shalabi in the Laura Bill Alameen but he remember that Allah has zodion loves it, the more that you are beneficial, but that cannot happen. Until you see the beneficence of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, all the things that he had given to, and when you see this, you'd be so filled with gratitude and love, that you must share this with other people, Allah given me so much, let me share this, let me help and then know that you're getting back more than what you're giving. You're getting back the love of Allah as ordered. And so that motivates you to give even

00:49:01--> 00:49:50

more, and to forgive even more, and to be a kinder person, because of Allah subhanaw taala so remember, this have been NASA Illa, Allah He, and for whom leanness and always I want to remind you always maintain a balance. We're not saying here that forget about it to curve and be a person who's always helping people here and there. It cannot continue like that. You have to have a balance between private individual a bad and what we can call social public a better and you must have both of them. Because what happens is that that imbalance takes place you find people who are only doing the first not the second. They're only doing individual private. They're not concerned about people

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

around them, or people who really want to help or when it comes to their own personal a badass, they're severely lacking. That is not right, not an

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

till you worship here, and you worship there, right? And if it's hard ask Allah azza wa jal for support, Lord. So pause here in sha Allah Bill alameen and see if you have questions with Allah azza wa jal let me know.

00:50:18--> 00:50:19

And I'm gonna see.

00:50:20--> 00:50:20


00:50:23--> 00:50:33

so we have couple online questions can we have multiple intentions for an action, run a health business for profit and serving patients

00:50:34--> 00:50:36

similar to Raheem with them

00:50:37--> 00:50:55

you can have multiple intentions right? You can have multiple intentions. So, for instance, you can go to Hajj and that is a pure act of Riba. Mainly to worship Allah azza wa jal and also to do some business to sell and buy.

00:50:57--> 00:51:09

That is permissible. Right? Or you want to shop or you want to sightsee, permissible as long as in an act of EVA like a pure act of a bada. The main motivation is what

00:51:11--> 00:51:51

the worship of Allah azza wa jal, and then the secondary or all the word li a baddest. So in jihad, a person could go for jihad, or jihad. And also there's an EMA the booties are the battle as long as he's doing jihad, mainly for Allah azza wa jal, not for the money. And then if the money is an added added bonus, so he could have an intention for that. So this one is not a pure act of Eva. So you say can I have multiple intention for that act, meaning I open a business, and I want from it profit. And I also want from it to help others, he says, good for you that you're thinking like that. And you have that intention. Because that will make you a better business person. And you will

00:51:51--> 00:52:20

serve your customers better because you care about them. It's not about just money. So that is a good intention. And in fact, the more intentions you have, the better when you're doing something more good intentions, if you just can simply muster bring together, not only two, but three and four and five, that's even better and better and better. So the greater the intention, or the their numbers, the better the reward from Allah and the greater the reward from Allah. So

00:52:22--> 00:52:24

can we have a test the same?

00:52:25--> 00:52:31

Okay, make this How does one not feel small, when in a group of successful people?

00:52:32--> 00:53:19

Okay, how do you not feel small in a group of successful people and successful is between coats. So, it's good that you put that in air quotes, what is success? So you're talking about success in the dunya? Right? That's typically that's what I understand from it. So if you're among those who are successful in the dunya, is as manifester COVID dunya and alphas who will ask you if somebody competes with you in the dunya compete with them in the mirror? So here we're asking you to redefine success. Right? redefine success if you believe only that success is success in this dunya Of course, you're going to feel very small and insignificant and you will turn towards yourself with

00:53:19--> 00:53:55

blame. Turn towards yourself with anger and and put down yourself because you're not as good and smart and and and and that's of course when you think about it completely unhealthy. But more so you've been trapped by how you've defined success and that by the way we do this so and so is a millionaire how is it that I'm not a millionaire so and so has his own clinic? How is it that I so unspoken travelled? How is it that I can so and so when you do this you're trapping yourself in the dunya with these comparisons, is this how we define success?

00:53:56--> 00:53:58

Right now who is ill has Sharon

00:54:00--> 00:54:50

will enter her city in Hawaii who are the Alladhina Hassan Hassan Ali Hemi Amalfi Amma, those who are in loss or those who have lost themselves and their families on the Day of Judgment, how did they lose them with disbelief in Allah as though did with being in hellfire, losing the dunya? Is not loss, not having it is not loss? Look at the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam did he care about how much he has? Money? Travel, good food, what is the success that you're talking about? You know, the more and this is the medicine for this is the more that you learn Islam? Because you will see how Allah Zota loves the one who's invisible. Anonymous, successful, a very prominent, yet the

00:54:50--> 00:54:59

Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he said in the Hadith in Allah your hip will add the tequila and El huffy Allah loves of APT servant of his who has

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

Dakwah who is rich on the inside and who is anonymous? And that anonymous person could be like in the other heads with the Prophets Allah audio it was in them said, and again listen to this, right listen to this and if we had time we could talk about this. But listen to this robot a chateau for maturing bill of work. Now Oksana hola hola Barbara, perhaps a person who is unkempt, full of dust, who will be rejected when he seeks to mediate or knocks on doors. If he were to swear upon Allah, Allah would honor his request. Now tell me, is this person successful?

00:55:44--> 00:56:01

Yes or no? We said depends on how you're going to define success in the dunya is he successful? No one knows about him. No one cares about him. I mean, I Shatha overbearing and he doesn't have much meaning his hair is not you know, comb right? His full of dust, meaning that he's experiencing hardship,

00:56:03--> 00:56:43

and mature and will absorb meaning, you know, can I marry your daughter? What you go away? Can you please mediate for so so can I have this job you go away? No one listens to him. But who listens to him? Allah has meaning if he says Allah who mocks him or an acre, Allah altogether worker, they are Allah, I swear that you should do this. And this, Allah will tell him what? Yes, that is success. But now you have to recalibrate what do you mean by success? So if you feel small, that's that's what I began with, if you feel small, because of lack of achievements in the dunya Where where is your akhira? Achieving the akhira

00:56:45--> 00:57:02

put your success in the era, then all of those people and we wish good for everybody, right? But all those people want to have all of these achievements in the dunya I have the degree I have the mansions I have this fleet of cars. I have the name when they come on the Day of Judgment, where are these things?

00:57:03--> 00:57:25

None of them will be in existence. But you were the will of Allah Zoda will be ahead all of them because he only you competed for the Afia right? So that's what I can say about it. And if you're missing something, ask Allah for it. But don't make your intention simply and only the dunya ya allah just make me famous. Yeah, Allah just make me

00:57:26--> 00:57:27


00:57:29--> 00:58:10

That I would outstrip everybody else in terms of this in terms of that. Don't make achievements in the dunya the thing that determines how you see yourself, focus on the airfield and be content with a load of Allah gives you in the dunya if you believe successes in the future, you're not gonna feel so small in the last but read the sea or the life of the pious beginning with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Sahaba Al Hasan Basri IGNOU serine authority Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz Abdullah Abdul Mubarak deed these biographies because you will understand how they lived and that will inspire you with the by the will of Allah azza wa jal.

00:58:13--> 00:58:21

Okay, anyone who has a question that I have not, no, I'm not forcing you to ask anything. I'm just making sure that I did not miss anybody. Okay.

00:58:22--> 00:58:44

We're going to answer these quickly. Insha Allah, what if we want to help and we're in a position to help the person is shy to accept the help? What is the advice for the person to help and the recipient, so if the recipient right is shy, be indirect, right? Be indirect, you can leave them a note so that they don't feel burdened by the fact of accepting somebody's assistance.

00:58:45--> 00:59:03

Mediate so ask somebody else to help them on your behalf make it anonymous, right? So there are ways that you could deal with that insha Allah and also you could just make dua for Allah to make it easy so that they could accept the help that you want to give to them. So if that doesn't happen through somebody else in sha Allah,

00:59:04--> 00:59:08

how do we get over the people slandering us prior to the effect was really,

00:59:09--> 00:59:17

uh, oh, slandering us prior. And the effect was really bad. How do we get over it and forgive as it affects our families dignity?

00:59:19--> 00:59:21

Okay, let me see the next question.

00:59:25--> 00:59:32

are so many people, okay, so many people need help, it gets overwhelming any tips to help and benefit

00:59:33--> 00:59:59

that is covered there. If it gets overwhelming understand your own limitations? That's a good question. So if it gets too much for you know when to stop. So if it's affecting your own personal health, affecting your family, family dynamics, your time with them. If you just simply have reached the end, realize that you've reached your end, just like with money, right? I could help with $1.05 and 10 and then eventually you'll see what I ran out.

01:00:01--> 01:00:41

So there's a limit food in the fridge you can give, give, but then you say what my family needs to eat right? Because the family comes first it has to you have to feed your children. So the same thing, I'm out of energy, I can't any more than realize you're out of energy. So again, balance is important. Don't help so much so that you begin to suffer, and your family suffers. Right? So balance and remember the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi, salaatu, WA salaam each has a right yourself, your children, your spouse, your neighbors, your body each so give each their right. So help, but then know when to stop. Right. And sometimes it may make experience

01:00:43--> 01:01:17

being slandered and you say how can I forgive especially that that affected me? It's not an easy process, and no one is asking you unnecessarily to forgive. Right? But just realize, first of all that things happen for a reason. And Allah azza wa jal allows them to happen for a reason. Learn from it. So as Allah has voted for forgiveness, grow because of it. And realize also that in time, you may be able to forgive maybe not now, but in time you'll be able to forgive. So what am I going to ask you to do make dua for that person?

01:01:18--> 01:01:54

Do you don't need to forgive, just make dua for that person? May Allah azza wa jal not against them for them. May Allah allow them to see the mistake that they've done. May Allah help them repent, may Allah fix their mistakes? May Allah may Allah may Allah just keep making up with that person. And see in time, maybe your attitude will change with the law. So we're going to have to stop in sha Allah so that we don't encroach on Maghreb Baraka lofi comb which is a common law here I'll see you in sha Allah the same time next week, satanic alone will be him Nick a shadow Allah in the interest of federal power to really hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa you