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story of a boy by the name of I met this story has touched my heart and affected my life. Personally.

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His name is Ahmed

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coming back from Bangkok.

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In the airport,

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the chef was telling the story he went to pray. As these airports they have terminals and these terminals, they have a masala they have a prayer for, you know, like a prayer room.

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So, he went to pray. And then he found this boy young man crying, crying. So he prayed.

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And then after the Salah, the guy was kept on crying, so he asked him

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are you crying?

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they happen to be both from the same country. They happen to be bought from a very prominent Muslim country.

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He told him his story, that he went to Bangkok, and he committed fornication, adultery.

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And he is married. He is married this young man he's married but he went to Bangkok and he committed Hara.

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So now he is feeling sorrow is feeling regret. He was feeling so bad,

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was crying.

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So he says when I go back to my country, I'm going to surrender to the authorities. in that country, they implement at least in this particular sin, they implement the law,

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the law, the share of Sharia with regard to those who commit adultery. So he says, I'm going to surrender to the authorities. The mental him, please don't do that. Please don't do that. Did you repent? He says yes, I repent but it's not enough. It's not enough. I have to go and surrender. He says please don't let us talk. They exchanged numbers. They went back home. They called him on the phone. His name is Mr. Mallika Mohammed, how are you? It's a shift. Yes. I'm going today to the authority says please wait, wait, I'm coming to see you. Yeah, I'm at

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the mercy of Allah.

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Allah is the Forgiving, Allah forgives ya. Allah loves to forgive. You know Allah. And when you seen him forgives Yama, Yama, Yama.

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I'm not convinced I'm not convinced I have to go I have to go. Just please. You must give me some time. Let's talk some more about it.

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came as

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the shift went for the hedge during tawaf.

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He sold it

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and then he called him he

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looked at him and he ran away.

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shifted understand

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when they went back home

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the shift called admin. I picked up the phone.

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Yeah, I saw you in the harem. I saw in the harem

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it says yes, yes. Yeah, I saw you too.

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But yes, a while I was so busy with other members of Allah I did not anymore I did not want anybody to disturb me. I'm sorry. I saw you but I just went to live with Allah.

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Yeah, do you still want to surrender? Yes, yes, yes, I went to performance, but now I want to go and surrender the please. Yeah.

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Yeah, Allah subhanho wa Taala loves to forgive.

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Few days later.

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The chef was leading an AFM

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and listen to this

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in salt alpha

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Oh, the wilhemina Chateau de la Jean.

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Well let in their own.

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Way up to noon and Neff seletti Rama Allahu Allah will help. Why there is no one is no one is no one if

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you Yo

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Yo, yo Ma, Akiyama y, z mohana element.

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Amina, I'm alongside you

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will say to him has

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he called him He says, I found it. I found it. I have it. I have the key. I have the solution.

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He came to him.

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Here's what Allah says. Look, this is applicable to your situation Mohammed. Listen, Allah says, well, leadin Allah, Allah, Allah and those who do not associate someone with the worship of Allah

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Number one, and those who do not associate someone with the worship of Allah want to learn a necessity

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and those who do not kill innocent lives, what is known and those who do not commit Zina

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and those who do not commit fornication, adultery, what happened to them if they were to do so, if they were to kill or associate someone who Allah or commit sinner, what would happen to them when

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you die?

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whosoever does so he will receive such a very severe just admin punishment from Allah and he will be thrown in Hellfire forever and ever.

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met this is like trembling, trembling, His heart is trembling. So what are you telling me? This is what he said Listen, listen, here's the next is the key he says Allah says except Illa except except who element

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three against three, three against 311.

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a llama taba, man.

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While I'm in LA I'm alongside the ha

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schilke cuttle Xena elimine tab admin. Well, I mean I'm alongside her except those who repent.

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Believe and work righteousness, do righteous deeds they do good deeds? What would happen to them? What would happen to them?

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Well, I mean

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what what happens in a lot will not only forgive them, Allah will forgive them and convert all the bad deeds or usina all you see now all your all your all your stealing or the looking into the internet or the all the cursing or the swearing, everything, everything everything in lamotta What happened? Allah will convert all your bad deeds