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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the title of a hotbar in Islam, which is linked to a woman who wants to stay in a military position. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fearing one's sins and avoiding mistakes, as well as the need for fearing one's mistake to avoid suffering and future harm. The segment also touches on the history of forgiveness, including a story about a man forgiven by Allah Subhanaw taala and a woman who was forgiven by Allah Subhanaw taala.
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as had one more Madonna

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know more

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Rasul Allah or

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are your Salah

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and then hamdulillah mother who want to stay you know who wanna still fiddle when I was a villa him I should already and personnel may say at Dr. Molina my daddy Hilda Hoover Hoefer la medulla Houma you believe in Fela, the Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hola Cherie color wash hadoo ana Muhammadan aguda Hora solo Yeah, you have Lavina Amana taco la haka. toccata he wala Tamil tuna Illa one two Muslim moon yeah, you had ADINA, I'm gonna talk Hola Hola. Hola Colin said either use the hola como la como la con Vinoba come while Miyota Allah rasool Allah who forgot the further Fosun Alima I'm about fineness talkin Hadith Nikita Allah wa sanella Do you had you Muhammad in sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam Bucha Bashara no more data to her well, coulomb desert in Vida Aquila, Bella 10 Bala Gokula of infinity.

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Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Today the title of our hotbar is know your enemy. And it's based off the verse where Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, in the shaytaan Lokomat I'll do one for the hero who I do, indeed the shaytaan is an enemy to you. So take him as a true enemy. And Allah subhanaw taala wants you to know and wants you to remember this. When you start reading the Quran from the beginning. As you're reading in Surah Al Baqarah what is the first story that shows up the first story that shows up? Well, it's called Abu Khalil Mala Iike in Niger, I don't fill out the Khalifa, the first story that comes up as you first start reading the Quran is the story of Adam

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Alayhis Salam with a bliss. And in that story, you learn a lot about your enemy. You learn that he holds grudges, but he holds grudges to another level to another degree. Yeah, and he, he refused to bow down to Adam. So he got sent out of Elgin or he got sent out of his high ranking position, not really an agenda. So he got kicked out because of other so then you would

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think any other spiteful Bing would get even by getting you kicked out. So he got him kicked out. But he wasn't happy with that. So it's like imagine, someone gets you fired from work, you get him fired from work, then you get his son fired from work when you get his grandson fired for more than his great grandson, and you just keep going and going and going. So you understand to what extent he holds grudges. And then you understand to what extent he's arrogant. Because when you if you try to imagine that moment, and you weren't a bliss, and he knows he's not an angel, he knows he's not equal to them that they're superior to him. Allah honored him by elevating him to the level of the

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angels. And he's standing surrounded by millions of angels in every direction, to his right to his left before him and behind him. And Allah subhanaw taala commands the angels who are superior to him to prostrate, and they all fall down into Jude, and he remains standing. And he looks all around and he says millions and millions of angels Institute and he remains standing. And what level of arrogance is this? The most arrogant human being would just out of embarrassment fall down into suit. I'm not convinced, but I'm just gonna do it. I don't want to be the only one standing. But this is to what extent from his arrogance, and then you learn how much he hates human beings. He

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hates human beings. He hates Muslims, he hates non Muslims. He doesn't love non Muslims. If you love them had gotten into Islam. He hates Muslims. He hates non Muslims. He requested from Allah to live until the day of judgment so he can keep misguiding every single one. He from his hatred to human beings that he'll come and poke a newborn baby who still hasn't done anything in this world. Whether that baby is born to atheist parents or Muslim parents, that's his hatred. And he hates humans so much that even on their last moments on Earth, he still tries to come to them and get them to follow a false religion or another religion. So the first story you come up with against when you reading

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the Quran is that of Adam and Eve Salaam and a bliss and we get introduced to a bliss early on in the Quran. And then the last Surah when you get to the end of the Quran,

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again, a bliss is involved because it's sort of a nurse and you seeking refuge from a Lois was ill Hanna's you seeking was refuge from the whisperings of the shaitan who Allah described as one that always withdraws. So Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be very aware. And then from this very beginning, until the very end of the Quran, so many different parts of the Quran are warning us and describing a bliss to us. If someone told you

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asked you would you have to be more careful if you had an enemy that was clever, or an enemy? That was not clever? Would you have to be more careful if you had an enemy that knew everything about you or an enemy that knew nothing about you?

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And that's exactly what Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the shaytaan Allah azza wa jal tells us that he's clever as a scholar is deduced, because of how Allah described him. Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you have ladina Amanu lotta tiberiu hotwater che upon, or you who believe do not follow the footsteps of the shepherd. So the scholars concluded that the fact that he works in steps indicates that he must be clever, someone who is not clever, will come and try to get you to do the end result. But someone that's clever, will lead you bit by bit, and just slowly until he gets you to what you would refuse if offered immediately from the beginning.

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So they said he's intelligent. And likewise the way Allah subhanaw taala described what he did to Adam and, and how what he says for the Lahoma Bureau for de la Houma. dulu is a bucket. And you can say $1 Or, dollar. This is when you put the bucket into the well and you slowly just have you slowly pull it. And Allah Subhana Allah use this word to show how he slowly kept pulling them in indicating that he is clever. And we said, an enemy that knows you versus an enemy who has no clue who you are, obviously the one who knows everything about you will be the one that's more dangerous. So Allah subhanaw taala gave him access to your thoughts and has and there's a Korean who's been with you

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your entire life, so they know everything about you, and they know your weaknesses and they know what kind of sins you have no interest in and what kind of sins are part of your weakness. So someone then might ask, what is the wisdom behind the creation of a bliss? And the scholars mentioned a lot of points a lot

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But we're just gonna take three. And these are three strong points. One is that so people learn to fear their sins. Many people, they're not afraid of their sins whatsoever. And you'll meet Muslims who will say things like, of course Allah's got tickets to gym. And if he doesn't put us in Juno's, you got to put in it kuffaar Yanis is so confident that their sins mean nothing. And Allah subhanaw taala is a former Rahim. And it's exactly as how the companion eponymous Rudra the Allahu Anhu described, he says in that movement, your Asanuma who can know who fi fi ously jevelin? Yeah, Annie. Oh, you're halfway here, Carly. So he said it's as if the believer sees his sins. Like he is like

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there's a mountain over above him. And he's afraid that it might collapse upon Him at any moment. He says we're in Milford euro euro zuba who can zuba Ben Walker Allah AMFI Carnaby, Hakka. Favara he says, As for the one who is transgressing and constantly committing sins, He sees the sin as a fly that just landed on his nose for a split second. And he did this to it. He showed it football and it flew away. mess that's it, it doesn't affect them is in stay with them for the rest of the day. So, Allah subhanaw taala, one of the lessons we get from the existence and the creation of a bliss is that we fear we learn to fear our sins, if bliss used to be so righteous that Allah elevated him and

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put him at the ranks of the angels. And he was no doubt the best of the jinn. And now, if you were asked what is the worst of creation, the first thing that comes to mind is a bliss. So he went from the best of his creation to the worst of all creation, because of his sin.

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And it was initially one sin, but he used to repent, he refused to repent, as we will discuss, but Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be afraid of our sins, and not to justify them and make excuses for them or find support groups or some, some kind of psychologists will tell you that it's okay you have the genome, which is no excuse. The second thing we learn is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And maybe some people don't realize that the Mercy of Allah is very apparent in the story of a bliss. The scholars said, Allah subhanaw taala did not destroy a bliss. Why would he destroy you because of your sins? And it's a huge point of mercy. And some people think if they disobey Allah as

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real the next day, the house will burn down, the business will burn down, they'll wake up with heart attacks will, but it's not how Allah subhanaw taala works, and he didn't destroy your bliss because of his sins. Why would he destroy you immediately. But things do happen when you disobey Allah azza wa jal and let us put things in proper perspective. A man came to one of the scholars, and he says, I commit sins down, he regularly commit a lot of sins, but hamdulillah my life is good. Yeah. And my children are okay and my health is okay. My business is doing well, my income is well my wife is and it's not like I if I disobey Allah, my love is going to be a disaster. I disobey Allah, but my life

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is okay.

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And then the scholars, the scholar asked him something, and let's put our life into proper perspective.

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The chef asked him, he said, He's saying, there's no punishment not being punished.

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So the chef said, Do you pray to Him and lay? The man said, No. He said, That's your punishment.

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Well, Allah, there's so many people that just never consider this. They never consider family, and they don't understand what a blessing it is to be on this earth and to be from the people of camp. To the point that they don't understand this story when he says, That's your punishment like how was that as punishment? But Carlos, I'll take his life any day, good income and good health and good wealth and know him that's I'm fine with that because they don't understand what they're missing. They don't understand.

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The third thing is repentance and forgiveness. What's the difference between Adam it salaam sin, or sinning and Iblees sinning? The difference is that Adam alayhis salaam, repented, and Iblees not only did he not repent, refused to repent, but he also blamed the sin on Allah subhanaw taala Allah Habima of wait any, because you lead me astray blamed it on Allah azza wa jal, and that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he gave us a DUA, and he said this is the best dua see the list of far the best offers to fall for forgiveness. The scholars analyzed it and they said one of the strong points about it is that you admit the sin a boo loca be them be about Yanni Arthur, if I

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admit my sin, don't make an excuse for it. Don't try to justify your admit

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Getting it and this thing out Allah I just want to be forgiven.

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And that's the difference. So you see repentance and forgiveness in the story of them with a bliss Are there any salaam was forgiven? It was one sin, and Allah forgave him because he repented, but a bliss it was one sin and he could have repented. But he refused. And he knows he spoke to Allah Israel and he knows his end is going to be in the hellfire and he is alive right now and he knows he can repent and he has 1000s of years of a chance to repent, but he will never repent.

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But it's like the Hadith in Sahih Muslim. The past Salam said we're living in fcbd by the one in whose hand is my soul and swearing by Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah or the salam says that you will not commit sins.

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If you did not commit sins, that Allah subhanaw taala will get rid of all of you and bring forth a nation that commit sins, and then ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness fails alone, and he will forgive them. That's the whole point. The whole point of our relationship between Allah or the essence of the relationship between us and Allah subhanaw taala we will we have to keep sinning there is no one of us that will not commit sins, but Allah subhanaw taala designed it that way. The idea is that we make mistakes, we repent to Allah subhanaw taala He forgives us that's how it works and if it didn't work like that Allah would bring a nation or a different people that would operate

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exactly that way. A cola cola have one stop for Hola Hola, Lima Lee welcome in January 1 off through fire hose and Mr. Fairey and ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness will prosper.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill, I mean, what are the early he was a big marine about. So we don't want to end off on a negative note thinking that we're doomed and we're overpowered by a bliss and his soldiers. But what we need to understand is that despite the fact that they've been given access to our thoughts, and despite the fact that he is clever, or they generally are clever, despite the abilities that Allah Subhana Allah gave them, Allah azza wa jal made them weak, and he made it so that you can always overcome and overpower them. And from the weakness of the jinn. The scholars mentioned, first of all, that the sheltering are afraid of

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righteous people, and not just amadablam katabi Allah, and the Prophet Selim told him specifically that the shaytaan is afraid of you or Omar, but specifically the scholars mentioned he they will the sheltering will be afraid of other righteous people, and that is from their weakness. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala says, a certain era in my body lays I like it himself, but you have no power and you have no control, you have no authority over My servants will give a bureau bigger work ILA. So, Allah subhanaw taala did not give them full control over us, but the righteous, the sheltering have no control over them. And then we see from their limited power, besides the fact that they're

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afraid of some of the believers. But Hadith when we saw Selim described, for example, that if you cover your plate and you say, Bismillah, that all the sheltering would not be able to remove that cover that covered with a napkin with a cloth with a plastic plate, and just say, Bismillah, all the sheltering in the world couldn't uncover it. But you can get a one year old child and they uncovered in a split second. So in some areas, look at how weak they are weaker than even a child, a little child, or the Hadith that mentioned it's also in Muslim Muhammad and as a Muslim, that if a man enters his house, and then mentions the name of Allah azza wa jal, when he enters and upon eating,

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then the shaytaan will say to the others, there is no lodging and you cannot stay here. There's no lodging for you here and no meal here. But if the man enters his house, and he forgets to mention or neglects to mention the name of Allah, when he enters the shaitaan will say, I have found a place for you to stay, I have found lodging for you.

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And if the man does not mention Allah Subhana Allah His name, He will say, I've found lodging and a meal for you. But this these examples, and he shaitan not being able to open a door because he said Bismillah but a little child can open it shows their weakness, also, when Allah described him as Allah was was Alpha Naslund no Yohannes Yeah, and he's always withdrawing. Why is he withdraw? When you mentioned Allah subhanaw taala. With that we met we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow

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To the best of it, and to recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for Lahoma Donald Cohen was wearing a bow Tila bottle and was organized in Alba la mulata Jalla dunya Tamara Hamina Well, I'm a blogger Elmina whether it Aneri mossy Rana Allahumma brim lucha de lumati I'm not roasting your eyes with the Arctic whale the 300 mile see Arctic whale Murphy Hubble maruf. Yes, ma da Sala la Mobarak underwater hunting and Alameen wa the early he was so happy here Jemaine

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humko Mala

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