How Does One Cleans Their Hearts from Hatred for Someone Who Does Wrong Them Day In – Day Out

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AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and avoiding failure are emphasized in this conversation. The speaker emphasizes the need for forgiveness and offers advice on how to act in the face of failure. They also discuss the use of anesthesia in WhatsApp groups and the rumor of a woman surprised by a man's behavior. The segment ends with a discussion about avoiding violence and reaching a point where people accept people.
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How does one cleanse their heart? From hatred for someone who does wrong to them day in, day out?

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Then she said, I promised myself every day that I will ignore and forgive this person for the sake of Allah. But I fail every day. Because something new happens. It really doesn't matter what this person does, but what matters is, this is what I loved about the question.

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Let's see if you will feel what I felt she said, doesn't matter what this person does. What matters is, I have failed Allah again. And all my good deeds are being eaten up by this hatred in my heart.

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I loved it. That's why I put it number one harder question.

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I feel immensely burdened by this. And it saddens me that I am not the better, bigger person to completely clean the state and forgive this person. Please advice? I don't know how old Where is she? I just got the email and the question. This applies to all of us.

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Nobody in this room, nobody on with me online, nobody in this world have not lived

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time. If not repeated time, or someone have

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bothered you

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did an act of injustice to you. Truly not you are perceiving it. It's real. Right?

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stabbed you in the back disappointed you. So this is what I when I read this, I say welcome to the world. And this is why this life dunya is dunya. So we all have to accept it. Number one, especially I'm talking to the young because you're not yet Subhanallah I wish I was your age. But I didn't know anything. And everybody was beautiful and nice. But the more we grow up and it's part of the world and part of life. So this doesn't mean okay. How does you do this to me? I'm going to hate you.

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This is what I say to myself before I will give you the the answer. And I actually some of these answers I really researched.

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Number one, what is the difference between me and everybody else?

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This is very important for you. Where are you? with Allah subhanaw taala

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it doesn't matter. I'm not seeing everybody. I'm talking between me that's why I loved the second part of the question, which it doesn't matter what this person does. And again, I don't know he she was that person. But it is every time I fail Allah, what is she looking at?

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She's looking at her relationship with Allah. That's where the starting point should be for everybody.

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Once you start seeing people it gets very difficult, almost impossible. I really mean it. It's always whenever something good happens to us from through people. Or here we are. The first thing it has to be two things. Why Allah allowed this to happen?

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Nothing happens without the will of Allah right? When you say just ACULA higher, Allah allowed it. When you say you're the worst person I have met, Allah allowed it. So the first question is, Why did Allah Allah words meaning what does he want from me? What does he expect from me? One two, how should I act in the way he pleases Allah? Neither pleases me, nor pleases people. And this is where this this verse in surah Taha show and I highly recommend, all of you memorize it like your name.

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And this is Allah subhanaw taala. After he praised the MaHA during the immigrants and Al Ansari, the helpers, he said there is people's going to come afterwards. This is you and me. Well, Adina Jha, whom embody him, they came after all your kupuna Robin Aquilina de nobuna. Look at the sequence. Number one, yeah, ALLAH forgive our sins. What does that mean? I probably have done this. Maybe I didn't do it intentionally. I am sure I'm hurted somebody. I'm not an angel. None of us are both we usually what happens we don't see our

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faults. We don't see our mistakes. And if someone comes and tells you your mistake, that's when you know who you are. How do you take that mistake?

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So number one, I will say Allah subhanaw taala allowed and then what does he want from me those who comes after Rhodia coluna from bona fide Lyna don't Obinna your Allah please forgive me? Forgive my sins and not only for me I'm not selfish when he one in a Latina Saba Hona Bhima and everybody that came before me, believers. Now comes to the point because the question is the feeling in the heart while athleisure and feel Colombina really

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Learn fillerina Armano

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the Allah don't put it in our hearts they will it is not only anger and hate it's a combo it's malice when you that when you see that person she or he you really don't want to see them and everything inside you changes and you say I don't want to see her I don't want to see him and then if any word comes in what's the response will be immediately you have to say or have been allotted your article Houvenaghel in Medina Amman, your Allah don't put in our hearts hatred to anyone just because they are what a

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believer This is what the verse said it doesn't matter

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that not all believers are Angel not everybody does perfect right? So number one and this happens to me and I'm sure it happens to you and this verse literally like you put anesthesia on a need

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immediately you look at this person and say Robin a lotta traffic Illuminati Linda Nina. Anwar, don't put your begging Allah, you're turning to him. This is an act of worship, you will be rewarded I will be rewarded.

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Laughter traffic Rubina villain Medina Amma don't put any hatred in my inside me. Doesn't matter what they did the other verse which will help you not only clean your heart, but also make sure he act in a best way

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is when Allah subhanaw taala said it to say networker

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and you all know the story when he said he was accused, and then who surprised? The rumor. Now imagine you live in here. And everybody in town is talking about you. Nuts negative in the worst case scenario. And you are the daughter of Abu Bakr and the wife of a Swati saw it was Sarah, who surprised the rumor who said did you hear text share was his relative. His relative is poor and Cena Abubakar always spent on him. So here the scenario is Satan Abu Bakr didn't do anything. Anything on the contrary, and this man out of weakness,

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just surprise them. How many times do we say things and you say why did I say it?

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And then Satan Abu Bakr naturally. This is his daughter said that's it. I'm not spending a penny on this man. Fear or not?

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Fear or not?

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And Allah revealed the verse. It's an assault on you. Well, I actually live in Kumasi. Asante Are you too old CORBA well Misaki no more hydrography siberica Firefall was Fahad here this is the million underlines far who was for Hope How can I do this your Allah Allah to have buena El Faro Hola Hola. Hola Hola for all right. So what Allah is saying is saying those who have wealth and Allah has expanded their sustenance, do not

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do not stop spending specifically this is a noble worker, do not spend that stop spending on those who are poor and they are immigrants for the sake of Allah. And then what will make me do it

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now this is very easy said this is not easy. Done. I mean, think of all the scenarios

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and Allah says fast food was for him to orders King John, forgiven partner. Forgive Meaning I'm not gonna retaliate. And I am not I'm going to try to avoid you.

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First for who there is nothing in your heart.

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And in general, I will respond even better.

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What's the heart I need? Honestly, right? What makes me do it the next in the verse. Allah to buena AirFit. Hola Hola.

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Don't you want Allah to forgive you?

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And I say this too. I remind myself all the time because we all go through this how many times join me and show me hands. We have disobeyed allah

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how many times right just today don't tell me the number that he kept feeding me

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gave me all the things brought me in here brought you here right tomorrow will be inshallah even better.

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And as to have buena interfere Allahu Allah. Don't you want Allah to forgive you? The answer is that's what Satan Abu Bakr did. Now I'm Robbie, he needs to talk to Allah Bella Huangdi by Allah he has and he not only spend or reinstate the payment, you know what he did? He gave him even more.

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So this is this is

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case has two parts parts is me internal. So this is what you have to do and this is not going to be a day or two this is constant and then in your Salah in your dua you say this dua clear my heart if you don't know the if you say clear my heart don't have don't let my heart have any grudges hate on anybody. Now second this person is day in day out.

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Try to avoid that person as much as you can. Again, she didn't explain what is the relationship. But if this is a friend, absolutely pull away. They don't they will not change. You need to reach a point where you accept people the way they are. It's very hard by the way, because you still have expectation

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avoid as much as you can they text you respond with one word respond because it's actually Salaam and Rhonda Sarah, but minimum one word don't argue don't try to explain is going to go nowhere.

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It's going to add

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so again, I don't know him. I don't know. Imagine this is the parents. Imagine this is a child. Imagine this is a husband or a wife in an awareness was she said they did or siblings. A lot of Doohan May Allah make it easy. Again it is not easy whatsoever but Allah makes things easy.