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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various types of shrooming and the importance of avoiding confusion and giving up on one's beliefs. They also touch on the holy grail and the use of "has been" in Islamic culture, as well as the use of "has been" in Islamic culture to describe actions taken by individuals. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding confusion and not giving up on one's beliefs, while also criticizing the use of negative language and false information to assert one's credibility. They also mention the importance of man being the creator of man and how it is not restricted to Christian idols.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara freedom bi Eva mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam does Lehmann cathedra cathedra from the Babu, my brothers and sisters we look at another

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one way in which people come and shake, we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to save us from all forms of shake. And to keep us on the pure path, Siddhartha was the team, the back of the head.

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And the second form of Shrek, I spoke to you about Ria, which is secret Civic, I spoke to you about one of the Faber OpenShift which is to join partner with Renata, another one is shared by association now believes which fall under this,

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where there is, there is a belief in a main god or a supreme being over creation, but his dominion his control is Rubia is shared by other

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gods and spirits and human beings and maybe heavenly bodies, and you know earthly things. And also in this our systems and,

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and belief systems, like vastu, and Feng Shui, and all that right, so good times, bad times, that our column Ketu column

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all of these, which are superstitions, good omens, bad omens, get crossed the Black Cat, cross the street, and so on and so forth. All such beliefs,

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Constitution. And even though a person who has these beliefs maybe may or may claim to be Muslim, may claim to believe that Allah subhanaw taala they are contaminating their Islam with these beliefs and depending on what they believe it can completely negate their Islam and take them out of Islam. Now, in Islam, all of these kinds of beliefs and systems are different forms of polytheism. These are different forms of shirk. These are these are different forms of idolatry, and therefore they are

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degeneration of the

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the divinely

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inspired belief system, which is Islam. So no matter in what time Islam came, Islam came with only one belief, which was Tauheed

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La ilaha illAllah. There is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala. This is the meaning of Islam and this is what Islam came with. And anyone who is moving away from that is moving away from Islam.

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form of shirk is served by negating by negation. And these are of course, all forms of atheism, things that deny the existence of Allah subhanaw taala in one way or the other. So atheism, for example, denies the existence of Allah itself. It is believed that there is no creator there is no God. And,

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you know, I don't want to go into the details of atheism because that's not my purpose. Here we are talking about Dory.

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But all atheistic beliefs are

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not Islam they are contrary, they are contrary to Islam. And these are all different forms of ship because a person is introducing his belief in the place of Allah subhanaw taala agnosticism also is a form of shock.

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Because it acknowledges the existence of something but not Allah. I had a I can't call it a conversation because I never got a response. But one of my very, very dear and old friends

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has this habit of saying, but the universe did this and the universe did that and I'm very grateful to the universe. So I asked I said, You're grateful to universe meaning what you're grateful to, to Saturn and the sun and to Mercury and to Jupiter or are you grateful to the supernova

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are you grateful to just black space? Or what even universe? Right?

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You're grateful to universe means What?

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Are you really saying that these planets and all the other stars and planets all that there are there in the world that which we don't we don't know, these are all interested in your life and that they are doing something for you.

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Are you saying that they created you? What is this universe?

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I said I believe in Allah, the One Creator who created all of those and me.

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And I never got a response from that after that anyway. So that's, that is agnosticism which claims that there is a god yeah, there is a super being but he's not really interested in, in his creation, right. So we are on our own.

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And then of course, the pantheism which is the you which is the view that the universe and nature and, and God that is Allah subhanaw taala are identical. This is what I meant when I went when I mentioned the example of my friend that is pantheism so all of these are sharqiyah philosophies and these are not Islam. I mentioned already and I'm saying it again because this is so ingrained and may Allah protect us, especially among the Indian Muslims believe in astrology or was two lucky stones and lucky stones. Wedding Akik or this or that or a wedding a Sapphire is lucky or unlucky and

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lucky days and unlucky days. Tuesdays are bad day, Friday is a good day. Friday is a good day not because it is lucky Friday is a good day because Allah Allah gave Friday a particular spirit a particular place, just like Allah subhanaw taala gave Ramadan a particular place mojarra particular place was rather than to give, you know, different days and months at this bit of light, but there's no good luck and bad luck associated with it. So similarly, lucky and unlucky omens this happened that happened got across the road, and all that sort of stuff. Believe in Lucky Charms, write these databases which people write and they make a living out of it. Well a product is the Quran for this

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purpose that you write on a piece of paper and stitches in a piece of cloth and hang it on somebody's neck and they go to the toilet in the bathroom with that is that what the Quran is meant for. And then of course there have these, there are these, you know the makers, they draw a square and the Lego table and they cross it and then put hook up that in that. So there's Haami mines in carbon zones on how to hook up that and they put some numbers and whatnot. All of these are sick, these are open ship. If you're wearing one of those, take it away, throw it away. Right? Dig it out and throw it away. If it does grab it buried somewhere. If it if it has all this garbage on it, junk

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it, throw it in the garbage

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and make this the violent doba and ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from this. There is nobody who can have our help except Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah

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and whoever is if we have these friends who are making a living out of selling this stuff, tell them to get honest before the meet Allah subhana wa.

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Soon similarly, all of this numerology data cards, Feng Shui was to our column get to column, you know putting a horseshoe somewhere, rabbits for Touchwood all of these are shipped and the negative of Islam. If you believe it and do it you have left Islam. If you do it without believing some vague sort of feeling then you are an ignorant person. And please there is nothing nice about being

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similarly, believing that anyone

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living or dead can harm or benefit

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anyone living or accepting loss. Anyone can harm or benefit for example, you go to a doctor and he said the doctor cured me This is Schilke Allah subhanaw taala cured you and the doctor was the reason many times people talk about cars. This old is absolutely safe car fantastic. Very, very safe and you know Mercedes lovers, the old Mercedes is absolutely safe car and nothing will happen to you in an accident and ask them what happened to Lady die. Lady die died in a Mercedes in armored Mercedes sitting in the back rear seat with her seatbelt on.

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How come

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she and her boyfriend both died?

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Life and death in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala

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it is not in Mercedes. It is not in a so called safe car. It is not in a seatbelt. It is not in a mask you're wearing for COVID You do this because these are as bad. And Allah subhanaw taala told us to you

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was bad.

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But we do not have faith in the ASVAB we do not have belief that this thing is helping me or harming me or can help me or harm me. This thing is beneficial or not beneficial. If I have that, if I'm wearing a mask, thinking that it will save me from COVID that I am committing shirk, if I'm wearing a seatbelt thinking that it will save me from death or,

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or serious injury, then I'm committing shift.

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Please, by all means wear a seatbelt. That was the one it is a law.

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You get a ticket.

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So where it is nothing nice is breaking the law. We don't we don't advise anybody to break the law.

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And secondly, it is a safety measure. And it's alarm does not prevent us from taking safety measures. You're talking about the belief in the heart

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and therefore also please understand the building according to verse two is major shake.

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And to believe that if you are in the building business to believe that oh unless I build according to Vastu nobody will buy these flats is major shake because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives you a risk.

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If you really have a problem with these things get out of the building business. Believe me my brother and sister you don't need Johanna.

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That is inevitable. Jahannam is not inevitable.

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We will all die but we will all not go to Jana unless we make plans for that. Unless we want to go to Jana.

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So let us not do that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah mentioned this beautiful Hadith, which we hear in, you know, most juveniles

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were Rasulillah Salam said Maria de la Bahia De La Villa medulla La Palma you didn't follow the law. In US Dhaka DC kita Allah will ask then I'll heavy heavy Mohamed in salAllahu alayhi wasallam Oshawa the volume of desire to ha Pula more assertive vida por la vida RT illallah wa Kula donatien fina

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sorrows and as Adam said, which means Oh, come Macaulay salatu salam, he said all visa is evil. And all visa is in the file. What is that we'll look at that as part of the lecture we will come to that but visa is to create any innovation is to do in a bada something that Rasul Allah is reasonably not

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and he did not

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preach and there's no difference between the two whatever he preached it so what anything that any other among among the acts of worship, have he will be will get confused or he never wore a trousers and I'm shirts and he doesn't do that we don't wear $1 and shirt for you. But we're talking about the weather for worship. And the act of worship and the act of worship is an act of worship is something that you do we as an act of worship to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and with expectation of reward from Allah subhanaw taala. If that act of worship is not in keeping with the tsunamis of Salah if it is not something that he did, that this is that that becomes a Buddha that becomes

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shipped. And therefore there is no such thing as a Buddha Hassan Buddha Hazara in a linguistic sense, yes. Which is something good, which is new.

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That's a different thing. We're not talking about linguistics is we're talking about the technical meaning of the word visa in Islamic theology. And in that context, there is no such thing as a visa Hazara.

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Now dine on Schilke is Johanna

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there is no doubt about this. This is our Aqeedah and please don't hesitate about this. Please don't become apologetic about it. This is the reality. Right? If you are telling if you are preaching Islam, you're talking about Islam to somebody preaching doesn't mean you have to be a hottie or Imam standing on a member. When you are telling somebody about Islam do it clearly do it without any doubts in it because if you have doubts, and if you communicate doubts, and if you say something like oh what you know, as long as you are doing good, it's okay as long as you believe in God it's okay when that person faces Janome that person will ask Allah subhanaw taala for you.

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Because you did not make it clear to them.

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I'm not sure about that. Is it in Allah Hi yah, I mentioned this before I'm saying it again. In the Allah Allah you have a few I usually copy well young Pharaoh via guna delicately, Masha, well, my usually can be lucky, so called the Torah is man Azima Verily, Allah does not forgive that partner should be set up with him, but he forgives everything else except

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that to whom he wills and who ever sets up partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala he has indeed invented a tremendous sin.

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We come to the second part of second aspect of Shiva which is sherek fi as well USMA wazifa delight Allah Sheikh,

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idolatry polytheism joining partners in the unity of Allah subhanho wa Taala as names and attributes

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it's a very important thing to understand that the names of Allah subhanaw taala

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some of these are personal names like Allah and Iran. Others are names we describe his attributes his diva, like Hola, Zack.

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I mean Rezac Alvarado, afar and so on.

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These are what we call the P fi. These are names that Allah subhanaw taala taught us relies on us Allah and Allah, Allah God. I mentioned them in the Quran, although in the Quran, some of them we know from what wrestlers told us. These are not names. In a linguistic sense. These are not names that people can invent. And when Allah subhanaw taala said, Delilah Spyros father, who we have, all the good names are for Allah. And you call upon Allah invoke Allah by those names, by good names, it does not mean any name that you invent, which you think is good. It means that all the names of Allah which Allah told us are good and therefore call Allah by those names.

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Right? There's a big difference between the two things.

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Lila and asbel husana for Allah are the good names. Now, these good names does not mean some name I invent

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or you invent or somebody else invents.

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By good names, it means those names of Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us

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are good. And Allah said, call Allah by those names. Now.

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Sometimes, people in their ignorance,

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they say that

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Allah, the word for creator, in English is greater. In

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you know, in

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Hinduism, Brahma is supposed to be a creator. And

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in Arabic, we say alcoholic.

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Now, this is complete ignorance.

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as I said, alcoholic is a specific theological term, and name which refers only to Allah subhanaw taala, it is particularized it has the URL before it, the creator and there is no such thing as the creator. And instead of saying Alhadeff, we can say rumba, or we can say whatever, this is a, this this kind of a statement is a statement of shake. It's a statement of complete and total ignorance about the

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names of Allah subhanaw taala. And is

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there a huge, big difference between, you know, generic meanings or linguistic meanings, which are,

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you know, of anything and the actual name of Allah subhanaw taala Don't play games with the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala because that would be open ship.

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form of Sheikh in terms of as far as Eva is what is called dash b, what that seem, that should be what that seem, and through anthropomorphism, and and Robo T is right. anthropomorphism is

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ascribing the qualities of

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Allah subhanaw taala, to human beings, and Anthropo theism is to ascribe human qualities to loss around the Greek philosopher, Zeno Ferriss, who lived in between 570 and 480 BC. He said the greatest God resembles man neither in farm nor in mind. This is his

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Somebody who lived

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2500 years

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before today. Now, anthropomorphism of God is rejected by Judaism and Islam, which both believe that God is beyond human limits of physical comprehension. So this is a common beliefs between us and the Jews and there are lots of common beliefs between us and us. So, both of these anthropomorphism antitheism

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are fobbed off ship. We do not for example, believe that this is where the human qualities are ascribed to do Allah subhanaw taala and all the love and the home both got most famous of them is that

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God created this world in six days and on the seventh day, he rested because he was tired in the lobby when Ella Duna stalker Lila leave now we'll be live in Delhi. This is shipped OpenShift because we are the people who believe that are ascribing the human quality of getting tired to Allah subhanaw taala and we you know, in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala said when Allah subhanaw taala work to create he's a school he's a bee and it is Allah does not get tired, creating something so he does not read needs rest like like we do. Latta who's another one I know Rena needs like the sleep, not as he

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you know, neither is he drowsy and or is he not off to sleep? Or neither does he need rest, and neither does he get tired and so on all of these ascribing human qualities to Allah and ascribing Allah's qualities to humans. This is what happens when you go to graves and we ask the so the person in the grave to do this or that for us or to

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make dua for us. You're ascribing to that person, the quality of knowing who you are, and understanding your language, even though they never knew you when they were alive. And they did not speak your language when they were alive. And you believe that they can do both these are qualities on which belong only to Allah only Allah knows who you are, because you create to do and only Allah can understand every language because he created language.

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to escalate this to a human being is open check. to ascribe human qualities to Allah is also open ship. And all of these are in the category of shared fee, as well as the fact you don't need to remember all this

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technical terminology or technical words that I'm using very basic technical words is not great. You know, peak oil was something that I'm sharing with you, these are fundamental things. Unfortunately, we don't teach this in our homes. And that is why it seems like a great thing. But these are basic fundamental things which we should know. So it doesn't matter if you don't remember the the the, the Arabic words or the even the English words, just don't do it. Do not compare Allah subhanaw taala do not resemble Allah subhanaw taala to anything in creation and do not resemble anything in creation to Allah subhanaw taala because he said about himself, lays a committee he show you own, he said is

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unlike any creation. He is unlike anything in creation, He unlike is unlike any created being God was not created in the form of man man was not created in the form of God. Man is Man God is God. God is the creator of man. And there is no resemblance between the two.

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Now shared by humanism. Again, this is a major shift, which places one outside, for example, Hindus, Buddhists, and before that, the Romans and the Greeks, and then the Egyptians, Ancient Egyptians, they all worshipped countless idols, very interestingly, in the form of their race.

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Greek idols look like Greeks, Roman idols look like Roman Roman gods look like Romans, Greek gods look like Greeks, the old British God, the Celtic gods, they look like the Celts,

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Hindu and Buddhist gods look like Indian men and women.

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You should ask this question, How come there is no white, Hindu god or a black African Hindu God, right? The all Indian men and women.

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And then, the concept of Avatar, Avatar is God came to the earth in the form in human form. And this is not even restricted to Hindu the angel, of course, hasn't had plenty of them. But it's not restricted to Hinduism. Even the Christians believe it. There's a

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sect of Christianity a large part of them, who believe that Jesus is God, Jesus, and they named us also I mean, he certainly Salam is his real name. Jesus is what made it so that Jesus is God on earth. God descended to the earth in human form and that is Jesus. The son is believed this about the

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With alcohol is the, our

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is the is the Messiah of Allah subhanaw taala. Now the biller him and Derek Mela, protect us from all of this, all of these are false claims. There is no truth in any of this. And these are about to shake this amount to polytheism. As far as, as Muslims, we do not believe in any of this. Whoever believes in it most welcome, please go ahead, do what you want. We are not

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trying to force you to change anything, you're stating to what the reality is what the fact is, according to Islam. Now, modern day is the practice of

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Catholics Of course, I've gone to the old practice of idolatry, where they worship statues of Jesus and Mary, which they themselves admit that easily. Salaam, Jesus privated them probated this but they still do it. Just as the Bible very clearly prohibits Israel, Israel have never ate pork and the Bible prohibits eating of pork, but the Christians eat pork anyway, that's that's them, that is up to them to do what they want. As far as we are concerned, we do not do it.

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Anyone who does that anyone who believes in an avatar anyone who believes that God came to earth in human form has committed major share and if that person is a Muslim who believes that this person has exited Islam,

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then should by diversification were created things are given or claim to have unless names or attributes around the Shia sects that will say area of Syria. They believe that I live in Abu Talib, who was a messiah of Allah that was we learned that he was a incarnation of Allah knows Billa. I mentioned to you already that these vile is

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believed that our heart is God incarnate that he is a loss of habitat on earth. Now we let

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claims by Sufis or so called Sufis, because the actual Sufis were people who were more hidden they were on TV, but so called Sufis, Al Khaled, Sufi service, and so forth, who claimed whether to withhold the unity of existence that there is only one existence and that is God, therefore God is Hello, they call it holds that is God by His zapped by his self is present in every creative thing. This is open and major Schilke. If you believe that you have exhibited Islam,

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people like Elijah to be serbest. They

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claim they said the other half they said, I am God, Allah. And when you ask them, How can you say that? They say, No, I am not, I don't exist at this moment. It is Allah speaking. So when he's saying I am Allah, He is not that it is Allah who is there, but when you will see me sitting there, but he says, No, this is not me. This is God. All of these are shells, and gopher and and in that you become worthless. You are out of Islam, if you have this belief. So if you do believe any of this, please immediately make it a volunteer. Why May Allah forgive and protect you, and protect all of us from these completely and totally false claims.

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Similarly, giving Allah's rather attributes of his creatures, as I mentioned to you, in the Bible, and the Torah, the Greeks and the not the Greeks, the Christians and the Jews, they believe that God took rest

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on the seventh day, and depending on where you got it from there is

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they have you know, savage Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday.

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Having a special day for worship, special day of the week, this is fine. And Allah subhanaw taala. For us, Muslims, Allah's Rantala gave us Friday, which is a special day of worship, but we don't worship Allah on Friday because he took he took rest on Friday, Friday is a holiday for our dough. So all of these,

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these claims, which attribute to Allah subhanaw taala things that belong to his macklow The creatures, all of these are major shapes, and they negate Islam. Allah subhanaw taala is incomparable, as I mentioned to you, lays like obviously he was Samuel Bussiere insalata sure Allah subhanaw taala said there's nothing like him, and he's here and seer of everything. Allah does not resemble and is unlike his creation in any way whatsoever. Similarly, man must not be human beings was not be given attributes which

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resemble Allah subhanaw taala inshallah this we will do in our next lesson. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to understand

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the scent

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Joseph Dari and do live our lives by it. As I mentioned you, this is so so important because it is not just a matter of life and death. It's a matter of life in the hereafter in which there is no death. So if that is good Alhamdulillah we are good. But if that is bad, then we are toast. That does not do that was that Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was I remember I had to go