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Coming in milliamp hour has been shown I've seen Leticia Baba live SMA Robin Allah to the Oba Nevada in her de tener hublin amla dhankhar in accountant will hub from this rally solder us sadly I'm the water lock that Emily Sani of od amine. So it's only a yaman medu data as Allah subhanaw taala says few days left. Today is Tuesday. Allah knows it could be next Tuesday we'll be praying tarawih inshallah so May Allah Subhana Allah give us life, to live to next week to see it to be our last panda Allah help us to practice what we learned what we taught, and the last pantalla bring our hearts on him pull dounia away from us, at least for the month of Ramadan. I mean,

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the reason I chose this

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topic today, you'll be surprised I was in London three weeks ago giving a talk. There was like 180 woman there, right? And a young boy stood up, slick probably was eight or nine. Amazing, literally. And he said what is the best do I do in Ramadan?

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No, it's not the question. The answer is the question is the question itself. Like you have a nine year old boy stood up in the middle of all these women. Right? And he was in it was beautiful. I mean, I don't remember his name, of course. I don't know. But it was amazing. So it's something made me think. But the point is like you're asking for the best thing to do. It's a very good news. That's the best thing you do. is not any unfortunately we all look at this is like what should I do? We need to move from what should I do with what's the best I do? Do you know the point? So it's not like how many aerocart? I do. And we always get this discussion a twin you it's not the point of

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eight or 20. The point is, what's the best I can do this too because sometimes cannot some lady especially woman cannot do 20 cannot do eight. So right some people, even men, whatever the reason is they cannot do. So it's not that I shouldn't focus on numbers. And that's a huge problem for us. It's focused on the quality as we always say, quality versus quantity, I want the quality and this is why you shall love by Allah grace we have been cannae focusing on the best thing the best Ramadan the best. So what is the best dua I should do in Ramadan? And why should I even think of doing supplication or invocation?

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First thing? Before we start in Ramadan? You need always me myself as Muslims, remember the virtue of a dua of supplication of invocation. And we unfortunately, all of us, if not most of us,

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When do we do the DA?

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Exactly. When I need and the need unfortunately, it's the usual small needs, my son is sick, he or she has an exam, I want something dounia and then you see me, I'm up at 3am in the morning, making all this next day I lost how Tyler by His grace gave me what I want next day I'm sleeping.

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So this is this needs to be changed. Because it is not the time of the DA versus is the state of the DA. And when I make a dua as a Muslim, my answer should be always I need a law. I don't need a law. I shouldn't say I don't need a law, I always need a law. It just the need sometimes become obvious. And sometimes the needs are hidden. Don't I want my grave to be palace a piece of Jenna

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every day, then why don't I do this is this is more important than my child sick. Or I want to get something or I want this job. I want something in dunya. So number one, we have to look at data as it should be part of my life. And I like I said this last weekend, it's the least expensive. The least requirement needed is the DA I don't need anything literally. I don't need to. You need to make it happen. There is we're going to talk about there is like things to make it better. But literally I don't need anything. I don't need time. I don't need direction. I don't need to be in a state of wool. I don't need even to be covered. I don't need to be from this time to that time.

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Anytime, anywhere except one place, which is the bathroom. anywhere else. It's open invitation. I do it with my heart. That's fine. I do it with my tongue only that's okay. I do it with both the best is both but look at us how many of the 24 hours we do

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510 15 minutes. Look at us after Salah. So the first thing I want to change is and this is one of the training camps of Ramadan because in general will make more Diwan number one in general

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Yeah, even if we don't do it individually, at least in water every night. So this is a training California is at when I leave Ramadan. I entered an IRA when I leave with the best thing, one of the best thing is that devout became part of my life. That's number one. Number two to make this happen. What Why do I so important why supplication is so important? I mean, if you had is a drought labored, a drought, so we cut it, but do actually this is not the one a drought.

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That's the Swahili, the Doha supplication, it's an act of worship. It's actually another translation, it is the act of worship. So if I look at, like I am making my solder or Ramadan, on fasting next week, I need to move it as a priority number one, number two, a very nice phrase of rasa De Soto center, and he said the following millennia. satilla yalova, ali, whomsoever doesn't ask Allah, Allah will not be happy with him, or Allah who will be angry with him Subhana Allah and especially if you and Allah Allah is exactly opposite what we do. Allah loves it we keep asking keep asking keep asking for us as a human being you asked me one you asked me to the third I'm not

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answering the third is like how many times you're gonna ask me the thought I'm not gonna answer the phone Subhan Allah Allah is exactly the opposite. So that's the first thing I need to look at the supplication in a different way. Number two is what is the required or manners of a dua?

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What is the manners of this type any manners?

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So you praise Allah subhanaw taala

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Stefan okay

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so you said Salah was highly sought awesome. Let me share with you more than the internal you always inshallah by now we all have learned to look internal before external. Everything we said is true, but that's external. The most important thing in our da is what? You are sincere.

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You are sincere to Allah only me when I am making the enemy and I'll need to train myself should say you are the only one who can do it. No one else can do it whatever you are asking sometimes we use this when we think the thing is very difficult or I have May Allah forgive us I've tried everything and then nothing worked so I will turn and say your law You're the only one can do it now now. It should be your from day one from the moment I from moment I need something from the moment I look at something I say you're the only one but in me as a human being will say but she has for example she has she I'm going to interview her tomorrow I need the job or I need her to work for me for example

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or I need this golf to my son so I need to talk to this person it's true these are means but I need number one to turn to Allah says you are the only one who is going to make this goal good for my son for example or that person will give me the the the the job so number one it will also do it in less sincerity number one number two you only ask for a law and this is very hard and as simple as if I'm coming here for tarawih and I came late and this can easily happen what's inside you your law what is a parking I'm not going to find a park let alone what I'm going to pray right this is natural This is normal if I immediately turned in instead of calling my friend and says you know what I'm

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gonna be late make sure we keep a room a space for me which is very common and by the way this is please don't do it. I don't want to say it's not allowed but some scholars will tell you it's not allowed you cannot reserve places in the in the house of a lot for your friend who will come it's first serve first first base for sir whoever comes first that's it. So instead of saying this I'm gonna say your law make give me a place Hamas

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is not only to work will definitely still work, but in you you are saying you are the only one who make can make the impossible possible.

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And if you really try this, Try it. Try it again. Try it in Ramadan and see the wonders you're going to see. So number two enemy I know Allah subhanaw taala the impossible can make it possible sorry. When you pray to Allah pantalla in everything. ask Allah the same way as you

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If your child is really sick, May Allah give everyone health and as if a mother is losing her child, they told her Nothing is left. How was the drought will be due out for you they call it the drought of the beggar.

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You really need it and you keep doing this and then your heart is there. Like look at us you know like your ob give me and then my my ear is listening to what they are saying, My eyes is looking who's next to me, let alone I'm looking at my phone. Right? And then and the reason of this is because of this habit to allow one to moonjune ability job Volume One Allah Allah iacobelli da Kabila.

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ask Allah and you are sure that Allah will answer you. That's the data worker that a lot for sure will give you sooner or later in the way that he sees it the best. And never say if you can.

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Don't you ever say if it is good for me?

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You that's in Guadalajara, but in general in general, you're alone give me this this You're the only one who can give you number one and what's the Hadith is saying no, that Allah will not answer. Someone whose their heart is not there. Their heart is deviant the heart at the time of da is distracted

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if you don't see if it's good for me, that's Dr. Lucy job. That's duality.

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That's a special job when you ask Allah Subhana Allah specifically in detail. If it is good for me in my Deen in my dunya then give it to me make it happen put blessing in it and if it is not good for me in my life in the hereafter remove it from me and remove my heart from it give me better than it let's do our dusty harder but when you are asking the last pantalla you use you don't say your luck You're my child. If it's good for him, you don't do that.

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Right? Then you're gonna look for times times time for the special times and we're going to come to it very, very shortly then what you all said start with praising las pantile and then you say Salaam praise Saraswati sought to set up and then which a lot of us don't do this. You acknowledge you're weak and you're a sinner

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I left You're awful with them especially if you're I can we please leave this Can we please leave this I don't know who but they will leave it after them I will

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acknowledge that especially could ask Allah for forgiveness, especially if something is going on. And it was going and then it stopped or things changed or things getting bad because you always have to think Is it because of my sins and we don't know this is it because of my sins This is what's happening. So usually you you move the sins and you keep the dough out repeatedly at least three times. You're lucky you're my son killed my son killed my son. Yeah, a lot make me lift Ramadan, make me lift Ramadan make me lift Ramadan, out of the etiquettes of it is you understate affordable it's adequate it's not a requirement in state of football and you turn to the problem if like for

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example wherever you are if you can do that, so remember these now come to Ramadan. So now we learned a little bit about the duar now come to Ramadan.

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Is there any specific da before Ramadan?

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The one we have been saying for a whole month Allahumma Ramadan and that's actually a dua of a Sahaba the companions used to say a lot you're all lawmakers lift till we see Ramadan or give us a band give including many meanings. One of them is make it the best Ramadan make us give Ramadan is due right. But let's assume we are next week Tuesday.

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And they announced that Ramadan is tomorrow. Is there a special

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form of art? The answer is no. But it's the dwarf every month and what does it do alpha every month? Every time you see the moon the moon there's a drought Allahu Elena blooming he will Emmanuel ceramah q1 Islam he's

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from bureau Bukola and this is how it is Allah make it come to us because we already saw it so it okay so let it be let it to be this moon meaning the month because the moon is the month or the time. So make it comes to us below me when email safety belief and usually it's mainly safety and Islam submission. Hello, hi Ron all rushed. This is the moon that's gonna bring a lot of

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Goodness and guidance. And then this is what you have to say your A B or A Bukola. My lord is yours and mine. Meaning I submit to Allah that even he owes the moon. So that's the first thing you do when Ramadan comes in next week and then hopefully it will be a habit unfortunately here we are not very used to that lunar months. One simple suggestion I say, well, this technology, all the phones has both so just add it to your phone. And then when you look at the dates, it's going to under it give you the Arabic date. So when you click you will know the date, then you will know at least so you don't miss the the day of that month or the weather. When is the 13 1415 let's assume it's

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cloudy. Let's assume it's rainy. So you know so just add it to your calendar. Why? Now why do I or supplication invocation is related to Ramallah? Why?

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Why? Everyone talks about invocation supplication related to the month of Ramadan.

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You know with Tawana Kizomba who is that

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read the Quran

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and we mentioned this in the in the seminar we did read the Quran, go back to swatted Baka right to the cup and read the verses of the fasting and the last one that talks about fasting then you talked about the month of Ramadan itself and then talked about that you finished the month and there is a need to Kabir Allah you will say Allahu Akbar and then you will be grateful what is the next is the famous I

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was so okay buddy, I need a new corrib eg Buddha to die either down polyester de Bulli while you may not be on your shoe, if my servants asked you about to me

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I am Yeah, it's like there is no say there's no tell them. I am near. I am close. Would you Buddha with a die either down here comes this application, I will respond to their supplication or to the one who asked me when they asked me finally yesterday Bulli let them follow the orders while you're a newbie, let them believe in me,

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law allow your shoe so they will be rightfully guided. And there is a lot of talk beautiful talk about this, this idea in the middle and one of them it says this idea follow the idea immediately after Allah says that after a while you accumulate the wow so they will finish the order that there is a 30 days of Ramadan or the 29th. So they finished the month will come below Halima home. They will glorify Allah, how he guided them throughout the month of Ramadan. That's why there is in the day of aid, that Curatola aid Allahu Akbar, why this is part of your arm, we are as nation as oma glorifying Allah, that he helped us to finish the 30 days, then Allah homeschool, so this is all

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related, you finish you glorify a lot, you are so grateful. Then you ask Allah and He will give you so you need to do this. And then you ask Allah and He will give you and then our Lama the scholars, and he concluded from this is that before you make a dua, that's why you glorify Allah, and we are grateful, and then ask him immediately, and they said he put it in the car itself. And also, to some explain this. What did the roswaal a sort of Salaam said about supplication and Ramadan, or fasting? We should this two weeks ago, I hope you didn't forget. Because I'm going to be very sad.

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Look like you did Alhamdulillah. Two things to Huggies to saying of roswaal is autosen related to fasting and supplication. So now I know we talked about our mobile app, but the fasting itself does two things. Salah fula Terada,

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three, three individuals, they are supplication is granted, they it will not be rejected

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and our Swati sought to certain things. Number one, assignment Pattaya for the person who is in a state of fasting, as long as he is fasting till he eat or breaks as fast so I end up this year we'll have about 16 hours, every single day of asking Allah whatever you want, and it is

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granted, this is one of the positive ways you look at the long days of sale. And instead of saying get 16 I'm going to be dead. Look at it and says 16 hours

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Bring your list 16 hours you know including your alarm, make it easy.

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Your alarm make the fasting easy. So three, that Allah Subhana Allah da da is granted one or saw him ohata for the person who is in state of fasting till he or she breaks the fast and then with our to Lucifer, the person who's traveling and whether our tool mcglue

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and the supplication the invocation of that person, who injustice have been done against him or her. And specifically about this one, it says, this one will go up to Allah, no barriers and he will when he Allah will say, I will give you victory and he says what is that he knows nothing, I will give you victory. So be very careful when you do injustice to someone and that person makes a draw against you.

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Or if someone makes injustice against you don't do anything, just make a dua

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So here you are. So in the state of fasting and I have 30 days coming all my 16 days 16 hours, I am

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the best day to have opportunities, opportunities for me to ask whatever I want genetically for DOS, I die as a Shaheed my child B goes to the best school I get the best house anything dunya and akhira we will share what he used to say Allah His Allah to Sir, then this is when you break your fast there's another moment of da that is not that is granted. This saw Emir indefinitely he da two lateral rod. And here they said it is after he or she breaks her fast. So you take the date, you take the water, right and then make a dua and he says, say now blog now moving to Laos is also hobby, the son of amagno. Ross used to after he breaks his fast, brings all his family and start

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making da. So two opportunities, I have the 16 hours and then I have after I eat immediately after I break my fast and then we're gonna come there's more windows in this moment. And either before I go for Mahara as I'm going for my help, or even during my mother, or if I just broke my fast, and I am in a state of solder, and I'm making dua. So how many opportunities we have so far, then the question comes up what I'm going to say,

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right? simple answer, if you don't know anything,

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right, say whatever you want to say. And it doesn't have to be in our way, in your own language, as simple as this. But now what did we say in the beginning of the class, today, we're going to move from just doing to doing the best. So what is the best I should say?

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In general, as I said, in the beginning, other than the DA the supplication of the night of all other and we will come to it at the end. There is nothing specific that Saraswati has sought or some specified for Ramadan. But what did he used to say? or What did he taught and I looked at this, the hamdulillah made me come to some of these, and by doing came to Roswell, he salatu salam. And he says, I live me Calum and Apollo and this is an email Muslim. Teach me something I say. They don't teach me something I said, Allah. Please. And I will send this to you later on in sha Allah, Allah, pul se la ilaha illallah wa who lashley Kala you all know this? La, La La La Oh, there's no God but

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Allah, there's no partner to Allah who acabado Kabira Allah is the greatest of the Great, well hamdulillah he could hear a lot of praise and gratefulness to Allah Spanish Allah Subhana Allah who are Bill alamy glorify is Allah The Lord of the world? Right? La hawla wala quwata illa Allah you all know this right? no power, no change of status without Allah.

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Allahu La quwata illa Allah Allah Jesus hockey the might the wise that's not it. So they are Robbie looked at him and says, this is I praised Allah What about da for me?

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Amazing I love this because we all say this luck but I want something for me. And this is this what he said pilot for how old are you gonna be? Everything I said I praise the law. Family. What about me? What do I do for myself? Now memorize this. That's easy and very short. Color roswaal is autosar pul se Allahumma friendly, or hum Wahine was

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done all your dunya and

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say Allahumma fiddley

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Allah forgive me. What? How many? Y'all Allah? Have mercy on me showered me with your mercy. Why didn't he guide me workzone give me sustenance and don't look at sustenance as we always said only food, or it's only money, knowledge is sustenance. chilled, good children is sustenance. Feeling good, feeling good inside you. Although the world around you is in turmoil, this is risk. And there is a commentary about this hadith. The narrator said I wasn't sure if he said to afeni give me health. That's why some of you said like, what is it? He said, I'm not sure. Right? But it we know this in the duar in Salah we say this, so memorize this, combine it, glorify Allah and that's what

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he told him. So Pamela, I'm the Nikah. The Euro, and then for yourself. Yeah, hopefully that's the most important one. You know, firstly, what Honey, what do you need? What is your honey? For very easy.

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So that's the main one second, and this dua that we're going to share, you all know it. Either you say it by itself, or you say it before you ask Allah, which one

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do are the noon?

00:26:23--> 00:26:26

Yes, do I say it another noon? Eunice.

00:26:27--> 00:26:35

La ilaha illa Anta Suhana in the consuming of volume, or Allah, Glorified? That's

00:26:37--> 00:26:57

a lot you know, God, but you supplant glorify you in the consuming of volume? I am. I am and I was from the wrong doors. Two ways you say this, do you see it alone by itself is more than enough? Why is more than enough? Because this color teaches us he did not ask anything.

00:26:58--> 00:27:11

He didn't, but Allah knows what he needed. He didn't say Allah get me out of the whale, right? He didn't say it, he said only felt he said subhanak in the container volumes and what happened?

00:27:13--> 00:27:20

The whale right away threw him out. So you and Allah knows what you need. So, if you say this by itself is enough,

00:27:21--> 00:27:36

or if you have specific and you know what you want to ask, precede what you want with this. Because they say this is one of the reasons I love will answer this door. What you are asking for if you before you ask, you say that your

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new control volume. So now this is one so you can move across so do ask the same question. And he said, and this is actually a Muslim, he said, I limini Duarte, doubleback Saraswati Sato, so he said del alumnado Adobe faesal Rt. Now you have even more specific teach me something, teach me a supplication. I will say it in my Salah. Now, think of this, now you have three opportunities. The month is an opportunity. Let's say to you I we are in is an opportunity because we just said the person who is in a state of fasting his or her dog is granted now specifically in my Salah. Right and he didn't specify if it isn't a federal audit is if it is an obligatory sada or it is an extra

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Salah. So he said I limb me teach me something. I see it in my Salah pilot Rasul Allah santosa and this is a sound Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim pilot hole Allahumma inni vaanam to nuptse lumen kathira Well, I have a few resu but ILA and fulfill Li morphea Tamannaah Indic. What honey inaka Antal offer Rafi I'll translate or Swati thought of Sam said to say now Boubacar may Allah be pleased with her say

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to him, I want you to feel this. This is Satan Abu Bakar The one who has given gentlemen the one who is only one without a name, but he was referred to in the Quran Sahiba that the Companion of the Rasul is all and he saw heavy he said to his to his friend or companion and what did he taught him? poorly in me welcome to enough see a little man Kathy. Say, I have wrong done wrong done to myself or lots. I have done injustice to myself. Why should I in using

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number one and fulfill me? Because I have done so much wrong, wrong things sin. Firstly, leave a no layup for xinova land. Fully Mark Virata minute and forgive me a special forgiveness from you. What happened?

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and have mercy upon me in the cantle off. So that's in sada so now I want you to feel it again all the day in Ramadan I am fasting 16 hours including I have a hudec Tonto Allah says Allah make it easy I mean it I feel so tired because it is it's I mean especially for those of us or those of you who have not fasted since last Ramadan the first day is not going to be easy except when Allah makes it easy. So this is the first thing you're gonna say Allah make it easy make the job easy that day, make everything goes as smooth making me sleep well all these simple da and then if you're 100 lakh euro, Blimey, everything is going well then

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stay in the DA and look what so far I shared with you. It's about asking Allah for forgiveness. asking Allah for forgiveness. Remember what we talked about three weeks ago urashima amfa. humiliated is the one who Ramadan comes, he lives throughout whole Ramadan finish, and he's not forgiven. Remember the Hadith. So here you go part one of the ways that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive me is me asking for forgiveness. And not asking, just asking, I am really asking for forgiveness, not only in the night of 27 or 23 or 25th, the whole month, then when you come out to the time off, you just put the dates in your mouth or the water in your mouth. That's another

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opportunity. Again, all of you know that you

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know, quantum in our body, the supplication invocation of seidner Jonas, say that, then in the solder in the solar, the same thing you can write to these, and in the in the navamsa, you can read it, or you can even tape it, and then keep listening to it. So at the time of solder, were other places in northern Melbourne, specifically in other days, the DA is granted.

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And in one day, you'll have it all.

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And especially in Ramadan, and why I'm saying this a lot of them because we're gonna pay more attention. Number one you want to take the day starts from the night or do you want the day starts from the day as we are here, number one, when the Adhan is being called.

00:32:21--> 00:32:24

And when you are in the masjid, please don't talk to each other.

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Don't talk to each other, or check your phone or whatever, when especially when the Imam is when the woman is calling for the other, even more between the adon and the karma. And this is really painful. When you see people talking. It's literally like think of it May Allah forgive us, but we have to give dunia examples. Like someone comes to this room and gives everybody $100 $100 free. And then you are talking with your friend and that person goes out. And then everybody looks at you and says did you get your $100? What are you gonna say? Where is it? Oh, he was right there. I didn't see him.

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Think of it this way. I can talk to my friend later I can look at my phone later. That moment is between the event and the comma, right? The night of in general, let alone the night of Ramadan.

00:33:18--> 00:34:02

And especially the last hour of the night, which most of us why I'm saying this and Ramadan because most of us are awake because we are going to having a hole. So here you go as if it was pantile I say this to myself as if Allah Subhana Allah force me and you to make dua because most of us especially that will be up at least to drink water. You need to make to have something to keep you going again because it's a long days. So in that in that as you are eating even if there is five minutes, how long it will take La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in the continental body, how long it will take Allah forgive me. How long Allah will it will take to say Allah accept from me, your law,

00:34:02--> 00:34:51

improve it, your law, make it better, any of these. So at the time of Assad. Now comes there will be Friday and there will be Ramadan and then I will be fasting already. add to it the time you come for Juma, same thing. And in the Duma on a Friday that is even more specific times like see how everything inside everything. And in Duma when you come for for sort of jomar same thing, but you're going to look for the hour, the hour off. That almost pantalla will grant your da and again it's amazing in our Deen when Allah Subhana Allah that times when Allah Subhana Allah says I will grant your da is not specific. For example is the last hour of the night but what time

00:34:53--> 00:35:00

right for example later other than night of other what night it is, he left it so what we

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

Seek it and we work hard for it. Same thing for Friday. Is it when it's called the Adhan is being called, is it when the email comes, is it between the event and the comma? Is it after the solder or it is the last hour of the day.

00:35:17--> 00:35:22

So here you go. As en Ramadan state of fasting, I'm going to take them off.

00:35:23--> 00:35:40

If I am working on a Friday, everybody will be home before Muharram. Right? For the for those of you who will be here for Jamal humbler you have but for those people who are working Alhamdulillah Allah who will give them but remember the last hour so don't be cooking.

00:35:41--> 00:35:55

I keep saying this to the woman Don't waste your time frying this or preparing this and it is the moon it's only for Dumars. It's only for and I don't know if I'm going to be giving to the next one. So take the opportunity over it.

00:35:56--> 00:36:14

Then we come to the insight Center, the top the place and that is sujood whether this Allah is obligatory whether it is the sada is voluntary, in your sujood you're not going to make it like so Pamela labial Alana, you're going to meet make your dog

00:36:15--> 00:36:44

your make dua and in it in it, do whatever you want. La ilaha illa Allah subhanaw taala I'm repeating this because I want you this most of you know what, but at least add one or two dwell I'm going to share with you one more. hobby was asked to say DNS was asked by a follower he said what was the most common lateral swallows AutoSum You heard him saying in general, and what do you think the answer was?

00:36:46--> 00:37:25

From benna Athena dunia has an awful lot he has worked in either been nor will he and everybody knows this. Or ogbonna. Athena for dunya Hassan all Allah give us in this dunya goodness. And he said one goodness but he left it open. It's not al Hassan, there's no leaf now. He did not defined. He left it on identified what will he has on it and in the hereafter another hustler walking out of unknown amazing this job how much it has a value because where do you say this you are also

00:37:26--> 00:37:27


00:37:28--> 00:38:15

the walk between the rock near money and has your last word it's the place where between the angle of the quarterly Amani and then where it is the Blackstone that when you hear the minion saying the same, or banner atina for dunya Hassan because that's what he said that he saw to us. Where did this do came in the Quran? In surah baqarah in the Hajj. After they finished hunt as to Allah teaches us So here you go. The most common he said robina arkin after dunya hasn't what is the Hassan and dunya simple answer anything that will bring you closer to Allah and will give you goodness in the hereafter that's Hassan. So if I am going to be the most successful business person in dunya, and it

00:38:15--> 00:38:18

will bring me closer to Allah sasana

00:38:19--> 00:39:09

if I am going to have seven children and all will bring me closer to Allah that's Hassan. So it is you look at yourself and leave it to him. suparna to give you what is the hustle, Phil? Has no Allah holy knows. It's not only for DOS more and more. So here you are. into Subhana technikon terminal bollini rabina atina. dunia has an orphan flt has been working harder but not in the sada what he taught syedna Abubakar Allahumma nilanjan Fc volman. Kathy Kathy euro layoff is Uber la foto Fridley Rama or honey in the cantle awful Rafi then comes to the night of avocado. And this is the only one where Seder Ayesha actually asked him on his auto pilot or eater. She said your asala do you see if

00:39:09--> 00:39:21

I know this is the lady of the night of the other? What should I say? Amazing. And this is the beauty what we learn. Simple do are no details nordonia what was a da

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

la Monica foon to her boo laugh funny. Did you see or what's the common in everything? We talked about it now? asking for forgiveness. So Panama and he didn't ask he didn't you could teach her anything. AlLahi salatu salam right along with NACA for one in the Kadeem which some people say it's an extra it's an extra lot of their scholars tells you for part of the Hadith Allahumma inika fool to hi Bulla laughs funny your law you are the one your character your name. Your attribute is our food. Our food is not only forgiving,

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

That's an awful You're the one who forgiven pardon pardon nothing I didn't do anything for in the cafo and now another place to Allah see see that the adverb see that a ticket to help bowl if you love to pardon if Allah loves to pardon What does he want from me ask

00:40:20--> 00:40:42

ask for example I love to make cakes so what do you want what you like if you love to make cake What should I say please make cake right but this is what he's teaching her Aloma nakasu to Herbalife for one year Allah you are your character your attribute is pardoning and you love to pardon for honey, that's the DA fatale.

00:40:43--> 00:41:18

As we are saying about creative powder, and I see this here and I see it everywhere. Please, please please. The Night of the other is not a 27 only. We have no idea. So the night of 27 it could be the night of 28 and it could be the night of 29 and there is a special place for the night of the 29 a lot of you not aware because if you were aware of it, this Masjid will not be empty on the 29th what is the what's the virtue of the night of the 29 it is not to deny that it was not this year.

00:41:19--> 00:41:38

It is the night that Allah subhanaw taala will give the rewards. And they say alarm will the person who works you give him his his money or his fees at the end when he finished the work. The Night of the 29 is when I finished so how can I be at home shopping buying for aid?

00:41:40--> 00:42:30

Unfortunately, it's I think it's a lot of it is we don't know. We don't know. So 29 for sure I am here. I am sure I am here even if the night of the 20 of the other was the 24th It doesn't matter because this is even extra special. We don't know which night it is. And even if it is any the habito roswaal De Soto Swami said tagua philosophy. The first one he said look for it in the last 10 days. Another Hadi says Look, look for it in the odd nights. Now remember the usual every year we have the Ramadan this day Ramadan that day, right? There's always two possibilities. So if I follow one possibility, can the other possibility be right? Could you be so if I follow the odd Knights

00:42:30--> 00:42:37

according to what I did, and I did not do anything in the 29th 22nd to 24th or 26, then I missed it.

00:42:38--> 00:43:20

And then how many times it happens when they come and says you know what, probably Ramadan should have been the day before or the day after. So here we are, again, in the last 10 days, you know, like when you start preparing and preparing and preparing and the last 10 days is where you are focused, mainly India, mainly India. And that's what it is and you put a list to what you want from Allah subhanaw taala. Of course, when you are in real duar the list is all gone. You know this, when you are really in that state and your heart is there, nothing comes nothing that you don't realize sometimes you say you know what I want? Right? So the whole Exactly. And actually so you know, Omar,

00:43:20--> 00:43:29

he used to say the famous line, you probably all have heard that. He said I need a middle homily job, or like in the middle from the middle.

00:43:30--> 00:43:37

I am not worried that Allah will not answer me, I am worried that I am not going to be in the rightest state of da

00:43:38--> 00:44:21

meaning I'm going to be tired, sleepy, lazy. My heart is not they're distracted by talk by someone by phone by whatever. So the one of the do you make for yourself, that's your Allah beloved needed to make me live to see the night of the other and make me give it its due right? And that you make this for yourself especially for those who works in that slide. So look at the DA as my opportunity and special opportunity. May Allah forgive us. The big places that most expensive stores What do they make sales? They don't make sales every day. You know that? One? Do they make the sales?

00:44:22--> 00:45:00

When do they make the sales? Usually in June and in December or January? It's there. If you go to these places, you don't see sales every day. So May Allah forgive us a loss is is exalted, but for us. Our opportunity is there next week. It's next week, and it is the month I undo we will be doing many things many good deeds, but the most important least expensive cost me Nothing is supplication is asking a loss pantalla to give

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

For me, and the most important thing is an Allah forgive me. And what is the sign that Allah Subhana Allah forgave you?

00:45:09--> 00:45:10

How do you know?

00:45:11--> 00:45:15

What's the signs? And we don't know for sure but what is the signs

00:45:18--> 00:45:20

on the nights in general

00:45:21--> 00:46:05

there's number one, if you are in the right state off the dua itself you know Allah has granted you if you are in that moment where your heart is there where you are especially if you're crying if you're so focused you don't know what's happening around you know Allah has has already given you Allah has already granted you How do you know all your Ramadan the DA is granted you're a bada is granted and you will be the land you and all of us and all the Muslims were of those who are swelling sought to set up we will not be under that who they will be humilated from along comes and leaves and they are not forgiven is see yourself you're held on there find

00:46:07--> 00:46:18

see how you are if you are a new us and Muslims back to square one before Ramadan when I only was hungry and thirsty and tired

00:46:19--> 00:47:02

have to be changed is the 30 day camp. Let's let's bring an example from dunya if you start exercising daily, daily, I'm not gonna say 16 hours one hour a day for 30 days what will happen at the end of 30 days for sure. If you didn't lose weight, you will be much healthier, much more flexible you'll see it you'll feel it and even people will look at you right so after 30 days of fasting 16 hours and we live in a non Muslim country they look at you and says 30 days you don't eat 16 hours if none of this change to me that I have a huge problem

00:47:03--> 00:47:10

I have a huge problem. So look for this Ramadan and and this is how I always tell myself this is the last normal, normal.

00:47:11--> 00:47:58

Normal. This is how you look at it. When you look at it this way it's going to be an opportunity and everything else will be less and definitely shahidi fedewa is not only I'm going to make a dua but I'm going to make a lot of dwell time it how much you know we all time how much Quran I finished? How many Salah I did you know especially in the last 10 days oh I made 20 I made 100 right 100 and that's all good. But how much do you made? How much do ah you made? So remember all these may last pantalla make us live to next week y'all don't be me unless pantalla teach us even more than we get there. May Allah Subhana Allah Most importantly, young foreigner Bhima and fowl NaVi ma lemon, that

00:47:58--> 00:48:41

Allah subhanaw taala benefit us from everything we learned and make us give us the resolve. Give us the human give us the ability to practice what we what we learned the last panel accept from us, that's the most important thing. I don't even know if and what what fasting I am fasting, which kind remember the three cons I'm going to end up with this. Aim to the to the top, and at least you will get them at those. Don't be the one who will fast only from hunger and thirst. That's it. No, let's be those at least every part of my body will be fasting, let alone My heart that my heart will have no thinking no thoughts, no distractions. This and that, too. She said too. He said to my husband to

00:48:41--> 00:48:48

my children. It will be my last primetime. And will one of the allow it happens. Yes, yes.

00:48:49--> 00:48:51

Yes, of course you can.

00:48:52--> 00:48:53


00:48:54--> 00:48:56

Uh huh. The Raven procolor.

00:48:58--> 00:49:15

Please help me reach them. Yes, families, Kim and I love my monthly. And to kind of let you know, when I got my monthly I wasn't praying. So I slept, right. And I dream My dream. Somebody said it's late at night. Wake up. One.

00:49:16--> 00:49:39

And it was just one of those nights. So just because of the Exactly. Yeah, don't underestimate the power of da. And don't be miser it should be. It shouldn't be if we are in this state of, of mind and heart. When someone comes in before Asia, and they are done. It should be silent.

00:49:41--> 00:49:47

Literally, it should be silent. Right? Because nobody I'm sorry. It's not the right time. You know, I'll talk to you later.

00:49:49--> 00:49:59

But I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what we are here. What 30 ladies, right? If the 30 ladies applies, this is going to be infected. It's going to be like what

00:50:00--> 00:50:23

Like epidemic because I had surprised it and also unfortunately evil spread one person start talking everybody starts talking Have you seen this? Right and one Don't worry about the others don't talk oh it's time well I learned don't do this because now you are missing the opportunity focus on yourself. Part of the DA make everyone silent

00:50:24--> 00:51:06

part of your dog make everyone focus part of your dog bring their hearts like you bring my maker draw for your sisters like you make for yourself. So absolutely, from day one, you are looking at your lawmaking the best and every day better than the other. And Allahumma the last 10 days of from Avon, I highly encourage every one of you who works take that if you can the odd night of I mean it's gonna fall some of them will fall on a weekend that 100 but definitely take some time off. Because it's it's not as the same as if you are working although and I will share this last thing with you it was last year or that it? No it was two years ago. And it was a lot one of the last 10

00:51:06--> 00:51:14

days. And I got a phone call it I just finished Lahore in the home. Can you imagine this? I got a phone call one of my best friends in labor.

00:51:15--> 00:51:43

So my roommate looked at me can imagine what happened to me, right? But then I said you know what? Let me go. Right? Because you never know this may be this may be the one that will alocs up. But she saw me and you know, come on, because I know I'm not gonna come back for taraweeh I'm gonna come go and deliver and she looked at me as I am leaving and she said once an hour and I'm gonna translate. She says, Hey fat that Alang, Jia, she says hey fat, this could be the saver for you.

00:51:45--> 00:52:24

The saver meaning this could be this act because you did something for the other. Although you want to do the act of a bad and I want this to all of you because don't look at obedient to Allah is only by I'm upstairs and making dua This is but if you give up your place, and let someone sit in your place, you gave your parking, you help someone although you left the most beloved for all of us. This could be in the sight of Allah because you gave up something for the others. This could be a ninja ninja is the saver. The thing that will save us so my advice to everyone myself included, Ramadan is an opportunities.

00:52:25--> 00:52:49

Be watchful of what opportunities Allah will give you. You know, don't look at the opportunities you want. Look at the opportunities Allah will bring you. You know what I am saying anything your neighbor, non Muslims, it doesn't matter. And then your manners, look at this and this was almost pantalla by His grace will be and as a result of this, see what Allah will open for you for

00:52:50--> 00:53:07

what Allah subhanaw taala will open your hearts for and you'll feel it, you know what I'm talking about. So do again, don't be too narrow. Open it up, learn some years from now you have one more week, write it on a piece of paper, put it on your car, put it in the kitchen, put it in your bedroom, one or two you are

00:53:09--> 00:53:54

in a quantum navali meet you all know it, learn one or two robina atina for dunya hasami Allah make me remember it because we know but we don't remember in your sujood is going to be a little bit longer scheduled and in solder in solder before you finish your solder. That's another opportunity to for da or after solder. Also, there's two opinions a sounder opinion is before before you make Salah. So don't rush and say Salaam Alaikum. Salaam Alaikum. No, no take your time, unless there's an emergency to a different story. But in general, we don't have the emergency. So take your time. ask Allah ask Allah for dunya and ask Allah for jack ma Hayden's clinical handicap. I do a lot of

00:53:54--> 00:54:03

stuff. Like so low. I said no, Mohammed Ali. He was habitus demon kefir as part of his America today. Yeah, it's eight o'clock. I couldn't believe it. Yes.

00:54:07--> 00:54:17

Yes, I said that. Yes. Between the two what was between the two hodlers. So do MMA and it's going to be next? No, this Friday, the Friday after will be the first.

00:54:19--> 00:54:59

in Ramadan. You're gonna be Thursday night, learning everything about what we just said in a quick manner. You're gonna and you're going to make opportunity, even if you don't come for Juma. Whatever the reason, right? It's still a blessed day. It's still a blessed day and everybody has the hour before tomorrow. But most of you I see you and do more. So make it and spread the higher spread the head don't give lectures to people. Especially if you don't know them. Yeah, because people will get offended. Right? Don't do that. But if somebody you know, you know, just say you don't want I just want to make dua to Jamal Hamas. That person will learn. You don't have to say otter jumada

00:55:00--> 00:55:17

Our all this guy get offended. So you know what, let me just finish my dawn I was oh We'll talk later they will feed it and they will feel shy and I'm being Mila. Next thing you will see their hands are up and then you will get the reward for that. inshallah does that come along, panic along with your handicap