The Most Convincing Factor for Non Muslims to Accept Islaam

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AI: Summary © A caller asks about the most powerful and convincing way to convince non-M pizzas to accept Islam. The representative explains that the most powerful way is to convince them to accept the Prophet's message, but the most powerful way is to convince them to accept the holy grail. The representative also discusses the importance of worshiping the holy grail and the holy spirit in religion.
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The next question

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is from Mohammed Salah Yemen. Dr. Zakir How are you? I'm fine. If Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not the last of the prophets and messengers, you would have been our Prophet at this age spectrum.

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May God bless you likeness. And may God combine you with the prophets and friends and paradise globally. I mean, my question is what is the most moving and convincing thing I can use to persuade non Muslim people to make them accept Islam.

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most important and logical way that I can persuade a non Muslim to accept Islam before you had the question. He said that if prophet masala Salam was in the last messenger, he would consider me to be a prophet in the age of Allah. This is totally wrong and our beloved prophet masala Salaam said,

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it is in that interested me the added number

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3686 where the beloved forum said that if there was the messenger going to be after me, it would be Omar

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Omar mela VPS with him. And you know, he was the second Caliph of Islam.

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Of course, we know that the Prophet had ended, as Allah says in the Quran in surah.

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Chapter 33 was number 40, that Prophet Muhammad matana Mohammed Abu Adam angelicum, that

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, if not the father of any of you men were lucky rasulillah but is the Messenger of Allah, and he has been, he is the seal of the prophets.

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The Prophet is ended and Mimosa Lawson with the last and final messenger. And but natural as the Prophet said, after him, if anyone would have been the Prophet has automatically deleted them. And there are various Sabbath today and no human being not even anywhere close to any of the Sahaba leave aside the Confederacy Dean, not to talk about how someone may live up to them. Even the sub 124,000 Saba. No one today not even mean nowhere are we close, even 1% to the sahabas. The level that they are that the past generation

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is the generation which was living at the time of the Prophet regarding a second thing that he did was for me, and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may accept your dua and I do that due to that may he put me in danger for those in the company of Houma solo Salaam, and the ambience and the whole ferocity. And I do that door. And I'd like to thank you for the dua regarding a main question that what is the best way to convince a persuade, non Muslim to accept Islam? There are various reasons that the non Muslims accept Islam, and the most common and the best reason if

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oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what the survey said. My reply to the first question, the survey done in men, him University in Germany, that the people who are the most satisfied are the Muslims. And

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the reason is to hit

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the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. The concept of God in Islam is unique for all the religions basically believing in monetarism, but tawheed is not merely monotheism, it is far above that. Besides believing in one God, we should also worship Him and no one else.

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And if you hear my talk on concept of God and medieval legend, I have given

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a section that talk on tauheed

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during the rubia, Toys R Us more sifat and toy Alibaba

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and V Muslims are not supposed to worship anyone but Allah subhanaw taala and if you worship anyone that's called a shriek, which is the major thing. So the maximum non Muslim that they love is about the aspect of tawheed that Allah subhana wa Taala is the only one who supposed to be worshipped and he's alone. He doesn't have any partners. He is the most wife, he is the most knowledgeable, that is the number one then we have Salah then we have other aspects.

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For more details, you can refer to my Cosette on concept of God in major world religion