Dua is an Act of Worship

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Bismillah R. Rahman.

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And this is a hadith of roswaal, a salatu salam. And he said, A dua, who will a bad

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day itself, supplication itself, is an act of worship. When I and you talk about act of worship, what comes to my mind, fasting, prayer, giving charity Zakah. But I don't look at Doha itself, the act of me raising my hand to almost pantalla I am even before I ask anything, I am in a state of worship.

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Look how generous and last puntata how beautiful he is,

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and how merciful he is.

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I need something and you need something. And I and you will know that he is the only one who can do it. And I am begging him to give it to me. Before I do this, I am already rewarded, because I lifted my hand to him. And da, da da, da da itself is an act of worship. So look at it to start with before even you start saying what you want. Or you start memorizing that was the fact your turn to Allah says, yo Allah, please make it easy. You're already rewarded. That's a good deed.