Reda Bedeir – The Greatest Generation #23 Nuayman Ibn Amr

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a prankster in a vertical street market who approached a blind man and caused him to lose his mind. The blind man changed his voice and began to pray, but ultimately the blind man was punished by the man. The transcript encourages viewers to take a fun conspicuous approach to the situation.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Again, we're still talking about the great Sahabi the prankster His name is, remember, no Iron Man had been armed with your loved one. He's not stop.

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At the prophets of Salaam he did not stop

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what he did with a walker and his other friend, but this time he pulled a prank on who?

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a blind man.

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He was in the budget one time. And there was a blind man in the masjid. And that man felt the call for nature. So

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he wanted to find somebody to help him to guide him to a place where he can relieve himself. And there was none.

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Except, no

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sooner a man took him by the arm.

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And he guided him to one of the corners of the masjid inside the masjid. And he said, go ahead and do it. So he started, like urinating in the masjid. Everybody was mad at him, like, what are you doing? This is the magic. He said, Who's this young man who guided me here. It's not a man. So he looked for him. But of course, the man punished.

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Then, later on, he came

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to the blind man. And he changed his voice. He said, Are you looking for an Iron Man? He said, Yes. He said, shall I guide you to him? He said, Yes, please. So he took him by the hand, and the man had a stick in his hand. And

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off man even affirmed the Allahu anhu was praying in the Muslim. And then right there, he said, That's not a man.

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And unfortunately, the blind man started like hitting us maratea

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what he was praying. And then after us, Mara Dylan finished the prayer. Like he looked like what's going on? And then again, they found out it's one of the pranks of the Allaha on May Allah Subhana. Allah be pleased with him. Yes, I think he took it to the extreme. And again, don't imitate the lavon. We can have some fun, but don't take it to the extreme.

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