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Can I read out loud in my nephew prayers?

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So the recitation of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam out loud or silently is a sin. It's not one of the YG bots or one of the obligatory things of the prayer. So technically speaking of a person recite it out loud in the hood and also and silently in budget, Muslim in their Asia, even in the obligatory prayers, that's not going to require any type of compensation or expiation, or such as this. So at the end, our prostration of forgetfulness. It's a sin of the prayer. Obviously, we should try to follow this unless there is some reason not to. So let's say for example, for the obligatory prayers, you are praying, maga Venetia, in a place where you reciting out loud will

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distract someone next to you or you're in a public place and you don't feel like it's the right place to do so. So use right in a muted voice, a very low voice or silently as a whole. All of that is fine, but in the nighttime, when it comes to the method of prayers, the best thing to do the method of prayers according to most of the scholars is to follow the pattern of the prophets license with the pattern of the prophets I seldom appears to be is that he would recite loud in the night and silently in the day. So it is a night prayer if you think about it when it's prayed, and mother who are as well and the prophets lie some certainly in his dm tended to recite out loud whereas if

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the prophets lie some prayed a sinner during the day then he tended to follow the same pattern of the obligatory prayers as well. However, let's say that I'm trying to memorize the Quran or I want to practice my tweets or I want to do something that that is that is very specific. It's okay then to read out loud especially during the day nothing prayers on that's not necessarily the norm according to the many scholars but if you want to practice your memorization your to do either what may be or you feel greater focus in doing so. Then shut a lot of time it will be rewardable as well.

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Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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